Dealing with the local Bully



First time story please give feedback i know its long. Hope you enjoy

Rob had waited for this moment for 3 months, carefully planning out how he would retalliate for the threats made by Ryan to his wife Keeley and daughter Annelise while he was away.

Ryan was a good for nothing waste of space with a big man reputation on the estate, he always had someone who would fight his battles or do his dirty work for him, while Rob was overseas 4 months ago, his little whore of a daughter Jemma had started causing trouble at school for Annelise. Keeley had popped round to see Ryan and Laura, Jemma’s mother, to try and stop the bullying. Ryan had threatened to burn the house down with both them in it. Rob was so angry but agreed to leave it after Keeley begged him. Instead he planned to show him who he was messing with.

Lockdown had delayed his plans but the time had meant Rob could calculate when the street would be quietest and he could enter without to much noise. It was winter now and early nights meant the streets were quiet, the crappy estate street lights barely worked and the upcoming national lockdown meant most were preparing for 4 more weeks inside. Course the compulsary wearing of masks and his bobble hat made it practically impossible to identify Rob anyway.

7pm he had already told Keeley he was going pub he had waited in the alleyway. Right on schedule music started blaring out of the target house. It was Kyle, Ryan’s son another waste of space every night after dinner he would be on his computer music pumping headset on, what is it with teenagers these days. Rob stealthily approached the house and jumped the back gate with ease, he was just under 6ft and after 2 tours of iraq had still kept the build that most Dads would be jealous of. His dark hair and piercing blue eyes certainly had the women at the PTA talking he could have had any of them if he wanted. Truth be told he hadnt even looked at another woman since Keeley he really did marry the prom queen.

The back door opened, Laura going for her standard 7.15 fag during the adverts, Rob hated smoking women, there was no bigger turn off. He paused and watched as she took a few drags, she was certainly attractive, long legs that seemed to go on forever with a slim frame, a size 6 if he had to guess, shoulder length dark hair waved in the wind over her night dress and dressing gown, she must have had an early bath, the kitchen light lit her body up, he could tell she wasnt wearing a bra, not that she needed to, they werent massive by any stretch maybe a b cup he thought but the cold chill had her nipples erect, not bad for a mid 30’s woman he thought could easily pass for several years earlier. She bent down to stub out the butt and Rob quickly pounced.

In a flash his hand covered her mouth and the cold blade of the knife pressed against her throat, he could have used the gun but Rob always found a knife scared people more.

“Stay very quiet and you will get through this, scream and i will kill you and your family. Do you understand?”

Laura nodded the fear in her eyes unmistakeable, her legs struggled to maintain her balance. Rob guided her inside into the kitchen and shut the door. Quickly he ziptied her hands in front of her. The music was so loud he didnt need to whisper but did anyway.

“Where is Ryan?” He asked.

Laura stuttered tears running down her cheeks, Rob thought to himself how pretty she looked even without make up,he may even have started to feel sorry for her.

“He has gone to the pub” she finally managed to get out.

SHIT Rob thought, this wasnt part of the plan, he never went out during the week, the threat of lockdown had changed his plans and was now threatening Robs plans.

“He wont be back till close, please just go i wont say anything i promise” Laura pledded.

“Shut up Bitch im trying to think” Rob knew he wouldnt get another chance if left he had to wait this out and contain Kyle and Jemma from upstairs.

“Get in there now” he pushed Laura into the living room and on to the couch, her gown had come undone in the struggle and her silk lilac night dress was on view not leaving much to the imagination, she caught Robs stare and blushed repostioning her gown as best she could with bound hands. Rob placed a rope gag in her mouth and warned her to stay quiet.

“Anymore suprises up there other than those 2?”

Laura shook her head.

Rob climbed the stairs, it wasnt a big house a standard 3 bedroom semi detached, the adjoining house was empty they had complained about the music been constantly on and the council had moved them. Rob realised how lucky that was, he moved past Kykes room he was likely to be the only threat but as he was in his own world with music so loud he could take him last.

He moved outside Jemma’s room, it sounded like she was on her phone, the room slightly ajar where the door couldn’t close due to a coat hanger. Rob couldnt risk her alerting anyone by just barging in, he had to work out what she was doing and when he could strike.

Rob pulled out a small mirror he had in his pocket, it wasnt the optical cables he would have had on a mission but would have to do, he edged her door slightly more open and postioned the mirror to look around. Bingo.

Jemma wasnt on her phone but appeared to be on her laptop at her desk, her back facing the door, a headset in. She wasnt talking to anyone particular, her legs akimbo up on the desk the laptop cam directed so not to show her face, from what Rob could make out it pointed at her flimsy night top, one hand clicking on her mouse the other across her chest seductively rubbing.

“Mmmm lets see what you got then daddy, show me what you want to do to me” she playfully said into the mic, then in a flash she laughed ” Is that it old man u couldn’t satisfy me or any girl with that” then a click of the mouse and on to the next cam. Rob realised she was on one of these web video chat sites skipping through random men teasing and humiliating the older guys. He waited, he figured there would be someone who catered to her needs as he had spotted the Rampant rabbit next to her hairbrush within reaching distance of her chair. A few minutes past with her humiliating guy after guy, if they had been in the room they would have lost it by now thrown her to the floor and ripped her clothes off before raping every hole she had. The little slut was enjoying teasing them it gave her power.

Finally she seemed to find a guy she was fairly impressed with, “mmmm hello big boy” she whispered into her mic. From what Rob could see it waa a man of around 38 he was stroking a decent size cock on cam about 8 inch but it really had some girth to it, hebhad what looked like a hair bobble around the base of his cock as he stroked.

“Mmm hello baby, you look just like my daughter, wanna make Daddy cum?” He said.

