Diamond 1



A party gone right.

Walking down the school hallway I see many faces one that stands out is maddie wolf’s her body is everything I dream for and I lack the courage to even talk to her. After school I’m left with nothing but time I have no friends no a.s.a just a lot of free time and my mom is not home most days so I can be alone and do what I feel like. In my free time I masturbate, watch a lot science, history, comedy videos and I watch a lot of fantasy and anime but also ranging to realistic shows too. So today is Friday a day that everyone loves because it signifies completion of the week and that we can relax a little until Monday at least. Today I have gym early morning and the exercise is the only time of day that I like. After I changed I ran into maddie who was also dressed out and her hips are just far apart to be appealing her breast are B’s but I like em small. Her thighs jiggle when she walks her hair slick black and she was putting it into a ponytail her shirt lifted and I could see her stomach tattoo of a shooting star. She noticed me smiled and says “Hey” my heart stopped for a second and I couldn’t speak so I just kept walking pretending like I didn’t hear her. Thank God I had my headphones in but, there wasn’t any music playing. All throughout the workout I couldn’t stop thinking about it she smiled and said “Hey” and like with every female I’ve ever talked to I jump to conclusions reading to far into it. I soon forgot about it because things like these never end well for me and before school was over there was a pep rally. I never understood what the word pep was short for and why not just call it a spirit rally which sounds like ghost protesting but still they could have chosen a better name. Even prep rally which is what I thought it was would be better. Since I don’t associate with others I would stand at the top emergency exit / indoor running track area with the teachers and maddie walked all the way to where I was standing inside the stands and glanced at me then sat down. I walked away from the gym because I don’t like watching the dumb things the kids do to make people laugh so I walked to the main hallway and sat at one of the tables like some of the other antisocial kids but they were in groups so I guess anti social social group. Out of the gym came maddie and some her friends maddie cut from her friends and I heard her say “give me a second I gotta pee”. Once again she smiled at me I noticed she was walking towards me so I walked into the boys bathroom and waited for the bell to ring. After the bell rang I rushed out not giving anyone the time to notice me and ignoring everyone I quickly got to my motorcycle and drove home.

At home I think about what would have happened if maddie got to me what would she have done? My dwelling thoughts soon turned into a sex dream that could never happen especially to me. It’s the weekend and I make no plans but I get a text from one of my friends that there’s a party and I should come since I don’t work so I thought “That’s a great idea”. Before going to the party I decided to get a place to escape if something was to happen and I bought some alcohol and then went to the party in my truck. When I arrived at the spot of the party it was in a field with a barn and I help set up since I was early like always because that’s my personality. The person who organized the party was a girl named Liz she’s a rich white girl I was friends with and we even had sex a few times but now we try to avoid each other. I saw Liz walk Into the barn giving people orders because she’s bossy. Liz sees me and says “Cameron is that you? I thought you never came out of the house what are you doing here”? I said “I’m here to see you what else” sarcastically and said “for real though Liz this is a party thrown by you I wouldn’t miss it even if we aren’t still friends”. “This is our first semester of tenth grade I need something to help me calm down” I told Liz. She said “same that’s why I’m throwing this party” and I said “hey we still got 40 minutes until people start coming want to go wrestle (sex) for old times sake”? “Yea let’s do it”. I knew I could have sex with Liz without worrying because she stayed on birth control because she didn’t want any kids. We went to “The Tunnel” an abandoned 50’s bunker that could hold a family of 5. Since not a lot of people come early The Tunnel was empty as soon as got off the stairs she I grabbed Liz from behind. My hands were cold so I pushed through her bra and put my hands on her A-cup tittys she shivered a little and ripped my hands off her. She turned around and stuck her hand down my pants her hands were also cold but my body didn’t care and I shot my left hand on the back of her head and kissed her. We quickly got undressed I turned her around and with my right index and pointer finger together I slid down her body feeling a hair path and farther down caressing her pelvis with a cupped hand. Slowly my fingers pushed through into her pussy Liz was so wet it felt like my fingers were in between two warm slices of moist cake. I pulled my fingers out and with my right hand on my dick I slid into her womb i went in so easy but she was either really tight or my penis grew. “Aahh aah God” came from her mouth with my left hand and her left breast together I reached around with my right to put it on top of her clitoris. In my mind we looked like a k missing the bottom right line. Not 1 minute later did I cum in her and she started shaking so I kept going until she could stand alone. Before we returned to setup we kissed “we should do this again” I say “yeah if I need some BBC I’ll call you first” I watched her walk away as her long blonde hair swung. While everyone was getting the alcohol in place I had some guys from the football team setup some Christmas lights and the film students set up a projector. I also had some of the lights and alcohol put in The Tunnel with some music. Also a couple rooms I had sex room written on the doors and I had everything else closed off so no one would get lost I put up signs. And two other party spots that wouldn’t disrupt the movies but close to The Tunnel was a lot for people’s cars and another was for people who wanted to quickly access alcohol. A year before I was with some highschoolers while I was in middle school and we closed off those exits and put up a fence we wanted people safe after girls were raped and kids missing. A friend was the one that Invited me I said yes because I was lonely.

