Earth: Tentacle Breeding Ground – Chapter 6


[Earlier that day…]

A’luhr had been careless, and it had cost her.

“No!” A’luhr heard the young male human, Steven, yell as she was thrown out the window by the loathsome thrall that had gotten the jump on her. She grimaced in pain from the whiplash on her leg as the tentacle released her, but she kept her wits about her; this was hardly the time to panic.

She fell through the air and nimbly flipped around to control her descent before hitting the ground and deftly rolling forward to absorb the impact. She cried out in pain as she sliced herself on some of the shards of glass from the broken window that littered the paved courtyard. With labored grunts, she removed the largest blades that were painfully lodged in her arms and shoulders. Luckily, it seemed that it was only minor tissue damage. A quick bodily check revealed that she was still in decent fighting condition.

Looking back up at the ridiculously unsafe structure she had just been fenestrated from, A’luhr could see the rest of the humans still engaging with the Krinis and that annoying female thrall. She could not fathom why someone might willingly embrace the Krinis and do their bidding. Were humans so weak-willed and hedonistic to give up their freedom just for a hit of dopamine? If so, were her own race no different? She recalled many bellus becoming thralls as well… such a tragic fate.

She knew that not all beings were like that — even members of the primitive human race. The proof was just above her, where Sarah Cassidy and the rest of her companions were still bravely fighting against the disgusting creatures. However, despite their valiant efforts, it was still clearly a losing battle. A’luhr staggered to her feet and started to sprint back towards the building, with a slight limp in the leg that the tentacle had thrown her by. She was wildly looking around for a quick way to get back to assist her struggling human comrades when suddenly her antennae detected a shift in the air currents around her.

A’luhr powerfully stomped her injured leg into the ground, transferring all her momentum into a single point and moaning in agony from the exertion. Her calf bulged as she pushed backwards into the air with her heel, barely dodging a thick column of tentacles that brushed the tips of her antennae as it blurred past her face. She skidded to a stop but did not remain idle for long.

Her eyes widened as she sensed another assailant approaching from behind. She backflipped into the air, using her momentum to spin in place and watched, upside down, as a tentacle whizzed just under her nose. She landed on one foot and pivoted around to see four Krinis drones – “Takers”, as Sarah Cassidy called them – starting to surround her.

Judging by the screams and smashing of glass from above, some of the humans had already been captured by the flying drones. She had been too late.

“Luc’alor!” A’luhr swore aloud. Her broodmother would have covered her mouth in shock had she heard such language, but A’luhr did not care about such things now. She was born and bred to be a hardened soldier, and these tentacles were in her way.

She drew her daggers from her leggings and began to slowly circle in place, all her senses focused on the movements of her attackers. No, her PREY. She could get out of this with her last impulse detonator, but then she would be unable to do much in more dire straits. A’luhr scanned the Takers with sharp eyes. They all simply had a single host. Two were males and two were females.

The males groaned and squirmed inside of the tentacle constructs. Their limbs were enveloped in the writhing mass and their eyes were covered by slimy tendrils, leaving their gaping mouths exposed so that a nectar-filled tentacle could easily thrust down their throats. One of them had what appeared to be a thick tangle of hair covering the bottom half of his face, and the orange fluid was flowing down it like a river over rocks.

Both of their sex organs were swallowed up by milking tentacles while their hanging testes were squeezed and vibrated by small feelers and their anuses were stuffed with even more writhing appendages.

The tentacle sleeves on their phalluses would sometimes slide up to just envelope the bulbous tips while vibrating tendrils would rapidly stroke their throbbing hard shafts that were covered in slippery reproductive fluids and nectar. This seemed to have the desired effect, as the males screamed in ecstasy while they eagerly excreted their whitish fluids into the suckling tentacle.

The females were similarly entwined in the drones, with tentacles greedily squashing and stretching their plump mammaries to squeeze milk out of their erect nipples, which were being flicked and stroked by vibrating feelers. Their eyes were also covered like their male companions, but their mouths were unmolested, allowing them to loudly howl and whimper in what A’luhr knew to be a sort of rallying cry.

Their pudenda were being played with by cilia-covered appendages that almost looked like hands. The “fingers” pried their labia open and dexterously tweaked their clits and filled their vaginal openings. They sloppily squelched in and out of the holes as nectar and vaginal fluid gushed from within. Other hand-shaped growths were busy grasping their glutes and spreading them apart while smaller tendrils spanked at the helpless, jiggling flesh. From the constant screams of pleasure pouring from their mouths, it was clear that the two captured females were rather enjoying the touch of their new masters.

The sounds were eerily like those of her own people that haunted her dreams and waking nightmares. Those whom she had failed just like she was about to again. No. She would not allow it.

There were two other ways to disable the drones without using impulse detonators, however they were either extremely risky or extremely brutal. The latter involved simply killing the host. Without an energy source, the drone would be unable to maintain its advanced form and crumble into a pile of mindless, squirming tentacles.

A’luhr had already dispatched several of them in this manner when she first arrived on this planet, thinking the populace to be little more than babbling, primitive beings. This was a fact that she had hidden from her newfound companions for obvious reasons. After having spent time among the humans, she had started to grow fond of them and their simple ways. She resolved to avoid any more bloodshed unless there were no other options.

Luckily, there was still the second option. However, it was the more dangerous of the two as it involved precise movements with a large margin for error. It was not necessary to kill the hosts in order to stop the flow of energy-giving sexual fluids. If you could simply sever the tentacles directly milking the captives, the drones would need to focus their efforts on repairing the link instead of attacking, lest they risk falling apart. It was a temporary measure – and risky – but A’luhr knew it was her safest bet at the moment.

She twirled her daggers in her palms, tensing her muscles as she gauged the distance between herself and the tentacles milking the humans’ breasts and penises. She stood, waiting for the enemies to make the first move. They did not take long to oblige, as the drones were not tactical warriors, but simple-minded brutes only obeying the general orders from their Queen.

All at once, the four creatures rushed towards A’luhr with heavy steps, wildly flailing their long, tentacled arms in her direction, hoping to snare her limbs. She took a deep breath and focused her senses even sharper, waiting for just the right moment to react. One of the drones carrying a male suddenly swept a long arm towards her left side. Not missing a beat, A’luhr dashed towards it and slid on her butt underneath the thick appendage, rolling onto her heels and pushing off into the air in front of the disoriented monster.

Her blades flashed and cleanly sliced through the tentacle that was engulfing the male’s huge shaft. A fountain of white cum jettisoned into the face of the male as his fluids spilled from the gash in the writhing tentacle. The drone’s movements faltered before it fell to one knee, as more tentacles detached from its body in a desperate attempt to salvage the bleeding cum.

A’luhr did not allow herself to be distracted, as the rest of her query certainly was not. Not taking a moment to rest, she dived behind a structural support as a new wave of attacks rocketed towards her. She slumped down behind the pillar, tenderly massaging her hurt leg. Using one of her reflective dagger blades as a mirror, she peeked around the corner.

The damaged drone was still attempting to resume milking the captured human, but it would not be much longer before it was back in action. She estimated about 25 Earth seconds or so. She took some quick, emboldening breaths to hype herself up before rolling out into the open again, heading towards the two drones with the females in them.

Seeing her coming, the drones began to milk their host’s huge mammaries with more vigor, preparing for a burst of energy. This caused the females to cry out in ecstasy, drool flying, as they bucked their hips against the large tentacle phalluses thrusting into their holes faster and faster with each passing moment. The drones lunged their arms at A’luhr before she could get close. A’luhr had planned for this, though. The grass all around the female drones was surrounded in a thick slurry of female ejaculate and nectar, which she sprinted towards and once again slid on.

A’luhr’s accelerated movement from the slippery surface clearly caught the drones off-guard, as they failed to react in time when A’luhr hurtled towards them.

Both female drones moved close together in an attempt to block A’luhr’s path, assuming she was attempting to escape, no doubt, but this only made her job easier. Welding a dagger in each hand, she kicked off the grass and spun in the air towards the creatures. She did not get as much momentum as she had hoped, due to the slickness of the grass, but it was enough.

With practiced motions, she elegantly twirled towards the obstructing drones, causing her silver hair to dance in the wind around her. She brandished her daggers and both blades found their marks. All four appendages that were suckling on the tormented female’s gushing breasts were swiftly severed. Like before, thick geysers of creamy milk erupted from the cut tentacles, drenching the all the females, including A’luhr, who sloppily landed on the ground behind the faltering drones, cussing and hastily attempting to wipe the liquid from her eyes and antennae.

The final drone did not hesitate to take advantage of A’luhr’s moment of defenselessness. Just as she regained her vision, she looked up and saw a large tentacle arm whipping towards her side. Her mind raced, well aware that she had no time to dodge. Before she could react, the tentacles grabbed her torso. In the split-second before they tightened around her body and sealed her fate, A’luhr ducked down, allowing the loose fabric from the light garment she wore around her chest to slide off and allowing her to escape.

The tentacles clenched around her discarded top as she tumbled away on the ground, her large breasts barely being contained by the “sports bra” Sarah Cassidy had given her, which as now all she wore other than her torn uniform leggings. Still disoriented from the liquids covering her antennae, she was late to notice an attack from behind, coming from the first drone she had attacked, which was nearly repaired.

It must not have been back at full power, as the dexterous task of grabbing her seemed too much for it to accomplish, so it instead settled with simply slamming into her side and sending her skidding across the courtyard. A’luhr saw stars and the pain in her leg intensified as it struck the ground. She coughed and moaned, her vision spinning, as she started to feel around for her daggers, which she had dropped after being struck. Suddenly, she heard a terrified scream coming from the sky above her. Groggily turning on her side, she saw Sarah Cassidy falling from the building before being ensnared by a flying drone.

Judging by the empty windows in the walkway, all of A’luhr’s human companions had been captured, and Sarah Cassidy had been the last one. It was too late now. A’luhr slammed her fist into the ground in frustration. She unsteadily began to rise, grabbing her last impulse detonator in her shaking hand, ready to blow past these annoyances and slay the thrall that had brought such shame to her.

Just as she was about to activate the weapon, images of her human comrades flashed into her mind. Though they had only known each other for a relatively short period of time, the humans had quickly accepted her into their ranks and treated her with a warmth the likes of which she had never experienced before, especially Steven.

If she used up her final impulse detonator to exact revenge on this small fry, then she would truly have no hope of defeating the Queen and saving her allies. This was not the time for heroics, she realized. No longer needing to defeat the drones around her in order to clear a path back towards the building, A’luhr instead focused all her remaining energy on retreating.

She stowed the grenade and rolled to her feet, shaking her head to dry out her antennae as she dodged the attacks of the remaining male drone, while the first male drone completed its regeneration. She sprinted away from the group of clumsily fumbling drones and scooped up her daggers that were glimmering in the grass nearby. Without looking back, she continued to run, willing herself to ignore the throbbing pain in her ribs and leg.

She dashed out into the surrounding streets, the untouched drone hot on her heels with the rest soon to follow. Luckily there did not seem to be any flying enemies in the area – yet. She knew she didn’t have much time to disengage and find a place to hide. Thinking quickly, she sheathed her daggers and snatched up a piece of rubble along the sidewalk. She slowed her run to a jog, allowing herself to carefully scan the area while still putting some distance between her and her pursuers.

Soon enough, she found what she was searching for. A human vehicle – a “car” – was parked on the side of the road, with a faint red light flashing inside. She had quickly learned not to get too rough with cars possessing this warning light as she had nearly been captured as soon as she had entered the city when she accidentally set off one of these loud alarms. What had once felt like a nefarious trap would now be her savior.

As she passed by the car, she hurled the rubble through the glass covering on the front of the vehicle, shattering it with a loud smash. Immediately, a blaring, pulsating alarm echoed out into the empty streets. With the sounds and vibrations of her movements obscured by the powerful din, she swiftly sprinted down the road, leaping into a dilapidated garage and hiding in the debris.

She peeked out and watched as the drones from the academic facility began to rush and attack the car, loudly crashing into it and sending glass and shards of metal flying in all directions. She continued to watch as the creatures assaulted the defenseless vehicle, soon being joined by more and more drones who had heard the cacophony from nearby and had come to investigate. This was exactly why she didn’t want to have to resort to this strategy, as now there were many more enemies in the immediate area… but it would also mean there were less around the perimeter.

She stealthily slipped out from her cover and, ducking low, made her way down the block and back towards their base of operations. She had just turned the corner when the car finally uttered its last, valiant breath, and the alarm croaked to a stop.

A’luhr continued to scan the area around her as she stealthily made her way down the street. She kept to the shadows of trees, cars, and buildings, moving as discreetly as possible. While the Krinis drones were blind, the human hosts enveloped in their bodies were not. Should they see her, there was no doubt that they would cry out in ecstatic stupor as their excitement for a new partner overtook them.

To her relief, it seemed that all of the drones in the area had been drawn to the car alarm, as she didn’t encounter any during her return to the base. She still kept her vigilance up and wits about her, however, as she knew that it was difficult to ever truly be safe from the deceptively long reach of the Krinis.

At first, she was concerned she might get lost trying to find her way back now that her sensitive antennae had lost the scent trails she had used to navigate. The wet, warm milk that had doused her before resulted in her olfactory organs being flushed, so she needed to navigate based purely on memory and landmarks. Luckily, the human city planning was quite simple, and the distance wasn’t too far, so she managed to get back without much trouble. A’luhr looked over her shoulder one last time as she slipped into the large human residence that her group had been using as a shelter before this ill-fated mission.

She breathed a sigh of relief and slumped to the floor as the large door clicked closed behind her. What a foolish plan this had been – if “plan” was even the right word for that disaster of an operation. When had she become so soft as to let a bunch of inexperienced humans, likely less than 200 years old, lead her into danger? Was it because she had spent too long away from the battlefield? Or was she simply that eager to help her endearingly primitive comrades retake their planet now that she had started to get close to them? Too close, perhaps.

A’luhr leaned her head back on the door and ran her long, slender fingers through her disheveled silver hair. This was not how things were supposed to be. She was supposed to quickly dispatch the Queen, regain her honor, and be rid of this undeveloped planet in less than a few days at most. But she had made so many mistakes. Was becoming enamored by the mysterious, beautiful sights and the simple, caring locals one of them?

Frustrations and worries chaotically flurried through her mind like an angry hive of keevils. She was not left to wallow for long, however, as suddenly one of her antennae twitched, picking up a faint vibration… coming from upstairs. At first, she thought maybe it was nothing, until the sounds of someone, or someTHING, roaming the halls above became clear. Based on the cadence, A’luhr judged that they were human footsteps, but that meant nothing these days in regard to determining friend from foe.

Her eyes sharpened and she rolled forward on the balls of her feet to get into a crouched position. She glided down the entry hall and towards the stairs like a vengeful spirit – not making a sound but exuding incredible killing intent. A’luhr was fed up with the number of surprises the day had brought, and enough was enough.

As her feet alighted on the steps, she drew a dagger in her right hand while using her empty left hand to distribute her weight as she climbed the stairs, not letting even a single creak escape from the glossy floorboards beneath her.

She got to the top of the stairs and crouched down behind a large, tacky art piece that was set up in the hall. It really was quite shocking what the humans considered to be captivating. A’luhr calmed her breathing and peered around the statue. Her eyes scanned down the hall until she spotted a door that was opened just a crack. The sound of drawers being hastily rummaged through could be heard coming from inside, with muted muttering interjecting at regular intervals.

A’luhr crept up to the door and tried to glance through the gap in the door to see what was inside, but her field of vision was too limited and prevented her from picking up any more clues. Based on the scent, it was definitely a female human and not a Krinis, so that was already a relief. However, she had already been duped by a thrall today and was not planning on repeating her mistake. She pressed up against the wall next to the doorway, dagger ready to strike a decisive, lethal blow, when she decided against it. Maybe it would be best to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, especially seeing as how potential allies were in short supply now.

The movement in the room came to a stop and footsteps approached the other side of the door. A’luhr tensed up, ready to strike. The door was pulled open and out stepped a female carrying a large duffel bag. In one swift movement, A’luhr sent the female tumbling to the floor with a leg sweep while simultaneously straddling her back, pinning her arms and brandishing her dagger to the hapless female’s throat. The bag went flying into the opposite wall and spilled open, revealing a mix of clothing, packaged nutrients, and various tools.

“Wh-what!?” The female cried out in surprise and pain. “Get the hell off m-” The words froze in her throat as she noticed the cold blade pressed to her vital spot. A’luhr noticed her throat visibly gulp. The restrained female had much darker skin pigmentation than the other humans A’luhr had been recently living with. She wore a streamlined, breathable white top and some skintight pink leg garments with a curious, flesh-colored pattern spanning along her impressively toned thighs. Clearly this was a female of considerable physical fitness. An excellent find, should she prove to be an ally.

“You will not move until you answer my questions,” A’luhr hissed, bending over the female and whispering into her tiny human ear. A’luhr grabbed a handful of the female’s curly black hair, wrenching it upwards to expose her neck more.

“I-” the female croaked, grunting in pain.

“And you will not speak unless it is to answer my questions!” A’luhr pressed the blade of her dagger against the dark skin of the female’s throat. “Who is your master?”

“Master!?” The female spat back with indignation. “You’re asking a BLACK WOMAN who her MASTER is!? Lady, I don’t know who you think you-” Her eyes suddenly widened as she slightly turned her head to look up at A’luhr with her peripheral vision. A’luhr’s pale yellow eyes glared back down at her.