Jemma slipped her arms through the shoulders of her top “mmmmm Daddy i have been a bad girl” she said as with both hands she played with her nipples over her thin top before slowly pulling it down over her C cup breasts. Rob now had a great view of the screen Jemma’s focus had allowed him to slip into the room unnoticed, he could see her magnificant tits from the side they bounced as she played with them perfectly firm. It had been a while since Rob had seen such perfect teen tits he had to admit he was aroused. The guy was moving the cam to give a close up of his cock asking her if she could take him to which she was nodding and moaning too. Her right hand had slipped into her loose fitting shorts clearly rubbing her juices into her clit. She was getting hot. In one movr she slipped her thumbs into the waistline and pulled them down using her legs to lift her tight ass off the chair then slipped one leg out and respread, the guy was able to see her sex perfectly now. She parted her pussy lips to show how wet she was her cam was filled with her pussy and tits the older guy was picking up speed he wanted her the lust was in his eyes. He wanted to stretch her little pussy and he told her just that. She grabbed for the hairbrush, it had a fairly thick handle about 5 inch in length, Rob was able to see the tip enter and disappear into her perfectly clean shaven pussy she was wet on each stroke she made the moisture glistened across the handle, her clit was standing proud she dutifully licked two fingers then moved to rub it. She was in a different place now watching the cock been stroked imagining it was pounding her, he was getting close to quick she wasnt going to get to cum before him but the screen didnt matter to much anymore. She had to cum, the guy moaned shotting stream after stream of cum into the air she loved the cumshot she always had. She reached for her rabbit she needed something bigger to finish off. The guy disconnected, Rob handed her the Rabbit…….

It took Jemma a second to compute what had happened but by then it was too late Robs hand was across her mouth the tip of the knife pressed against her nipple. She froze hairbrush in one hand half in her pussy and rabbit in her other.

“Stay calm little slut and you will be ok, no cumming yet though” he smirked. “Now clean your hairbrush slut and pull your pants back up.”

Jemma did as instructed she licked the hairbrush clean, as she always did. She loved the taste if truth be told. Her pants adjusted she was allowed to turn to face Rob, the knife still tracing her nipple, he was enjoying this and having her stand in front of him with her top around her stomach was giving him all the power, he loved it, he was going to teach this slut a lesson.

Without speaking he traced the knife down her body picking up the stringy shoulder and pulled her top back up slowly, Jemma was able to cover herself once more, maybe she would be safe she thought. Then zip tied she was led downstairs to sit on the chair opposite mum, the damp spot in her pants was obvious Laura assumed the worse and tears formed.

“Dont be a silly bitch, you will see why shes like that soon enough” he snarled at her.

2 down 1 to go, he figured Kyle was the biggest threat of raising an alarm but also knew how self centred he was. Rob knocked on his bedroom door

“WHAT” was the reply

Rob knocked again

“FOR FUCKS SAKE” Kyle shouted as he grabbed the door and flung it open. Rob pounced using the momentum he shoved the door with all his weight hitting Kyle in the head, the next punch floored him and he quickly tied and gagged him. Rob turned the music down a little finally the rest of the street could have some peace.

By the time Kyle has come too he was on the sofa with his mum he had been just wearing his shorts and some of blood from his nose had fell on his chest. He was quite skinny the start of a six pack where he had obviously tried to work out, he had a scruffy looking haircut all the kids rage about these days. He wasnt super popular with the girls at school but not a geek by any means. Despite his pretence of confidence he hadnt actually ever been with a girl past kissing. All his experience lay in online porn.

Rob had brought down Jemma’s laptop and cast the screen to the 55 inch telly on the wall. Laura looked confused what was he doing?

Rob disposed of his mask he no longer needed it, these guys were not going to talk once he had finished.

“Listen up, I came for Ryan but seems as he wont be back for at least another 3 hours i thought we would have some fun. Seems this little slut”, as he pointed at Jemma,”needs to learn some online etiquette teasing and humiliating men for her own enjoyment”

Jemma’s head sunk, Laura stared at her what had her daughter been doing?

“Thats right love, your darling little girl here likes to make guys show off for her on webcam then gives em shit if their cock does’t match up, Course the ones that do get a special show off her” he pulled out the hairbrush and Rabbit.

Laura just looked straight at Jemma, Kyle didnt know where to look.

“Its ok son i bet you didnt know what a slut your sis was but i think you will get to see this evening.”

Jemma was on the brink of tears she had never told anyone about what she did on cam nor had she ever been caught with her toys, always so careful waiting till she knew everyone else was busy. She never really thought twice about the guys she rejected never understood the humiliation but she knew tonight she would.

Rob set up the laptop, the cam pointing at her chair but this time her full body face as well was on display, the sofa looked across the chair towards the telly meaning kyle and laura would have both the telly and the live viewing available to them.

” The rules are simple, im not nearly as twisted as some of these folk on here so im gonna let them control you. You will follow any orders they give you and answer any questions honestly, if you lie or fail to do as your told mummy dearest will pay the price.” He ran the tip of the knife up her leg cutting the gown to her hip. “Understand?”

Jemma nodded her head, she couldnt speak, she knew she had no choice.

“One more thing we will change your welcome message and record”

Jemma looked down at what Rob had typed.

” Hi, im Jemma Hayes, Bolton, im here to do as you command or answer ANY questions you have”

She moved to protest as did Laura but Rob raised the knife, he cut her ties and removed the gag, pressing the knife against her throat.

“PLEASE” She pleaded ” My life will be ruined”

“Maybe, your life will be over as will your family though of you dont” Rob grinned pressed record and next cam. He sat on the sofa next to Laura, she had Kyle to the other side.

“Enjoy the show” he smiled.

“Laura’s eyes stared straight at Rob she was trying to speak but the gag was stopping anything coherrant coming out. Rob told her if he removed the gag and she screamed he would cut her tongue out. She nodded.

“Please” she begged do what you want with me but not my kids, Rob sighed.

