Exposing my Girlfriend to Strangers



It started my masturbating her in a restaurant which got us both very excited and wanting to do more. I then talked her into going to a bar with dancing and I masturbated her there, what happened next we could never have anticipated, but both of us will never forget it!

My girlfriend is 22, about 5’ 6”, with long brown hair, small perky tits, and a very hairy pussy.

We went out to a nice restaurant on my birthday to celebrate. After we sat down she told me she didn’t have any panties on. I know her idea was to make me think about it all through dinner then we’d go home and have hot sex, but I couldn’t wait. I slid my hand up her leg and when she didn’t stop me kept going till I got to her pussy. I started rubbing her slit and it didn’t take long for the juices to start flowing. I kept going back to play with her off and on all through dinner and got us both very horny. During desert I started rubbing her clit and slit and fingering her hole until she started to writhe, but she had to act like nothing was happening. Finally I made her cum and she had a huge orgasm. If anyone had been looking at us I don’t know how they wouldn’t known what was going on. It was a huge turn on for both of us and we wanted to do it again. Little did we know where it would lead us! But our story is too good not to share. We hope you enjoy it.

The next Saturday night we went out to a local lounge where it’s fairly dark and there is dancing. She went without a bra or panties again and we found a booth but this one was more exposed although it was darker. This time I started by edging her at home and telling her how sexy she looks when she’s aroused, especially her pussy. She didn’t say anything but her increased arousal told me everything I needed to know. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the lounge from our place and it was dark so I kept rubbing her clit on the way to keep her in the mood. She had a coat on so it was easy to finger her without being too obvious. Once we were seated I pulled her skirt up and went to work on her, keeping her on the edge, I’d get her right to the point of cumming then back off. I encouraged her to go out and dance in that state and she did but nothing out of the ordinary happened with the exception that during one dance that was slow a guy let his hands slip down to her ass which she did nothing to stop. When she came back I kept fingering her and as she got more aroused she spread her legs open more to give me better access. This edging went on for more than an hour, as far as I could tell no one noticed until I decided it was time to leave and decided it was time to make her cum. She was so aroused by then she had a huge orgasm and even though she tried to look normal her face gave her away. Just as she was cumming I saw two guys pointing at her and laughing, fortunately she didn’t notice as she was otherwise involved. After that we left. When we got home she was very excited and is eager to try it again, this was going way better than I could have hoped. The next step is to get her to expose herself a little.

On Sunday we were fooling around and I was edging her again which I find has become a very powerful tool for me. Once she was aroused I started talking again about how sexy she looks when she’s horny, her face, body and especially her pussy. I told her guys love that, I thought we should share her hornyness with them a little. She asked what I meant and I said she could let a guy see her wet pussy and maybe even let him watch her masturbate. She didn’t say no, she said she didn’t want to get arrested. I told her we wouldn’t do anything like that. She didn’t respond so I didn’t push it. I kept teasing her and fingering and licking her till she started begging me for my cock, she said she needed it in her. I said she’d get it soon, and continued to tease her.

We went out last night to the same bar and sat in a booth again, I had her leave her panties on. After we sat down one of the guys who had watched her last time was there and recognized us, he immediately nudged his friend and pointed towards us. I told my GF to take off her panties and give them to me which she did, it was clear they could tell what she was doing. When she handed them to me I made eye contact with them and held them up briefly so no one else would notice. My GF noticed that and said what are you doing? I said those two guys over there know you took your panties off. I said please let me masturbate you while they watch, it would really turn me on, I think you’ll like it too, I know they will. I reached down, and kind of to my surprise she let me, she was already very wet. I was going to work on her and they were smiling and gesturing, she seemed to get off on it all. I brought her right to the edge several times and her face showed it. This was such a turn on for me and she seemed to be getting into it too! At a certain point I couldn’t help myself, I discreetly showed them her panties again. They got up and moved to a closer table. I told my GF, I’m going to invite them over here OK? She was so far gone by then she didn’t say anything, so I gestured for them to sit in the booth across from us. They sat down and were now close enough that I could hear what they were saying. The first guy said that’s one horny girl you’ve got there, mind if we take a shot at her. I said you can look but no touching. He then said show us her hot pussy! I said OK but I think we’ll have to step out into the parking lot for that. She very strongly said no, so I let it go and told them sorry guys. Even so it was clear she was getting off on the whole thing. I decided to make her cum for them before things got more heated. It didn’t take long before she had a huge orgasm and they started grinning and saying that is one horny slut! I said it’s time for us to go, and we started to get up. He quickly wrote down his phone number and said call me. I was so turned on at that point I handed them her panties and we left. A month ago I would never have thought she’d go anywhere near that far, what a rush. Later she told me that was the horniest she’s ever been. I said so you liked being horny in front of those guys and cuming for them, she said yes. I told her I guarantee you they loved it. I want to call them and let them see her completely naked. What do you think, too risky?

