Enzo’s Harem – Chapter I



Being reborn as an animal in your past family ’cause the devil cursed you, was something no one would want. But, he did. All because he wanted them to be safe, and to help them right themselves back up from the destruction he caused.

Enzo came back, with a deal with the devil as a dog reincarnate. To either safeguard his family…. or he is going to watch it fall apart due to his mistakes… or tear it apart himself. Well, this should be announced.

Read all the tags before continuing. Don’t whine like this story’s hero could, just because you didn’t know what this story was about and just wanted some material to fap. Part of this story is uttered from the view of a dog, which is a reincarnation of a twenty-year old and is considered to have all the intelligence of a human, and if you feel that this is weird, stop right here or keep an open mind and continue. This is just the intro, and thus contains character building mostly and not much fully fledged sex scenes.

All the characters are post-pubescent (i.e) fifteen years or more, (so technically cant be considered Pedo).

If you aren’t of the legal age in your country, feel free to close this and move on. Because, I definitely won’t poison young minds…

… Other than in my stories xD.

You will see all the bright and dark sides present inside me, and yourself, in my stories.

Every character is fictional, and any and every resemblance to real life is completely coincidental.

And NEVER try to do any stupid sexual things in real life. It not only would destroy yourself, but also your loved one’s lives.



Oh, and by the way, keep an eye for the POV changes. I have highlighted them, but it still isn’t that obvious.

*(Name)* ==> means the story has switched perspective.

Just informing, don’t take any offence that I had put up this little warning.. 😀

Cause, if you miss the POV switch, the story won’t probably make sense.




Hands petted my golden-chocolate fur, yet tears fell from above and onto me. I whined.

“Shh… Everything’s fine, baby… I’m fine…” A woman whispered in a soothing tone. I pressed my muzzle to her lap, and turned my head to peer at her.

She was a woman in her late-thirties. Her hair was the color of my favorite biscuits, almost a deep shade of brown, and was curly in a beautiful way. Her body, which warmed me with its warmth every time I went to sleep on her lap, was perfect in my dictionary. She had perfect breasts which sometimes pressed into me when she leaned over and used to cuddle me, which gave me the feeling of being with my mom again. Her hips and waist, I thought, were the perfect cradle for me, which always had a sexy and confident sway even if life threw problems at her.

Sure, she had her own puppies – children, in her words – but I always had a place in her lap, like I had in my past life.

I wasn’t a normal dog in any sense. If I was, I wouldn’t be describing this beautiful mom…

I had been with this family for more than three years ever since I passed away from my past life, and I still had the energy of a puppy. I had grown to my full height, almost 60cm or so, around one and a half years ago, and was healthy in every aspect.

And everything started when I made a ‘deal with the devil’.

I would have two more decades in me in addition to my normal lifespan, the devil had said that, and it is much more than any dog had ever had. Almost thrice then lifetime of a dog.

I wouldn’t bore anyone with more mundane details. In short, I agreed to become a dog permanently, albeit one with a longer lifespan and increased intelligence, in order to watch over this woman and her puppies when I died, and that I wouldn’t reveal myself in any way unless absolutely necessary.

This woman who was petting me even though she was crying… was not only a beautiful mom, and a steadfast woman, but she was my real mom, Ines, from my past life.

It all had happened very fast.

Due to me, my dad died…

I didn’t even realize what had happened till the deed was done. I was arguing with my dad when he was driving… I wanted him to pull over… I still remembered that he had tried to console me, but I wasn’t having any of it and… I tried to push the door open. The car steered away and… you know what might have happened then.

I died too, but everything that lead to it was my fault. And after my dad passed away to heaven, I just stood over our crashed car and our lifeless cradles with blood everywhere, with tears in my eyes.

There wasn’t a pull to the afterlife, like I thought there would be when someone died, and I was wandering around aimlessly with guilt raking up.

I soon realized from the ‘devil’ that I wouldn’t be able to move on. Not without redemption. Thus, I made a deal. And am living with the destruction I caused everyday, rubbing my wounds deeper everyday.

So, here I was, laying on my mother’s lap, watching her cry, without even the ability to comfort her.

I whined in discomfort as the wounds on her face started bruising up.

Though I had no intention on ruining her love life, I must say, she had the worst taste in men. After my dad, of course. He was the best man I have ever seen.

Everything was due to her ‘boyfriend’. I didn’t have words to curse him, but if I could I would have said to his face that he was an abusive asshole and would have punched him till his face was only a pulp.

A growl reverberated in my throat at the thought of him.

He was a fucking sadist. I heard him once say that he liked it when she cried or wailed. When he came back and they retired to her bedroom, I always would hear my mother sob… And if my sisters were home, he would make her yell degrading things and make her wail and would always humiliate her…

I could do nothing but whine as it happened at least once a week, and at some random times…

If my mom hadn’t stopped me, I would have bit his neck hard and would have most probably killed him today.

But what do I get from my mom for standing up against him?

A chiding ‘No! Bad dog!’ and a day of leashed time.

“Shh… Baby, I am fine… See?” She cooed again and patted my fur.

I could see those bruises even though her hair had fallen over the side of her face to cover them. My mom was beautiful, if you don’t mind me saying, even if half of her face was covered by her draped hair.