“Listen if it wasnt for poor parenting that had happened here you would’t be in this position, your husband threatened to burn my house with my wife and daughter in now you pay for that. Your daughter has been giving hell to Annelise at school , now shes paying for that, do you understand!” Rob was angry

“Kyle watch your sister or the TV stop looking at your mother for help, she cant help you, In fact you like to look so much here”.

With that Rob ripped the gown Laura was wearing from her hip to the neck, it fell apart and Rob disposed of it on the floor. Laura looked down first at kyle then herself, she was now sat on the sofa in just her lilac french panties, her pert breasts lifting as she breathed, her nipples were always erect but now they seemed harder she felt they could cut glass, Rob was holding her facing Kyle who was a like a rabbit in headlights, his stare fixed on his mothers tits he had never been so close to real ones and the erection in his shorts made everyone know he liked what he saw, even if she was his mother.

“Seems the boy has taste” Rob sniggered “now enjoy the show and shut up”

Jemma had tried to skip as many awkward questions she could while this was happening but now all eyes were back on her,except for the occasional glance at Laura, she resigned herself to the ineviteable.

The first 20 mins were pretty standard, dirty old men werent really intrested in her name or asking questions the just wanted her to get her tits out on cam for them to cum too, and they did 5 different guys in that 20 mins. Kyle had been treated to several glimpses of his sisters tits and he was busy comparing to his mothers in his head. Truth be told Rob was enjoying both girls too he was happy playing with lauras nipples while watching Jemma do the same to herself, he had got bored of her constantly covering up each time so had cut the shoulders of her top, both were to be topless all the time.

Rob stood up,

“Jemma i dont feel you are being a dirty enough slut and really seducing these men the way you were earlier, not one has asked to see you masturbate or asked you anything particularly personal, if u dont start being more seductive there will be consequences!”

Rob sat back down pushing laura closer to kyle with her hands tied, even in front of her, her balance was uneasy, kyles was worse as his hands were behind him. She fell across his lap, although able to get her hands foward enough to stop her completely falling, her right breast had inadvertantly brushed against his fully erect penis, even through the shorts it stood proud and Kyle had uncontrollably moaned as it happened. Laura pushed herself back up as quickly as she good.

“Hahaha, dont be ashamed kiddo shes a good looking woman is your mother.” Turning to Jemma ” carry on slut and remember what i said or dont i think i might enjoy the consequences”

Rob continued to watch Jemma was trying but her ability to seduce once her assets were out was just seeing more and more guys cum over her tits, she didnt know how to get more out of these guys to please Rob who was enjoying her fail, he had a plan.

It felt like 20 or 30 men had blown their loads over Jemma non had even asked her to cum she felt dirty, Laura was defeated, her niples been played with and the ogling of Kyle made her feel worthless. Kyle had had a solid erection for 45 minutes god he must have had blue balls Rob thought.

He stood,

“Jemma you have failed and there will be consequences, however you will learn from them, you need to engage in coversation rather than simply rubbing your tits to attract a real man.

“Kyle” he awoke from his daze, you have been aroused for 45 minutes at least i bet your balls are aching, when did you last cum.” Rob looked at him “answer boy”

“Erm last night” he sheepishly said,

“And to what material did you cum too” Rob lead the conversation

Looking embarrassed Kyle replied “just some porn online.

“That nothing to be embarrased about, do you like your mums and sisters tits son? You have been staring for some time now.”

Bright red now but unable to hide his face due to his binds “erm i guess so”

Rob went for the killer question, “kyle, are these the first tits you have ever seen up close”

Kyle could only nod, he felt embarrassed but also could not hide he was aroused by both his mothers and sisters tits in front of him, he dare not admit it but a part of him was hoping for more, he knew he’d be wanking himself silly once this guy had gone but also knew this guy was also his best shot of seeing his sister humiliated more in front of him. He was brought back to his senses as Rob spoke.

“Jemma you failed but it will not be you who faces the consequences remember this before you disappoint again. Instead your mother and brother will pay this time. Laura stand up and face your son, if you resist it will only get worse”

Laura stood gingerly her bound hands raised to cover herself from Kyle’s view she didn’t know why, he had seen them enough now but still some sense of mother protection made her. Rob was admiring her ass as it faced him he walked over and gave it a squeeze, firm just as he suspected. He whispered in her ear.

“WTF please NO!” She begged, it was no use she watched as Rob simply cooked the gun and aimed it at Kyle’s temple.

“Would be a shame for the kid if you didn’t”

Laura took a deep breath she would not give Rob the satisfaction of seeing her crying anymore, she could do this, then tomorrow she would just forget. She looked at Jemma, she had stopped skipping cams in the distraction but Jemma knew she had caused whatever was about to happen.

Laura motioned to Kyle to move to the middle of the sofa, he slid across as best he could still bound hands behind him and an uncomfortable bulge in his pants, it was about to get worse.

Kyle watched as his mother put one knee across his left thigh and then swung the other across the right she was now sitting on his knees looking down at him, Kyle felt his cock twinge he was eye level with those fantastic breasts the nippers pointing at him his mothers hands on his chest for balance.

“Its okay Kyle just pretend I’m not your mum at the moment” she desperately tried to reassure him.

Kyle didn’t care if he was been honest he was in awe,

“Do it” Rob instructed Laura, she tried to lean forward to press her nipped against Kyle’s mouth but she couldn’t reach, she had no choice she moved her hands down as quickly as she could to adjust Kyle’s cock in his shorts before sliding on top of it, all that separated it from her pussy was her French knickers and his shorts. She offered her nipple to his eagerly awaiting mouth.