“Hm, you do not seem overcome by a desire to mate…” A’luhr mused, analyzing the trembling female.

“Oh…oh God… ohhhh Jesus…” the female whimpered. “You’re one of them! You’re one of those rapist aliens! Oh hell no… you’re not taking me as some obedient little fucktoy! I got my brother to look after! Screw you!” She began to jerk upwards underneath A’luhr’s strong thighs, momentarily taking her by surprise. The female’s resistance was quickly restrained, however, as A’luhr tightened her grip and pressed her dagger slightly into the female’s neck, causing a tiny drop of blood to trickle out onto the blade. A’luhr’s antennae twitched delicately.

“No more movements!” A’luhr growled. “You are lucky that you are releasing pheromones of legitimate fear and anger. There is no hint of arousal either. It is safe to say, then, that you are no thrall of the Krinis.”

“If you’re not gonna fuck me, then get OFF me!” The female snarled. A’luhr was impressed by her bravado but kept her solid grip on the female’s body.

“If you are not thrall, what business do you have in this building?” A’luhr asked in a threateningly low tone. “It appears to me that you are robbing us of our supplies. Am I wrong in this assumption? The female stopped squirming and gulped loudly.

“I-I don’t know what you mean by ‘thrall’, uh… ma’am…? But I was just looking for food for myself.”

“And your brother?”

“Fuck,” the female muttered under her breath.

“You expect me to believe it is mere coincidence that you ‘just came looking’ on the exact same day that my comrades and I were all away?” A’luhr pressed her knee into the female’s back. “Answer truthfully or lose the privilege forever.” Her voice was little more than a low rumble at this point. Despite her elegant, graceful appearance, A’luhr had long since mastered the art of intimidation and information extraction.

“F-fine, you crazy bitch-freak!” The female sputtered. “I’ve been casing this spot for weeks, okay!? But it was before your group even arrived, so I’m just taking what I found first. That’s fair, right?” The female spoke in a tone as if trying to convince both A’luhr and herself. “Usually, your group comes back much quicker than today, so I assumed you had been grabbed by the aliens and made my move. No point in letting it go to waste! I’m just trying to survive like everyone else!” A’luhr withdrew the dagger from the female’s neck, but kept a grip on her hair. She tapped the tip of the blade thoughtfully against her chin.

“You say you are familiar with my ‘group’, but yet a moment ago you were surprised when you saw I was not of your kind… as if this is your first time seeing one such as myself.”

“Well, it’s not like I was up close and personal with y’all!” Her voice started to show signs of panic from not being believed. “I only even spied – er – watched from afar, okay? I never got a good look before, I swear!”

“Hmmm…” A’luhr leaned further forward over the now sweating female, her voluptuous breasts pressing into her captive’s back and her antennae dancing playfully around her head. “And what will you do if I release you?”

“I’ll get out of your hair and leave! You won’t need to worry about me anymore, that’s for sure!”

“My hair does not concern you. But as long as you do not show hostility towards me, that will suffice. This is your last warning though.”

“Sure! Sure! Whatever you say! Can you get off me now!?…Please?”

A’luhr snorted and stood up from the female’s back, still holding her dagger but allowing the female to carefully get to her feet. She rubbed her back and neck as she stood before openly gawking at A’luhr. Her eyes had trouble staying away from the large globes barely contained within A’luhr’s sports bra, which displayed signs of considerable wear. She cleared her throat and held out a shaky hand.

“Alexis,” the female spoke, gesturing with her outstretched appendage. “But my friends call me Alex.” A’luhr stared down at the hand with a neutral expression, unsure of what to make of it. After a few moments of hesitation, Alexis awkwardly pulled her hand back and wiped it on her leg as if trying to casually dry her clammy palms. “And… and you… um…. do you have a name I should call you by…?” Her voice wavered but she managed to look A’luhr in the eye.

“You are not leaving as you said you would,” A’luhr sniffed. She was too tired to deal with more humans today. This one had at least shown signs of a strong body and will, so perhaps she would make a valuable ally after all. Or tool. A’luhr sighed. “With your human vocal sounds, you may call this one ‘A’luhr’.”

“A’luhr. Got it.” Alexis shifted her feet nervously while stealing glances at her bag and the items strewn on the floor next to it. “So, well, thanks, I guess?”

“For what am I owed your gratitude?” A’luhr blinked in surprise, her eyebrows twitching slightly.

“For… you know… not killing me?” Alexis chuckled hollowly while rubbing at her neck. “You’ve got a pretty strong grip, girl.”

“Strong enough. I see you are no longer put on edge by my appearance.”

“What can I say, you seen one alien, you seen em all, right?” Alexis shrugged.

“Besides, you are… somewhat more intelligent and… attractive than those tentacle fuckers.” She coughed and A’luhr could sense the slightest hint of pheromones suddenly wafting through the air. A’luhr narrowed her golden eyes suspiciously.

“You should really leave while I am still in a bad mood.” A’luhr warned with a gruff voice.

“Uh, don’t you mean ‘good mood’?” Alexis responded, inching towards her bag.

“I am not IN a good mood. I am in a bad mood. And if I were in a worse mood, we would not be having this conversation.” A’luhr slowly enunciated.

“Girl, I read you loud and clear.” Alexis nodded knowingly. “I’m not feeling too peachy myself right now knowing I have to go back to my brother empty handed. Another day without a full tummy will put anyone in a bad mood, that’s for sure.” She glanced at A’luhr with an anxious expression, her eyes drifting to the dagger still in A’luhr’s hand before licking her lips and opening her mouth a few times as if to speak.

“You want something. The supplies you were plundering, I take it?” A’luhr sighed.

“It’s just… and I don’t mean to pry – but I assume based on your mood and the fact that you returned alone, that whatever mission you guys all went on today didn’t end well… and that, um, you may not be needing all these supplies in the near future…?” Alexis gestured down towards the scattered food and clothing on the floor.

“A mere knee-slapper,” A’luhr replied with a shrug as she idly twirled her dagger in her fingers.

“A… a what?” Alexis looked at her uncertainty, seemingly holding back a laugh but being too scared to release it.

“Erm… never mind,” A’luhr mumbled, turning away and looking a bit flustered. “You should leave now.”

“Right, right. Before you’re no longer in a ‘bad mood.'”

“No, before the rest of the Krinis drones begin to resume patrols. My diversion has already run its course.”

“Krinis drones…? You mean the rapey alien creatures? That’s what you guys call them? Ahh… I guess that explains why I didn’t see any of them on my way here…” Alexis snapped her fingers as if a piece of a mental puzzle she had been working on had just fallen into place. “And, um…?” She knelt to grab her partially filled bag. “Uh… so…” she looked up at A’luhr, who ran a tired hand through her long shimmering hair.

“Fine. I will let you take some supplies back for you and your kin.” A’luhr relented. Though the concept of familial love was unfamiliar to her, given that she was part of a brood of hundreds of bred soldiers, she had come to understand it to some extent after spending time with Zoey and Steven. This was something deeply important to humans. A’luhr would always be able to procure more supplies, especially once she managed to liberate the humans and disable the Queen…

A’luhr, lost in thought, idly fidgeted with a strand of her hair while Alexis hurriedly began to stuff canned food back into her bag.

“You ain’t half bad, you know?” Alexis said, snapping A’luhr out of her bubble. “I don’t know many humans, much less aliens, who would try to kill a woman and then turn around and give them food.”

“I am of the proud bellus people.” A’luhr replied, straightening her shoulders a bit. “I am impressed that you were able to keep your wits about you despite my aggression. Not many have the will for that.”

“I need to be strong… for my younger brother’s sake.” Alexis wore a glum expression as she tossed one last bag of chips into her bag. “He’s probably worried about me ‘cuz I’ve been gone longer than expected…”

“Return silently and safely. Every livestock added to the hive only increases their strength.” A’luhr pushed off the wall and began to walk down the hall towards the stairs alongside Alexis.

“Yeah… what’s with these Grabbers, anyway? You sure seem to know a lot…” Alexis hesitated for a moment before taking a defensive step back. “You’re SURE you ain’t with them…? Mighty odd how you know so much about these aliens and then humans you were with suddenly go missing.” A’luhr glanced back at her with a disinterested air before giving a rueful chuckle.

“If I wanted to claim your body, I have several dozen ways I could have already used to do so.”

“O-oh, really…?” Alexis stammered. A’luhr could sense her pheromones again. She was beginning to think that this human may just be physically attracted to her. This was odd, given that they both appeared to be of the same sex. Two females copulating wouldn’t serve any sort of evolutionary advantage that she could think of, but then again, the humans’ reproductive systems and habits seemed markedly different from her own species’, so perhaps some more research would be required.

A’luhr had not really considered sharing sexual relations with any of the humans – particularly given how normal bellus mating rituals involved a female being impregnated by many, specifically chosen males at the same time, while humans seemed to favor monogamy for some reason. Now that she thought of it, she had considered Steven to be somewhat attractive for a human. Young human males had a particular scent about them that she found favorable, but Steven was a bit too reckless for her tastes. Perhaps he could have been one of her studs in another life, one where she had retired from the military and lived peacefully and respectably as a broodmother back on Gradien.

As the two females began to descend the stairs, the sound of the front door suddenly slamming open from the adjacent room snapped them both to attention. A’luhr drew her blades in the blink of an eye and Alexis pulled a woefully inadequate crowbar from her satchel.

“Oh, hell no,” Alexis hissed, glaring at A’luhr and backing away. “I knew you were-“

“Yo, Lexi!” A male’s voice rang out, echoing through the many parts of the large domicile that were not sound-proofed.

“Wh- Xavier!?” Alexis shouted, scurrying down the rest of the stairs and running towards the entryway. Before she could slide into the hallway, a male who looked somewhat similar to Alexis strode into the room. He had short, curly black hair, a blue hooded top, baggy shirts, and well-worn sneakers that had no doubt seen plenty of action. A’luhr admittedly had a hard time gauging the physical maturity of humans, but she pegged him to be about the same age as Zoey.

“Damn, sis, you sure are taking your sweet time; I had to come and check on you,” the male, apparently named ‘Xavier’, said, approaching Alexis with a worried expression on his face. “I thought for sure you were – who… WHAT the FUCK is that thing!?” He suddenly gasped, stumbling backwards and gesturing towards A’luhr, who was carefully descending the stairs while still wielding her daggers.

“It’s cool; it’s cool!” Alexis assured him. “She’s, uh, a ‘good’ alien. I think?”

“Good alien!? There’s no such thing! Do you remember what they did to mom!? Did this fucker hurt you!?” He gave Alexis a look over and noticed the cut on her neck before glaring up at A’luhr. “Did she do this to you!? Bitch, I’m going to fuck you up!” He stomped angrily past Alexis and towards A’luhr, pulling a primitive firearm out of his waistband. She eyed him for a moment before smiling condescendingly down at him from the stairs.

A’luhr noticed that his wildly blazing eyes darted back and forth between her head and her slightly exposed bosom. She scoffed. Males were always the same regardless of species, it seemed. Despite being momentarily taken aback by A’luhr’s seductive figure, Xavier quickly pointed his gun up at her slowly approaching body.

“Xavier, don’t! She-” Alexis cried out. Her brother glanced back at her for a brief second, which was plenty of time for A’luhr to close the distance. Or, it would have been if she hadn’t already been injured earlier. She ended up being a step too slow as Xavier whipped his head back around. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, A’luhr whipped her dagger upwards towards where she assumed his heart to be.


Before A’luhr could make contact, however, Xavier’s body was suddenly pulled away out of her dagger’s reach. Looking behind him, A’luhr saw that Alexis had wrapped her arms around her brother and was struggling to contain him. The sudden jerking of his arm caused his aim to go wide as the gun misfired. The muzzle erupted into an explosion of sound and light and sent a small projectile streaking past A’luhr’s face and into the wall behind her.

The ear-splitting bang of the gunshot rattled the large windows of the entry hall where the front door had been left open.

“Luc’alor!” A’luhr angrily bellowed, covering her sensitive ears in pain. “Control this fool kin of yours, human!”

“Control me!?” Xavier roared. “Bitch, you’re the one who just tried to shank ME! Get outta’ here with that shit!”

“Both of you, calm down!” Alexis pleaded. “We’re not enemies! Xavier, this is my, er, new friend…um…”

“Did you already forget my name?” A’luhr sighed, brushing some loose strands of her from her face.

“Hey, it was a stressful time, okay?” She replied sheepishly.


“Right. A’luhr, this is my lovely brother, Xavier, who for some reason thought it would be a clever idea to bring a gun on a stealth mission. What in the world were you thinking!?”

“Why did you take so long getting back?” He retorted. “You know we agreed not to be out longer than an hour! How was I supposed to know if the Grabbers got you or not? Or worse, other dudes? I ain’t gonna let that happen.” He hefted the gun in his hand while warily eyeing A’luhr. “Not again.”

For a second, a flash of empathy sparked through A’luhr’s mind as she thought back on her own past failings. However, that did not change the fact that this human had just tried to kill her, but she was well aware that petty squabbles would have to wait.

“If you believe you are finally of sane mind, we must all leave this place at once,” said A’luhr, stowing her daggers and brushing past the two humans.

“The… alien lady is right,” Alexis agreed.

“Wait… have you forgotten my name again…?” A’luhr asked incredulously.

“I’m not good with names, okay!?” Alexis cried out, looking abashed.

“It is ‘A’luhr’! ‘A’-‘luhr!'” A’luhr waved her hands in the air and her antennae curled in frustration. “It matters not; we do not have time for this!” She snapped.

“Right, like A’luhr said, we gotta go!” Alexis hefted her bag over her shoulder and shook her head at her brother. “Xavie, you know I love you, but damn – you also know that the Grabbers hunt by sound! They’ll already be on their way here… if they weren’t already following you!”

“Whatever,” Xavier responded sarcastically. “I’ll just blindly follow you around forever, I guess. You’re the hero and I’m the screw up. Fuck that.”

“Xavier! What would momma think about all your cussing!?”

“Mom’s not here, Alexis!” Xavier shouted. “Stop trying to be her!”

“I-I’m not…! I’m just- hey! Where are you going!?”

“You told me to leave, so I am!” Xavier whirled around and loudly stomped out of the house, muttering angrily under his breath. Alexis hurried after him, clutching at her full satchel.

A’luhr simply turned away from the arguing siblings, seeing no point in wasting more time than she already had trying to interact with them. Now that the only known reserve of starfire was being heavily guarded by the Krinis, there were not many options available to her. Time was not on her side, as the longer she hesitated, the more likely it would be that her human allies would succumb to the mind-altering effects of the nectar before she could extract them. Luckily, there were still a few of the starfire sticks stored in the building.

A’luhr moved to head deeper into the house, knowing she had to act fast to grab the starfire before any Krinis arrived.

“Are you… coming with us?” Alexis asked, looking back at A’luhr after noticing that she wasn’t exiting the building alongside her and her brother. She had an expression that was both hopeful and anxious as she at Xavier.

“Are you serious!?” Xavier yelled. “You didn’t think to ask me how I feel about this!?”

“Why would I ally myself with you?” A’luhr gruffly answered, approaching the side room that her group had been using as storage. She noticed that the door was slightly ajar as she got closer, but still talked back over her shoulder to the two humans. “I had hoped you might make useful comrades, but I can see you are not as mentally stable as I had anticipated… at least, not around each other.”

“Not mentally stable!?” Xavier shouted, jogging after her. “What’s THAT supposed to mean!?”

“Xavier! Shut it!” Alexis hissed, hot on the heels of her brother. “You’re going to attract unwanted attention!”

“I fear it may already be too late for that,” A’luhr groaned after catching a glance out the window. She hurried to the storage room while Alexis and Xavier wheeled around on the front porch to survey the area.

“W-what do we do!?” Xavier croaked. “Shit! This is so fucked!” He shakily aimed his gun at one of the dozens of takers making their way up the streets towards them, surrounding the estate. Though initially hard to hear due to the siblings’ arguing, the tell-tale sounds of men and women moaning in the throes of orgasm began to loudly echo along the empty streets, getting closer by the second.

“If you value your freedom and dignity, you will flee,” A’luhr responded, pushing the door to the storage room open and frantically looking around. A decent amount of the food concealing in metal pods had gone missing, and, to her horror, all of the starfire sticks. She spun around to sprint outside towards whom she assumed now had the weapons – likely in her overflowing bag. As she ran, she could hear the humans panicking from the open front door.

“Whoa! Xavier! What are you doing!?” Alexis yelled. A’lurh looked through the front bay windows and could see the siblings standing out in the front yard. “You could hit one of those people!” Xavier was nervously aiming his weapon towards one of the approaching drones, in which a petite female with short black hair and much larger bald male were enveloped.

The male’s legs were absorbed into the slithering flesh of the drone while his torso was simply lashed to it with tentacles. His arms were left free to explore the nubile naked body of the female, whose back was pressed tightly against his frontside while her limbs were completely trapped inside the creature, pinning the male behind her.

Her head lolled forward as she happily giggled and drooled from the male’s firm touch. Her spread legs were right above the male’s giant, pulsating phallus, which he was feverishly slamming into her dripping wet vagina with powerful thrusts of his hips. His large hands were covered in the Krinis’s nectar, which he spread over her helpless body as he eagerly fondled her small, pert breasts and stroked her toned stomach. His eyes were covered by a tentacle, so he was clearly relishing in the enhanced sensation of touch as he thoroughly played with her body.