I couldn’t help it, I called that guy’s phone number to see what he wanted. Unsurprisingly he wants to fuck her. I told him that wasn’t possible but I might be able to get her to strip and masturbate for him. He said I’d love to see that hotty finger herself. I said I’d get back to him in a bit. Not sure how to proceed.

So I told her that I called that guy who gave me the phone number the other night. I told her he really wants to see you strip for him. She showed interest and asked where would we do it, I told her he offered for us to come to his house. She said she didn’t feel comfortable doing that, she suggested a hotel room or something. I think that could get a little expensive. So I told her I’d call him again and see what other arrangements could be made. I really wanted him to see her naked.

I talked to my GF and said I should call him again, she said OK. I called him and he was very interested, he agreed to meet us at a coffee shop where we could talk. We met on Saturday and he seemed like a decent guy, he assured her she’d be fine coming to his apartment. To my surprise she agreed, so we went to his place and sat in the living room. I told her to stand in front of him and take off her clothes which she did. First she took off her shirt then her bra, when her tits were exposed he said nice little tities, love the hard nipples. She then took off her pants and panties, and stood in front of him. He said fuck that’s one hairy pussy she’s got. I told her to turn and show him her ass as well, when she did he said she’s got a very hot body, let’s see more. I told her to sit on the couch and spread her legs for him. He said no that slut belongs on the floor. Have her spread here in front of me. He was getting a little more aggressive and starting to sound like he did in the bar. I didn’t feel threatened by him though, he was just getting off on the whole thing. At that point his room mate walked in, clearly he knew about this and had been waiting to make his entrance. The first guy said how about if my room mate has a look too? I asked my GF and she said OK, she was clearly very aroused by now and getting off on the attention. They both sat in front of her, the room mate just stared but the other guy started making rude comments. She laid on the floor and I told her to open her legs, at that point the guy said look at that hot cunt on her. She seemed to understand that he was getting off on looking at her so she looked right at him and spread her legs wider. At that he said what a fucking slut! I told her to masturbate for them so she did. She started fingering her self, it was clear she was very wet. He said what a horny cunt she is, she likes to show it doesn’t she? I said we both like her to show it. He said, well she’s going to show it again! At that point I couldn’t hold back I had to see them smell her so I said do you want to smell her wet pussy? He says, Oh hell yes. I said get as close as you want but no touching, if you touch her it’s over and you won’t see her again. He said no problem and got down real close and started sniffing, soon the other guy was down there and they took turns until she had a huge orgasm. She told me later, that them smelling her like that felt really dirty and exciting. After that she got up and said she needed to go to the bathroom. Without asking her I told them they could go in and watch her. We all followed her into the bathroom, she sat down to pee and I told her to open her legs so they could watch. She opened her legs we watched a stream of pee come out, then she cleaned up. As he was watching her he said, no secrets with her. He always talked about her, never to her. She then went back to the living room and got dressed. We started to leave and he said your GF is so hot when’s the next show. I said I’d call him.

We both are getting off on the way he talks about her, it’s hard to stop, anyway besides his mouth he seems to be OK. He keeps calling so I talked to my GF and she agreed to go again. We ended going last night (Sat.). When we got there he and the room mate were there as usual, I told my GF to strip for them. After she was naked he said spread your legs for us, lets see that horny cunt of yours! She laid down in front of them and spread her legs wide for them. He said, looking good, that fucking slut has no shame. Then he said let me smell her hot snatch again, I said go ahead. He immediately got down there and put his nose in her crotch. That sight turned me on so much I wanted to expose her even more so I grabbed her legs and pulled them towards her head. This tipped her pelvis forward and exposed her butt hole to him. He said that’s a nice view, love her hot hairy asshole. Then he sniffed it and said fuck that’s ripe, there’s even a little piece of toilet paper on her asshole. That is one skanky stinky crotch she’s got, but he kept sniffing it. The room mate wanted a turn and went down to smell her pussy and ass. He said that smells like a fucking shit house bet it tastes great! At that point I let go of her legs and her butt hole disappeared. He said pull her snatch open we want to see her hole, I opened her up and that allowed her juice to leak out. He said look how wet she is, what a horny cunt. I decided to try to get her to squirt a little so it would really get her pussy wet for them. She was very aroused by this time and much to my surprise she squirted for the first time. They went nuts. Yelling she’s a squirter, that’s so fucking hot! Next time squirt in my mouth slut. At this point I pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth, she started sucking on it. The guy said oh yeah suck that fucking cock bitch! Is that all she can take in her mouth? I said if I put more in she’ll gag. He said lets see! So I pushed it in and she started gaging and turned her head to the side, then resumed sucking me. He said you’ve go to teach that slut how to suck cock! I was close to cuming so I pulled my dick out and asked if they wanted to see us fuck. He said hell yeah, hammer that fucking whore! I had her lay on top of me so they could see my cock going in and out of her pussy. She was very excited by now and started humping away on me and moaning a little. He said look at that horny fucking cunt humping his cock. He said to her, you like having us watch you get your cunt fucked. She didn’t answer, just kept going. He then said what a fucking slut, you’re nothing but a horny little cunt! That made her even hotter and we both came for them. He said that’s it cum on that hard cock, you can’t get enough cock can you. Maybe next time you’ll get three cocks, slut. After that we got up, they followed her into the bathroom to watch her clean up and pee then we left. When we got home a asked her if his dirty talk bothered her, she said no she loved the look on their faces when they looked at her and the dirty talk made her very horny. She loved fucking in front of them.