Kyle could feel his heart beating hard in his chest, as his mother moved her hands down his body and adjusted his cock he could have sworn it missed a beat and now as his cock throbbed in his shorts he could feel the resistance of her pussy, he couldnt help but grind his cock against her as he took her nipple between his teeth. He couldnt believe his luck the same nipple that once fed him was now feeding his sexual desires. Laura whinced, a slight ouch comong from her lips, he had bit too hard. She slipped her bound hands behind his head and pulled him closer. Kyle adjusted his grip on her nipple, he started to explore her nipple with his tongue, rolling it over and around he nibbled rather than bite. This was not some porn clip where he was roughly taking what he wanted but his mother, beautiful and soft he caressed her, all the time grinding his hard cock as much as possible against her. It was like noone else was in the room he was in heaven. He felt his mother respond.

Laura knew it was wrong, she knew she was been forced into this. Yet as Kyle had explored her nipple she had, for the first time in a long time, felt the want of a man, her son wanted her, not just as a while to fuck, to use and abuse but he really wanted to explore her. Her body could not help but respond to the suckling on her nipple, they had always been sensitive and although her breasts werent the biggest she loved in when guys took the time to explore them. She could feel the throbbing of Kyles rock hard cock against her, although she had originally sat it out of harms way his wriggling and grinding had moved it so each twitch vibrated from her pussy to her clit. She couldnt help herself she estimated he must be about 7 inch, not the biggest shed had but the girth to him was amazing, much fatter than her husbands. She pulled back to offer her other nipple to Kyle when a very audible moan left her lips, without realising she was working her hips now against her son’s cock, the unmistakebale feeling of mositness in her crotch as her panties were sticking and then sliding, she was wet, possibly wetter than she had ever been before, it didnt matter now who it was she looked deep in Kyles eyes as she dry humped against him both breathing heavily.

Rob was behind the chair watching the show and making sure Jemma was paying attention to the scene she had caused by failing.

“See where you get it from slut” Rob whispered in her ear, he could have shouted it in fairness Laura and Kyle were oblivious to them now or to the phone recording them that Rob had set up, to anyone watching it would look like Laura was riding her son while he sucked her breasts, no forcing or threatening, it was all Rob needed to ensure their silence. Now he watched the show while stroking Jemma’s nipples they were much bigger than her mothers but the nipples less so, still they were hard as he took them between finger and thumb he squeezed harder but he knew whay he was doing Jemma was responding.

Jemma couldn’t believe what was going on infront of her, her own mother had seemingly lost control and was riding her brother! She wanted to be disgusted, at least these random men that had been cumming over her all night could be forgotten, this however, would never leave her mind. Yet strangely she couldnt take her eyes off them, the way their bodies moved together the moans escaping their lips, she had even pushed her tits up for Rob to get better access. She was losing control.

Rob broke her trance ” Are you all wet watching your mum humiliate herself on brothers cock, i hope your as wet as your mother” Rob pointed at Lauras panties there was the largest patch of dark purple material across her lilac panties she was clearly soaking. Jemma just moaned she looked down, wtf her hand was in her pants rubbing her own pussy! She had no idea how long she had been doing it, she had inadvertantly given Rob a great view of her bald pussy been stroked.

“Noone gets to cum” Rob whispered to her “but its time your brother got to see some pussy i think, take your shorts off, you wont need them anymore plus its about time it was on cam”

Jemma didnt know why but she didnt protest she slipped her bottoms off she could see she had soaked them through, her body just wanted to cum now she was past humilation, she was beaten. Robs to control.

He grabbed her hand stopping her mid stroking of her clit.

“Listen slut, you are going to push three fingers into that dripping wet cunt of yours and hold them there” Rob released her hand as he finished. Her pussy been reffered to as her cunt had shocked her but also made her even wetter she could feel the dribble rolling towards her tight ass hole. The first 2 fingers slid in easily the 3rd a little tighter finally she could scratch that itch.

“Now hold bitch, no cumming” Rob commanded.

He got up moved behind Laura who was moaning louder she was getting close, as was Kyke. He wrapped his arm around her chest grabbing her tit hard as he threw her to the otherside of the couch.

“Thats enough you slut, this is a lesson not fun time for you, now get on your knees in front of me.” Laura was ashamed she realised how close to cumming she had been dry humping her own son, at least sucking Rob wouldnt be so bad, she obliged, down on her needs she looked up at Rob waiting. It never came though.

Rob instead moved and grabbed the camera again, he showed a clip of Laura ridding Kyle to her.

“I bet the PTA would love to see this little clip” Laura was devestated even further the video showed no signs of distress just her enjoying herself on her son. She knew if this got out she’d be finished, her life over. She almost wished Rob would finish her.

Rob pulled Kyle to his feet.

“See boy this isnt supposed to be fun for any of you but you all seem to be loving your little incest show, you’ve sucked mummys titties but now its time for you to taste some pussy” Rob bent Kyle over Jemma’s chair.

Jemma looked mortified her own brother was inches from her wet pussy, Kyle was intoxicated by the aroma she was so wet it was not doing anything for his raging hard on, he new he had precum all over his shorts aleady from his mum riding.

“Oh no boy, you dont get to lick it yet, poor sis is too close for that, feed him your fingers slut” he stared directly at Jemma, she thought about protesting but decided against it. She removed them from deep in her pussy, her fingers were soaking her wetness was beading between her fingers so sticky she had never known herself be this wet even after orgasm. She pushed them into Kyles mouth.

Kyle didnt know what to expect he had heard horror storys of fish taste, but thus was different it was sweet and it rolled around his mouth, he realised he liked it and soon he was sucking each of the fingers dry. He loved the taste of his sis.

Rob had the camera ready again, he pulled Kyle back to his feet. Positioned him in front of Laura.

“Now for the finale, Laura remove your boys shorts and take him in your mouth or this vid goes viral”

Kyle was excited but apprehensive he knew he needed to cum, his first blow job was going to be his mother, but damn she looked hot on her knees in front of him. Laura slowly raised her hands to his waistband, she just had to get through this. Her hands shook as she pulled the shorts down. Out popped Kyles cock it was rock hard, as she thought about 7 inches but thick, thick enough to make her gag she thought. She had to admit she liked what she saw. As did Jemma who let out a gasp.