A’luhr could see that he was not the only one in control of the pleasure being given, however, as a thick, slimy tentacle was eagerly thrusting into his anus, causing him to groan and holler. Suddenly, his cries of pleasure morphed into choked gurgles as the bulbous end of the tentacle erupted from his mouth and wormed its way down his chin. It slithered on to the female’s forehead below and pushed into her mouth, causing her wide eyes to roll back into her head as it was force backwards against the male’s neck.

They both writhed while slurping on the tentacles in their throats as the male continued to squeeze and rub the female’s pointed nipples and clitoris without pause. Her body spasmed in pleasure and surprise when the tentacle finally exited her ass and sloppily nuzzled into her wet womanhood next to the male’s thrusting penis. Both large phalluses gaped her dripping hole together as they ploughed into her at alternating speeds.

The tentacle and the male both released their fluids deep inside of the female at the same time, as evident by the mixture of thick white and orange liquids that suddenly began to gush out of her twitching vagina, dripping down over the tentacle and the male’s permanently erect genitals.

Xavier seemed to be mesmerized by this display, staring blankly towards the lewd scene with his gun still drawn but clearly unable to register his sister’s voice.

A’luhr burst out into the yard behind the two humans and ran towards Alexis, who was still uneasily clutching her satchel.

“Human! You have taken something that-” A’luhr began to bark at Alexis, swiping at her bag before the female suddenly bolted away from her, distracted by something in the sky.

“Xavier! Put it down! Snap out of… XAVIE! GET AWAY!” Alexis cried out. Xavier shook his head as if dispelling a mental fog and seemed to finally be aware of his surroundings again, turning his head to see his sister sprinting towards him, crowbar drawn and bag flopping wildly behind her. It was too little too late, as a humming, flying drone suddenly swooped down towards him, tentacles splayed open to ensnare its latest victim.

“MOVE!” Alexis yelled, leaping towards her brother with astonishing speed. Xavier barely had time to utter a blank, “Uh?” before Alexis shoved him out of the way to the ground just as the drone was about to strike. For one long second, Xavier looked up into the eyes of his sister as he fell. She smiled down at him in fake reassurance, before suddenly she was gone, satchel and all.

“NO!!” He screamed, shakily aiming his gun up into the air towards the rapidly retreating drone. He quickly seemed to realize that attempting to fire upon the escaping creature would invariably lead to his sister being injured, or worse. The gun dropped from his hand and tears started to well in his eyes. “Again…” he groaned remorsefully.

Xavier seemed to have given up, simply shaking and kneeling on the ground as the Krinis began to draw dangerously close.

“Rise up, human,” A’luhr commanded, running over and grabbing Xavier by the shoulder. “This is not the place in which to be lost in emotion. If you agree to help me, we can-“

“DON’T FUCKIN TOUCH ME!” Xavier bellowed, swatting A’luhr’s hand away and jumping to his feet. “I’m gonna kill ALL these alien fuckers! THEN who’s the screw-up, huh!?” He gritted his teeth in anger, scooped up his weapon, and suddenly sprinted back across the lawn, vaulting over a fence and out of sight just as a drone attempted to capture him.

A’luhr cursed at the male’s stupidity and whirled around to find herself with limited escape routes. Things were not looking good. She began to once again slide her hand down to her last impulse detonator, when she suddenly spotted something sticking out of the grass near where Alexis had been taken. It was a starfire stick! Clearly it must have fallen from Alexis’s satchel in the scuffle.

A tentacle lashed out at A’luhr and she desperately rolled out of the way and towards the weapon. With an elegant sweep of her hand, she snatched it up and spun in place to analyze the situation. With a keen eye, she determined the optimal course of action and once again honed her senses to engage in combat. Only moments before, things were looking dire. However, now that she had some starfire, she could easily outmaneuver a handful of lumbering Krinis drones.

She wielded a dagger in one hand to ignite the stick in the other, dashing towards the part of the approaching horde that had the least number of drones. She danced and twirled through the air, slicing through several tentacles that lashed out at her. She had nearly reached the outside of the circle when suddenly a strong appendage whipped out and managed to snag the back of her sports bra. It tightly wrapped around the fabric, causing A’luhr to snap backwards off of her feet and groan in pain as her large breasts were suddenly compressed even further.

The ground started to grow further away as the tentacle grabbing her clothes hoisted her into the air while other tentacles wrapped around her firm thighs, wrenching them apart and making her wince as her injury became agitated.

A’luhr wasted no time in her efforts to escape, acting before the tentacles could bind her arms. Her hands blurred as she used her dagger to sever her bra while cutting with the starfire to slice through the tendrils holding her legs. Her voluptuous, sky blue breasts burst out into view, jiggling madly as she flipped and fell through the air to land on her feet.

She tore the writhing, disintegrating tentacles off her legs and leapt forward, slashing her starfire stick through the air and leaving an intricately weaving streak of light in her wake. Tentacles fell all around her as she fought her way through the last remaining drone in her way. Her attacks were slower than usual as she decided to hold her boobs to her chest with one arm in an attempt to prevent their swinging from throwing off her balance. Her next misstep could be her last.

Still, she was feeling powerful and in control as she cut down any of the drones that attempted to hinder her escape. She broke through the line and stumbled out into the open street. Looking back over her shoulder, she briefly considered finishing off the rest of the drones, though she was not sure if her weapon would last long enough. The sticks were unreliable at best.

All consideration for continuing the fight was washed away, however, when she gasped and instinctively stepped backwards from the sight of what was behind her. The drones all suddenly began to rush towards one another, fusing into a giant, squirming, shapeless mass of tentacles and nude human bodies. It slowly started to take shape, forming a giant quadruped creature with eight large arms sticking out of its back alongside countless smaller tendrils that writhed around like living hairs.

Dotting the sides of the abomination were the entrapped torsos of the human captives, whose exposed tits, asses, penises, and scrotums jiggled and shook as the monster took its first steps towards A’luhr – who now felt much smaller. It locked onto her with an eyeless head before unleashing a web of tentacles that worked their way towards the numerous wet holes and twitching erections of the humans within its flesh. As semen and milk began to be harvested, the creature opened its grotesque, slimy mouth and let out a roar. The sound was the mixed orgasmic screams coming from the humans’ heads trapped inside of the monster’s apparently hollow interior.

Sexual fluids began to pour from the humans as the tentacles milking them could not keep up with the flowing juices, coating the street below. A’luhr gulped and stood her ground, holding out the rapidly dying starfire stick while backing away slowly as if not trying to incense the beast.

She felt a sudden rush of wind and blinked in surprise as the air current snuffed out the already weakened starfire stick in her hand and made her silver hair dance behind her ears. Without moving her head, she shifted her eyes and broke out into a cold sweat as she saw one of the thick tentacle arms from the creature’s back passing by only centimeters from her chest. She had not even seen it move as it struck. Luckily, it still seemed to be getting used to its new appendages and it missed her, but she realized in that moment that combat was no longer an option.

She hurled the smoldering remains of her weapon at the Krinis abomination and pivoted on her heel, using her good leg to rocket off the pavement to begin sprinting down the street and away from the creature that slowly began to give chase. Fortunately for A’luhr, the abomination’s stubby main legs were much less dexterous than its arms.

Running as fast as she could, given her hurt leg and annoyingly heavy breasts, A’luhr pounded down the road looking for any opportunity to break line of sight. It seemed that most, if not all, of the drones in the immediate area had come together to create the monstrosity following her, so her path was clear.

A’luhr could hear its thunderous footsteps crashing down behind her, but luckily it did not seem to be gaining much ground on her. The sounds of crushed vehicles and the snapping of the tall wooden poles lining the street could be heard as the abomination’s flailing limbs wreaked mindless havoc along its path.

Her hearts pounded in her chest as she scanned the world streaking past her. She skidded around the corner of an intersection and bolted down the sidewalk when suddenly she spotted a pile of items scattered on the tall grass nearby. At a glance, the pile included clothing, packaged food, and a crowbar. A’luhr realized that the contents of Alexi’s satchel must have started to spill out as she was flown over the city. If she could get all the starfire back, she might have a chance to sneak into the Krinis hive and rescue her allies – or even better, destroy The Queen.

There, in the overgrown weeds next to a pair of pants, was another starfire stick. A’luhr scooped up the precious weapon, barely breaking her stride. While it was reassuring to have this powerful tool at her disposal, she doubted that it would be able to do sufficient harm to a creature as large as the one pursuing her.

Her best bet would be a distraction in order to slip away, but the trick with the vehicle alarm from earlier would likely be ineffective as this behemoth would waste no time in simply squashing it flat. She needed something more and she needed it soon. As the abomination lurched around the corner of the intersection behind her, she increased her pace, but felt her stamina begin to ebb.

Just as her breath was starting to become labored, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something that gave her an idea. Her antennae curled in excitement as she skidded to a stop to analyze her surroundings.

On a nearby deck was what appeared to be some sort of large, metal cooking device – likely used by humans to prepare their meat outdoors seeing as they were unable to properly digest it raw. Though the apparatus did make her curious, she was more interested in the large white pod attached to the side of it. She recognized this as a ‘propane tank’, such as one of the many stored in Adam’s subterranean residence. On several occasions, she remembered him cautioning the group about their combustible properties – apparently full of some sort of volatile gas.

Much in the same way that the loud rumbling from the sky during the storm had driven away the Krinis, an explosion from the ground would do just as well. Glancing down the road, she saw the abomination drawing ever closer. Though it appeared far away, she knew its grasping appendages would be able to stretch a deceptive distance. She did not know exactly how far they could reach, so she had to work fast.

A’luhr’s leggings were already practically in tatters, with large rips and holes revealing the blue, silky smooth skin of her legs and buttocks. This made it easy for her to tear a strip of fabric off the garment, which she used to fasten the starfire stick to the hilt of one of her daggers. Using the blade of her second dagger, she ignited the stick and gazed down at the dancing sparks in a respectful silence. These weapons had served her well, both on this planet and her own. Now they would save her one last time.

She heard the orgasmic scream of the approaching abomination and her head snapped up. Her eyes locked onto the propane tank as she hurled the makeshift weapon with deadly accuracy. She leapt out of sight behind a nearby vehicle just as the blade punctured the side of the gas-filled canister.

A’luhr was knocked onto her ass as a huge fireball and explosion rocked the neighborhood. All at once, dozens of parked vehicles began to emit their alarms and the large domicile that had housed the propane tank was now aflame, with a loud alarm emitting from inside. A’luhr groaned and covered her sensitive ears as the chaotic din threatened to overwhelm her. If it was having such an effect on her, surely the extremely sensitive Krinis would be in even worse shape.

Sure enough, as she peeked out from behind her hiding spot, she could see the abomination thrashing in confusion at the end of the block. It lashed out at several of the blaring vehicles lining the street and suddenly rushed towards the burning structure.

For a moment, A’luhr was worried it would enter the building and potentially bring harm to its human captives. While losing its energy sources would certainly slow the creature down – if not outright kill it – A’luhr was still determined to prevent the unnecessary bloodshed of the simple-minded humans. Luckily, it seemed that the creature sensed the danger and took to simply launching attacks at the crumbling domicile with its back appendages, splintering the smoldering wood and letting out more of its eerily erotic screeches as it blindly bumbled around the area.

The abomination began to work its captives in earnest to drain them of as much fluid as possible in order to maintain its aggressive onslaught. Each vagina became stuffed with several more phallic tentacles while smaller feelers rapidly vibrated and teased their clits. Strong tendrils wrapped around their plump tits and began to rhythmically squeeze them, forcing the valuable milk out in large quantities. Their stomachs quivered and their jiggling breasts heaved as orgasm after orgasm racked their bodies while the tentacles sucked up their juices.

Every exposed penis was being stroked by several vibrating tentacles while countless small cilia relentlessly spun around their glans, sending droplets of slippery nectar spraying into the air. Small feelers wrapped around the base of their scrotums, pushing their balls tight in their sacks, before beginning to gently but firmly pump up and down as waving cilia tickled the taut skin. Soon, each male was erupting endless streams of thick white semen, which were quickly sucked up by mouth-shaped appendages that clamped onto the tips of the penises.

A’luhr did not stick around to see what happened next. She took advantage of the monster’s disoriented state to hurriedly sneak away. She had been well-trained on how to make her footsteps almost imperceptible in most environments, so there was no chance that they could be detected through the cacophony surrounding her.

She determined that she had put a good enough distance between her and the monster once she reached the last of the triggered vehicle alarms almost a dozen blocks away. Breaking into a sprint once again, she eventually came to a stop inside an abandoned garage. She fell to her knees and leaned forward, gasping for breath in the shadows. Her breasts swayed gentle beneath her, the feeling of sweat dripping down them only served to bring attention to how sore they were from all the running.

After a few minutes she composed herself, slumping her back against the cool interior wall and pushing her hair back from her damp forehead. She slipped her last dagger back into what remained of her leggings and her hand brushed the sleek metal of her impulse detonator.

Now that she was relatively safe for the time being, she could focus once again on trying to come up with a plan. She strained her senses and was relieved to find that she could still faintly detect the scent trail left by the recently captured human female, Alexis. She knew that if she followed her, there was a chance to recover the rest of the starfire sticks. It was a risky maneuver, especially if the satchel’s contents had been spilled very close to the nest – or worse, inside of it, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She stood up, feeling her strength already returning. Before she left to pursue Alexis, she decided to prepare one final trump card in the case of a worst-case scenario.

After she was satisfied with her preparations, she strode out into the late afternoon air and began to chase after the female who was likely already stripped of her clothing and being bred mercilessly by the Krinis within the hive. She just hoped that it wasn’t too late to save her allies.

As her mind was filled with images of her human companions, her antennae suddenly twitched. At first, she thought her imagination was just more powerful than she even realized, but then she became sure of it: there were two more scents mixed in with Alexis’s – those of two humans she immediately recognized. They were close by.

A’uhr drew her dagger and stepped out into the view of a Krinis drone that was lumbering towards her. She saw a female human with the same-colored skin as Alexis trapped upside down with her crotch pressed to the happily licking mouth of none other than Sarah Cassidy.

While it was not optimal to attempt a rescue without any starfire, A’luhr decided she had to try. Gaining back three reliable allies – for she could sense Adam on the other side of the creature – would be invaluable. She despaired at seeing the state of her allies, as the nectar had clearly already begun its insidious work. Their bodies spasmed and dripped with sweat and various fluids as the tentacles worked their helpless naked bodies into climax after climax.

A’luhr was not used to hearing such primal sounds coming from Sarah Cassidy’s mouth as she groaned and giggled madly. Enraged, she prepared to engage the creature.

“Found you,” A’luhr muttered, brandishing her weapon.

Then, she lunged at the drone, aiming to sever its milking appendages and halt its movements. If she could do that, she may be able to extract the humans from within.

“A’luuuuuhr~!” Sarah Cassidy drunkenly moaned, briefly removing her suckling lips from what was clearly Alexis’s stiff clitoris. “There you areeee! Ohhh The Queen wants to see youuu! You’re in big trouble~!” She giggled again and resumed licking at the vagina in her face, humming happily as the tentacle filling the gushing hole rubbed against her nose.

A’luhr snorted in derision, dodging one of the drone’s two arms that swung towards her.

“It is clear that The Queen still falsely thinks herself the huntress.” A’luhr grunted, slashing at the tentacles as they passed by in an effort to buy some time. “She is soon to lose three of her valuable cattle.”

“Ehehe…” Sarah Cassidy chuckled. “‘Cattle’. Did you say that ‘cuz my boobies are squirting so much? Hehe moo-moo!” Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she smiled stupidly and shook her shoulders, making her breasts swing back and forth along Alexi’s abdomen while being relentlessly sucked by tentacles.

“Your foolish antics are simply the work of the nectar in your system,” A’luhr grunted, leaping high into the sky to avoid a low sweep. “I know you.”

“And we know you… and your tactics…” Sarah Cassidy looked up at A’luhr with sleepy eyes as a sly grin split her face.

“You-!?” A’luhr gasped. Now that she was in the air, her mobility was greatly restricted. She realized too late that getting her into this position had been the drone’s plan all along as her ears picked up a vibrating hum coming from behind her.

She spun her torso around as she began to fall, flinging her dagger in the direction of the approaching flying drone, but it was swatted away and became lodged in the ground below. Before A’luhr could make another move, the drone’s powerful tentacles consumed her entire body, wrapping her tightly beneath its dragonfly-like abdomen before rocketing back off into the sky and heading back towards the hive… and The Queen.

“Now we will be together again…” Sarah smiled up at the quickly shrinking silhouette of her friend before happily resuming her ministrations on the black woman’s pussy. The other woman came hard, squirting juices up past the tentacle stuffing her and splattering Sarah’s face while a satisfied gurgle escaped her lips that were latched onto Sarah’s own throbbing clit. The Taker turned around and began to return to the hive as well, making sure to force as many orgasms as possible out of the three captive humans until then.

“I… what…? What was I…?” Sarah groaned as the blurry world around her slowly came into focus. She tried to reach up and rub her eyes, but she found her limbs to be bound – enveloped in a slimy wall so that only her torso and head were visible. She blinked several times and lifted her head to look around, feeling as if she had just woken up from a long dream.

