Everything is Better With Amy



This is a story about the day I fell in love with Amy… and the start of our sexually adventurous life together. There are no limits. But everything is better with Amy!

My name is Cole. I’m 34 years old, and in a long term relationship with the most amazing girl in the world, Amy. But this story isn’t about her… or maybe it is. This is about the day our relationship began six years ago, and so much more.

In my mid 20’s I lived in a nice apartment complex with tenants all about my age, all “young professionals” in various lines of work. It was pure luck that we all got along great, and the neighborhood became one big group of friends. Guys, girls, straight, gay and lesbian… quite the diverse crowd, but everyone got along as a tight knit group and we hung out pretty much every weekend and often during the week.

I guess should start by saying that I am completely straight. Sure, I’ve had fantasies about other men, but I think everyone has a little curiosity… right? Nothing that I thought I would ever act on. I am straight, and quite confident and secure in my sexuality. For that reason it didn’t bother me in the least when our group activities turned to a game of strip poker while we were all stuck indoors during a bad winter blizzard. Sure, my gay neighbor Jesse would see me naked (I was pretty sure he had a crush on me which was sometimes awkward), but I’d also be naked with Amy, and that made anything worth it!

Amy lived in the apartment right below me and one door over. She was beautiful in every way. Just over five feet tall, bright blue eyes, natural blonde hair that sat right below her shoulders, and a body that she certainly worked to maintain in perfect condition! She was my crush, but being neighbors I never thought it would work out, and didn’t want to ruin the group dynamic by trying anything. Tonight, even if I couldn’t do anything with her, I’d at least get to see her sexy body in all its glory!

Back to the story… the winter storm had us all on lockdown with the city shut down, so a few of us decided to have some fun. I wish I could remember who all was there, but I think there were about 7 of us at Brian’s house. The night started with some strip poker, which turned to drinking games, and before we knew it everyone was tipsy, naked, and laughing our asses off. At some point, the game turned to truth or dare… which then turned to our version of “dare or punishment”. In other words, we all just had fun doing whatever we were dared to do because no one wanted to be at the mercy of a group punishment!

At some point I must have become slightly insecure because I made a sly comment about how we needed more girls in the group because there were too many naked dudes (I think the ratio that night was 4 guys and 3 girls). Well, I should have kept my mouth shut. My next dare came from a girl named Kelly.

“Ok, Cole, Mr. Tough Guy, I dare you to go down on Jesse for 3 minutes!” she said.

Fuck. This wasn’t the first sexual dare of the night, but it was certainly the most extreme so far. I wanted to leave and hide. But the group had our rules, and I didn’t want to be the one to back out of a dare. I played it off and tried to make myself somehow sound more masculine by agreeing to it… logic doesn’t always come into play when alcohol is involved! “Fine! You think I’m not man enough to suck his dick for a few minutes?! I’ll take the dare!” Maybe on some level I was truly curious… I’d actually get to play with a boy and say that I was “forced” or something, so it would fulfill a secret fantasy without being “gay”. Whatever, I justified it in my own mind.

“Ok,” Kelly said, “here are the rules. You have to go down on him for 3 minutes, and the time starts when your lips touch his dick. If you stop for any reason, time starts over!”

I semi-reluctantly dropped to my knees in front of the chair Jesse sat in. This was by far the closest I had ever been to another man’s naked body. I looked up at him and saw a little smirk on his face as we made eye contact, then he bit his lower lip. This jerk was going to enjoy this way too much! I saw that his soft dick had started to swell slightly, getting excited just at the thought of what was about to happen. A straight guy was about to suck his dick, and he was loving it. I swear he must have put Kelly up to the dare, like I said I’ve always suspected Jesse had a thing for me!

“Ready??” said Kelly. “Time starts when you start!”

“Ok, fuck it. Let’s go.” I said. And with that, I leaned in. I could smell the sweet sexual musk of his cock… I don’t know quite how to describe it. But it smelled clean, nice even… manly, yet kinda sweet. I remember thinking that I was grateful he maintained himself down there, or this dare would have been a lot worse! But hey, gay guys know how to keep themselves clean! I tentatively grabbed the base of his semi-hard shaft in my right hand, and then let myself have my first taste of his dick. Opening my mouth I took him inside, feeling the super soft skin of the head on my tongue as my lips wrapped around him. Slowly I started sucking gently, moving my head up and down the length of his growing shaft. Before I knew it he was hard as a rock! I couldn’t take the length of him anymore, but I’ll admit I kinda liked the feeling of him getting hard in my mouth. My inexperience sucking dick must have showed, because I heard one of the other guys shout from behind me, “you’re never going to make him cum unless you use your hands and play with his balls!” Then, almost instinctively after that comment I did just was was suggested, right hand (which was still resting thoughtlessly at the base of his dick) started to stroke him while I sucked. My left hand moved to gently fondle his soft shaved balls.

“Holy shit, he’s actually trying to make him cum, isn’t he?!?” was the next thing I heard from the crowd.

“He is liking it too, look how hard his dick is now!” came next.

Fuck! It hit me, I didn’t HAVE to make him cum. Shit, it didn’t even matter if Jesse liked it at all! All I needed to do was spend 3 fast minutes with his dick in my mouth, and this would have been over. But here I was, eagerly sucking James’ cock trying to make him cum in front of all of our friends. And they were right, my own cock was as hard as ever, betraying any denial I tried to offer. I was hit instantly by shame…

I stopped sucking his dick to try and save my dignity, but instead found myself trying to hide my face in his thigh like I was going to disappear from the crowd if I couldn’t see them. So there I was, trying to hide with my face between his legs, my right hand still resting absently on his shaft. What the fuck do I do now?!