The guy in the apt. called and asked if she would be the entertainment for a Christmas party he was having. I think it’d be too hard to protect her in a situation like that so I said no. To bad, it would be hot to see all those horny guys staring at her. He really wants to fuck her now so I’ve been putting him off. We’re waiting for the end of the holiday season.

The guy from the Apt. keeps texting me, he finally relented and said OK no fucking but bring that horny cunt back here to perform for us. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m very tempted to take her back there I love his reaction to her and his filthy comments about her. So fucking hot!

We ended going back to the apt. guy. It turns out he was alone this time, he said his room mate was out of town. As soon as we entered he told my GF to get out of her clothes, which she did. He sat on the couch and had her turn around and bend over for him. He said let me smell your skanky shit hole again! He leaned in real close and said she’s got toilet paper on her ass hole again, he started sniffing it and said fuck that’s ripe, I could smell that all night! Then he said lay down here (on the floor in front of him) and let me see the other side. Spread wide and show me that horny cunt of yours! She spread open and started masturbating for him, he said look your already very wet, horny slut! He surprised me then by pulling out his cock which was rock hard and started masturbating as he watched her. I guessed that he felt free to do this since his room mate was gone. He told me make her squirt on my cock and he got it very close to her pussy. My GF was very aroused by then so I went to work on her, she started moaning and then shot a stream out that covered his cock with her juice. He went wild with that and started beating off using her juice as lubricant. Then he looked right at her and said, suck my cock! She immediately jumped up and put it in her mouth and started sucking him. I was very surprised and very turned on. He started pushing down on her head and said is that all you can take in, a horny cunt like you should take the whole thing! He pushed so hard she started gagging and had to turn her head to the side but she kept sucking him. Every time he pushed down on her head she would again turn her head to the side then start sucking again. It wasn’t long before he said, oh fuck! And I could see his cock pumping sperm into her mouth, she swallowed all of it. It was so hot to see I came in my pants. After that he laughed and put his dick away. She started masturbating and immediately came hard. After we left she was angry at me and said you should have stopped me I got too horny. I told her what about me? She said in the future if that happened if I didn’t stop her she wouldn’t expose herself any more, so I said OK. The next day I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said yes, it got her very hot, but she didn’t want things to go that far. She also told me he came a lot in her mouth.

I told her it really turned me on, and that I’d like to see more, but she insists she doesn’t want to have sex with other guys, just me. The guy in the apt. keeps texting me about what a good cock sucker she is, he really wants me to bring her back but I think at this point that it’s too much of a risk.