She was back in The Queen’s “throne” room from before, but all the naked thralls were gone. Or… she thought she was. It was hard to tell because the room was illuminated in a much more eerie, dim lighting than before. The sight of the wriggling tentacles covering every surface, weaving in and out of the shadows, brought her memories back to her.

She remembered being covered in writhing tentacles… pleasure… being outside… there was a woman – a stranger… Adam had been there too… so much pleasure…! What else…? Her mind was like a snow globe that was slowly beginning to settle down after a rough shaking. Realization suddenly hit her.

“A’luhr!” She croaked loudly.

“Ah, it appears that you are the first to shrug-off the effects of the nectar,” said a seductive voice somewhere from within the darkness. “Your willpower certainly is impressive, mm?” An unearthly, orange light began to glow from all around the room, revealing most of the chamber to Sarah’s wide eyes. Sitting on the throne-like structure composed of tentacles and hard resin was The Queen.

One of The Queen’s imposing legs was crossed over the other as she lounged in the chair. She held an overflowing cup-shaped object in one hand that was collecting a clear fluid dripping from above. Looking up to follow the drops of liquid, Sarah gasped.

A’luhr was suspended above The Queen’s throne with her arms hanging above her head by thick tentacles and her legs splayed painfully far apart by other powerful appendages. It was hard to tell if she was even conscious. Her body was tilted forward slightly, making her silvery hair cascade down over her face, reflecting the orange glow of the chamber, as her large, hanging breasts jiggled from the activity around her crotch.

A’luhr barely flinched at all despite the gigantic tentacle cock thrusting deep inside of her navy-blue pussy lips, dotted by light blue, freckle-like spots. The tentacle was pushing into her so forcefully that a clear bulge could be seen in her lower abdomen each time it ploughed into her hole, which was constantly leaking juices down into The Queen’s cup. It looked like the tentacles had been so eager to fuck her that they hadn’t even bothered to fully remove her tight leggings, which were so tattered from wear that the tendrils found little resistance in simply tearing the crotch open.

“What have you done to her!?” Sarah cried, jerking her bare knees and shoulders in an effort to free herself from her captivity. The Queen merely chuckled and took a small sip from her cup, letting A’luhr’s pussy juice dribble from her mouth. For a brief moment, it almost seemed like The Queen’s lips were glowing a dim orange.

“She is unharmed,” The Queen replied, licking her chin clean with a tentacle-like tongue. “This bellus female… ‘A’luhr’ was it? Names” The Queen’s pronunciation was similar to how A’luhr had first said her name, but there were notes and sounds mixed in that Sarah couldn’t hope to replicate. “I certainly won’t hurt this precious, but naughty, daughter of mine… much. She has something I need, after all.”

She reached up with her free hand and languidly stroked the underside of one of A’luhr’s thighs, drawing her fingers towards her womanhood and delicately circling around her dark pussy lips. She gently massaged A’luhr’s glistening, speckled vulva as the knobby tentacle fucking her continued its tireless work.

“Mnghh…” Someone groaned next to Sarah in the darkness.

“Oh, your partner seems to be finally sobering up as well,” The Queen mused. More sections of the fleshy wall began to glow, and Sarah could now see the entirety of the chamber, or as much as possible given her limited range of movement. Trapped in a nearby surface was Adam. Just like Sarah, he was completely nude, and his limbs were encased in the wall all the way up to his armpits and crotch.

Though Sarah had long since gotten used to seeing her boyfriend naked, she still blushed and felt a slight throbbing in her groin as her eyes traced over his flaccid penis, which was still moderately large. Even though now was not the time, a small voice in the back of her head still begged for her to welcome the soft flesh into her mouth.

“A-Adam…!” Sarah gasped. “Wake up! Please wake up!”

“Ngh… what…?” Adam weakly moaned, lifting his head.

“Thank goodness…”

“S-Sarah? What are – oh God, I had hoped it was just a dream…” Finally coming back to his senses and realizing what the situation was, he looked defeatedly around the chamber. His vision travelled up to A’luhr’s hanging body. “Fuck… we did that… didn’t we…”

“It’s not our fault, Adam!” Sarah tried to comfort him. “This monster made us!” She glared at The Queen. “If it weren’t for these restraints and drugs, I’d-“

“You would what, mm?” The Queen cut her off. A dangerous look crossed her face. “Kill me? Tell me, who is the ‘monster’ here? The Krinis have not shed a single drop of blood, but yet you already killed the Great Mother. Or, rather, this one did.” She slowly stood up from her throne, allowing Sarah and Adam to watch as a human cock slipped out of her pussy. It appeared that her alien vagina was full of writhing cilia, as they could be seen pulling away from the man’s tortured shaft as she rose.

It had been hidden inside of her body this whole time and seemed to be sticking straight out of the seat of her chair. Several small tendrils bound the erect flesh tightly, clearly preventing ejaculation, but not stopping a near constant stream of precum from trickling down the shaft. It stuck straight up in the air, twitching and throbbing, as The Queen stepped back to admire it. She laughed playfully and flicked the tip with her finger, making it shake back and forth, dripping precum all over the throne.

Sarah and Adam glanced at each other in confusion. Noticing their non-apprehension, The Queen smiled coyly and waved her hand. A small section of tentacles on the back of the throne’s seat suddenly parted, revealing a gagged, reddened human face lost in the throes of ecstasy.

“S-Steven!?” Sarah blurted out.

“I-is he alive!?” Adam yelled, squirming angrily in his binds. “You bitch! I’ll kill you!”

“You are certainly adept at proving my point,” The Queen sighed. “Unlike your primitive race, we Krinis avoid bloodshed. We would rather focus on… growth… for everyone.” She smiled and poured the contents of her cup onto Steven’s trembling cock, coating it in A’luhr’s pussy juice.

The Queen began to rapidly stroke it with one of her hair tentacles that was covered in small, squirming feelers, clearly with the intent of making Steven ejaculate as fast as possible. Only, he never did. Though his stimulated manhood throbbed and pulsated, the tight bindings around it forced him back as he endured the hellish edging.

The sudden rush of pleasure and light seemed to stir him from his stupor. His dazed eyes slowly became clearer as if waking up from having passed out. He blinked and his eyes widened in desperation as he stared down at his abused, helpless shaft. He screamed into the tentacle gagging his mouth, prompting it to push past his lips and slither down his throat, making him gag. With his body still completely held within the throne, all he could do was dart his eyes around the dimly lit room until they landed on Sarah’s and Adam’s struggling forms.

He tried to yell something to them, but his cries were unintelligibly muffled by the tentacle filling his mouth. Tears and snot ran down his face as his eyes suddenly rolled back into his head. His penis twitched madly as if trying to cum, but his swollen balls were offered no such release.

“H-hang in there, Steven!” Sarah cried out. “What are you doing to him!?”

“Did you think I would fail to punish the one who brought such treachery to our family?” The Queen cooed, still tormenting Steven’s tied cock, which had become a slight shade of reddish purple. “This male will remain here to be used and edged by me for as long as I desire… and I have a lot of desire.” She licked her lips seductively as she reached up and firmly spanked A’luhr’s tight ass, causing the bound woman’s body and tits to swing back and forth. “And I have other uses for this bellus daughter of mine.”

She reached up and firmly hefted A’luhr’s swaying boobs in both of her hands. She started to gently knead A’luhr’s small, purplish nipples, which seemed to finally elicit a small flinch from A’luhr’s exhausted body.

“This one here has caused me quite a bit of distress, you see.” The Queen sighed heavily. “I can only assume it was her who taught you humans the evils of the forbidden light. I am quite upset with this rebellious daughter, but I am merciful. I will still give her a chance to redeem herself.”

“What do you mean by that…?” Sarah asked cautiously.

“You really think this psycho-bitch has a MEANING to her madness!?” Adam snapped. “She just means that she’s going to rape her just like she’s been doing to us! We’re fucked!”

“Aww… don’t you think ‘rape’ is a strong word?” The Queen replied in a soft, playful voice. “After all, I seem to recall you enjoying yourself VERY much.”

“I… th-thats…!” Adam stammered, suddenly flushing red. His penis twitched slightly.

“You do not need to fret, my son!” The Queen smiled encouragingly. “There is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasures your body offers you, especially when it means returning to your loving, true family.” With another tweak of her nimble fingers, The Queen’s efforts on A’luhr’s hard nipples were rewarded, as white fluid began to squirt down from them.

The Queen beamed and pressed her lips to A’luhr’s gushing teats, drinking deeply of the milk, which started to trickle down the sides of her cheeks. No drop was wasted, however, as her hair tentacles expertly sucked up any wayward droplets before they could touch the ground.

The Queen’s body suddenly pulsated with a warm light that travelled from her head down to her ass, where a thick braid of tail-like tentacles connected her to the ground. The energy, or whatever it was, seemed to flow down into the hive itself before being carried off to some other area behind the throne. The Queen pulled back from A’luhr’s hanging tits and smacked her lips in a refreshed manner.

“Oh yes, this will do nicely!” She purred. “You are such a good girl!” She grabbed a large handful of A’luhr’s ass cheek and gave it a firm squeeze, sinking her fingers into the supple flesh before giving it a playful little shake. She planted another small smack on A’luhr’s jiggling booty before turning back around to see her human captive’s bewildered faces.

“I can see that you are curious about your companion here,” The Queen raised a brow and smiled down at them. “Do not be jealous; her offerings are no more valuable than your own… however, hers are for a more unique purpose.”

The Queen snapped her fingers and the tall wall of tentacles behind her throne fell away, revealing the interior of the chamber where they had first seen the original queen. The gigantic tree-like organism was now largely gone. In its place was a large, crumbling husk with pieces of fleshy tentacles hanging lifelessly from the ceiling above and piles of ash and unidentifiable goo littered the ground all around it. The incubation chambers were still present and seemingly unharmed. However, as the fresh 18-year-olds emerged naked from the cocoons, they were simply pulled away into other parts of the hive instead of first being broken in.

As they watched, veins of warm glowing light began to weave up the damaged corpse of the old queen. For a second, it appeared to pulse with life once more, like a heart struggling to beat.

“It… it’s coming back to life…” Sarah gaped. “B-but how is that even possible!? Surely you don’t mean to tell me that the Krinis have even solved the problem of death!?” The Queen laughed sorrowfully.

“Alas if only that were true…” She shook her head and gazed up at the remains of the dead queen. “No, this is just a special case. You see, us Queens are unique for many reasons. One of which is how we are born. The DNA of the species we are re-assimilating is collected by the previous Queen in order to birth a new one. As you know, contact with the forbidden light causes this DNA to denature… leading to total cell decay. A normal drone would be finished, but us Queens are not so weak.” She smirked and tossed her tentacle hair back haughtily.

She reached her cup up to A’luhr’s nipple and squeezed the flesh above it, causing more milk to squirt down into the receptacle. The Queen took a delicate sip from the creamy liquid and the humans watched again as the warm glow passed from her chest down into the ground and then finally over into the old queen’s corpse. It pulsed with life a second time, seemingly a bit stronger than before.

“With access to ample amounts of DNA from the host species that birthed her, a Queen can restore her cells… even from death,” The Queen continued. “However, they usually lack the means to do so. Luckily, her loving and loyal daughter is here to assist… and I’ve found a healthy specimen of her host species to milk as long as needed until she is completely revived.” She hugged herself happily, squeezing her huge tits together and merrily spinning in place, causing her two cocks to sway along with her.

“She will be so proud of me,” The Queen squealed. “It’s just a shame that I will have to leave to find other wayward chilren so soon afterwards…” She sighed and tossed the contents of the cup into the air, where her hair-tentacles autonomously danced around in order to swallow all of the life-giving fluid before it hit the ground. “But before that, I should allow you chilren to enjoy your reunion one last time before I send you off to where you belong.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?” Adam spat, glaring daggers at The Queen. Sarah wasn’t sure if he was asking about ‘enjoying the reunion’ or ‘where they belong’, but she imagined that they would be finding out soon enough… which wasn’t a comforting thought.

Now that A’luhr had been captured as well, the odds of them escaping were slim to none. This might truly be the end for them… and possibly humanity as a whole. She had to grasp onto the sliver of hope that someone, somewhere, had a plan. If only they had one of A’luhr’s grenades… Sarah assumed that A’luhr must have used it to get away from the university campus. Once again, she cursed at herself for going along with that ill-begotten mission.

Suddenly, both Sarah and Adam were ejected from the fleshy wall, landing in slimy heaps on the ground. After having just been pondering an escape, she briefly believed they were being saved after all. The illusion of hope was quickly shattered, however, as she realized her arms were still bound tightly behind her back by a gently slithering tentacle. Glancing to her side, she noticed that Adam was in the same state. He struggled to push his chest off the ground to get into a kneeling position, but the slick goo on the floor and coating his bare skin made him repeatedly slip.

Sarah lay face-down on the ground, gritting her teeth in frustration before propping her head up on her chin, feeling tears of anger and humiliation starting to well up in her eyes. When she saw what was happening to A’luhr, she couldn’t simply lay still any longer.

“Y-you’re going to kill her!” Sarah cried out, frantically trying to get to her feet. She slipped just like Adam had and instead started to madly crawl on her knees towards the knees of the laughing Queen who was looking up at A’luhr’s pitiful body. The tentacles holding A’luhr’s limbs had released her, but the huge tentacle stuffing her pussy remained, holding her aloft as if impaled. Her head and limbs shook like a ragdoll as the tentacle gently swayed back and forth, forcing her full body weight to push the pulsating appendage deeper into her abused hole.

“Please! Stop!” Sarah begged, attempting to press up against The Queen’s legs before suddenly being yanked backwards by the tentacle around her arms.

“As I said before,” The Queen replied, “my intentions are not to harm my chilren – much less kill them! Even the most rebellious of chilren simply need a strong hand to guide them.” She reached down towards her throne and the tentacles constructing it spread apart, allowing her to grab Steven by the arm and pull him out of the writhing mass. “But just as punishment is needed, so are rewards. You two managed to bring this lost daughter home to me, so I think it only fitting to allow all you to share some… bonding time together… one last time.”

“Where is Zoey!?” Steven suddenly hollered as the tentacle filling his mouth slithered away. “Where is my sister!?” He began to struggle and swing his limbs at The Queen, but he seemed drained of strength from his recent ordeal, making his blows light. The Queen let out a mirthless laugh at his attempts and simply threw him to the ground next to Adam, a tentacle binding his arms behind his back as well. Steven grunted and groaned, his body shaking and covered in slime.

Sarah flinched moments later as she heard a heavy wet thud next to her. She turned to see A’luhr’s crumpled body next to her, arms bound just like the rest of them. Her legs were slightly parted, allowed globs of thick, whitish-orange alien cum to lazily ooze out of her swollen cunt and pool on the floor around her crotch.

“A’luhr…” Sarah whimpered. “Please wake up…”

“I am quite awake, unfortunately,” A’luhr croaked, turning her face to look at Sarah with a tired, remorseful expression.

“Oh, thank God…” Sarah sighed in relief. “You weren’t moving, so I thought…”

“Hmph,” A’luhr flashed an exhausted smirk. “Why would I want to give her the satisfaction?” Sarah raised a long brow. A’luhr’s physical prowess and willpower continued to impress Sarah even now. It was such a shame that their story seemed to end here… “Do not give up hope,” A’luhr whispered into Sarah’s ear. “Just be ready.”

Sarah flashed a confused look and was about to reply when The Queen suddenly snapped her fingers and the tentacles holding all the captives’ arms sprang to life, pulling them all up into kneeling positions in front of The Queen as if bowing down to her.

“Good,” The Queen mused. “While I am your loving mother, it is still important to show the proper respect.” She sauntered over to her throne and sat down once again. She allowed her hips to jut forward as she took a lounging pose, spreading her legs wide and fully exposing her two huge, veiny cocks that continued to endlessly leak some sort of sweet-smelling fluid from the tips. “Come here, my chilren,” She cooed.

No one on the ground made any moves to crawl towards The Queen, so after a moment, the tentacles pinning their arms pushed their struggling bodies forward along the slick ground until all four of them were below The Queen’s intimidating twin phalluses. Sarah slowly lifted her head up to state at them, noticing the others doing the same, unconsciously drawn towards the alluring aroma that emitted from the towering rods.

Sarah swallowed and flushed with embarrassment as she fought back a sudden impulse to welcome one of the cocks into her mouth. Judging by the flustered coughs and confused looks from the guys next to her, she wasn’t the only one. Even A’luhr seemed to be stealing curious glances at the impressive shafts before her eyes.

“I think it’s time for you all to demonstrate your love for your mother,” The Queen said with a smile. “And to celebrate your reunion, you can work as a team! But let’s make it fun for all of us, mm?” Soft splatting sounds could be heard hitting the ground behind the captives, as if something had fallen from the ceiling. Sarah was about to look over her shoulder when she suddenly jerked in surprise and gasped as something warm and squishy brushed against her inner thighs.

Looking down, Sarah saw a vaguely starfish-shaped, fleshy creature with thousands of autonomously writhing cilia covering its surface. She heard Steven gasp and grunt to her side and glanced around to see that all of them had a similar little monster creeping up towards their exposed genitals.

The group all uttered exclamations of disgust and fear as the creatures suddenly latched onto each of their crotches like living underwear, hugging around their hips and pulling the teasing little feelers against each person’s quivering crotch.