“Mo-om! We are home.” My sister, Rose, sang from the door.

Okay, now there comes the rest of my family.

My mom and dad were high-school sweethearts and had my oldest sister Lucy, when they still were high-schoolers. They didn’t lose speed in their life just because they had her, neither did they lose faith nor become bitter, like many become.

‘Your father had taken the hardships with a smile’, my mom always would say to my sisters with that twinkle in her eyes, ‘and he had started working many odd jobs to support his girlfriend and daughter. So, if you are going to date, date someone like him or don’t.’

Lucy and my youngest sister Rose always were the partners-in-crime. They would reply to that saying, “We are going to be virgins if we look for love…”

Always the bitchy sisters, even when my dad was alive and kicking.

Even if they didn’t make ends meet every time after they had me, they maintained a stable home, job and a loving family.

The other two sisters of mine could be called ‘accidents’, because mom and dad had planned to stop with only two children.

Mum had my younger sister, May first. Then she had my youngest sister, Rosemary, or shortly Rose as she liked to be called. I still remember that my mom was disappointed that the medicine had failed to prevent pregnancy, not once but two freaking times in a succession of two years both the time.

Even if their financial burden was heavier after that, and father had to work more to compensate, she never complained.

She loved all of us alike.

Lucy, the oldest of us, a cold-hearted, hard-headed, yet hard-working and a headstrong woman of twenty, came in following Rose.

Rose’s bleached blonde hair, which fell in curls over her shoulder, waved behind her and Lucy scrunched her nose as a strand hit her, and stepped sideways to move away from Rose.

Rose, a fifteen year old, was wearing a push-up top which left her midriff bare, alongside a tight jeans, which was too adult-ish for her age.

Lucy was wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans, her normal attire, and her brown hair was tied a long ponytail. She worked a lot and I had no idea where she worked even if I had a heightened sense of smell.

Following Lucy, May tried to step in, but Rose closed the door on May’s face.

Mum didn’t notice that, for she was busy with wiping away her tears and making herself presentable. But, I did.

I definitely had noticed a lot of times that May was at odd ends with the other two, even when I was a human. More to that, after my human-me and our dad vanished from their lives, I noticed that May was completely shunned most of the time, and it was worse when mom was looking the other way.

Even if I tried to keep May company most of the time, I still couldn’t seem to keep her happy. Or reduce the heat she withstood from her sisters.

What more could a dog do? I couldn’t possibly comfort her other than by staying alongside her…

“Welcome back, sweetie.” Mom whispered with her voice even.

Rose completely ignored the way mom was sitting, with hair draped across her face, and hip-hoped to the kitchen.

Lucy noticed mom’s posture, but moved away with a slight shake of her head.

May came in some seconds later, slightly rubbing her forehead to soothe the pain from when she had bumped into the door.

When she noticed mom, she rushed to her side and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“I am fine, do you need something to eat, baby?” Mom said in a whisper and moved to stand. May brought up her hand to stop mom, but she stopped herself and gave out a sigh.

Mom followed Lucy and Rose into kitchen, with her hair still hanging off the side of her face.

Whining, I crawled from one end of the couch and nudged May.

She sighed and sat down, and pulled me to her.

“Enzo… Why is this happening to our family…?” She cooed with sadness, and leaned into me.

Giving out a whimper in reply, I cuddled on May’s lap, as we took comfort in each other from this situation.

Ines, our mom, had no idea how to cope with the loss. It had been more than three years, but she was still reeling from the hit. She was demoted twice. Mum was careful to not lose her job and was hanging by a mere thread. I didn’t know how much she would be able to take in anymore, even with myself and May for emotional support.

Lucy cares about the family, but she never knew how to be there for them. Even when Dad and her brother (me) died, she let out zero tears. I watched her take it all in, and writhe in silence, without letting anyone even notice that she was hurting. She rejected my help and had kicked me away, literally, when I was a little pup just for trying to comfort her.

Rose was in her own world. She did seem to feel devastated from the turn their lives had taken. But, she cared none for the household, and spent more on fashion, and her nails, skin, and hair to make a solid dent in the budget mom keeps, without giving a second thought about our family.

May knew what the family was going through, what hurdles each person was climbing every day. She was the emotional support, and I was her backup, but no one really appreciated her and often shunned her. She was getting depressed by the day, trying to help others, destroying herself in the tries…

This, this was my family’s current state…

Broken in pieces, tearing itself apart little by little, when I could do next to nothing even after trying for three years continuously.

I wasn’t giving up though… as long as I had breathe in my new body, in this new canine life, I would continue to support my family.

Whatever it takes.

All I needed to figure out was to how to do that.



Dinner was intense. Mom still had her hair draped over the side off her face. Lucy and Rose, who had changed into casual dresses, pretended to not notice it… while, May, who hadn’t even washed her face or gone to her room in the first floor for two hours, was trying to compose her face in a serene uncaring mask even though her eyes were fidgeting to mom too much.

At least they hadn’t forgotten to fill the dog bowl for me.

Though I cared about my family and wanted to solve this, my instincts took over and I got busy devouring the tasty meal.

“Mom… Everyone knows Tobias is a…” With a deep breath, May added, “… huge and complete asshole. Stop doing this to yourself. Please.”