She raised her hands the right went to cup his balls and the left slowly pulled back on his shaft, his tip was glistening with precum, She raised herself up to get to mouth level when it happened. Kyle could not control himself any longer the faintest touch from his mother had tipped him over the edge. The first shot had hit across Laura’s nose and cheek, the second her chin. By the time the 3rd and 4th she had pulled back and received them on her tits. It was porn star like thick cum all over her. Kyle couldnt appologise enough he was so embarrassed. His mother just looked up almost disappointingly

“Its ok son” she tried to reassure him. She went to wipe her face.

“Don’t you dare slut” Rob yelled, “This is perfect haha” Rob had suspected this would happen.

“How many girls are gonna wanna be with premature cummer like you Kyle haha, now Jemma do you understand the consequences of dissapointing me? I have vids of both your mum trying to get off humping your brother and your brother shooting his load at the slightest touch haha, dont disappoint me again”

Kyle sunk into the chair, now without shorts and his cock begining to soften, crying he had blown his first blowjob and to make it worse his mum was sitting there covered in his cum unable to clean up.

All three of them slumpped they had been degraded to the point where all of them had wanted to orgasm with each other regardless of being family. Then the one that did wished he hadnt. Rob just smiled at them admiring his defeated pray.

“Now now guys dont look so down beat its only 9pm plenty of time to have more fun”

“Please no more” Laura pleaded again ” You have shown us up degraded us and broken my bond with my kids, we cant take no more” she didnt have any energy to cry she just knelt looking at Rob cum dribbling across her mouth and chin, her perfect nipples glistening as the light caught the cum on her chest. Rob had definitely been aroused.

“Look here sweetheart, being affectionate for the first time as he lifted her chin, yes i have humiliated all of you, i have videos of you trying to get off on your son, young Kyle shooting all over you at the slightest touch and put Jemma on webcam, although that has been disappointing so far, what you forget is now i have these vids i dont need to worry about you contacting the police or this little slut continuing to bully Annelise. So i dont have to kill you all” he smiled, like he had done them a favour.

Laura looked around at her family, her daughter naked on the chair in front of a laptop, her wet shorts on the floor, she was holding back the tears but was clearly feeling guilty about what she had caused. She looked to the couch Kyle now trying to cover his semi flaccid cock which still had cum dripping from the tip. Then finally down at herself covered in her sons cum. Her tits on display for everyone to see and a cold damp feeling in her knickers where she couldn’t deny she had been aroused. Yes what Rob had done to them was unthinkable but she knew she had failed as a mother.

Rob continued,

“So the way i see it is simple young lad over there has had his first sexual experience and is probably scarred for life, both you and your daughter havent been allowed to achieve orgasm which lets be honest we can all see you wanted too. Finally i have quite enjoyed your little show and want more so if you dont want all these little vids released right now you will get that chin up and motivate your children to do as they are told. IS THAT CLEAR”

With that he pulled his finger through the string of cum hanging from her chin and rubbed it on her lips.

“Open wide”

Laura obeyed. The cum on her face was still fresh enough to slide around, there was more of it and it was like a paste. She swallowed what was on Robs finger. The cum on her chest was starting to dry, it wouldnt be long till it formed a crust on her, she hated dry cum it made her feel dirty.

Rob spoke ” Dont waste all that lovely cum on your face, go and give Jemma a nice big kiss and between you clean it all up.”

Laura rose to her feet, what more could this man do to her, “Its ok sweetie” she said to Jemma as she approached.

“Remember i want to see passion and effort from both of you”

Laura nodded to Jemma, maybe if she could get Rob off somehow he would bore of them and leave, 2 more hours of this would be hell. She wrapped her bound hands behind Jemmas head and kissed her deeply. Jemma was shocked her mum was really going for it she opened her mouth and let her mothers tongue explore hers, she could taste the cum on her tongue that she had just swallowed. It wasnt as bad as some she had had. Her mother moved her face all over Jemmas rubbing the cum across Jemmas cheeks and nose before sucking it back into her mouth, pausing to show it to Rob then sharing it with her daughters mouth. There was lots, too much to easily clean with their tongues and inevitably there was dribble mixed in with cum dripping all over their faces. Jemma had moved her free hands across her mums ass she didnt know why it was just happening, both girls could feel themselves getting hot again. Kyle was also regaining intrest his cock slowly hardening again

Rob loved what he was seeing, his cock was stiffening inside his pants, he had never had any intention of raping these girls when he arrived but now the siggt of these 2 beautiful women was driving his animal instincts, he broke their embrace to stand laura up,

“It seems mummy has kept her panties on for long enough, especially as both of these are naked, he pulled her panties so hard that they snapped in his hand, the wetness had probably weakened them. Laura now stood before all a small landing strip down to her swollen clit, her pussy lips full of blood she had got worked up again she wanted Rob to take her, it was her plan, he could fuck her and then when he was done he would surely leave, she would hive him her best ever preformance she thought. She reached out to Robs trousers to feel his cock, it was bigger than Kyles she could tell by the outline in the trouser leg. She thought it would defo make her choke if he facefucked her, yet she was doing this for her kids.

Before she reached him though his hands grabbed her bounds.

” I love your enthusiasm women and you can keep that up but im not ready to fuck you yet, as tempting as you are” It had took alot of strength to stop himself from ravaging her right there.

Rob decided his next move, he wanted to get the free spirit in the room again, breaking them again would be great fun and he was also ready to get some himself.

He turned to Jemma, “You learnt how to get more from a man yet slut, i want you back on cam seducing these men, make them want to see you cum” he paused, Jemma looked at him quizitively.

“Yes you little whore you are allowed to cum now if a guy asks you too. Remember the rules, repeat them to me!”

Jemma adjusted herself on her seat as she typed she repeated.