My GF said she’s ready to expose herself again. So…….The guy in the apt. has been texting me non stop, he wants to see her again. I told him no because he touched her but he said no she touched him first but he swears no touching this time he just wants to watch her again. I know what you’re going to say but my GF and I get a huge sexual charge from him so I told him we’d come back. When we got there his room mate was also there, he told my GF to get naked, then he had her lie down on the floor in front of the couch where they took a seat. He told her, spread your legs slut and masturbate for us. She did as she was told and it was very clear that her pussy was already soaked! He said look at her wet cunt, what a horny fucking cunt! He said to her, are you a horny cunt? She said yes, and spread her legs even wider. Then he said say, I’m a horny cunt. She repeated it, he said say it louder, she said it louder, then he said keep saying it. She was laying on the floor rubbing her wet pussy saying, I’m a horny cunt, over and over. It was so fucking hot to watch! They were laughing the whole time. Then he got serious pulled out his cock and said suck my cock slut! She immediately moved to his cock, I told her no you didn’t want any contact you better not. She said it’s OK now I really want to. I wasn’t going to argue with her. She put his cock in her mouth and started blowing him. He said to her, say I’m a horny cunt. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and said it. He said no while you’ve got my cock in your sluty mouth. She put his dick back in her mouth and out came a muffled I’m a horny cunt. They both just started laughing, he said keep saying it slut and keep sucking. She tried to say it and suck at the same time, they laughed even more. For me it was super hot, I was hard as a rock! Then he started pushing down on the back of her head and she gagged, he said a horny cunt like you should be able to deep throat. She actually tried to do it but she gagged every time. He said keep saying it, she resumed saying I’m a horny cunt, but he timed it so it came out, I’m a horny cunt agggh, I’m a horny cunt agggh. They were laughing hysterically at that point. Fuck that turned me on. Then the room mate said, hey what about me! For the first time I noticed his cock was out, he was supper hard and the tip was covered with pre come. The other guy said suck his cock too slut! So she moved to him, he said say I love this dick in my mouth. She said it and they laughed more. The first guy started slapping her ass while she blew the room mate. She just kept sucking and made kind of a murf sound every time he hit her. I could tell she was very excited! He also was very excited and didn’t last very long. I could see him start to buck then I could see that his cock was pumping sperm into her mouth. When she finished he pumped his cock a couple of times and pointed to his dick where there was a blob of sperm and said clean it up. She leaned forward and licked it off. Then the first guy said back here cunt! She went back to him and he tried to go very slowly so she could take his cock down her throat, but she gagged every time. He pulled his cock out and started slapping her face with it put it back in her mouth. Finally he pulled his cock out and came all over her face, he told her to push it into her mouth and swallow it which she did. At that point he said to her, OK you can go now. He got up grabbed her clothes and threw them into the hall. She said, I can’t go out there nude! He said what does a slut like you care if some one sees you naked? I went out and grabbed her dress and gave it to her. She immediately started putting it on while he pushed her out the door. She barely got it on before she was in the hall. She put on her shoes and just carried her panties and bra. When we got to our car we were both very, very horny. We couldn’t wait I pulled up her dress and fucked her right there. She tried to kiss me but her breath smelled like cock and sperm so I avoided it. Later she told me that was the horniest she’s ever been in her life. She said if anyone else treated her like that she wouldn’t put up with it but for some reason from him it got her supper excited, me too I have to say. By the time we got home there was a text from him saying. Bring back that cunt tomorrow!

Each time we go there he gets more aggressive and domineering, which makes it much more exciting but what if he throws her outside naked or something like that and she gets arrested? I haven’t answered him yet, and he’s sent several more messages each one more demanding. He isn’t asking any more he’s demanding! I asked my GF what she thinks, she agreed it’s a little dangerous but she said she’s never been so excited. I said do you want more? She said maybe! I haven’t decided what to do yet, though I’m very tempted, I love the way he treats her and talks to her, makes me super hard! I can’t help but be very curious where this will go next!

I contacted him and we went over to his apt. last night. When we got there he opened the door, we stepped in and he said, strip slut! She went to close the door into the hallway but he said leave it open, what does a slut like you care if someone sees you naked. So she striped and he said finger your self for us cunt! She started masturbating, I was relived to see there was now one in the hall, but it was also exciting to see her like that standing next to an open door. After a short period of time he said go stand at the window and finger yourself. She went to the living room window and kept masturbating. I couldn’t see anyone out there that might have seen her but you never know. She only had to stand there for about a minute then he called her over to the couch where he was sitting. She stood in front of him and continued to masturbate. He said turn around and bend over. She did as she was told, then he told her to spread her ass cheeks. When she did that he said look at your cunt, it’s soaked as usual! What a horny fucking cunt! Are you always horny? She said, most of the time. He told her to repeat, I’m a horny cunt over and over like last time, which she did. Then he leaned in to smell her pussy and ass, when he did he said whew, your ass hole smells rank, I love it. Then he put his middle finger and thumb together and thwaked her ass hole hard. She winced and jumped, he said hold still cunt and thuaked her ass hole again. His room mate laughed and said look at her ass hole pucker each time you do that, I think she likes it! He kept doing that while she repeated I’m a horny cunt. He then told her to lie down on the coffee table and spread her legs. She did as she was told and he then told her to pull her cunt open, then he got out his cock which was very hard and slapped her open pussy with it repeatedly. She kept repeating, I’m a horny cunt. He then said, show me your horny clit. She pulled back her clit hood to expose her very erect clit, he then slapped her clit with his cock several times, she jumped and gasped each time but kept repeating, I’m a horny cunt! He told his room mate, put your balls on her face, which he did and started masturbating. Then the guy, without warning slammed his cock into her pussy, she immediately said, OH YES!! He said you like my cock slut? She said, yes. He said, repeat I love your cock, which she did. He then pulled it out of her, she gasped and said Oh no! He said you want more? She said yes! He didn’t put it back in, at that point I was so excited by what I’d seen, with out even thinking about it I said fuck her in the ass and I pulled her legs towards her head which rotated her pelvis and exposed her ass hole prominently. His cock was covered with her pussy juice and he pushed it easily into her ass hole. He said you’ve got a nice tight ass hole cunt! At that point the sight was to much for the room mate, he was clearly getting ready to cum, the guy said cum on her tits, so he squirted all over her chest and tits. After that he told her, rub that cum into your tits and leave it there! She rubbed it in which took some doing as there was a lot. He then pulled his cock out of her ass and moved up to her face. He said smell my cock, what does it smell like. She said, like my ass. He said that’s one ripe fucking ass hole you’ve got! At that point he started slapping her face with his cock and said to her remember, your cunt is more important than your face. You are your cunt, your nothing but a fucking cunt! He then came on her face then said, now get the fuck out of here and don’t clean you’re face till you get home, if someone sees you tell them what a cum soaked slut you are. We both headed for the door, he told her get out! You can get dressed in the hall! she did as she was told and slipped her clothes on in the hall which was empty. She used her panties to clean off her face. Once again she was crazy horny and couldn’t wait till we got home to fuck. I’m getting a lot of great sex out of this! The way he treats her makes both of us crazy excited!! Both of us are really getting off on it, we talk about it all the time. The way he treats her is such a turn on for us!