“Language, young lady,” Mum said in her ‘mom’ tone, glaring at May with her hair still curtaining one side of her face.

Rose ignored them, and giggled at something while she was doing her routine work: scrolling through social media.

Lucy looked at the dinner in front of her, an intriguing smell wafting from it saying that it was something new mom had tried, but it didn’t exactly warrant that much attention from her it seemed, for she was too absorbed in thoughts to even notice what was happening.

May looked hurt, but didn’t back down from the staring contest she was having with mom. May cared for everyone as much as mom did, I should give her that. She should have had support…

No matter how many times I have gone through it and gave my best in it, I couldn’t trump the rising guilt inside me. I was the reason she was left alone to face the world by herself…

Rose pushed away her unfinished plate, again wasting food. I raised my head, cleaning my snout with my tongue in some frantic movements and looked at the table.

Deep blush coated Rose’s face, and a deep murky steely smell started wafting from her, as she gazed ravenously at her phone screen. She walked away from there, rubbing her sweaty hands on her shorts, as her tongue darted out to wet her lips. The family didn’t notice her little gestures, but I did.

I knew what that smell was, a highly classified and hidden smell. I knew it as clearly as I knew that I was a dog. Being in a home of four women, I exactly knew what it was. I had often had to encounter it. More so on Rose than the rest of them.

I shouldn’t say it, but Rose was… let’s put it as seductress… cause I shouldn’t refer to my baby sister as a slut, even if I wanted to…

And that smell, was the smell of arousal.

Rose hip-hoped in excitement and walked out of the dining room, with her nose buried in the text, and the smell intensifying with each step.

The stare-down between mom and May had ended, and each moved to wrap up things on the dining table. Lucy had already slipped out of the room, and maybe into the comfort of her own room. She was becoming a loner by each day, ignoring everything around her. And neither I nor May had any idea how to help her.

I too nudged my plate away from the floor and neatly arranged it nearby to my water bowl, and followed Rose up the stairs.

My nose had never failed me in this three years. Not today and will not fail in the years to come.

And now, it was saying that Rose was getting hot. I definitely should stay on the lookout for stray dogs, a.k.a. boyfriends of Rose, tonight.

I trudged up the stairs and through the hallway and was almost at the doors of May’s room, when a loud sound – even louder for my ears– stopped me in my tracks. My ears perked up, and I lifted my head to pinpoint the source.

I wish I hadn’t done that, because as I turned right to look at the source, before me, where the hallway ended right beside where I was standing, was the open door of my old bedroom— or Rose’s bedroom to be correct, to which she moved into from May’s room a year before.

Through the open door was the unbridled view of Rose.

Lying naked with her legs spread and… in a very, very compromising position. I should be looking away, but I couldn’t… or didn’t.

Another moan, louder to my ears again, slipped through the door. It was oddly enticing. The smell always revolted me a little, but today that wasn’t the case it seems. My feet thudded on the floor, muffled as I went to the open door without even wanting to. It was like a gravitational pull had caught ahold of me and was pulling me towards her.

Every fiber of my human mind was battling against that gravity, but can anyone beat gravity?

I was at the door, one I should close. I have seen my baby sister Rose naked when I was alive. It was designed to happen when there was only one large bathroom for all of us. It was platonic. But, this wasn’t…

Rose’s hands were moving with precision. One pinching her nipple hard enough to make her shiver with each painful motion and the other teasing her flower in slow deliberate strokes.

Moisture coated her finger and I could see that the bedsheets definitely needed to be cleaned afterwards, because she was dripping so much over it that the smell was very strong from where I was.

“Hmm… Mmm… Bri…” She moaned.

Bri? Maybe it was her new boyfriend’s nickname. Maybe he was sneaking in tonight. If so, Rose definitely knew how to get ready. And I definitely had to stay aware tonight to chase him off.

“Yes… Please!”

Despite me knowing, my body was getting aroused, my breaths were coming in pants, my tail was swishing with each second, and I felt hardness growing in my cock, from the extremely erotic sounds she was making.

Rose threw her head back, her hands moving at a faster rate, her body smelling more of arousal than of her own scent. Her mouth was open, and eyes were closed. Her face was red like a tomato, her body radiating heat like a sun.

A sun pulling me in with each passing second as I moved from the door to her bed in the corner of the room which was pushed up to the long bedside stand attached to the wall, without any hopes of stopping myself. Even though my movements were sluggish from the battle my mind was waging, my target was clear. For anyone who saw me, I would look like a drunk dog… to be correct, I really was drunk on the smell, wasn’t I?

I was so close now, to her body which was almost tethering at the edge of the bed, that the smell was intoxicating my every pore, hardening me in place like a stone. And not only was my muscles hard and tense, but my cock, which always overwhelmed me to relieve myself when I meet a dog in heat, was rearing at the scent of her.

… I didn’t know if I could control myself…

And I didn’t have to, thank god, as a shrill filled the space, snapping everything back into reality.





“You are my bitch, aren’t ya, lassie?”

“Yes!” I moaned, as he spanked my left tit. He showed no mercy to my right one either. My nipple tingled with pain, euphoric pain, as his fingers pinched and pulled them hard enough to make me cry.