After twenty minutes people started filling in there were kids everywhere some not even from our school. Maddie showed up and I tried avoiding her but she finally caught me Liz had helped her. Maddie just wanted to talk so we went behind the barn and the walls were thick so I was sure no one would hear me if I screamed especially over the music and movie.

I asked her “What do need to talk to about”? I was scared for some odd reason “Me and you” she said “what” I answered she said “I was going to ask you if you were going to this party but your already here”. I asked her “why did you look like a serial killer when you came towards me” she said “because I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing”. “If the other girls found out I was talking to you they would try to get with you” I said “oh you should probably learn to text me”. She said “I don’t have your number” I said “ask around”. She turned around and said “but what I really wanted to ask you was…”. I took that opportunity and quietly ran away not thinking twice and knowing maddie would be mad I didn’t care. I saw Micah one of my closest friends he was with his girlfriend Shannon at the drink stand in the field near the tailgate. Micah asked “why are I running”? I said “I saw the kkk” because we always joke like that and we laughed I said “see you later man”. I then went into The Tunnel. In the tunnel I saw Diamond who’s last name I don’t know because there are three diamonds in my school I know two of them this was short diamond who had big tittys. Lightskin Diamond had a huge ass and thighs and small tits I liked her more she was the only junior that I knew in freshman year. Both are blackish and really nice but I don’t talk to them because they already attract attention due to their physique and have a lot of friends. Big titty diamond approached me and said “hey cameron I don’t see you outside school why are you here”? I said “well Im alive and young that’s all I need to go out”. Diamond laughed “let’s get something to drink” I said and we had a few drinks. Diamond was so drunk we talked about marriage on other planets. I asked her if she wanted to leave to go to that house I set up not but a mile away and I wasn’t blind drunk so I drove slowly.

Diamond only agreed to go with me because she didn’t want to go back with her friend who already had a guy with her.

Once we reached the house we went in and continued drinking and started dancing. After a few minutes we stripped slowly. First our shirts diamond didn’t have on a bra it was built into her shirt. Next our pants and shoes but I left my socks on I don’t like touching the ground no matter what. Finally we started kissing while trying to take off our underwear. I was still conscious but at this point Diamond was all over me. I don’t know why I didn’t have a great body but we were naked completely and I could see every detail of her body. I put on a condom because I didn’t know if she was on birth control. After putting on the condom I picked her up, she was a inch or two shorter than me which was perfect and I fell backwards on the living room couch. Diamond rose on top of me and slowly sat on my ragging erection I could feel her twitching as my dick went deeper inside her. I noticed she had her hair above her vagina cut into a smiley face. I could feel how warm and tight in her pussy was I put my hands on her ass it was like putting my hand on a firm cloud. She leaned towards me to kiss me while moaning and grunting “OH FUCK UUH FUCK” her only words. With one of her tittys in my mouth I couldn’t hold back and I came in the condom. I said fuck it and took off the condom picked Diamond up and with my dick hard and swinging Diamonds tits in my mouth I carried her to a room and placed her on the bed and took a step back to gain my ballance. In life there things one should experience sex after drinking some alcohol is one of them I don’t know why but it feels amazing. Looking at Diamonds body I knew we were both still horny so i grabbed my dick and slowly put it in. Diamonds voice when she moaned was so erotic I couldn’t hold back so I put my right hand on her soft ass and my left on the back of her head and her legs wrapped around my back. Diamond couldn’t do anything but moan so I kissed her and started sucking on her neck to give her a hickey. After I I used my right hand to finger her not hard but I could tell she was close so I put two fingers on the top of her vagina and started sucking her breast. They are so big from 4 feet away but when they’re in your mouth its like trying to put a whole jello cake in your mouth. I could feel her shaking so I started kissing her entire body. ” Ooh mmm yes UHH” she was yelling and moaning loudly.I then made my way down and sucked and licked on the outside of her vagina. She came so violently I thought she was siezing but I remembered that if she looks like she’s siezing stop and kiss her and that’s what I did. We both laid down smiling and giggling I guess we were both so exhausted we got under the covers and before I knew it we were asleep.