At this point the Covid Virus started heating up and we stopped going out. He kept texting me off and on, but understood we had to wait.

One thing he’s been bugging me about is, he has a friend who has a girlfriend who knits hats for people using a mixture of wool and whatever hair people want to include, like their favorite dog, etc. He asked his friend to ask her if she could use pubic hair. She said yes, but it would take quite a bit, at least 4 or 5 cuttings. So, he’s been telling me he wants a cunt hair hat, and to bring her over so he can shave her pussy and harvest the hair. I’ve been thinking lately, maybe we could mask up and meet him somewhere outside where he could shave her (he said he has some electric shears) and that’s it. I asked her what she thought of letting him shave her pussy and she got kind of a horny look on her face and said if I wanted her to do it she would. I haven’t contacted him yet but I’m seriously thinking about it. I know he wants us to come to his place so he can fuck her but we’re not ready for that yet! So after about 6 months we agreed to meet him.

If we stay masked up and outside that reduces the chance of getting it. Maybe I’m being paranoid but cases are on the rise here again. Anyway he finally agreed to meet us by the dumpsters behind his apt. He said once it’s dark it will be a good place to get her hair. We’re meeting him there tonight, we’ll see how it goes. I’m finding I have a lot of anticipation even though it’ll be a quick meeting behind the dumpsters. We haven’t seen him in many months and we’re all horny!

We met him behind the dumpsters and I could tell he was excited to see her. We went out of sight behind the dumpsters. He said to her, OK I need your hair. He pulled out an electric hair cuter. She pulled her pants and panties down to her knees but he said, no take everything off. She said, but someone could see me here. He said who cares if somebody sees your horny cunt! Strip! She removed all of her clothes and he smiled and approached her with the hair cutter and proceeded to cut off her hair and put it in a plastic bag. When he finished I was surprised how much hair he had. She does have a hairy pussy. Then he said, step out into the ally. She started to say something but thought better of it and did as she was told. He then grabbed his phone and started taking pictures of her nude in the ally. She said, please don’t take any pictures. He just ignored her and kept taking photos. She didn’t stop him. Seeing her out in the ally like that turned me on more than I could have imagined! Just that quick, it ended, she went behind the dumpsters and got dressed. As we were leaving he said let her hair grow back, I need lots more! Also next time your come I’m going to fuck that horny cunt of yours. Then we left. I’d forgotten just how high the sexual tension is when we’re around that guy, it’s a real high.

When I got home I texted him and asked him what he was going to do with the photos and could I get copies of them. He never answered me. I find it all very titillating, she let him take them. I can’t wait to see what he makes her do. I’m permanently excited thinking about it!

I just talked to my GF we are both very horny for another encounter. So, I contacted him and he answered immediately, and said come to my apt. tonight. I agreed. We’ll see what happens!

I texted him and again about the photos and he said, take your own photos, these are mine. See you tonight, don’t be late. We both really want to go so I guess he’s got us. The problem is he knows it! The excitement of losing control is getting both of us super horny. I just can’t get the scene in the ally out of my head. We have to do this, we can always back out later if things go wrong. I really don’t think he’ll push things too far.