Those tears weren’t to show my protest, no. They were the tears of yearning…

Even though he had his fill in torturing me, he seemed to have no intention in getting his own release, or damn him, giving me release.

His fingers brushed outside my slit, touching the sensitive parts every now and then, keeping me flowing with arousal.

“You are my good girl, aren’t ya?” His deep voice commanded me, and it wasn’t a question.


“Do you want me to continue? Say what you want. Describe what you want. Plead for it.” Each sentence was accompanied with another swish against my slit, thrumming my blood vessels with infinite amount of liquid arousal. It seemed like I was a vessel of lust itself, and I wasn’t a human at all.

Zero rational thoughts, inability to form words, following my basal instincts, there was nothing human about this state of mine.

“Please…” was all I could muster. He laughed, stopping his ministrations of pain to my tits.

The man was supposed to choke me now, and start brutalizing me. It was what he did every time I dreamed this scene.

He was supposed to ram his big monster of a cock into my small flower and brutalize the very being of mine. He was supposed to deposit his potent load inside me despite me wailing out for him to pull out.

It was supposed to end that way, with me cumming hard on my fingers.

But, the man went down on me. For the first time in history.

His breaths were hot on my pussy, and it was pleasurable. Not the painful treatment he was supposed to dish out.

All of a sudden, his face started morphing, from that of an Adonis to that of a weird leaf blower android robot. The dream started twisting about, churning my stomach, and hot air caressed every inch of my open flower, sending deep pleasurable waves through me.

I didn’t want to think, but I had to…

The pleasure… was unlike anything my hands had caused, which shouldn’t be possible. And the realization snapped back my mind into my body from my fantasy land.

The sensations from my hand should be interfering with my sensations from my pussy and clit, as I was the one creating the sensations of touch in both the places. And I knew what the sensations clashing felt like.

But, the hot air continued to swirl around my pussy, causing my muscles to twitch with each stroke.

Intrigued, I straightened myself from the wall and looked down.

Only to find a beastly snout pointing at my pussy, eyes red as a devil, and ears perked up, and a big four-legged demon standing at the edge of my bed with his head raised to the level of my pussy…

It took a moment for me to understand. And understand I did.

“Aiee!!!@@” I shrieked out loud, picking my legs back to myself and moving to the very corner of my bed.


Throwing my hands around, I pulled everything I could, be it a pillow, or my teddy, or a notebook from my long bedside stand separating my bed and wall… or my favorite perfume bottle.

As others landed harmlessly, the bottle landed square on Enzo’s head, sending him scurrying away from my bedside, with a loud whine. He ran away, almost slipping on the floor and tumbling over onto my closet, and straight out of the room, all the while whining loudly.

My heart was racing, and my golden ball of arousal drifted away from me.

Sighing in frustration, I threw my head back, resting it on the head of my bed and took into deep breaths.

How the hell did he even come here!?

I looked at the open door and thought back to confirm if I had closed it.

I did close it. But, it was open.

Wait… Eww… he must have nudged it open and sneaked in.

“That fucking dog…”

Footsteps pounded on the hallway outside, and I hastily pulled the sheets from under me and covered myself.

Damn it… I now have to start from the scratch to build up myself once again, if I was going to have a good pleasurable night today.

Lucy rushed into the room first, saw me, and surveyed the room, and shook her head, scrunching her nose while turning away. She stopped herself, turned to look at me once, and raised an eyebrow. I shook my head and lowered my gaze as my cheeks flushed into a deep red.

May— the sister I hated, who I didn’t consider as a sister at all— shouted from down the hallway, “Enzo? What happened!?”

With a sigh, Lucy muttered something under her breath, and moved out of the room. A door creaked down the hallway moments later.

Lucy was the only one I would consider as my sister. She never inserted herself anywhere, and she knew where to hold herself.

May, that disgusting four-eyed geek, would never be my sister, even if we shared blood. She always served to irritate me beyond words. I didn’t know what I could do to potentially stop her from irritating other. But, the little bitch did seem to be born only to irritate my family…

Even now, when she should be asking for me, she was asking for that bastard of a dog. I was the one who yelled aloud, for god’s sake.

I should have thrown the dog out when it came onto our doorstep after daddy’s funeral. It was the prime accomplice of May.

… I guess a dog would be the best friend of a bitch…

Mom came in moments later, with half of her face still obscured by her hair, which did a bad job in curtaining the bruised eye and cheek. Her face was concerned as she looked at me.

“What was that, Rose? What happened?” She moved a step further, and stopped in her tracks, scrunching her nose.

Shoot, did I really smell that bad?

But, that didn’t seem to faze her for more than a second. Concern returned to her face and she moved to my bedside.

“Rose, sweetie…?” She asked, placing a hand on my knee.

I pulled my legs up to my chest, and whispered, “It was that freaking dog…” and nothing more. I had no reason to explain why I smelled bad, or why my clothes were scattered across the room. And I didn’t.

May burst into the room, her eyes locked on me.

“What did you do to Enzo?” She placed her hands on her hips, looking at me as if she was contemplating punishing me for it.

“Your dog is a piece of crap, a fucking peeping tom, and a disgusting beast. He barged in on me when I was having my alone time, in my room.” I spat out the words at her, and her face twisted in a mixture of sadness and pain.