“Hi, im Jemma Hayes, Bolton, im here to do as you command or answer ANY questions you have”

Rob smiled, “Good girl”

Jemma started her cam roulette again. Rob turned to Laura, she was gutted she had failed to seduce him quick enough to save Jemmas shame, but she still hoped to end it quickly.

“Lets see how eager you are, slut, im going to watch your daughter making guys cum and cumming herself so much that even if she sore she continues. You my lovely are going to be a good little whore and suck my cock while i do. Do you understand?”

She nodded, she knew she gave good head and thought this was her chance finally this would be over, she dropped to her knees again.

“Oh no not like that, i love a cheap whore on her knees but im going to sit on the couch you can crouch across it, that way i still have a good view of your little slut.”

Rob sat down, Laura looked at him as he patted the seat between him and Kyle, there was no way she could angle herself to do as asked with Kyle in the way.

“Erm, i er, dont have enough room to do that sir” she thought he’d like the dutiful whore speech.

Rob laughed “Oh but you do, let me show you”

He got up and twisted Kyle sideways on the couch it wasnt comfy for him with arms bound behind but Rob would fix that. His legs almost reached across to the 3rd seat.

“Now get on reverse cowgirl whore” Laura understood what was happening she climbed across her ass facing Kyles face, she knew that once Rob made her bend it would be pushed towards him, she tried to make more space by shuffling up.

“Oh no you dont” Rob stopped her, “get your ass back in line. Now boy im gonna undo your arms and tie you to your mothers rather lovely legs here, any funny business and ill shove this knife blade first up that sweet little ass of hers”

Kyle dared not move his arms were momentarily cut free then ziptied individually by his forearm to each thigh his hands natural resting place on his mums perfect tight ass. Rob dropped his pants. 2 audible gasps at once Jemma the loudest, Lauras one of fear.

Rob was probably around 9.5 inches which was big enough to make any girl scream but the real power was in its thickness it was massive, Laura new she would need to hands to get round it. How shebwas gonna suck it she had no idea. She really had bitten off more than she could chew with this plan.

Rob sat down in the chair removed his top so Laura could see his toned body, there was no hair and he had a great tan all over. Rob hadnt ever really had a BJ he had cum from so wasnt expecting Laura to be any better. Most girls gave up, even his wife would lick the tip but mainly wank him. He didnt complain he still loved it.

He looked at Laura still bound at her hands, her tits with visible dried cum on from earlier he took the back of her neck with one hand and guided her down.

Now laura was bent over Kyle had been greeted with a front row seat of his mums pussy and little ass hole, he was literally close enough to feel the tiny hairs that were slowly growing back on her shaved swollen labia. His hands were perfectly positioned now shebwas bent over he tried to resist the temptstion to squeeze just spreading his fingers to get the full feel of his mothers ass. He could smell her scent if that wasnt enough he could also hear and see his sister rubbing her pussy for a guy old enough to be her grandad, she was moaning more for effect he thought but he realised she was watching her mother intently.

Jemma was paying little attention to the grandad with the small dick now she watched instead the couch wondering how her mother was going to tackle the weapon in front of her, again it wasnt the biggest Jemma has seen or even had but the thickness made her eyes water. How could anyone fuck something that fat and survive she thought. The grandad was getting close to cumming he had asked her to spread her pussy lips for him, she did as she was told but she knew this guy wasnt intrested in her getting off. Still she would carry on she was allowed to cum now and something about Rob watching her while holding her mums head was making her extremely wet again, this time with no shorts she was leaving a puddle on the chair, that wont clean easy she laughed to herself.

Laura was approaching her mamouth task hands on, she was glad Rob hadnt forced her head and mouth straight down his shaft, at least he was considerate of his size she thought. Instead she had started by sucking gently on his balls cupping with one hand while moving the shaft towards his torso, this was she was able to size up just what she was dealing with. Slowly she ran her tongue around the bottom of his shaft opening her mouth wide across the width and nibbling playfully, her tongue the wrapped around and she was sure to leave as much saliva on as possible. She pulled with her other hand the middle of the shaft, exposing his cock head from its sheath, slowly she worked her way up and around the shaft. She knew it was a thing of beauty and as much as she had tried to resist feeling anything she knew she was getting turned on playing with his tool. As she worked up and down her body rocked, she could feel Kyles warm breath on her pussy and felt his fingers spreading across he ass. She loved her ass been grabbed and recieving oral always made her cum but she had to remember it was her son strapped to her. Resist the urge to push back further. She could feel Kyles cock hardening again with what was going on his tip poking just above her belly button ans sliding as she moved up and down. She was almost ready to try and fit this attackers cock in her mouth and she couldnt wait.

Rob was impressed with Laura’s effort he wasnt sure if it was some plan to get him to focus on her or if she was just horny that she needed his cock. To be fair he didnt care either way. He loved the way she was manipulating her tongue around his shaft, the gentle tickle of his balls with her hand. She truly was a sight to behold, he follwed her body across the sofa, he admired the way her body arched back up to her ass, what an ass she had, he was almost jealous of Kyles view as he watched her body rock as her head moved up and down, he was certainly lubed up now, prob more than his wife used to before she used to accomodating his size. He could see Kyle fidgeting trying to adjust himself to maximise the rubbing of his penis against his mums stomach. He licked his lips almost teasing Kyle to do the same, yet he was still too scared to follow suit. He smiled and focused on Jemma and her cam.

Jemma was doing better at teasing and getting men asking her questions, some were the same old ones how many men you slept with? How often do you masturbate? Rob had been suprised to hear she had 20 already and her mum had momentarily stopped upon hearing it too, also she masturbated twice a day minimum she waa one horny slut and best of all she wouldnt dare lie and break the rules. She now had a younger guy online with her and it looked like this one might finally let her cum, she was been playful complementing him on the size and thickness of his cock, Rob didnt think it that special but then realised she was really complimenting him. She teased him well and was rewarded when he asked if she had a hairbrush or other toy he could watch her use. She couldnt wait to show him both, almost too quickly like she forgot her mum and brother were there.