We went to his apt. We knocked on the door, he let us in and looked at her and said, strip. She started to close the door behind her but he said leave it open. So she striped while keeping an eye open to anyone appearing in the hallway. He looked at her and then at his room mate and said, look at that stubbly cunt. (the shears he used didn’t get all the hair, it’s just very short) We got us a fur farm there! The room mate laughed and gave her a big slap on her ass. I could tell she was getting into it because she just turned to him and smiled. He took that as encouragement and continued to slap her ass occasionally. The apt. guy grabbed her by one of her nipples and led her to the living room. He said sit in that chair and masturbate for us. She did as she was told, it was an OS chair, she put a leg on each arm so she was widely spread, then started playing with her pussy. The apt. guy grabbed his phone and started to video her. She started to move but in a very stern voice he said stay there slut! She opened her legs back up for him. While he was videoing her he said, who owns that cunt? She said, you do. He said then I’ll do what ever I want with it, same goes for your tits and ass too. He said, tell the camera what a horny cunt you are. He made her repeat over and over I’m a horny cunt while she was masturbating for the camera. He then said, tell us your name. She told him her first name. What is your fathers name? She told him his first name. Do you think he’d like to see you like this? She said, I don’t think so. Did your dad ever touch you or make you touch him? No, she said. What’s your mothers name. She told him. He asked about the rest of the family, she told him about her two brothers and their names. He asked, did they ever molest you? She told him about how the one brother paid her a nickel to play with her pussy when she was very young. He said, anyone else play with that horny cunt of yours as a kid? She told him about getting raped at 13. He said, was your cunt hairy then? She said my hair was just growing in. He asked her a lot about the rape. I can tell you more later if your interested. Then she told him that even though she didn’t like the rape, it got her curios about sex. And she started to explore sex with boys. She learned to suck cock and let them eat her pussy. He then moved on to ask her about her adult life, it went on for awhile. Then he turned off the video and said to her crawl over here and suck my cock! She pulled his pants down and he said lick my balls. She did as she was told then started to suck him. He said, is that all you can take in your mouth? Take it down your throat, he pushed on her head to force her down on his cock, but she started gaging. He tried for a bit more then said, fuck your a worthless cock sucker! That needs to change. He said OK sit on my lap and ride me! As she slid his cock into her he looked over at me with a strange smile on his face and said boy, get your clothes off! I was surprised by what he said but thought I was being invited to join them I went over, and he held out his hand flat and said, give me your balls! I put my balls in his hand and he grabbed them tight. He said who’s balls are these? I said yours. Who’s cunt is that? Yours. Who’s tits and ass? Yours. He then proceeded to fuck her while holding my balls the whole time. I think he really got off on holding my balls and fucking her pussy at the same time. Other things happened but this is getting long. We went home a bit after that. As he was fucking her I could tell when he was getting excited, his grip on my balls got harder. Seeing his cock sliding in and out of my girl while he was holding my balls really got me off!

He enjoys owning her any ordering her about and sexually humiliating her. The problem is we’ve both never been so horny, it’s a real high! I don’t think he’ll go too far, he just wants to have fun with us. I asked again about the pics he took, he said I can’t have them and I’m not to touch her without his permission. I asked him what he’s going to do with them, he said, don’t worry about it. Doing that got us so fucking horny. I talked to my GF about it, she said she knows she shouldn’t let him take pics of her but it got her so horny she came while she was posing for him. See our dilemma? We can’t wait for the next time, evidently neither can he, he texted and told us to be there Fri. night, he didn’t ask this time. I wonder what he’s going to do to her next? We both can’t wait. We were both very horny when we got home but I’m not allowed to touch her so I had to masturbate.

Because it’s so out of control is what makes it supper exciting. He said I can still fuck her but only when he says. He said maybe he’ll let me fuck her in the ally! I like being forced to fuck her in a semi public place. He said if she’s a good girl I’ll get more privileges. It really turns me on knowing I have to ask this jerk for permission to fuck my own girl. I think he’ll want to keep me interested. He did say if she was a good girl I’d get more. I had no idea all this was going to happen so fast. Seems he was more than ready!