“Rose…” Mom whispered, lowering her hand away from me.

I continued to roast May, “Do you invite him into your bed often? Because he seemed to know what I was doing, like he had seen it a lot of times.”

May opened her mouth, but I looked at her pointedly, “I guess dogs do sleep with its bitches. Why am I not surprised.”

Silence stretched for a moment. Till it burst.

Turning around with a sob, May raced air out of the room, and another door slammed shut down the hallway.

“Rose…” Mom placed her hand on my knee again, nearer to my face and whispered in that stern tone which she used to discipline us, “She is your sister. Don’t talk to her like that. And don’t hold Enzo’s actions against her”

“She never was or will be a sister to me.” I growled at her. Her ‘mom’ tone faded away as she whispered, “Please, Rose…”

“Oh, you support her instead of me? You are my mom, aren’t you!? Am I not your daughter?” I yelled at her. She flinched, taking her hand away and turning away from me to face the window.

“You both are my children…” Mom’s words were lanced with pain, and it softened my next words.

“Mom… Leave me alone.”

She gave a stiff nod and moved out of the room, closing the door on her way out.

I pushed the sheets away, and climbed out naked off my bed, to pull the underwear from the pile of clothes on the floor.

Pulling underwear up to cover my modesty, not bothering with a bra, I jumped, falling back onto my bed.

Crap, I missed my teddy.

Getting back up with a groan, I looked around to find teddy on the ground, alone and afraid. I snuggled him closer to my breasts, and whispered, “Rose is here, teddy. Don’t be afraid.”

I moved back to my bed and laid myself along with teddy in my arms.

Stretching my legs and arms as muscles popped, I snuggled closer to it and slipped off to dream. Frustrated of missing my orgasm, yet satisfied from yelling at May.




“Why!?” I wanted to shriek, but it came out as nothing but a whisper. I could taste the salt of my tears running down my cheek like a waterfall, as I curled into a ball on the floor.

I sobbed again, and again, each one taking its toll on me. Yet, I managed to keep them under my breath, as silent as I could. The night was already fully under way, the sounds of the street getting as silent as the space.

Starlight flitted through space of the curtains and illuminated the otherwise dark room.

Whining, Enzo crawled from under my bed and nudged me.

I hugged him and pulled him to me, burying my face onto his soft golden fur. He whined, and started licking my neck and as I lifted my head, he started licking my face too.

In spite of the agony storm raging inside me, a giggle slipped through my mouth. I wiped away at his sign of love liberally coating my face, and nuzzled him, “Who’s a good dog?”

He barked once, and his tail was wagging pretty fast, fast enough to reflect the pleasure he achieved in hearing me praise him. His tongue was lolled out in a doggy smile, and that was when I noticed the cut on his head.

Gently reaching out, I brushed my fingers against it, and Enzo whined loudly, flinching away from me.

I sniffled and hugged him again, “Shh… Its okay.”

He whined, and I ached to soothe his pain. Like his wounds were my wounds, and my wounds wouldn’t heal unless his did.

Perhaps, this deep care I held for him was the timing he came into my life. He came to me as a light in the darkness. He made me laugh when I wallowed in endless grief. He comforted me when I ached, and when it became unbearable, he pulled me through.

If he wasn’t there for me, I would already have jumped out a window or something. He was important to me.

Nuzzling his nose with mine, “Stay,” I ordered him, and he looked up at me in silence.

I let him be, and moved to my door. Opening it gently, I slipped out and closed it, silently. Enzo whined from behind the door, pawing at the door.

“Stay,” I whispered through the door, and his whining stopped.

Skulking in the shadows, watching each step so that the floor wouldn’t creak, I moved down the hallway.

Wind gently hummed through the space in a ghostly sound, and I heard something else mixed in it.

It arrived again, “Mmm…” in between the flurries of wind.

Intrigued on the thought that it wasn’t just the wind, I took my next step.

Passing the stairs leading downstairs which was my destination, I moved to the left side of the first floor living space, consisting of the master bedroom occupying the whole left, the queen b’s bedroom to the right side, and a little supply closet at the end of the hallway, next to the queen b’s bedroom, with a window at the end, shining brightly from the moon outside.

And by queen b, I meant Lucy, my older sister.

I didn’t have anything against her. Not like I had against Rosemary. But, I wasn’t either in good terms with her. I knew that I could trust her to help me, if something bad happened, but she probably would brush me off if it wasn’t serious. And the last thing I needed was to ask help from her and getting berated for it that I was being a pussy for cowering in front of this small a problem.

Trust me, for her family-drama was located at the lowest bar ever set for matters to be considered valid problems. It was the lowest in her list, at least.

The gentle hum of air, pushed down the “Mmm,” sound once again, but it still slipped through my ears.

Was someone in pain?

Worried by that thought, I moved forward, still gauging what that sound could be. I pinpointed the location as the master bedroom. The door almost ten feet from me.

“Mmm… No, Please…” The plea, it was my mother’s voice, a voice filled with aching agony.

Wait! Did something happen? Was she in pain or something?

Why didn’t Lucy hear it?

I almost dashed through the space, but my mind halted every single freaking moment when mom’s voice whispered, “Come inside my… hole… Ram me… Fill ME! Please!”