Laura was busy she had managed to get the tip of Robs cock in her mouth now and despite sone discomfort was working her tongue across his tip. Kyle however had not missed his sisters movement to pick up the hairbrush. His hands gripped his mums ass as he watched Jemma slowly insert the tip of the handle into her soaking pussy then watched her push it deep inside releasing a moan, its wirhdrawal brought a coating of juices that he could remember tasting his cock was now rock hard and sticking unconfortably into Laura, she tried to adjust herself. Jemma was fucking herself harder her moans and breathing heavier, he was going to watch his sister cum, she was so close. Rob was watching the show too she was really going at it, the guy had cum already and now it was just a show for the next guy, but that didnt matter anymore Jemma was going to cum for anyone who wanted to see. Laura was taking more of the big cock down her throat and enjoying the grip Kyle had on her ass. Rob released a small moan a bit of precum left his tip and straight down Laura’s throat, he was enjoying this bj.

Jemma exploded her pussy muscles tensed up she let out an almighty moan as the hairbrush continued to move in and out, she had pinched her nipple so had it was red. Her face was flush and now what felt like gushes of her juices were leaking all over the chair, instintively she put the hairbrush to her mouth. Then on to the next cam she knew the rules, no stopping.

Kyle was blown away the sight of his sister cumming and then cleaning up her juices had him salviating, he licked his lips, but they weren’t his, his mum had pushed that far back his tongue hit straight in her slit. That was enough, in a second he was lapping up his mothers juices he couldn’t get enough of her, she tasted so sweet. He eagerly explored the inside of her pussy forcing his tongue as deep in as he could, he clasped his hands on her ass and seperated her cheeks to get deeper his nose tickiling her sweet little ass hole.

Laura had lost control. Whether it had been the sound of her daughter cumming or the occasional shots of precum she had felt in her throat. She was on Robs cock like a woman possessed forcing it deeper each time, holding her breath so to take more of him in, she loved hearing his moans, she had loved hearing her daughter cum but more that anything she now loved the fact her sons tongue was exploring her aching hole. The first touch had been like electric jolting through her body and now she found herself grinding back on Kyle and bucking while satisying her master. Kyles cock was hitting all over her stomach and definitely spreading precum across her she didnt care anymore she was a dirty whore, she needed cock any cock.

Rob was in heaven his little slut in chair had continued to put on a show for several men after coming and although she hadnt cum as hard as first she was moaning enough to suggest she was having mini orgasms. Laura was sucking like a pro he was amazed she had got half of his cock in her throat and seemed to be trying to push further, he could feel her gag reflex grabbing his shaft each time, she was making a mess in his lap but it didnt matter she was going to be the first woman to successfully suck him off. If that wasnt enough he had the great view of Kyle trying to push his tongue deeper that ever into her soaking pussy, she grinded and bucked moaning all the time sending vibrarions through Robs cock, she was getting close, he was getting close too.

Kyles tongue was aching but after his disappointing showing earlier he was eager to please, he kept going his tongue had now focused on Lauras clit she had guided him there and was bucking hard, he felt her ass tense up in his hands and could hear her muffled groans.

Laura was orgasming but harder than she ever had before, her whole body tensed up including her throat around Robs cock, she couldn’t breath for what felt like an eternity, her body shook, she felt the hand of Rob push down on her head, more cock right down her throat past her gag reflex her moans muffled by it, her nose now touching his pubic bone she had took the lot. Her body released, a muffled scream escaped as she tried to raise her head, Rob had held it there, he too was on the brink his cock pulsating in her throat he groaned as he felt his cock erupt in her throat and released his grip. Laura had nearly passed out her eyes had rolled back her body was mid orgasm her pussy released a gush of her juices exploded in Kyles face, her mouth leaked cum out from the sides all over her cheek and Robs lap. She could barely support her own weight.

Jemma had cum again watching the show as instructed and Kyle had drank every bit of juice his mum offered, he needed release too but he moaned loudly as he cleaned her pussy for her. Jemma froze the cam was on but the guy had asked a question.

“Are you alone Jemma Hayes of Bolton”

Rob smiled, Laura in his lap. “You know the rules slut”

Jemma nodded, she replied quickly no im at home with my mum and brother and mums friend. She hadnt lied so she thought she had done well.

The reply came, i bet your brother would love to see his hot sister naked on cam. Where is he? haha

Finally Rob thought this is the kind of guy he expected her to find on here he ran his fingers through laura’s hair.

“Kyle, im going to release you from your bonds now but looking at your cock your gonna wanna follow the rules ok”

Kyle nodded and was released,

Jemma had responded i dont know if my brother would like to see me naked but to answer your question he is sat across from me. She had to be honest, she was still horny and although this scared her immensly she knew she’d play it out.

There was a delay on the guys response, Jemma thought he was bored of her but then the reponse came.

“Okay your brother is Kyle according to this and he looks like this, pulling up facebook profile on his phone and showing it to his cam. Get your brother on cam then as i call ballshit.”

Rob nodded at Kyle.

Kyle got up from the sofa sliding his mother over him she was exhausted and still recovering, his hard cock brushed against her body as he manouevered from under her. He sat himself on the arm of the chair covering his manhood, he seemed to be going shy, his cock was starting to shrink, for the second time in one night he thought he was going to be a disappointment.

The guy was laughing “Dont get stage fright bro” he joked, ” I cant believe you are actually brother and sis and both naked on cam. That is fucked up but kinky as hell!”

The guy took his time asking stupid questions while perving on Jemma he couldn’t quite believe his luck.

“Say you ever fucked?”

“No” they said in unison

“So do you wanna fuck your sis bro she is hot”

Kyle looked at Rob, the rules applied to him to, he understood.