A’luhr simply sat stony faced as the rest of what remained of her tight leggings were torn away by the feelers, fully revealing her muscular legs and perfectly round, toned ass. She couldn’t stop herself from flinching ever so slightly as one of the creature’s tendrils wormed its way up between her tight ass cheeks to connect around her waist like the rest of the small tentacles forming the living “panties”.

Sarah groaned as she felt the wiggling cilia explore every inch of her most intimate spots – caressing her ass, clit, and moist petals, before feeling longer feelers push deep inside of her to scour her inner walls. Just as her own pussy was being teased by the living panties, so too were the cocks and balls of the men, no doubt being stimulated from asshole to glans by the squirming tendrils coiling around them.

She let out an aroused gasp and buckled forward as she was quickly pushed towards orgasm… but then the creature changed up its pace and left her just on the edge. The cussing and moaning from the others told Sarah that they were all being fiendishly edged just as she was. The Queen seemed very keen on this sort of thing… and Sarah was beginning to worry that she was becoming addicted to it as well. However, she still had her wits about her. She let out a frustrated laugh and grit her teeth, grunting while looking up at The Queen.

“Mng…” Sarah moaned. “M-more edging?” She gasped and chuckled softly again. “Please… this sort of… mnn… th-thing won’t work on us anymore… ahh…!”

“It… it might…” Adam admitted, sharply inhaling through his teeth as the tendrils rubbed a good spot on his shaft.

“Wh-where is my… ngh… sister?” Steven demanded again, the stimulation between his trembling legs causing him to begin gently panting. His muscles suddenly spasmed and he fell forward, grunting and whimpering. Clearly his long edging session beforehand had made me even more susceptible to the devilish teasing.

“Now, now,” The Queen cooed in a calming voice. “Let us not dwell on those who are not with us but focus instead on those who are. You will want to be in sync with one another in order to win the fun little game we are going to play.” She giggled and bent forward to gently stroke Steven’s hair, who recoiled away. The Queen simply smiled down at him and spread her legs wider.

“Games?” A’luhr replied coldly. “Is that what destroying countless lives is to your kind?” She spat on the ground and her saliva was quickly absorbed into it, carrying away a glowing light like before. Though A’luhr didn’t seem too perturbed by the edging, Sarah suspected that the last strength of her facade would soon crumble, as she was already seeing slight tremor in A’luhr’s jaw.

“So, you are already happily giving up your genetic material to save our Great Mother?” The Queen clapped her hands together happily. “My daughter, the Krinis do not ‘destroy lives’ – we simply help our wayward family transcend from their old life full of unnecessary stress, conflict, and worries. To join with us is the higher calling of all species begotten by our ancestors’ efforts.”

“What nonsense do you speak of?” A’luhr growled, before suddenly letting out a slight, cute gasp of pleasure. Sarah never expected such a girly, innocent sound to leave A’luhr’s lips, and judging by her face, which was now blushing a warm shade of purple, neither had A’luhr. Sarah realized that A’luhr had not been present when The Queen had explained the Krinis’s history, so her confusion was understandable. However, The Queen didn’t seem interested in educating her at the moment.

“Hush now, my dear child,” The Queen gently murmured. “You will come to learn the truth with your body soon enough, but for now, let’s put your mouth to better use than for questions, mm?” She then whispered something down to A’luhr in a language that Sarah had never heard before. It must have been A’luhr’s native tongue, given how her eyes widened in surprise and her blush faded into a pale.

Sarah was about to ask A’luhr what was said when suddenly The Queen’s two cocks flexed as if coming to life and began to gently squirm like tentacles. Thick veins pulsated up each shaft and even more precum-like nectar started to dribble down from the tip, coating each glans and dripping down to the ground in front of the throne.

The Queen had no balls, so her large, glistening pussy was on full display for them each to see. It was clear now that her inner walls really were covered with tiny, writhing cilia, ready to effortlessly milk any poor cock that might enter her. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to have a clitoris. Instead, it appeared that the two penises extending from the top of her pussy mound had taken on that roll, effectively giving her two giant clits instead of one small nub.

The thick, wafting scent of her cocks’ musk emitting from the precum made Sarah’s head start to feel fuzzy. Her stomach and groin began to feel warm and flutter as drool began to pool in her cheeks, causing her to swallow. She recognized these symptoms as being similar to the aphrodisiac fluids that the tentacles constantly supplied their victims with. If the mere scent of it was enough to cause such a reaction, she could only shudder thinking about what physical contact would do. And shudder she did.

“It seems the loving touch of my cute pets has started to affect you all.” The Queen smiled, seeing her captives beginning to lose themselves to the sexual pleasures coursing through their bodies. “I suspect you all hunger for release, mm? That’s part of the ‘game’ you see.” She giggled and snapped her fingers.

The tentacles binding each of their arms grew up and wrapped around their necks before fastening to the base of both the Queen’s cocks, giving the appearance of a collar and leash, and forcing the captives’ faces to be mere inches from The Queen’s throbbing rods. Sarah noticed that she was tethered to the same phallus as A’luhr while the guys were tied to the other one.

“As I was saying before all these impolite interruptions,” The Queen sighed, “to celebrate your togetherness, you are going to work as a team to show your affection for me. I’ve decided to make it a fun competition as well! There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry to deepen your bonds, mm? I believe it will be entertaining to see girls versus boys… but remember: no hands!” She smiled and leaned back in her chair as she finished speaking.

The rest of the group glanced at each other silently, expecting The Queen to continue her long speech and shifting in their positions to try and fool the creatures edging them into touching the correct spot to finally push them over the edge. After a few moments, The Queen blinked her ethereal eyes in apparent surprise.

“Ah, was I not clear?” She spoke slowly… lovingly even. “You two males and you two females are going to pleasure both of my penetrative reproductive organs.

Whichever team does a better job demonstrating their love to me will be allowed to climax… and whichever loses… well… they can watch… assuming they can remain conscious, that is!” She laughed heartily and the motion of her stomach caused her cocks to shake, spraying some of the precum onto the faces below.

Sarah gasped as her arousal suddenly skyrocketed. She felt the wetness in her pussy begin to overflow and squelch inside of the tentacle panties as her love juices flowed freely from the edges of the creature and down her shaking legs. She was overcome with the desire to orgasm, but the tendrils torturing her inner folds knew just how to keep her constantly on the edge without hitting the sweet spots.

She panted and groaned, losing strength in her legs and allowing herself to teeter forward and lean her face against The Queen’s huge warm shaft. As more and more of the precum began to run down her face, her desperation grew. Through blurry vision, she could see that she wasn’t the only one.

Steven, perhaps due to already being in a state of extreme sexual frustration, was already dutifully licking The Queen’s other shiny cock as if it were the most delicious candy he had ever tasted. He ran his tongue up and down her length, swirling it around the fist-sized glans, before attempting, without success, to fit it into his mouth – instead just settling for sucking at the glistening tip.

Adam was more hesitant to welcome the giant penis to his lips, likely never having even dreamed of sucking off another man’s cock, much less an alien’s. He simply watched Steven working one shaft, wincing and groaning quietly as the tentacles engulfing his yearning manhood continued their relentless teasing. Soon his eyes seemed to glaze over as his head slowly drifted towards the impressive rod in front of his eyes, now glistening with Steven’s saliva. He took a few tentative licks of The Queen’s rigid flesh before completely losing himself to lust, hungrily sucking and lapping in tandem with Steven.

“Girls, don’t let the boys get too far ahead…” The Queen murmured. “Are you really going to let a couple of males outdo you in pleasuring a penetrative reproductive organ, mm?” She shifted slightly in her throne, causing the phallus closest to the women to gently swing and hit Sarah on the cheek with a soft, fleshy smack.

Sarah had been so transfixed in watching the erotic scene of the guys sharing a cock that she had nearly forgotten what was at stake here. Her pussy throbbed with unanswered desire as she looked up at the intimidating phallus with round, wonder-filled eyes.

She glanced over at A’luhr whose face was pouring sweat with a look of intense concentration as she gritted her teeth. Her legs trembled slightly while the living panties scoured her sensitive pussy, causing her thin nostrils to flare up and her eyes to begin to roll back into her head as she attempted to repress the sexual pleasure being forced upon her.

Suddenly, A’luhr lunged at The Queen’s veiny cock, no longer able to control herself. She immediately attempted to stuff the thick shaft down her throat, opening her slim mouth an impressive width as she rapidly engulfed the huge purple glans. Her long tongue coiled around the tip with surprising dexterity, seemingly attempting to shove it further down her throat.

Seeing this lewd display broke Sarah’s last mental barrier. She attacked The Queen’s dripping penis with abandon, kissing and licking over every square inch of it. She nuzzled her soft, warm fact into the stiff, throbbing shaft and looked up at The Queen with obedient puppy dog eyes as she ran her wet tongue from base to tip.

They all had to practically stand up in order to reach the heads of The Queen’s towering cocks, and on more than one occasion they slipped and fell as their quaking legs could no longer support their weight. Sarah’s mind felt like it was swimming in a pink haze, her attention bouncing back and forth between the tendrils churning her quivering cunt and the delicious looking cock being mercifully offered to her.

Sarah continued to devour The Queen’s shaft while A’luhr’s lips never left her bulbous glans. At one point, Sarah felt a pang of jealousy and attempted to push A’luhr’s mouth away from the dripping cockhead, hoping to get a taste herself, only to be met with resistance and a frustrated glare from A’luhr.

This didn’t deter her, however. While the men may have had a better instinctual understanding than then women as to what a human penis enjoys, The Queen was anything but human, and Sarah considered herself an expert on all organisms. Not to mention the fact that she was decently proud of her head game, having managed to get Adam off three times in one night with just her mouth.

Sarah pressed her body against The Queen’s cock, sandwiching it between her boobs as best as she could. She began to slide up and down The Queen’s length, massaging the slick precum into the throbbing shaft with her tits, letting her hard nipples trace up and down the taut flesh.

The Queen seemed to hum in satisfaction at this as A’luhr continued her relentless quest to force the cock into her drooling mouth. Seeing that her efforts were working, Sarah added her mouth back to the mix, continuing to massage The Queen’s huge rod with her tits while kissing and licking along her shaft.

Not to be outdone, the guys began to grind their own hard cocks and squishy balls against The Queen’s other penis, allowing them to be pressed together as they swirled around The Queen’s meaty girth. Unfortunately, this method seemed far too awkward for them to keep up for long as they started to slip over again on the unstable ground.

“N-nice try, guys…” Sarah panted between long licks, “but we… we will be the ones cumming…” She heard the words leave her mouth as if coming from another person. Adam just grunted and groaned in exertion as he returned to doing his best to pleasure The Queen.

Suddenly, A’luhr’s eyes widened and her cheeks ballooned as they filled with a geyser of hot, light orange fluid. She attempted to keep the gushing cockhead in her mouth, but just as she started to gag the pure pressure from The Queen’s mighty ejaculation forced her face away. The Queen sighed and groaned contentedly as the cock on the women’s side erupted over and over, drenching Sarah and A’luhr in her thick spunk.

The powerful scent of The Queen’s ejaculate filled Sarah’s nostrils and she almost passed out from the overwhelming aphrodisiac effects, sinking to her knees and hanging her head to watch the torrent of alien semen drip down her hair and breasts to pool into thick puddles beneath her.

“Mmm… it seems… we have our winning team…!” The Queen moaned. “Such lovely work, my sweet, beautiful daughters.” She looked down at the two women who were now almost entirely caked in her viscous fluids. Reaching down, The Queen tenderly stroked their heads, wiping the cum away from their dazed faces. “You tried hard, my sons, and your affection was indeed conveyed, but your female companions have proven victorious… THIS time.”

Despite this declaration, the men didn’t stop their work on The Queen’s genitals as if unable to process her words. She grabbed them both by the shoulders and thrust them away from the throne into heaps on the ground. Adam and Steven immediately attempted to scrambled back to their spots between The Queen’s legs, but suddenly they collapsed onto the ground where they began to convulse.

From within the living tentacle underwear, torrents of nectar had begun to gush forth, spilling out and down their legs while completely coating the flesh within. No doubt they were experiencing a combined edging and aphrodisiac so intense that their motor functions had temporarily shut down. Sarah had to assume they had still not cum as the swollen tips of their cocks were slightly exposed, and nothing but copious amounts of precum had been seen squirting from them.

Seeing her friends in anguish shook the hazy cloud of desire from Sarah’s mind, snapping her back to her senses.

“W-wait…!” She cried out. “Please stop! If you want to reward us… let it be that they aren’t punished!”

“They will have ample time to earn their own rewards in the future,” The Queen replied. “Well… one of them at least…” She stared coldly down at Steven’s writhing body. “No, your reward has already been decided. Come closer, my sweet daughters.” Sarah wouldn’t have been able to move even if she wanted to. Her legs were like jelly from the constant torment between her legs. She could feel the tiny cilia tugging on her clit, exploring the depths of her womanhood, and twining up into her ass hole… but she was never able to cum. She licked her lips as the thought of release from this torture momentarily made her mind lapse.

Seeing the problem, The Queen waved her hand and the tentacles wrapped around the women’s arms lifted them into the air and hovered their limp bodies above her lap. The creatures edging them suddenly detached and fell to the ground, scurrying away and latching onto the red faces of the men. Tendrils covered in the women’s pussy juices worked their way into Adam’s and Steven’s nostrils, mouth, and ears, stimulating every orifice as the two men started to scream in pleasure. The sound was muffled by the creatures fucking their faces, but it was clear that they were on the verge of losing their minds from ecstasy.

Sarah looked down at them, her face flushed with arousal. She panted in relief as the stimulation against her crotch finally ended, but she was still craving that long-desired release. Suddenly, she felt something warm and hard brush against her dangling leg. Looking away from the writhing men and down at her own body, she saw one of The Queen’s gigantic cocks slowly approaching her swollen pussy as the tentacles lowered her and A’luhr down onto each of the pulsating rods.

This shouldn’t be possible… something that big would never fit… right? Sarah was more curious than fearful. She found herself spreading her thighs wide, ready to welcome the phallus that was nearly as large as her entire leg. A’luhr also seemed apprehensive, crossing her legs to try and prevent the inevitable.

“Wait… just wait a moment…” A’luhr croaked with a slight tremble to her usually firm voice. The Queen did not wait. Suddenly, Sarah and A’luhr were dropped. Each of their pussies, already worked over by the creatures from before, swallowed the tips of The Queen’s huge cocks. They both gasped and instinctively tried to push themselves off it by scrambling with their legs, as their arms were still bound behind their backs, but this did little more than slowly force the veiny shafts deeper and deeper into their dripping holes until their bodies were completely impaled on the monstrous shafts.

Prominent bulges could be seen in each of their stomachs as their eyes rolled back into their heads. They gasped and gurgled as their abused cunts were stretched to the absolute limit, but be it due to the nectar or the edging, instead of pain, Sarah felt only intense, overwhelming pleasure. She had never felt so full in her life, and it satisfied her like nothing before.

The Queen giggled and began to bounce her hips, causing her cocks to slide up and down into the women. The shafts were so large that the women’s holes couldn’t even reach the base of each one, but this amount still seemed to please The Queen.

“My, what good girls you both are!” The Queen said in a sugary voice. “It makes your mother so happy to see you enjoying your reward and getting along so nicely.” She jerked her hips in such a way as to cause her cocks to swing together, pressing Sarah and A’luhr’s bodies into one another. They both sported impressive breasts, which squeezed against each other as their erect nipples flicked back and forth.

Sarah’s vision began to swim, and the bottom half of her body started to go numb, save for the burning pleasure coursing through her groin. She leaned forward against A’luhr’s chest, allowing the ample mounds to bounce up and down against her sweating face.

“S-stay strong… Sarah Cassidy…!” A’luhr grunted. “You must… NGH! N-not fall into lust again…” She gasped and squirmed as the thick cock pumped into her own pussy, her tongue hanging out of her gaping mouth as a thin line of droll drizzled down onto her tits and splashing up into Sarah’s face. A’luhr started to laugh maniacally. “Y-you think this a fitting reward?” She groaned at The Queen. “This female not only – AHN! – pleasured you… she… ohhh… also captured… GHN! M-me!” A’luhr barely managed to squeak the words out as she groaned and panted.

“What you say is true.” The Queen nodded her head thoughtfully. “What do you mean by your words? Is enjoying your connection with your mother not enough?” A’luhr smiled, though it came out more like a grimace as she continued to bounce up and down on the huge squirming cock.

“I believe she… mmnn… “A’luhr closed her eyes, trying to refocus after her body suddenly spasmed in pleasure. “I believe she… should enjoy all that you have to offer…” Sarah stared hazily at her friend, wondering if she had heard correctly or if she was finally going mad.

“Mm… I see your point…” The Queen mused, halting the motion of her hips, but allowing her penises to writhe autonomously inside of the helpless naked women riding them. “Very well, my daughter – I am impressed by your suggestion.” A’luhr shuddered and groaned as the tentacles slowly pulled her away from the slightly ribbed shaft that was soaking wet with her juices. She was placed gently on the ground at the foot of the throne and took a moment to grasp her stomach and clench her legs, trembling and panting as she tried to collect herself.

“A-A’luhr…!?” Sarah gaped, looking wide eyed down at A’luhr who had just doomed her to an even worse fate. Did A’luhr really see humans as disposable tools after all? The Queen used her large, slender hands to grasp Sarah around the torso, lifting her off of her second phallus and swinging her around so that she was bent over and presenting both of her lewd holes to The Queen. “Wh-why…?” Sarah whimpered, on the verge of tears. The sting of betrayal was stronger than the soreness between her legs.