The last two words echoed dimly around the silent space, and only then did I regret coming this way, but I didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop.

I, or my body, took the last step and leaned over the edge of the doorframe. And only then I realized that I made a grave mistake… right as I got a view of mom’s naked ass bobbing in front of the mirror, with her eyes closed in frustration and her back to the door.

Eep, I shouldn’t have strayed from my path, and the path was to only get the medical kit from bathroom.

“*moaning*… Come… on…” The voice, that creepy lust filled voice of my mother, called out to me.


I dashed out of the place and down the stairs, surprisingly without making any sounds. In a rush, I went down the stairs, almost tumbling twice and went straight through the open bathroom door. Closing the bathroom door behind me, I leaned against it and took in deep breaths, the sound filling the space. It felt as if my breathing sounds were the only one to exist in the whole universe.

“Ewwwwwwww!!!” I shuddered, closing my eyes, and clawing at my face, not painfully mind you, to make my eyes forget that image.

Taking some steps, I felt around for the tap and started splashing myself with it. My t-shirt got thoroughly soaked in water, and my face was dripping liberally with it. But, the memory was still etched in my mind.

The two globs of flesh bobbing obscenely, the look on her face, and not to mention, the big dildo she was riding….

Ewww! STOP thinking about it!

… the unbridled lust in her voice, and the ache for release in her tone…

Fuck. Fuck. Stop! Stop.

Taking in deep breaths, in one-two inhale exhale process, I managed to calm the internal monologue of that nightmarish event and looked up.

My face was flushed from shame, and the dripping water did nothing but enhance the blush I was holding. My eyes were a little puffy from crying for a hour or so, but it could be red and puffy from seeing… mom… like that… eww…

I shook my head, muttering, “Enzo needs you. He is pain. Patch him up first. He needs you.”

It brought a sense of clarity, and I crouched, opening the cabinet to reveal the medical box. Not having the will to sort it out and take what I need, I closed it shut, yanked it up and walked out of the room, holding the heavy medical box in both the hands.

I needed the comfort of my room badly and needed to reach it soon, not only to treat Enzo, but also to clear my head. As I got off the stairs and reached the first floor, I heard the moan again.

“Eek,” I almost screeched and bolted to my door.

I pushed it open, and shut it behind me with my back with an audible slam. I placed the box on the floor, my lungs heaving heavily.

“That was scary… note to self: don’t leave the room at night. And never…Never try to investigate weird wind sounds… never.”

Enzo’s eyes were looking at me with curiosity, and his head was cocked. I looked at him, and an instant blush coated my cheeks. His tongue lolled out, and he moved to me, as if he was amused by my mutterings.

“At least someone is feeling cheerful from this,” I whispered, and kneeled down, pulling Enzo to me.

His head nuzzled my neck, and he whined happily. Right before, he jumped away, whining in pain. I shushed him, with my arms reached out. He rushed into me once again, but I was careful to not hurt him again.

“Sit,” I ordered him, and he did.

Opening the box, I dabbed some disinfectant and cooling lotion on a piece of cotton and gently nudged the bruise. Despite whining, Enzo didn’t move. He took it like a champ all because I had ordered him to.

After applying the lotion on it, I let it heal and placed the contents back into the box.

“Good boy. You took it like a man.” I bumped his nose with mine, nuzzling him. He replied my affection with his and moved to his usual place at the corner of my room.

I sighed, pushing the medical box under the table nearby the door and started undressing.

I had zero chances today to change from my daily attire, and it was already night. It smelled bad enough to scare away any insects, with sweat permeating the cloth, while water completely soaking the top, making this useless for tomorrow’s use.

Ugh, now I would have to do laundry soon instead of on the weekend.

Well, I mustn’t think about it now. I slipped off my dress, and scavenged through the drawer of my closet. Titling my hip, I looked for the best choice for today’s nightwear.

My hands grabbed on a comfortable nightwear, and I pulled it out of the closet bumping it shut with my butt.

Pulling it over my head, I snugly tied the night dress to hug my body. I lifted my head, sensing a gaze.

Enzo was curled in the corner, and had laid his muzzle on his paw, and was looking at me through that deep hazel eyes which seemed to hold emotions. Which was a stupid thought… I knew I cared deeply for Enzo, but I shouldn’t start thinking him as if he was a human.

I knew all those crap, but I couldn’t help the blush climbing onto my face. Enzo casually looked away, and I shook my head.

Sighing to myself, I pushed that thought away and climbed onto the bed in my nightie, and snuggled myself into the plush blanket of the bed.

I still felt a gaze on me.

Tossing and turning on the bed, I tried my best to ignore it, but my efforts were in vain. Finally, I laid on my side, facing the hazel eyes of Enzo on me.

“Enzo,” I warned him, looking at him with a stern gaze.

To my surprise, he stared back, instead of reeling from my stern look.

“Fine, get in here,” I motioned towards him with a slight groan, and he gave a bark of happiness, jumping from his place and onto my bed almost instantly.

He curled beside me, and almost instantly went still.

I laid myself on my back, looking at the ceiling, as the words of Rosemary still echoed inside me.

“Bitches do sleep with their dogs.”