We went back to his apt. last night. As usual he had her strip while he left the door open. Once she was naked he grabbed his phone and took some pics of her out in the hallway. He made her lay down and spread her legs and got pics of that as well. Then he handed his phone to his room mate and said, get a video of me leading her around by her nipples. He grabbed one of her nipples and started leading her down the hallway aways, then back into his apt he pulled hard as he pulled her around and her one tit was being stretched obscenely. The whole time the room mate was laughing, he seemed to enjoy it very much. He lead her by her nipple to the living room window. She started to step back so no one would see her but he jerked hard on her nipple and she stepped up to the window. He let go of her nipple which was protruding more than the other one after all that pulling. He told her, show everyone what a horny cunt you are, start masturbating. He is on the second floor looking out onto a residential street and thankfully no one was visible. He then told her look at the camera and tell your father what your doing, she got strange look on her face then said , Hi dad, I’m masturbating in front of this window so everyone can see me, I’m doing it because these guys told me to. The room mate recorded it. At one point we could see a couple approaching so he pulled her away from the window. It seem he pushes it just so far. Then he took off his clothes, he had a raging hardon. As he was standing he told her to crawl over and lick his balls. He looked at me and held out his hand, and said your balls boy! I striped and put my balls in his cupped hand. He grabbed them hard and said look at your horny girlfriend licking my balls and asshole. At that point he squatted a little and told her to lick his asshole. She licked the whole area as ordered. Then he sat down and told her to sit on his lap facing forward. She sat on his lap and his cock disappeared into her pussy. He then looked at his room mate and said, you said you wanted a piece of her, stick your dick in her mouth. He stepped up and she took his cock into her mouth and they started fucking her while he held my balls. The room mate was getting into his blowjob and grabbed her head and started working it up and down on his cock. Every now and then she would gag, he would laugh, back off for a bit then make her gag again. At that point the apt. guy said put my cock in your tight stinky asshole. She stood up which caused her take his cock out of her mouth and sat back down on the guy, this time his cock disappeared into her ass. He had her go up and down on him for a bit then he sat her down completely impaled in her ass and told her to spread her legs wide. He let go of my balls and said take my phone and get a shot of her getting ass fucked and sucking cock. I took several pics which looked very hot. I handed him his phone back and he held out his hand and I put my balls back in it. He was getting very excited humping her ass and the more he got excited the more he jerked my balls around. I had to try to keep up so it didn’t hurt too much. Then he had a huge orgasm and squeezed my balls hard. He pulled out and looked at his room mate and said, she’s all yours! He grabbed her and laid her on the floor and entered her and started humping away at the same time he started mauling her tits and pulling her nipples. He said you like that don’t you? She said yes. At that time the apt. guy jerked my balls and said you’ve been a good boy tonight, I might give you a reward. The room mate came in her pussy then made her clean him up, cock, balls, and asshole. The apt. guy said OK we’re done with her, I’ll give you a few minutes with her. He had her get on her hands and knees and I fucked her from behind, he was still holding my balls. He said don’t ever forget who’s got you by the balls. Then he pulled hard strait back on my balls forcing me to pull out. I was supper horny and wanted more, he knew that of course. He would then let me inch forward until the tip of my dick was rubbing on her hole and lips. I couldn’t get any closer so I rubbed the head on her pussy, it felt really good. Every now and then he would let me enter her then just as quickly jerk hard and force me to pull out. He said you get no more or less of her horny filthy cunt than I say. He then pulled me away from her and said, you want some more? I said yes please I’m horny as hell. He said are you going to be a good boy and help her to be a good obedient girl? I said yes, he slowly let me inch up to the entrance. I could just rub the head of my dick on her pussy. I was so horny though that I came all over her pussy. At that time they both laughed and he jerked my balls hard. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. The guy knows what he’s doing! We left shortly after that and he said, I’ll be contacting you soon.

He just sent me another text. It says, I want that cunt taking cock down her throat next time I see her. You can put your cock in her mouth but only for training purposes. I don’t care how you do it but get your cock down her throat. If she doesn’t take my cock down her throat next time I see her you will both be punished! No excuses. A cunt like her needs to have this skill. I tried already and she gaged immediately as usual.