A’luhr looked up at her with apologetic eyes, but then gleaned downwards, unable to look her in the face. Sarah was just about to cry out when her voice was taken away. She let out a quiet scream as The Queen rammed both of her cocks into Sarah’s ass and pussy at the same time. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her limbs fell limp. The pain quickly transformed into pleasure as The Queen began to use Sarah’s body like a living onahole, ploughing both of her well-lubed dicks back and forth deep into Sarah’s gaping holes, causing the human’s glistening tits to swing madly back and forth

Sarah’s head hung down and her auburn hair, still caked with The Queen’s cum, swung back and forth, slapping her in the face as she watched her stomach bulge with each mighty thrust. She let her mouth hang open, closing her eyes and silently crying out in ecstasy as she felt an incredibly powerful orgasm quickly building up in what seemed like her entire body. Her jaw started to tremble, her toes curled, and her stomach filled with warmth as her whole world became focused on the sensation of both her holes being filled to their absolute limits.

She braced herself for her climax, prepared to black out from sheer pleasure, when suddenly the cock inside of her cunt was pulled out, leaving her abdomen feeling deflated and empty. She gasped from the sudden change and opened her eyes. A’luhr knelt below her, holding the giant phallus in her hands – apparently having worked free of her bindings.

“Oh? You changed your mind, mm?” The Queen said, smiling knowingly down at A’luhr. “I am so delighted to know that your affection is such that you cannot stay away.”

“Yes…” A’luhr replied. “I need your… organ in my mouth. I miss the taste…”

“Please enjoy… for after this, we will resume harvesting your genetic material.” The Queen beamed, continuing to fuck Sarah in her jiggling ass. Sarah’s brain felt like it was melting out of her ears, so she had little mental fortitude left to contemplate A’luhr’s fickle attitude. She watched her old ally slowly massage The Queen’s newly exposed shaft with her hands before welcoming it into her mouth, once again stretching her cheeks as far apart as they could go.

Unlike before, A’luhr was able to force the shaft deeper into her protesting throat by using her hands. Her neck bulged slightly, and her eyes began to water as the meaty rod slowly inched forward, spilling a mixture of precum and drool out of her mouth.

“Mm… a satisfactory effort, my daughter,” The Queen moaned, closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation of both women acting as her cock sleeves.

Suddenly, it seemed that A’luhr had overestimated her abilities and she began to gag on the thick cock in her throat. She hastily pulled it out, gasping for air as saliva dripped from her mouth. Her gasping turned into retching as she was unable to repress her gag reflex, causing her to buckle over onto all fours.

“You will get better with time,” The Queen sighed, her eyes still closed as she smiled gently. A’luhr let out one final choking sound as something small and metallic fell from her mouth onto the ground in a small pool of fluid.

“I am not sure I can say the same about you,” A’luhr replied in a hoarse voice, wiping her mouth with a shaky hand as she picked up the silver sphere. She smirked weakly as she armed the grenade. The Queen sensed something was amiss and opened her eyes, anger blazing deep within them as her tentacle-hair sprang to life and shot towards A’luhr. She wasn’t fast enough.

“Suck on this,” A’luhr grunted. She hurled the sphere directly into The Queen’s voluptuous chest, looking away as it exploded into a cacophony of sound and light – markedly more powerful than the previous grenades Sarah had witnessed. The shockwave made the creatures attached to the men fall away and write aimlessly on the ground. A’luhr glanced at Steven who gave her a weak thumbs up from where he lay in a puddle of juices. She did a little fist pump to celebrate her first successful idiom.

“Move faster; we cannot stay here!” A’luhr shouted as the group sprinted through the dimly lit tunnels lined with randomly flailing tentacles. The Queen’s howls of pain and fury could be heard echoing from behind them.

“That’s obvious!” Adam yelled, attempting to hold his swinging penis still as he ran. “But how the hell do we get out of here?” Every surface was a thrashing, slippery mess of flesh-like material and tentacles, making it difficult to find good footing.

“We have to find Zoey!” Steven cried out, frantically studying the faces of every nude woman they passed. The tunnels were full of groggy, horny humans who had slipped free from their bindings as the tentacles began to spasm erratically. Some people remained stuck in the wiggling walls, their holes and cocks now being stimulated relentlessly as if by mindless beasts, unlike the rhythmic milking that the tentacles exhibited before.

“We do not have time!” A’luhr replied. “The Queen has lost her connection to the rest of the hive, but it is only temporary! We must escape or find a suitable place to hide before she regains control!”

“We can’t just leave her!”

“Perhaps if you had not wasted valuable time masturbating yourself to climax after you were freed, we would have more time.” A’luhr grunted.

“H-hey! I needed a clear head, ok?” Steven’s blush was visible even in the dim light.

“It’s true,” Adam nodded knowingly. “Now we have laser focus.” Sarah rolled her eyes. It hadn’t taken much more than a couple tugs for them to get themselves off, but it was still several precious seconds. Then again, she understood the frustration of being fiendishly edged for so long, so she couldn’t really blame them.

“Do you even know where she is?” Sarah asked Steven, also searching the sea of orgasmic faces with the faint hope that Zoey’s blonde hair would pop out at her.

“I… I don’t…” Steven admitted. “Can’t you follow her scent or something, A’luhr?” He looked desperately at A’luhr with pleading eyes. She frowned and shook her head.

“Unfortunately, I lost her scent a short while ago,” A’luhr sighed. “Besides, there are so many scents mingled in this nest that if I were to lose the one I’m currently tracking, I may never find it again.”

“Currently tracking?” Sarah said in surprise.

“There was another female with you in the drone whom I happened to meet earlier by chance. After you were returned to the hive, The Queen bade her leave again in the same drone. I imagine if I follow her scent, it will lead us to the exit.”

Sarah vaguely remembered there being another woman in the Taker with her. Her mind had been a mess at the time, but the more she concentrated, the more she could remember burying her face into a dripping ebony pussy. Her face reddened from the memory.

“Well, wait…!” Steven cried out as they approached a row of captured humans. “I-I remember this!” There were several men and women with their arms up over their heads and their legs spread wide. Thick tentacles engulfed their limbs and heads, leaving only their naked torsos and upper thighs exposed as their bodies were forced into an upside-down Y shape.

Large bowl-shaped appendages squirmed between their legs, with a single long tentacle in the middle that was covered in writhing cilia. These tendrils penetrated deep into the women’s gushing cunts and the men’s gaping ass holes, pushing them to orgasm over and over. The men’s enormous untouched cocks twitched madly in the air as they erupted with cum while the women’s glistening pussies lewdly dripped an endless stream of juices. All these fluids were collected in the bowls below the shuddering humans, which were overflowing and spilling onto the ground. All the while, the women’s huge, heaving tits were relentlessly milked by suckers that teased and squeezed their hard nipples, while smaller tendrils massaged the men’s giant, swaying balls to force as much spunk from them as possible.

“You remember this place!?” Sarah asked incredulously. “What do you mean?”

“It’s fuzzy,” Steven slowly replied, “but I remember being carried past these people after our… erm… time together.” They all shared a look of discomfort and embarrassment, except for A’luhr who remained focused on the task of leading them. “Zoey was being carried alongside me, and we parted ways right around… there!” He said, pointing at a tunnel splitting off to the side. “I don’t really remember what happened after that… the next thing I knew, everything was dark, and I was being… used…” He coughed awkwardly. “But she HAS to be down there! I know it!”

He peeled off from the rest of the group and started to run down the other passage. Sarah skidded to a halt and Adam grabbed A’luhr’s arm to spin her around to see what was going on. A’luhr clicked her tongue and her antennae vibrated and curled.

“Fool!” A’luhr barked. “We must stay on this path!”

“Should we just let him go?” Adam asked, glancing down the tunnel from which they came.

“What!?” Sarah cried. “I’m going after him! Maybe he’s right and we can save Zoey – or even find a better place to hide!”

“You can’t be serious!” Adam groaned. “It’ll all be pointless if we don’t escape!”

“Then go on without us!” Sarah exclaimed, already following after Steven. “I’m not leaving him behind!” She ran off after Steven, jumping over a man who was lying on the ground frantically stroking his cock. Adam looked back and forth between A’luhr and Sarah’s retreating backside. They both let out sounds of exasperation and hurried after her.

“If we do not locate Zoey in five minutes, we are leaving – regardless of your opinions.” A’luhr said as she easily caught up to Sarah. “That was my very last impulse grenade, which I even went through the trouble of overcharging – so there are no more second chances if we fail here.”

“I understand… let’s just hurry!”

They ran down the tunnel, dodging past writhing, cumming bodies and randomly flailing tentacles, until eventually they reached Steven, who had come to a stop at the end of the passageway. It appeared to be a dead end, until they noticed that the tentacles woven together to block the way forward were loose and wiggling weakly in place.

Steven began to grab and tug at the tendrils, yanking them from the obstruction and slowly clearing the way forward. The rest of the group rushed to help, and on more than one occasion, the tentacles would randomly find one of their cocks or holes and latch on before being hastily removed. After a minute of working, they had cleared the way forward, which led into a large chamber.

They stepped in and looked around. There didn’t seem like much going on in the area, save for the strange, ankle-deep pools of fluid that covered the fleshy ground here and there and the sounds of liquid dripping now and then.

“Are you sure she came this way?” Adam asked, nervously checking that the tentacles weren’t reforming the wall behind them. “There’s nothing he-” He was cut off as a deluge of fluids suddenly splashed down onto his head from above. Startled, they all looked up at the ceiling to see hundreds of large pods, adorned with sacs full of whitish fluid, swaying gently and leaking copious amounts of juices that splashed to the pools below.

“What are-?” Sarah began, when suddenly Adam yanked her arm back from behind.

“Look out!!” He yelled. The tentacles holding the pods aloft suddenly gave out, dropping the meaty pods a couple dozen feet to the ground where they landed softly like giant sponges. The room was filled with soft wet thuds and splats as more and more of the pods began to fall away from the weakened tentacles. Seeing them up close, they reminded Sarah of giant oysters. Some of the pods had been forced open by the impact, allowing the group to see within.

Sarah gasped as she saw a naked man inside of one of the pods, bent over on all fours with his head and limbs totally consumed by the fleshy interior. A huge, ribbed tentacle was haphazardly plunging in and out of his sloppy ass hole while his cock and balls swung lewdly between his legs from the force. Vibrating feelers were wrapped around his swollen balls, squeezing and fondling them, as even more rapidly stroked his rigid shaft. Near the tip of his penis were two thin tendrils that had a thin film connected between them like a sheet of cloth, which was dripping with nectar and being used to polish the poor man’s helpless glans at astounding speed.

He jerked his hips from the overwhelming pleasure, twisting and turning his body to fruitlessly avoid the incredible stimulation. As he squirmed, Sarah noticed that even his nipples were being flicked and sucked by exploring tentacles. It looked as if he was cumming with his entire body as cum squirted endlessly from his tortured cock and mixed in with the other fluids dripping and pooling within the hellish pod.

Steven rushed past Sarah and began to frantically pry open the pods, filling the room with the thick musk of sex as the naked, trembling bodies of more and more strangers came into view with each reveal.

“She’s gotta be here!” Steven cried. “My sister is inside one of these fucking things! Hurry!” They all began to crack the pods open and pull the captives’ heads into view, all of which featured gaping mouths, running noses, and eyes rolled back deep into their heads. After a couple more minutes, they still hadn’t found Zoey.

“Our time grows short,” A’luhr declared, scowling as she pulled another unfamiliar woman out of a pod. “I apologize, Steven, but we cannot risk it any longer. But there is always hope for-“

“FOUND HER!” Adam suddenly shouted from across the chamber. The rest of the group practically tripped over themselves to rush over to where he stood next to an open pod. A young female body was trapped on all fours within, quivering in ecstasy as two thick cock-shaped tentacles repeatedly rammed into both of her dripping holes. Small, flat tendrils were busy whipping at her tight, rippling ass cheeks while a vibrating sucker was devouring the poor girl’s helplessly exposed clit. Her left tit was begin squeezed tight by a starfish-shaped sucker that had a collection sac full of white liquid while her right nipple was being teased by a tendril covered in thousands of tiny feelers.

Adam had pulled the girl’s head free from the confines of the pod and sure enough, familiar golden blonde hair was plastered to her back, completely covered in slime.

“ZOEY!” Steven hollered, frantically yanking the tentacle cocks from her ass and pussy, leaving her gaping holes to spasm as they slowly closed, leaking astounding amounts of alien and human cum. “Oh God… oh God… what did they do to you, Zo? Please be okay…” Steven was nearly in tears as the rest joined in to help free his sister from her living prison.

Adam struggled to remove the milker clamped to Zoey’s breast, but eventually managed to pry it off after crushing the malleable, fluid-filled pod attached to it. Sarah and A’luhr worked to free Zoey’s shaking limbs from the pod’s pulsating insides, eventually requiring the combined efforts of all four of them to tug her loose and pull her limp body onto the wet ground.

Zoey’s slender body jerked as small tremors passed through her exhausted muscles. She gasped and writhed on the ground for a moment while coughing up a thick orange fluid that trickled down her still erect nipples. She suddenly began to blindly feel around for her own crotch, apparently trying to masturbate, before A’luhr grabbed her arms away and hoisted her uneasily to her feet.

When it became clear that Zoey was in no shape to walk, A’luhr lifted the teen up onto her back in a fireman’s carry. While this position did put Zoey’s glistening genitals lewdly on full display, they had all already been naked for quite some time now and seen each other fucked on more than one occasion, so it wasn’t as distracting as it normally might have been. That didn’t stop Steven from averting his gaze, however.

“We have no time to celebrate,” A’luhr grunted, starting to jog back the way they came while supporting Zoey’s weight. “We must get to safety before The Queen regains her senses, which could be any moment now.”

“No arguments here!” Steven replied, following close behind.

“I wish we could save all of these people…” Sarah murmured, looking over her shoulder at all the twitching captives still trapped in the pods.

“Once we are out, we can figure out another plan,” Adam reassured her. “If you can’t save yourself, you can’t save anyone else.” Sarah sighed in agreement as they hurried along the passageways to follow A’luhr, who didn’t seem too hampered by carrying Zoey. A’luhr didn’t look much more muscular than an average, athletic human, but Sarah wondered if perhaps her species’ muscle fibers were far denser than those of a human, which might account for her greater strength.

They continued for several minutes before finally reaching what appeared to be a dead end. The group looked around for an exit, but all they could see were hundreds of asses protruding from the walls surrounding them. They were practically stacked on each other, pressed so close within the walls that they were touching. They were arranged in an alternating pattern of males and females, with each man’s inhumanly large cock stuffed up into the pussy of the woman above him. The result was that the entire room seemed constructed of just naked asses and a chain of penises inserted deep into dripping, twitching cunts.

“Whoa…” Adam gasped. “This reminds me a bit of that one album cover… you know… the controversial one?”

“Huh!?” Sarah replied, blinking in confusion. “What are you…?”

“N-nevermind. It doesn’t matter,” he shrugged. “What does matter is that we appear to be trapped. Are you sure this is the right way?” He turned to face A’luhr, who was looking up near the top of the fuck towers. He followed her gaze and groaned. “Seriously? How are we going to get all the way up there?”

There was clearly a higher level of the room that continued forward from above the pit they now realized they were in, but there didn’t seem to be any sort of stairwell or surface with which to ascend. It was nearly thirty feet above them, so simply jumping wasn’t going to cut it.

“We will have to climb,” A’luhr said matter-of-factly. “Follow my lead.” She went over to the wall and closely inspected one of the gently throbbing penises, which were nearly the size of a forearm. Semen and pussy juices flowed freely down the shaft and dripped off his balls onto the pussy mound of the woman below him.

A’luhr balanced Zoey on her shoulders, using her dextrous antennae to grab onto the unconscious girl’s side, and then suddenly grasped the man’s thick, glistening shaft like a ladder rung. The cock was so hard and girthy that it managed to support her weight as she started to use it along with other nearby orifices and phalluses as grips to begin climbing up.

“Are… are you crazy!?” Adam groaned. “We can’t use… PEOPLE as a ladder!”

“They don’t mind,” A’luhr grunted, continuing without pause.

“You… I… goddammit.” Adam sighed, realizing there was no avoiding the inevitable. “You could have let me carry Zoey, at least! Take a break!”

“I am stronger than you,” A’luhr replied. Adam grumbled under his breath and began to mirror A’luhr, slowly making his way up the human climbing wall. “…But, thank you for thinking of me.” A’luhr added, apparently realizing that Adam’s ego had been bruised. He smiled slightly before grimacing as the reality of what he was doing sunk in.

Sarah and Steven looked at each other nervously, shrugged, and joined in on the slow attempt to scale the wall. It was an extremely difficult process. Not only were their bodies worn out from the intense sexual activity earlier, but the asses and genitals they were grabbing onto were slippery with cum and slime, not to mention that they wiggled and spasmed at random.

On several occasions, one of the group members would cry out as the cock they had grabbed turned out to be flaccid and unable to support their weight. It appeared that the nectar had just started to wear off from some of the captives and their endless arousal with it. Instead of wasting valuable time looking for another hand hold, they would just rapidly masturbate the throbbing shaft with their hand, forcing the unknown man to get hard again so they could use his pulsating rod to keep climbing.