There were no words to say how hurt I was to hear them… but, no, humans sleep with their friends, and Enzo was my friend, first and foremost. I would and will let him sleep in my bed.

Rose could put a tantrum for all I care, but I trust Enzo. He wasn’t a bad boy.

Closing my eyes, I let myself drift off from reality and hugged my dreams, slipping off gently into the stream of peace…




His hands were unyielding, the straps binding my hands were tightly wrapped and were rubbing my skin raw.

I gasped for breath, as he made me ride him in cowgirl with his hands firmly wrapped around my throat in a show of dominance. He had full control over how much breath I took in, and that meant that he was in full control of me.

He could make me pass out in earnest, and even die… the power trip was making my pussy so wet as to make squelching sounds every time I rose up and fell down on his huge cock.

The rope bra I was wearing, the tightly winding rope which made my breasts to bulge out obscenely in stark red, was only adding to my submissive mindset with the pressure on my titties.

I rode my mind off, even though my chest was heaving with each labored rise and fall.

His long cock was rubbing against my walls with each movement, sending my mind into a frenzy for more, but he made me maintain a frustrating pace with his control over my breaths. If I tried to increase it, his hands would tighten around my throat in warning. And believe me, the pace he set was not enough. It was hell in heaven, in short.

I wasn’t giving up though.

For many more moments, I continued bobbing on his cock in his set pace. Even if I wanted to cum so badly, I couldn’t. Not without permission, and my lover wasn’t keen on giving me permission.

He let go of my throat, caught my hips and tilted me to the ground. I gasped, the wind being knocked out my lungs, and in a swift moment, he began reaming me, long and hard.

Each stroke was accompanied with a slap sound as our flesh fought each other. His one hand was commissioned with holding me down, but the other was free, and he never let anything go idling. The other hand snaked over my clit, and began assaulting it furiously.

I moaned aloud, and my hands clawed at the leather straps binding it to stop the pleasure overload. I could only try… and I had no say in what he did, so it continued…

“Prim and proper mother, lowered to a mess,” he spat at my face, while continuing to ream me.

“No… Please…” I moaned, knowing what it meant when he started talking.

“You act like you are the best, but you are just another whore who thought she loved someone, missed many for it, and lost their life for to feel unwanted, forbidden feelings.” He punctuated each word with a hard stroke.

“Come inside me… Please… Ram me… fill me… Please!” I started wailing, hoping he would listen this time.

“I bet your limp lover, your heart, your hubby, couldn’t do what I am doing to you. You couldn’t drive off the edge with him, after all those years. That’s why you cheated on him! That’s why you wished him dead, and die he did. Do you deserve to reach this peak?” His words were hard, and tears sprung up in my eyes, even though every pore of my body was suffused with pleasure.

“… Come on… please…”

“Answer me!” The hand on my clit left for a moment to slap my face, my tears welling up, and my cheek welting up.

“No,” I answered him, knowing everything was going to stop.

It stopped, the pleasure, the sounds; the straps holding my hands, the rope tied around my breasts also vanished into thin air; the fleshy hard cock transformed into a plastic dildo…

Everything changed as my mind reeled back to reality, but the tears stayed.

There was no palm print on my face, but the pain lingered as if someone really had slapped me. As if my late love had slapped me for betraying him…

For people wallowing in emotions, pleasures of the flesh gave reprieve. I was cursed not to feel even a little of it. I was cursed to carry the whole weight of guilt and grief for the rest of my life.

I wanted to break down and cry, but I had already done that a hundred times. It never worked.

Getting up from the mirror side, I walked to my bed and crept into the blankets.

This was where I slept with my husband, and this was where I was deemed to be judged for cheating on him. His soul was the judge and I was intended to be punished for the rest of my life…

Every time I tried to pleasure myself, the guilt rakes up and destroys any and every progress I make. Whatever I tried, forced bondage, putting an egg inside me and letting it vibrate for hours… nothing helped… You’d be surprised that even if I force pleasure onto myself, my mind refuses to drive off the cliff, refuses to let me complete…

And I deserved it…

I closed my eyes, memories running through my mind in a streamline.

How I loved everything in this world; how I gave into temptation one time and cheated on my love; how I tried to cover it up, and how he didn’t doubt me a second time after I lied to him…

And how he died before a year had passed…

Despite wanting to keep the tears away, it crept up and flowed freely. The pillows were getting wet by the second, leaving a large wet patch after a few minutes.

The sobs rocking my body was quieted down by the cover of blanket, and were muffled by the wet pillows.

I always… felt… broken. Like the guilt I carried broke me in two as soon as my love left me.

As my girls had advised earlier today, Tobias was a twisted piece of work. But, he was the only one in this whole freaking town who could give me a little sanity, and if not for his… methods… I would have gone mad under the weight of guilt. His… torture… kept me grounded and sane.

Even if I had to degrade myself to a shitty boyfriend to reduce the stress on my mind, I would, a countless times, and would go through mind breaking torture and humiliation every day.

One would wonder why I hadn’t turned to alcohol. I mean, endorphin rush wasn’t the only way to keep a person sane after trauma. Alcohol and drugs are a very good substitution to help me cope up.

But, I can’t… I fear that if I gave into liquor or other things, I might never regain myself from it…

If I lose myself, then I would have failed the final purpose of my life: my daughters.