Kelly chimed in, “you know the rules! … 3 minutes, no stopping!! Time starts all over when you take that big cock back into your mouth, you little cocksucker!” Man, my friends were either really mean, or they just knew that I was actually loving going down on Jesse and this was their way of encouraging it. Kelly even sounded flirtatious like she was laughing when she said it.

Then I felt a hand gently caress my back, and the sweetest voice whispering from right beside me. It was Amy. She was on her knees right beside me, and said, “I think it’s super fucking hot watching you go down on Jesse, Cole. If you make him cum in the next three minutes, I promise to return the favor for you.”

I un-hid my face and looked into her bright blue eyes staring back at me. When we locked eyes she winked and I could see the sexy smile on her face. “Really? If I make him cum then you’ll make me cum too?”

“Yes, baby. For as long as it takes for me to get your cum in my mouth. You just need to take care of Jesse here first!” she said with another smile and wink. Then she reached down and ran her soft finger along the shaft of my still swollen dick and said, “besides, I think we all know you are liking this anyway. What do you say?”

Deal. If it turned Amy on and I got to have some fun with her after, I had no more shame. I was all in. “Ok, I’m ready again!” I looked up Jesse, then down at his cock still just a few inches from my face. A huge drop of precum was leaking out the tip. Without hesitation I leaned in while still looking into his eyes and ran my tongue from the base of his shaft to the top, making sure that precum didn’t go to waste. I didn’t taste it much, but maybe it was just a little salty and a little sweet. A preview of what was to come for sure … I certainly didn’t mind the taste. Then I swallowed his shaft and went to work.

“Fuck, that is so hot” Amy whispered beside me.

“Ok, time starts again now” said Kelly.

This time, I was eager. I wanted Amy. And if all I had to do was make Jesse cum to have her all to myself, I was going to make it happen! I started using my hand and my mouth vigorously on his shaft, and gently cradling and teasing his balls with my left hand again. Doing everything I could to make him cum quickly. I started to hear his breathing pick up. He groaned something about how great it felt (honestly, knowing that I could make someone feel that good was a huge turn on!). Amy was right beside me watching his cock slide in and out of my hungry mouth, and knowing she was loving it turned me on even more. “That’s so hot!” she whispered to me again as I worked his cock in my mouth.

“Ugh. Baby I’m going to cum” Jesse grunted almost as a warning (did a man just call me “baby”?? I’ll ignore it and pretend it didn’t turn me on, but it did!). By this time I didn’t care what anyone thought. I wanted it. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to taste and savor a man’s cum in my mouth for the first time. I could feel his balls tighten in my hand, and his shaft became even harder than before, I knew what was about to happen… I wanted to taste it on my tongue, not just have it go down my throat. I pulled my mouth back so my lips were just around the head of his dick, my tongue teasing the underside, and looked up at him while I used my hand to keep stroking him into my mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head, his arms grasped at the chair he sat in…. then I felt it. I felt his whole cock start to pulse between my lips, and the warmth of his cum poured onto my eager tongue. I swallowed without releasing him from my mouth… I didn’t know if I’d be able to take it all, but I didn’t want to waste a drop. I kept sucking and gently stroking as he became more and more sensitive to my touch. Finally when I felt his quivers fade, and his shaft soften ever so slightly, I reluctantly let his cock slip from my lips. I swallowed once more and smiled at him, then gave the tip of his cock one last gentle lick to get the final drop of cum while I looked into his eyes.

His smile said it all. I had made another man cum, and apparently I was quite good at it! He leaned down, grabbed my face, and I didn’t even resist when he pressed his lips to mine with a grateful kiss. When we broke the kiss, I leaned back down to his deflating shaft and licked up the last bit dripping out of him. Then I gave the head of his cock a quick kiss while I looked up at him and sat back to catch my breath.

“Holy fuck that was hot”… it was Amy, staring right at me with the cutest most eager look I had ever seen on her face. She obviously loved the show and was ready to live up to her end of the bargain. Amy pushed me back to lie on the floor, and went right to work with cock in her mouth like a pro. I was so turned on that it didn’t take long at all! Maybe 30 seconds to a minute, and I was ready to erupt!

“Fuck here it comes Amy!” She never slowed down… just looked up and me and kept going, eager to make me cum now. She got her reward when I filled her sweet mouth with my cum. And just like I had done for Jesse, Amy didn’t waste a drop either! As soon as she swallowed it all, the petite, gorgeous girl of my dreams climbed on top of me and pressed her lips to mine in the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced, making me taste just a hint of my own cum on her lips and tongue while we made out in front of all our friends. I could feel her smiling while we kissed, and even better was the feeling of her amazing naked body on top of mine. This was my greatest dream come true! This girl was a nymph, and she was hungry for me now.

The rest of the night has kind of faded into my memory. But I clearly remember how me, Jesse, and Amy put on quite the little show for the rest of our neighbors, and didn’t even care that they all watched.

That was 6 years ago. Amy and I have been dating ever since that night, and I don’t think I’ll ever let her go! The girl is incredible. We have done and tried pretty much everything together at this point… threesome with other girls? Done. More threesomes with guys for her and I to share? Of course (Jesse is still a frequent playmate of ours!). Me watching her with other guys, or her watching me have my way with some young girls we bring home to play with… there are no limits to what we have done or will do together. If we think of it, fantasize about it, or see it in porn, we will try it. Our rule is simple… we do it together. Neither of us goes out on our own, only together. But we never judge each other, and we never say no to a new adventure. And why would I ever want to fuck around on my own now anyway?! Everything is better with Amy!

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