After several minutes of the grueling ascent, A’luhr had almost reached the top. Her forehead was drenched with sweat and her limbs were gently shaking from exhaustion, but she smiled triumphantly as her head finally crested the top.

“I can see light from up ahead,” A’luhr called down. “The path out may yet be closer than we-” Her words were drowned out as a loud, high pitched, inhuman wail suddenly rocked the entire chamber. All at once, tentacles that had been hanging limp and lifeless between the bare asses sprang to life and began to plunge into all of the exposed, gaping ass holes. The captives in the fleshy walls began to writhe and shake much more powerfully than before and every flaccid cock immediately stood up at attention, with small tendrils guiding them back into the vacant, slick pussies above.

“What’s going on!?” Steven yelled, barely managing to hold on as tentacles snaked by him to enter the numerous asses around him.

“Quiet!” A’luhr hissed. “The Queen has restored her connection to the rest of the Krinis… which means we are running out of time! We must be as quiet as possible to avoid detection.” A’luhr slowly pulled herself up over the ledge and beckoned for the rest to follow, letting Zoey rest against a wall as she slumped to the ground in exhaustion, panting heavily.

Sarah watched as the guys methodically and quietly made their way to the top of the pit while carefully avoiding the thrusting tentacles. Adam finished the climb next, closely followed by Steven, with Sarah only a few feet behind. Adam reached down to give Sarah a hand, winking slyly at her, knowing full well that she had a clear view of his hanging genitals as he shook his hips a little. She rolled her eyes playfully and reached up to accept his help.

Suddenly, the man’s ass in front of her face started to shake violently as the tentacle fucking his ass reached a feverish pitch. This was too much for the man, who came hard from the stimulation, filling the pussy he was inside of so quickly and completely that it spurted out like a geyser. Sarah’s face was completely covered in thick cum, blinding her and causing her to gasp as she lost her grip – her hand swinging for Adam’s and missing by inches. She fell.

“SARAH!” Adam yelled without thinking, desperately reaching out for her as if trying to mentally will her back up to his hand. His sudden outburst woke Zoey from her slumber, who was immediately disoriented by being carried and facing the ground.

Zoey started to panic, shrieking and fighting against A’luhr’s grip, who struggled to contain her.

“Zoey! It’s us! It’s just us!” Steven hurriedly tried to calm his sister, but it was too late. Sarah struck the spongy ground at the bottom of the pit, which, despite being relatively soft, still knocked the wind out of her. The sound from the impact, Adam’s shout, and Zoey’s frantic screams all echoed down the sprawling tunnels of the hive, and the tentacles along the walls didn’t hesitate to attack.

“Run! Get outside!” A’luhr shouted, turning to leave when the first tentacle swung out to grab her. Her eyes easily tracked its movement, but her body was in no shape to evade. She was already running on fumes, carrying a squirming human, and barely able to stand in the slick slime coating the ground. She threw Zoey towards the light filtering in further down the path in a last-ditch effort get the girl out of harm’s way just before the tentacle ploughed into A’luhr’s toned body, pinning her arms to her sides and violently pushing her into a wall. A’luhr gasped from the impact and attempted to fight her way free, but there was no hope as more and more tendrils coiled tightly around her limbs.

The others weren’t much better off. Steven dived over Zoey’s shivering body to protect her, but he was snatched out of the sky just before he could touch her. Adam saw the tentacles coming and boldly attempted to jump back down into the pit, keeping his eyes locked on Sarah who was coughing and wheezing on the ground. The tentacles along the wall of the pit lurched out and grabbed him as he fell, pulling his naked body tight against the asses and genitals that had resumed cumming nonstop. He yelled and strained against the bonds as fluids splashed down onto his tightly restrained body.

Sarah attempted to call out to her friends, but she couldn’t fill her lungs with air, instinctively panicking and rolling over on all fours to try and catch her breath. She continued to choke and gasp for air until she finally felt in control of herself again. She looked up from where she was kneeling, sensing movement in front of her, and she nearly lost her breath again. Standing in the entrance to the ass pit was The Queen, looking rather worse for wear.

Both of her breasts had been blown off, leaving two ashy mounds on her scarred chest. Part of her left shoulder was missing, and half of her face was horribly burned, with many of her hair tentacles now gone or reduced to tattered sinews. She seethed with an inner fury that erupted into an alien howl as she laid eyes on Sarah and her group.

“YOU!” She spat, looking up at A’luhr. She stomped past Sarah and wobbled jerkily as she approached the wall of the pit. Clutching her wounded face, she reached out and yanked two cocks out of pussies along the wall and stuffed them into her mouth. Her tongue split into several small tendrils that effortlessly masturbated the men’s rigid members that immediately began to erupt with semen.

As The Queen’s cheeks filled with human cum, glowing beads of energy began to pool in her throat and chest, spreading out around her body like veins of light. In less than a minute, The Queen’s disfigurements began to repair themselves as her flesh stitched back together and new skin bubbled into existence. She sighed contentedly as she removed the still-squirting penises from her mouth, running a hand back through her freshly regenerated tentacle-hair to compose herself.

Sarah made a shaky attempt to get to her feet, but without even turning around, The Queen elegantly waved her hand and tentacles lashed out from the ground, pinning Sarah down onto her stomach. The Queen bent her knees and let out a breath as if savoring the renewed power coursing through her body, before leaping straight up to the top of the pit in one explosive motion. She landed amidst the bound group with surprising grace given her size.

“You…” The Queen repeated, this time in a much more controlled voice, while sauntering over to where A’luhr was struggling against the wall. “You have acted out QUITE enough.” A’luhr opened her mouth as if to say something but a tentacle quickly slithered over her face. “Ah-ah-ah!” The Queen chided. “There is no need for words, as there will be no more games and no more rewards… no, your responsibilities to the hive begin NOW.” She stomped her foot and the tentacles holding Sarah, Adam, Steven, and A’luhr all pulled their captives into the air, bringing them all back down to the chamber’s lower entrance.

They squirmed and bit at the tendrils to no avail while The Queen approached Zoey, who was still curled up on the ground in a fetal position and shaking her head as if trying to wake up from a bad nightmare. The Queen knelt and took Zoey into her large arms, pressing her comfortingly to her plump bosom.

“There, there, my lovely daughter…” The Queen gently whispered. “I know what you want… you want to return to your world of pleasure, mm?” Zoey weakly nodded her head.

“N-need…” Zoey croaked. “I need it…! More…! Please more…”

“Of course, my darling,” The Queen murmured, carrying Zoey in her arms as she hopped back down into the pit. “Mother knows what’s best. Soon you can return to your mind being lost in ecstasy, no longer a slave to the pains of this dreadful world…” The Queen turned to look at Steven and A’luhr. “As for you two chilren, you will continue to serve honorably in my throne chamber. So, say goodbye to your friends for now… I’m sure you will see them again.”

The tentacle covering A’luhr’s mouth slipped away and the four of them looked at each other from their suspended tentacle cocoons.

“We… we can still get out of this,” Sarah said in a small voice. “Right, A’luhr?”

“I am sorry, Sarah Cassidy,” A’luhr sighed, raising her head to make eye contact.

“N-no…” Sarah replied. “This isn’t your fault…”

“I mean for earlier… for using you as bait…” A’luhr’s antennae drooped tiredly over her remorseful face, tangling with her messy silver hair that now looked dull from all the fluids caked within it. “That… was not something friends do…”

“A’luhr…” Sarah whispered, tears starting to form in her eyes. She didn’t know how to respond to the defeated looking woman. “You did it to save us… you’re a great friend.” A’luhr smiled weakly over at her.

“Please…” Steven spoke up, looking towards The Queen. “Let me stay with my sister…” He adopted a respectful tone and averted his gaze from The Queen’s. “Um… y-your majesty…” The Queen smiled down at him.

“I shall consider it… if you behave well enough,” she said, brushing past the hanging captives and beginning to return down the tunnel.

“I-I’ll do my best…!”

“Good boy… Come along now.” The Queen waved her hand, causing the tentacles holding Steven and A’luhr to begin carrying the two of them along behind her.

“W-wait!” Adam yelled, thrashing back and forth. “What about us!?” You can’t just leave us here!”

“Ah, do not worry…” The Queen called back. “You are free to wander as you please…”

“Wh-what?” Adam stuttered in surprise. “No more of your sick games!”

“My son, did I not say there would be no more games? No, you and your mate will be free… after we test this final stage of nectar I’ve been preparing.” She snapped her fingers and looked back at the two of them with a grin as small tentacles with needles at the end approached Adam and Sarah’s immobilized bodies. “It is very similar to my previous batch… but this one… well… let’s just say it will not wear off as easily. Please try to serve your family for as long as possible…” She turned away and vanished from sight along with the rest of the group as tentacles began to close in around the two of them.

“W-wait…!” Sarah cried out, nervously struggling as she saw the needle slowly approach her exposed neck.

“Sarah!” Adam yelled, catching her by surprise. She turned to look at him with a frantic look in her eyes. “I am with you.” The soft, comforting expression on his face was the last thing Sarah saw before she felt the needle painlessly penetrate her skin, causing pleasure to instantly build up in her body and release with such an explosive, orgasmic force, that she lost consciousness. As she drifted off into the void, she felt countless tentacles begin to explore every crevice of her body, preparing to permanently welcome her into the hive.

[One month later…]

Sarah and Adam aimlessly wandered the sprawling network of dim, slimy tunnels as they had done every day for the last several weeks. The feeling of clothes covering their bare skin and any sense of modesty were merely long forgotten memories. Sarah didn’t know just how many cocks had railed her nor how many pussies she had eaten out – they got mixed up in her head among the countless tentacles that would randomly scoop the two of them up and fuck them senseless for hours. The orgasms and moans of pleasure were nearly endless, and they had no desire to escape this wonderful life any time soon.

The two of them roamed down a tunnel towards what appeared to be a large chamber, perverse sights filling their eyes everywhere they looked. They passed by a man and woman who were laying side by side on the ground, staring up at the ceiling while frantically masturbating each other with drunken grins on their faces. Looking up, Sarah saw what they were getting off to: another man and women were suspended above them by tentacles.

The hanging woman’s stomach was bulging with Krinis babies that visibly squirmed inside of her while the man’s stationary cock was shoved deep into her gushing cunt. Judging by his face, it seemed that some of the tiny tentacle creatures in the women’s womb had already begun to exit her body and were teasing his penis inside of her, causing him to cum repeatedly. Suddenly, his thick semen spurted out of the woman’s messy hole along with a deluge of baby Krinis that erupted from within the woman’s womb.

The fluids and newborns splashed down onto the spectating couple below, filling their gaping orifices as the delicate feelers of the young, squirming tentacles began to latch onto the humans’ nipples and genitals. The two of them were quickly to orgasm and Sarah smiled happily at them as she felt their juices squirt against her leg as she passed by.

“I’d like to try that soon…” Sarah groggily said to Adam, pointing the scene out to him.

“The two on top or the two on the bottom?” He replied with a grin.

“Yes,” She giggled, eliciting a chuckle from him as well. She was just so happy being among the Krinis. It felt like all of her years before now had been wasted on pointless pursuits compared to the pleasure and satisfaction she now felt on a daily basis.

They entered a large space where several naked humans were kneeling and lying on the ground, surrounded by tentacles rising from the floor. As Sarah got closer, she realized that they weren’t tentacles at all, but the large, foot-long penises of dozens of men that were trapped beneath a layer of resin. Their naked bodies were on display and woven together to maximize the number of cocks that could reach the surface, with tentacles wiggling inside of their frozen mouths and asses.

The thralls in the room were busy playing with the immobile men’s twitching rods, riding and sucking them as they pleased. One woman was dragging herself along the smooth floor on her stomach, grabbing every thick shaft she came upon to propel herself through the veritable sea of swaying cocks.

Sarah eagerly got down next to one of the larger black cocks that was throbbing and twitching as if trying to get her attention. She happily obliged, stroking the thick shaft with both hands while using her mouth to tease his swollen glans. Feeling around with her legs, she found another penis behind her and squeezed it between her thighs, grinding her ass up and down the rigid length.

She glanced over to see that Adam was busy rubbing his own cock and balls along a well-lubed that he had pressed flat to the ground in order to easily straddle. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Sensing a presence, Sarah looked up to see another unfamiliar woman joining her in pleasuring the cock in her hands, adding her kisses and tongue to help stimulate the man who could little more than stare up at them from below.

Another man came up from behind Adam and grabbed a long, slender cock near Adam’s ass. With a playful whoop, the man stuffed it into Adam’s well-used hole before getting down on his knees to rim him while also licking at the spasming shaft.

Suddenly, the penis in Sarah’s hands, the one between her legs, and several more around her erupted with geysers of thick hot semen, raining down on all the thralls who hungrily opened their mouths to slurp up the fresh seed.

Sarah and Adam stayed in this chamber for almost an hour until they were completely covered in cum. None of the trapped men’s cocks ever softened, so making them ejaculate again and again had become incredibly addictive. Adam, however, had wanted to take her to a special place he had discovered on his own the day before.

“Here it is…” Adam sighed as the two of them approached a wide wall of tentacles. “I can’t wait to fuck you in this…”

“God, yes!” Sarah squealed, looking down along the wall. The naked lower halves of several humans protruded from the squirming surface, sticking out and bent over as if trapped in a hole they had attempted to crawl through. Nearly all the wiggling asses were attended to by thralls, who happily thrust their swollen cocks into the helpless ass holes and pussies on display. Some were on their knees between the captives’ legs in order to suck and lick at their hanging penises, balls, or pussies – but whatever holes weren’t being filled by human cocks were stuffed with several ribbed and vibrating tentacles.

Adam grabbed Sarah by the arm to lead her towards an empty gap in the wall. His grip was a bit more forceful and dominant than she had expected, causing her to stumble along behind him, but she had to admit that she was turned on even more by this commanding side of him.

“Get you cute face in there,” he said, giving one of her erect nipples a tweak and spanking her butt towards the opening. She gasped from the pain and quickly obeyed, opening the small gap in the wall with her hands before sliding her head and chest through it. The edges of the hole quickly extended down around her waist to trap her in the fleshy surface and bind her arms to her side.

The interior was pitch black, but she could hear the groans and orgasmic screams of the other humans stuck in the wall beside her. Suddenly, she felt several warm, fleshy rods rush up against her mouth. She wasn’t sure if they were human or tentacle cocks, but she took them all into her mouth as best she could nonetheless, doing her best to use her throat to milk them of their delicious juices.

It wasn’t long before she felt hands… or maybe tendrils, grasp her ample, hanging tits and began to rhythmically squeeze and knead them. She moaned loudly into the phallus she was sucking on and was soon gasping and screaming in ecstasy as she Adam suddenly started to slam into her pussy from the other side of the wall with his lovely hard cock.

Sarah was enclosed in the wall for what felt like hours, blindly sucking on anything that pressed to her lips and feeling several different cocks fuck her pussy – sometimes one would enter her ass as someone else lapped and sucked at her trembling cunt.

On occasion, a twitching penis would press up into her open palm. However, due to her arms being bound, she had no way to stroke it as she wanted to – leaving her to simply clench her fingers around the slippery shaft and allow the unseen man to manually thrust his manhood up and down in her grip. It wasn’t uncommon for both her hands, ass, pussy, and mouth to all be servicing different horny people at the same time.

Adam eventually pulled Sarah out of the sex wall, as there was no way she would be able to escape on her own. She knew he didn’t want to admit it, but he sometimes got jealous after watching too many other men fuck her tight holes right int front of his eyes. He was so adorable. She started to walk alongside him but fell to the ground due to her legs shaking like jelly. He laughed playfully watching her give him a pouty face as she failed several attempts to get up. Sighing, he helped her to her feet and draped her arm around his shoulder to assist her.

“Having some trouble there?” He asked innocently.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” She replied, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Let’s see if we can’t fix that,” He grinned devilishly, whisking her off of her feet and bringing her deeper into the hive.

After several more hours of debauchery, Sarah started to feel hungry. She and Adam were suspended a few feet off the ground by tentacles, with their bodies hogtied and parallel to the floor. The two of them were pressed together face to face, allowing them to share an endless, passionate kiss while strangers thrust their cocks into Sarah’s dripping pussy and Adam’s spasming anus. The fleshy sounds of the men’s balls slapping into their bound flesh turned them on even more, making Adam and Sarah kiss deeper and deeper as their eyes rolled back into their heads.

While they were swinging back and forth from the intense fucking, naked women were below the couple, happily licking and sucking Sarah’s jiggling boobs and Adam’s leaking dick and swaying balls.

“I… I need to eat something…” Sarah panted, pulling her mouth away from Adam’s, leaving a glistening trail of saliva between their hot tongues.

Another man, apparently having heard her words, slid his veiny shaft in between Adam’s and Sarah’s lips, pushing his cockhead into her mouth. She dutifully gave his shiny tip a kiss before using her hand to gently tickle one of the tentacles holding her, which loosened.

“That’s not what I meant…” Sarah laughed, realizing how vague her words had been. “But… find me later…?” She gave them man a wink and gave his throbbing erection and single nice tug. He smiled at her and wandered off towards another nearby couple of women that were suspended and sloppily kissing in the same way as she and Adam had been. In the back of her mind, she felt like she recognized the man… he reminded her a bit of Steven and Zoey from her life before… but she couldn’t put a finger on it.