We showed up at his door on Sat. night as ordered, and as usual he had her strip with the door open. Then he looked down at her pussy and said, wow your hair is starting to grow back already! Then he grabbed her nipple and pulled her into the living room. He then pulled strait down on her nipple and said on your knees. She did as she was told. Then he pulled out his cock which was already hard and put it in her mouth. He then put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it towards him, she immediately gaged. He said, a horny cunt like you should be able to take a cock down your throat. He pushed again and she gaged, then he pushed much harder and she almost puked on his cock, which caused his cock to come out of her mouth. He then grabbed both nipples and pulled her to her feet. He led her by one nipple to the bathroom. The room mate and I followed him. He pointed to the toilet and said lift the seat and sit down on the porcelain. She did as she was told then he said, let your ass slip down into the bowl and spread your legs wide. After she’d done that he pulled his cock out and started pissing on her tits, then moved down across her stomach to her open pussy. After that he moved back up to her tits, then to her face and said, open your mouth. She did as she was told and he pissed in her mouth. Then his stream started to subside and he finished by pissing on her pussy again. After that he put his cock away and looked at his room mate and said, your turn. The room mate did about the same thing, pissing on her tits, pussy, and in her mouth. After he finished, he looked at me and said, your next. They must have planned this ahead because they both peed a lot. I didn’t have to go that bad so I just aimed my stream at her pussy. After that he pulled her to her feet and grabbed her nipple again. This time he said, your nipple is all covered in piss, you disgusting slut. Then he pulled her to the door and opened it. After checking that the hall was empty he said, an old man lives in that apt. across the hall, knock on his door and tell him some guys pissed on you does he have a towel you could use to dry off. She looked at him incredulously, he started to slap her on the ass then remembered it was just in the toilet bowl. So he just said, get your ass over there before someone sees you in the hall. She went and knocked on the door then waited a bit, no answer, so she knocked again, still no answer. The apt. guy said OK, get back in here. He then told her to go take a shower and be prepared to get fucked. She took the shower then came out to the living room. He looked at his room mate and said, you want to fuck her? He said fuck yea! He said lay down on the floor and pull your cock out, he did so then he told my GF to sit on his cock facing him. Once he had entered her he told her to lay down on him, at that point I could see his cock disappeared into her pussy. The apt. guy then lubed up his cock and got down on top of my GF and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. When he got it all the way in he said to her how does that feel slut? She kind of moaned said, I feel very full! He said you’re about to get fuller. He looked at me and said put your cock in her mouth. I did as I was told. She started sucking me and they started humping away on her. Then he said, say I’m a horny cunt. She started repeating it over and over with my cock in her mouth so it sounded muffled. It looked amazingly sexy, I had a front row seat to watching both of them work over her crotch at the same time. It was more tricky than I thought trying to coordinate three cocks at once in her, but eventually all three of us managed to cum. After that he had her get on her hands and knees and show us her ass. Both her holes were gaping open, and sperm was leaking out. They took turns posing with her ass while she looked back and smiled. It was an amazing sight, her two holes gaped obscenely. I’d never seen her crotch look like that. When they were done taking pics she went into the bathroom and cleaned up. After that she got dressed and as we were leaving he said, be here tomorrow. He doesn’t usually have us come two days in a row, I wonder what he’s got in mind?

After we got home he sent me a text and said when you come tomorrow, I want the cunt in nothing but a summer dress that she can easily remove, no panties, no bra. And don’t show up until 10:00. The next night we showed up at his place, instead of having us come in, we all went out. He said we’re going to the park. It closes at 10 so no one will be there. It was about a 5 minute walk. The park was fairly large. After we entered it we headed for the play area and he had her remove her coat and dress, and took pics of her on the swing while she masturbated. I kept looking around to make sure no one could see us. He took her to the slide, the marry go round and other places and had her pose obscenely on equipment normally made for children. Then he took her to other places in the park, she posed on a bench, by a tree, even in the parking lot. She said I need to go to the bathroom and started to head towards the comfort station. He said just go here. Then he thought again and said to us, lift her up by her legs and spread her wide! We did so and he instructed her to start peeing. She shot out a stream from her exposed piss hole and it shot out in an ark from her pussy. When she finished we put her down and he started taking more pics of her nude in the park. Out of nowhere a cop stepped into the light and said what are you doing here the park is closed. Then he stopped short when he saw my GF nude. He said what’s going on here? The apt. guy said we’re just doing a photo shoot. He said that’s illegal, I’m going to have to arrest you all. The whole time the cop kept staring at my GF, then said where are her clothes, he handed her dress to her and she put it on. He said to the cop, there must be a way to work something out. The cop said, there’s nothing to work out here, you’re under arrest. The apt. guy said would you like to fuck her? The cop stopped and said is she OK with that. My GF quickly said yes knowing it was our only way out. He said OK but not a word about this to anyone. We all agreed. He then took her behind the comfort station. We were very curios and moved around to a place where we could watch from a distance. He had her bent over a bench with her dress around her waist and he was humping away on her. I have to say it was quite a sight watching her bent over, nude from the waist down, with a fully uniformed cop humping away on her. He didn’t last long then brought her back to us. He said, you never saw me and left. We started heading out of the park, but after a minute or so my GF said hold on, his sperm is leaking down my leg. She stopped, pulled up her dress and squatted down so his cum would leak out onto the ground, then she peed a little, bounced up and down, and stood up then we walked back to his apt. When we got there my GF and I didn’t say anything we just walked to our car. They didn’t say anything either, they just went into his apt. We decided then and there we would have nothing more to do with him. The spell had been broken! Since then he has texted me several times saying how sorry he is and nothing like that will ever happen again. Needless to say, I haven’t answered him, nor will I.

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