I had to take care of my children, and for that I needed to be sane. Everything else, including me, came after it.

Without them, I had no reason to live, and I would do everything to keep myself standing, in order to support them.

Even if it was going to cost my soul, and destroy my mind, little by little…





It was happening again.

Why couldn’t I have a little reprieve? Why should my family be soooooo tough to look after?

I fell on my bed, looking at the vague symbols made from the cracks in the roof.

Tracing my finger along the cracks, I made out a weird looking face. It was funny.

“I think I should name you tubby.” I whispered, fishing out my phone to take a pixelated picture.

I looked closely into the small screen of the phone, only to find that tubby had vanished among the pixels.

Ugh… Stupid phone.

There were new and better phones in market. Why should I be stuck with a old one? I heard that there was a flip screen phone with a good camera.

I threw the phone into my bedside drawer, shutting it close with more force than necessary. Throwing my head back onto the pillow, I started staring at the million mysteries in the ceiling once again.

Today, Rose and May had a showdown, again. This time, it seems, started with Rose naked as a baby and smelling like a bar slut, and May fighting in stead of Enzo, her dog.

Words were exchanged, and of course, like the baby she is May started weeping and shut herself in her room.

I heard everything clearly, and damn it, I hated when this happened. Not only were they going to stress mom out, Rose would end up spending money on shit like makeup to console herself and May would close herself away for days on the end and would lose her grades.

Overall, for nothing, they would have shaken the family.

Hey! Here I am, trying my best to help this family, and what do they do? Fight like two kitty cats.

So, nobody could fault me for feeling down today, or for whining that my life was crap. Especially not immature girls like Rose or May.

I know for a fact that May would obviously advise me tomorrow. She would see me sulking and whining, and would come to console me, as if I needed consoling from a mewling cat like her.

One ought to be strong and stern if they wanted someone to listen to their words, and trust me, May was neither of those and was as pitiable a stock as a wilting flower with no means to acquire water for itself.

And she was going to piss me off with it, and would get walked over by me and would go back to shutting herself in her blanket fort, in the expense of her grades, once again.

It was the way of the world. Nothing’s going to change.

Even when I grinded her under me, she would keep acting all caring, all understanding, all knowing… and always would end up earning more contempt, losing herself in the trials.

I hated her for it.

She had so much potential, and only needed a little nudge in the confidence side. Instead, she was locked up in this family, with no shoulder for her to lean on.

I wasn’t the cuddly type, mind you. I supported her, yes…. I mean, she’s my sister for gods sake, but she had to fight her own battles.

… which wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

And, why was I even thinking about them instead of myself?

Today, on this fine weekend night, I should be out enjoying… A teen like me should be out partying tonight. Yet here I was, worrying my head off.

… ah… the perils of being the oldest sibling, and the responsible adult of the household…

Sighing, I pulled the pillow from under me and placed it over my eyes. Only to be interrupted by a sound of pain.

My muscles acted out on it’s own violation, pushing me away from my bed, putting me in a heightened state of awareness. My heart beat like a crazy train of footsteps, pounding away at my chest. I opened the door in a hurry… only to be stopped by that sound again.

“Mmm…” The sound reverberated around the dark hallway lit only by the half open window allowing moonlight to peek through.

I peered carefully, crooning my head to see if something was off.

“Mmm… mmm…” It came once again, resembling the howl of wind. The only difference is that it was from my mom’s room instead of the window.

Taking three tentative steps, I crossed the hallway and peeked into the crack of the door of my mom’s bedroom.

My heart almost leaped out of my breasts, a chill going through my spine in accordance with the widening of my eyes. I walked backwards, careful not to make any sound, and gently eased myself into the comfort of my room.

“Crap,” I whispered to the wind, moving to the bed.

What really did I see there? I saw two naked blobs of flesh dancing up and down with a dildo pasted onto the mattress between them, as my mom moaned aloud for the whole household to hear… and… she had tears of agony in her eyes, like she always did…


This was what I said about mom getting stressed out.

Like someone who drinks, mom always freaking turns towards sexual needs when she stresses out, and damn it, she had some kind of a medical problem to stop her from orgasming.

Yes, it meant that she couldn’t cum, however long she tried.

And being stressed out leads to an unsatisfying session, leading to more stress… inevitably more stress. That is why I always tried to avoid doing that, but my sisters are keen on trying to do just that…

May earlier today said that Tobias was an asshole. I agree with her, sure, but mom needed him because he was the only one who gave her the sweet release. I don’t know how, or why, or what the hell he does it, but I would be on babysitting duty to take my sisters out during that time, and when I return mom would be normal and her stride wouldn’t be so heavy anymore.

That’s why I never interfere in other’s business. No one could know what they are going through… no one but them. That is also why I try not to be a burden by carrying my own weight, and also by pulling other’s weight.

Unlike the rest of my family.


I wouldn’t quite say that I hated my life or my family. But, I was on the verge of it…

I curled around, twirling the bed-sheets and tangling myself in the web of blanket, and soon enough I found the ideal position to rest. I had work tomorrow and worrying about what was going on around me was definitely not going to help me. Pushing all the thoughts down, I closed my eyes, indulging myself in darkness as sleep overtook me slowly.



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