She slipped out of the draping tentacles around her as the other thrall who had been fucking her began to disperse. Adam followed suit and they began to make their way towards one of the hive’s many feeding chambers. While the captive human livestock who had not openly embraced the Krinis were fed via the network of nectar tentacles, the thralls were free to feast however they pleased. It was easiest, however, to find one of the feeding chambers, where the humans trapped within had been modified to produce extremely nutritious fluids.

They entered one such chamber and looked around for a free spot. Lining the walls were countless exposed gigantic breasts and cocks, with their owners trapped away behind the squirming tentacles along every surface.

Many thralls were already here, hungrily squeezing stroking the lewdly hanging body parts as if trying to milk them dry. This was an impossible task, however, as the cattle trapped in the feeding chambers had much larger production capabilities than others in the hive. They could endlessly gush thick milk or sperm that was modified to provide all the benefits of regular nectar. Any squirting tit or penis that didn’t have a hungry mouth latched to it was being sucked on by a tentacle that made sure to collect the valuable fluids to help feed other captives around the nest.

Adam and Sarah found some cattle that weren’t in use and knelt down to better position themselves. Adam had chosen a pair of supple breasts that were the size of watermelons, if not larger. He plucked off the two tentacles that were milking the woman’s pointed, pink nipples before squeezing the soft globes together and greedily sucking both of them into his mouth. It took only a couple of seconds before his chin was dripping with delicious, warm milk.

Sarah chose a stiff, pulsating cock that was nearly a foot and a half long and thicker than her arm. She slid the tentacle sleeve off the glistening cock and admired it for a moment, watching it twitch and squirt its cum, before welcoming the tip between her lips.

She pressed her perky tits to the man’s huge shaft, rubbing them up and down along its length with her hands while swirling her mouth and tongue around his helplessly erupting cockhead in order to coax as much semen from his huge, hanging balls as possible.

She grabbed a tentacle off a nearby wall that was covered in writhing little feelers, which she guided to his scrotum. It instantly coiled around his tender balls and began to squeeze and massage them. This led to a sudden burst of even more cum from deep within him, which Sarah eagerly gulped down her throat, only allowing a little bit to dribble down her chin and land on her breasts, acting as lube as she continued to give the unknown man’s cock a titjob.

Sarah enjoyed feasting on the man’s pungent semen for several minutes before she suddenly felt someone standing over her. She had assumed it was Adam, already having finished his meal, but was surprised to see Mary Wilde, the wonderful professor who had helped begin her life changing journey with the Krinis many weeks ago.

Sarah noticed that, as usual, Mary had a thick, cock shaped tentacle swaying between her legs, latched onto her enlarged clit. It gave the appearance of the woman having a dick, which she had used to fuck Sarah on many occasions before. The tentacle allowed a female to experience the same pleasures as a male during penetrative sex, linking directly to her nervous system. Sarah had been eager to try it out on Adam’s ass at some point but had never been lucky enough to find one of the coveted tentacle cocks roaming the tunnels.

“Oh… Mary…!” Sarah groaned, her stomach pleasantly full of delicious semen. “Didn’t we just see each other yesterday…?”

“Time is no factor when enjoying the pleasures of serving the Krinis,” Mary replied.

“However, at the moment, I am here for another reason. Our mother wants to speak with you.” Sarah raised a brow in surprise.

“The Queen? What for?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea… but she has summoned both of you.” Mary looked over at Adam who was still suckling the long, hard nipples in his mouth.

“Well, we better not keep her waiting, then.” Sarah shrugged, yanking Adam away from the set of tits and snapping him out of the euphoric trance he was in.

“H-hey! Wait your turn!” Adam yelled, not yet realizing it was Sarah who had grabbed him. “Oh… s-sorry babe…” He meekly apologized. “Do… do you want some?”

He gestured towards the still leaking breasts, which were quickly being swallowed up by milking tentacles again.

“We gotta go to The Queen.” Sarah replied, already dragging him away by the arm. “She summoned us.”

“What…? Why!?” He croaked. “We… we’ve been obedient, haven’t we? We’ve done nothing wrong…”

“I don’t know, but I guess we’ll find out. It’s probably not a good idea to keep her waiting…”

“I guess you’re right… I wonder if we will see Steven again…” Adam mused, scratching his cheek.

“Or A’luhr…” Sarah said wistfully. They hadn’t seen their friends since the incident in the pit. She hoped they were all right – though she was sure that they were. Everyone was happy after embracing the Krinis.

“Approach me, my chilren,” The Queen said from where she sat on her throne, having noticed Adam and Sarah nervously standing at the entrance to her chamber. They shuffled forwards and stood before her, looking up at her powerful, seductive body.

The Queen Lounged back in her throne with her legs spread, allowing the two of them to see a human penis buried deep within her writhing pussy. Her two large cocks were equally stuffed into the two gaping holes of a humanoid mass of tentacles hanging from the ceiling above her hips.

The squirming form had two plump, pale blue breasts protruding from within that were being aggressively squeezed and milked by sucking appendages that clamped tightly around the jiggling mounds. No other part of the captive woman’s body was visible. Suddenly, the pussy swallowing one of The Queen’s gently thrusting shafts convulsed and a stream of warm juices gushed down and splattered into Adam’s and Sarah’s faces.

“As you can see, your two old companions are doing just fine in their service to our loving family,

The Queen sighed happily. “The Great Mother is well on her way to being whole again… which means we must part ways soon.” The Queen looked legitimately saddened by this as she leaned her cheek on her hand. “Before I go, I believe I need to reward you both one last time… yes, I know I said there would be no more rewards, but I hope you can forgive your caring mother for acting out in… the heat of the moment, mm?”

Adam and Sarah blinked in surprise. This was not what they had expected.

“Y-you mean we aren’t being punished…?” Sarah gulped. She had been mentally preparing herself to be relentlessly edged on the way here, but still hadn’t been sure that she was ready for that torture.

“Punished? Whatever for?” The Queen replied. “You have done well acclimating to our family. I was worried you would… have trouble fitting in with your siblings… but it seems I was happily mistaken. In fact, you have performed most admirably – contributing plentiful amounts of genetic material to our cause. Would you perhaps like to join your young, female friend?”

“You mean Zoey?” Adam asked.

“Mm… names mean little to one such as me who has the consciousness of millions of lives flowing within…. But yes, I believe you have referred to that daughter as such.”

“I-it’s those pods, right?” Sarah stuttered excitedly. She wondered why she had been so horrified by those huge oyster-like structures when she first saw them. Recently, she had craved the chance to enter one and experience the impossible pleasures granted only to the *** few. She swallowed down saliva as she contemplated the future.

“The stimulation vessels will test the very limits of your fragile human bodies,” The Queen mused, “But I believe you have shown a mental and physical aptitude to handle the ‘pods’ as you call them.” Sarah and Adam exchanged excited glances.

“Come with me, my chilren.” The Queen rose from her throne, lifting A’luhr’s hips away from her two phalluses and sliding off Steven’s deeply purple penis. It was clear that he was still being edged after all this time.

Sarah shuddered imagining such a fate and felt a brief pang of guilt in not helping him. He was where he was meant to be, however, and there was little that she could do to change that. She hoped that he would find happiness in service just as she and Adam had.

The Queen stepped away from her seat and gently lowered A’luhr’s dripping cunt down onto Steven’s quivering shaft. Her dark blue pussy lips slowly swallowed up his purple, desperate cock, but failed to stimulate him enough to give him release – not that the tentacles tightly binding his balls would allow him to ejaculate.

“I will allow them to enjoy their time together while we are away,” The Queen smiled. “They have been so obedient lately… maybe I’ll even let this son spread his seed when I return.” She ran a slender finger up Steven’s twitching shaft and gently flicked A’luhr’s exposed clitoris. The Queen giggled and waved her hand, causing the tentacles holding A’luhr to start lazily raising and lowering her ass up and down Steven’s bound penis, stimulating them both just enough to be a tease but nothing more. Sarah sighed to herself knowing how much Steven would have loved to be able to see the sight of himself fucking the big-titted alien woman of his dreams.

Adam and Sarah followed The Queen back to the chamber where all the pods were. On the way, a drone passed by them, a familiar looking black woman being fucked within it and an unfamiliar, younger black man now being feverishly milked alongside her. Sarah smiled, always happy to see new members of the family.

When they arrived at the chamber, Sarah noticed that all the fallen pods had been lifted back up to the ceiling where they had continued to leak copious amounts of sex fluids all this time. The pools covering the ground were now much more plentiful and some were nearly knee-deep.

The Queen looked around contentedly and snapped her fingers, causing two pods to drop from the ceiling in front of them with wet splats.

“While you are in these, you will continue to service the hive by helping us better understand human physiology,” The Queen explained.

“Ah, that’s exciting!” Sarah exclaimed. Studying organisms was always an attractive prospect to her back when she was still a professor. She never dreamed that someday she would be the subject!

“I am glad you think so, my sweet daughter,” The Queen beamed at her.

“So… we each get in one of these…?” Adam asked, eyeing the two pods.

“Ah, I have been experimenting with human-on-human copulation lately, so I have other plans for you two – especially seeing how well you two copulate together.” The Queen patted the side of one of the pods and it cracked open, spilling fluids out onto the floor and releasing a thick musk into the air.

Inside was Zoey, bound in a seated position with her legs spread wide. Behind her was a large black man whose gigantic cock was roughly ploughing into her dripping pussy. His limbs were absorbed into the fleshy interior just like Zoey’s, but his arms were free. He used his large, slime-covered hands to eagerly massage and play with Zoey’s pert tits from behind, causing her to moan and gasp into the tentacle gagging her mouth as he pulled at each nipple.

Small tendrils tickled around their entwined bodies, licking at Zoey’s adorable erect clit and the man’s bulging, engorged balls. Despite having free domain over Zoey’s breasts, the man wasn’t in control of how he fucked her. Strong appendages around his hips forced him to thrust up and down in an endless, rhythmic cycle, as his sticky white cum poured out from within Zoey’s tight hole and down his cock and balls before becoming lube for the tendril pistoning into the man’s ass.

The man’s head was enveloped in tentacles, but Zoey’s face was exposed. Her eyelids flickered and revealed the whites of her eyes as both of their whimpers and groans mixed from shared orgasmic bliss. For a brief moment, Zoey seemed to noticed Adam and Sarah watching her – a faint light of recognition flashing in her eyes – but then it was gone just as quickly as it had come. Her consciousness was already completely consumed by lust.

“See?” The Queen cooed. “The experiments are going very well. Now, it is your turn.” She tapped the side of the other pod and it slowly opened, trails of slime dripping down from the mouth-like gap. Sarah gulped both in anxiety and anticipation.

“How… uh… how do we get in…” Adam asked, starting to pant already as he gently stroked his cock at the sight of Zoey being helplessly fucked by a stranger.

“Do not worry about that,” The Queen replied in a calming voice. “I will help you.” She grabbed Adam by the shoulders and tossed him into the mouth of the pod. Immediately, his limbs and head were enveloped in the fleshy, writhing mass.

A ribbed tentacle emerged from below his parted legs and squirted a lube-like substance against his puckered hole before forcing its way into his ass, causing him flinch in surprise and pleasure. More feelers and cilia-covered appendages grew out from the interior of the pod to caress his stiffening nipples and jiggling balls, resulting in his nearly permanent erection getting harder than Sarah had ever seen it – veins visibly throbbing in his reddening shaft. Sarah licked her lips, looking up at The Queen as she felt moisture run down her inner thighs.

“You don’t need to look at me, my daughter,” The Queen smiled sweetly down at her. “Go to your mate and share in eternal ecstasy with him.”

“Y-yes…” Sarah moaned, already imagining it. She clumsily climbed into the pod and straddled Adam’s rigid cock. She took a deep breath before slowly lowering herself onto him, welcoming his warm tip inside of her pussy before quickly sliding down the rest of this stiff length. The feeling of him filling her up was not new to her, but it also never got old.

She felt her body relax as her limbs were consumed by the warm, squirming mass around her. She couldn’t move an inch, but that didn’t matter – there was no place she’d rather be anyway. She glanced over at the other pod to watch it slowly close back up, encasing Zoey and the man yet again and drowning out their howls of pleasure before being hoisted back up to the ceiling. After a few moments, all that Sarah could see of them was the constant stream of juices that dripped down from above.

Sarah sighed happily as Adam began to thrust up into her. Soon enough, the stimulation was joined by many more tendrils that snaked down to tease her body. Every orifice was filled, and every inch of flesh was caressed, with special attention being paid to all of her erogenous zones. She was impressed by how accurately the tentacles managed to target even the smallest, most obscure sensitive spots on her body. They must have been learning a lot from the other people in the pods.

She closed her eyes and groaned throatily as Adam’s strong hands were suddenly freed from the tentacles and found her stiff nipples. He knew how she liked it and wasted little time working her breasts into a frenzy. She opened her mouth to cry out and was met with a dripping tentacle cock that pushed down into her throat to begin secreting nutritious, aphrodisiac nectar.

She felt Adam shudder in orgasm behind her as her pussy was suddenly filled with his warm cum. The sensation pushed her over the edge as well and she joined him in lustful bliss, cumming repeatedly while feeling her soaking cunt tighten around his twitching, erect cock. She continued to orgasm at a speed and intensity that she had never experienced before, until her body was shaking in exhaustion – but still it continued. Adam came just as much, endlessly ejaculating inside of her.

She wondered if the nectar she was being fed prevented her from getting pregnant, or if the zygotes were simply removed after fertilization. Then she laughed to herself for even worrying about such things. Why had she been trying to “save the world” before this? There was no need to do so. Her world was now one of eternal, pure orgasmic pleasure. Why would she want to be saved from this utopia?

“Best of all, no more grading papers…” She giggled to herself. Then her consciousness melted away in ecstasy – consumed by an endless stream of earth-shattering orgasms that forced countless screams from her lips. As the pod slowly began to close around the two of them, darkness took her as the last crack of light was sealed away from view, allowing her to focus all her senses on what was most important to her: Adam, and reaching her next incredible climax as fast as possible in order to serve the Krinis.

Hours passed. Or maybe days? Months? There was no for Sarah to be sure, as time no longer had any meaning other than a metric for which to determine how efficient she was in her orgasms. It felt as if her and Adam had merged into one being — a deeply erotic and intimate sensation that she wanted to last forever. She was ready to happily resign herself to her fate when suddenly, a change occurred. What as this unpleasant, burning feeling in her face…?

The first thorn of pain that had reached her since entering her pod broke her perfect world of ecstasy. As her mind began to stir once more, she couldn’t help but frantically attempt to mentally rebuild the shattering illusion. She blinked in the unwelcome beams of bright light that stabbed into her warm, comfortable pod. She groaned, yearning to return to the sweet escape offered by the squirming tentacles that surrounded her.

Something passed in front of the light source and she felt a touch on her arm. She flinched from the feeling of warm skin brushing against her. That contact alone nearly made her cum again as the effects of the nectar were still heavy in her brain… though it did seem as if the haze wasn’t as thick as it had been. She blinked again, trying to clear her murky vision.

“It’s her, alright!” A male voice said, “Damn, you never fail to impress me, A’luhr.”

“Save your praises for after we have actually exited the hive,” an ethereal female voice responded. “I hope I will be able to continue to impress you though. Now quick, extract them while I locate your kin.”

Sarah felt her limbs being to be pried loose from the squishy flesh restraining them. She gagged and choked as the thick tentacle in her mouth was yanked free, sliding a couple of feet out of her esophagus and leaving her to cough up alien fluids.

“Be careful!” The woman chided, “The effects of the nectar have grown weaker, but do not forget that mere skin contact may still be enough to trigger a relapse!”

“Yeah, yeah — I’m being careful… almost done.”

The last of Sarah’s body was freed from the pod and was pulled from within before being gently placed on the ground to slump along the side of it. Her pleasure was gone. In its stead were the uncomfortable realities of the world: cold, hunger, pain. She needed to go back but her body lacked the strength to stand. It was all she could to do press her trembling fingers to her engorged clit and begin to sleepily rub herself back to climax.

“Hey, Sarah — no, focus!” The man said again, gently shaking her shoulders and repeatedly pushing her determined hands away from her crotch. “A’luhr? A little help here, actually? Adam’s really stuck inside this thing…” Sarah heard a wet, meaty thud land nearby before light footsteps made their way towards her.

She cracked her eyes open a sliver and the blurry world slowly came back into view, meaning and purpose returning to the shapes that moved around her.

“S-Steven…?” Sarah croaked, surprised by how weak her voice sounded.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Steven replied with a grin. “I’m glad your brains didn’t melt or get eaten or something.”

“Wh-wha?” Was all she could muster in response.

“I do not know how long we have, Sarah Cassidy,” A’luhr spoke up from above her, using a crowbar to help loosen the tentacles’ grip around Adam’s body as Steven tugged at his limbs. “So we must move with haste.”

“I-I don’t understand… what’s… what’s going on…? I need to feel good again…”

“And you shall, but not like this… pleasure on your own terms is true freedom.”


“We can discuss your ‘needs’ later. We must escape now while she is missing.”

“Who…? Missing…?”

“It’s The Queen,” Steven explained, looking down at Sarah with an anxious, excited expression as A’luhr yanked Adam from the pod. “She’s gone.”


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