Waking up Saturday morning it was after 11 am I got up and woke diamond up too and I sat beside her we were both completely nude still and hungover. Diamond was likely still hungover because she lifted her head and put it back down and turned over I told her that we should shower she’ll feel better. So I helped her up and we got into the shower together. I watched her as the water flowed down her body from her hair that went down just above her tittys. Down her beautiful brown face the water went to her neck where my hickey was to her C-cup tits maybe bigger. Her stomach flat and her hips looked like they needed touching her pubic hair cut into that smiley face from last night thighs not to big and legs not to small. She turned around and when I saw her ass it wasn’t big but it was nice when she turned back around I grabbed her her thighs and lifted her up. Diamond was surprised at this and her thighs squished in my hands she wrapped her legs around me while pinned on the wall. I looked her body up and down water flowed down her beautiful brown body I looked into her eyes and that was all the confirmation I needed. I grabbed my rock of a dick and slid into Diamond “Uuhhmm” as I went exploring inside her face. Slowly I thrust into her she felt deeper everytime my both my hands occupied by her ass and holding her up I started sucking her nipples then kissing her.

Like a volcano I erupted in Diamond she was squirming and vibrating ” you like that huh” “mm yeah Daddy” with the softest voice I ever heard.

After the shower I gave her some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I asked her “is anybody gonna be looking for you”? She said “no my parents are at work and I told them I was at my friends house yesterday”. “I’m still hungover my head is throbbing”.”Okay so are you hungry” she immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. I said “I’ll take that as a yes” and she asked me “why aren’t you throwing up”. I said “well I know my limits” while fixing her chicken noodle soup with some crackers and coffee “that’s why I can still remember everything”. She said “well why would you want to I’m fat and slutty” I said “your definitely not fat but slutty I don’t know” jokingly. Bringing the tray of food to her in bed I say “here eat this and you’ll feel better”. While diamond eats I sit outside and eat a turkey sandwich with some cantaloupe and water. After I finish I take diamonds food tray because she can’t eat anymore and I close everything and turn off all the lights and we go back to sleep. At around 3 pm we wake up and I take diamond to the drug store. On the drive to the drug store “I say so are you feeling better” she says “yes way better thanks by the way”. I say “what do you mean” she says “most guys would just take me home while I was hungover”. I say “well I’m not just gonna sleep with someone and not care for them afterwards”. We stop by the pharmacy that sells the morning after pill and I paid for it because if Diamond was to get pregnant It would be me responsible for it. When we finished I asked Diamond “would you like to go eat something” “sure but not like a date right”? I chuckled “no just as friends who had drunk sex” and laughed she hit me on arm and said “that’s not funny”. I said alright “I know a place we can eat and they have the best burgers they don’t have a drive thru so I gotta walk in”. “What would you like to eat” I said she said “what do they serve” I say ” do you want a chilli cheese dog or a Yeah! Burger their signature dish”? She said whatever you get I trust I say ok and I order two yeah burgers two medium sized sweet potato fries and two milk shakes.

In the park we sit in the shade of a tree to eat and talk I ask her “so do you have any plans to travel”? She says “like where” I say “well I don’t know different countries planets hell even galaxies you know never be afraid to dream just don’t mix them with reality”. She says “yea we talked about this last night”. “Actually I was thinking of visiting the moon in three years then venus and maybe vacation in pluto” I said “yes that’s a pretty good plan”. “I was thinking I could just stay here and travel the oceans you know we really don’t know a lot about them”. “Then maybe I would discover a island and create a new race of humans called the Lanians”. She said “if I have time maybe I’ll get married on you know the diamond planet (55 Cancri e) then honey moon here on earth in the mountains”. “If I ever get married which I won’t maybe I’ll honey moon on jupiter it’s always raining so that means higher chance of fucking in the rain” I say. We laughed a few minutes at what we said and then continued eating. After diamond and I finished eating we sat for a while looking at the clouds in the sky and I said “where do want me to take you” she said “home I guess, today has been good”. Dropping diamond off at her house she said “thank you again I’ve never done anything like this and still be friends with anyone but you are different bye”. Driving home I wondered what caused us to have sex maybe it was the alcohol and desperation. “Damn I had sex with Liz and Diamond in the same night I’ve never it twice with different people before”.

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