“Erm i guess”

Jemma looked up at Kyle she was shocked by the answer, she had never really thought about it throughout the night, she had accepted Rob would fuck her but not her Brother. Now she was thinking about it he did have a good size cock even if he couldnt control himself.

“Say Jemma why dont you wake up little Kyle there and rub your clit for me, put those beautiful lips to use”

The guy on cam was very assured his cock already hard and slowly jerking. Laura was stirring around, Rob helped roll her over he cut her binds, he had full control over all now. She led on her back her head on Robs lap his semi erect cock lying on her cheek, her face was covered in a mixture of spit and cum, he tits had a flaky white crust from Kyles earlier mishap and her stomach a fresher rub of precum from Kyle again, her pussy was still on fire, she let her legs fall apart and the landing strip just guided all eyes to her wet lips they were still full of blood and enlarged, her clit was still showing in its sheath. She was still leaking her juices on the sofa and she was presenting her sex to her 2 children, shame had gone lust is all thar remained she wanted to watch them as much as they wanted to fuck.

Jemma turned slightly sideways so the cam and her brother could see her pussy, she took Kyles hand and placed it on her tit, then slid her hand down his body to his leg, encouraging him to turn to face her.

Kyle was nervous he worried about his flaccid cock been a disappointment but something in his sister taking his hand and placing it on her nipple had reassured him, enough to turn and face anyway. He watched engrossed as she teased her own pussy in front of him, he bravely decided he wanted to touch her there, his hand slowly rolled down her body across her stomach and joined her hand over her clit. She guided his fingers where she liked it, with her other hand she moved up his thigh.

Everyone was enjoying the show, the guy on the cam was watching stroking probably recording as well. Laura was breathing heavy her hand exploring her nipples and the other on Robs leg tickling his thigh. Rob was also getting hard again, he had great recovery time even after Lauras magnificent showing earlier.

Jemma moved Kyles fingers inside her she knelt on the chair to get him deeper, rubbing her clit with the hand while she rose up and down on his fingers, first 2 but then she asked him for a third. He obliged.

Kyle couldnt believe his luck, he now had his fingers in his sisters pussy and she was wet her moaning in his ear had helped overcome his stage fright. He turned further his cock semi hard. Jemma reached for it, Kyle was instantly hard, he thought he would come again like earlier but his sis just held him until he calmed down, then she slowly stoked him he was now at full attention, she dropped lower in the chair, Kyle was disappointed her no longer had his fingers inside but he was soon smiling again as she leaned forward and took his cock down her throat, she took the full shaft straight down it impressed not only the guy on cam but also Laura,

“Hmm takes after her mother” Rob teased.

She gave a smile and an elbow to his sides, momentarily distracting her from watching her daughters mouth bobbing on Kyles cock, her 2nd hand had made its way to her pussy now her index finger circling on her clit as she pinched her nipples, Rob lent a hand taking over care of her tits, she moved her second hand lower and gently inserted 2 fingers in side.

Kyle now had a perfect view of his mum fingering herself watching Jemma suck him off. He was managing to keep control too. He wanted to last longer though he wanted to lose his virginity.

Jemma must have sensed this she stood up and guided Kyle to sit down properly on the chair she turned and winked at her mum she was frigging furiously, she blew a kiss to the guy on cam, he was so excited tugging away. She turned quickly picked up her rabbit and threw across to sofa as she lifted her leg across Kyle, she now knelt over Kyles cock the entrance to her pussy less than 2inches away. She looked back at the cam, over her shoulder.

“Is this what you want to see?”

She had aimed the question at the guy on cam but it was clearly for Rob’s benefit, his cock was hard again and brushing against Laura’s face. Laura, who had been hit by the vibrator as Jemma flung it had now wet the shaft of the rabbit up in her mouth and was pushing the toy deep into her pussy the ears on max vibrate, her now free hand reached up for Robs cock.

“Fuck yes” cried the guy on cam.

It wouldn’t have mattered what he said in fairness Jemma was always lowering herself onto Kyles cock she had found her hidden slut and Kyle was to have his balls drained. She slammed herself down to the base of his cock, pulled his head to her breasts and bucked her hips to a fast rhythm. She was gonna explode and so was Kyle.

Laura was coming from her rabbit and stroking Robs cock she wanted to ride him like Jemma was Kyle. Then the guy on cam spoke and everyone stopped.

“Man i wish your mum could see you guys now”

Laura knew without needing to look at Rob, rules were rules she withdrew the rabbit and bought her naked self onto the cam, bent over in front on her knees and spread her lips for the guy on cam she fingered away. Jemma turned arouund on Kyles cock still riding but now her mothers mouth was inches from her pussy bouncing on that hard cock. Laura allowed herself to put her tongue out she licked her daughters juices off her sons cock as she bounced, then settling her tongue on Jemmas clit. Jemma was in bliss her body shaking her groans growing louder.

Rob had shut the laptop, regrabbed his camera and recorded the three of them in front of him. Jemma was cumming over and over, Kyle was holding on for dear life and Lauras little pussy waa begging to be taken. Without warning he lined up and impaled lauras pussy, she was wet which helped her stretch but it was so big, it hurt but she wanted it deeper. Her body tightened and fo second time tonight she gushed only this time Robs cock was blocking the exit, it squirted out she moaned into Jemmas pussy who came again. Kyle couldnt last any longer her filled his sister with his cum. She could feel it shooting deep in her womb. His cock slid out Laura, still being pounded, took him in her mouth and cleaned him up before inserting her tongue into Jemma, making her cum again. She drank all their juices.

Rob was close he had pounded her non stop as hard as he could, he knew she would be sore tomorrow, he wanted to fuck her ass but he couldnt wait any longer he exploded deep in her pussy stream after stream shot through Lauras inner walls. She smiled, she ached but she was satisfied as were her kids.

Rob got dressed. This hadn’t gone to plan but he had enjoyed himself. He sent Ryan a video file from Lauras phone of the last 10 minutes. Your family are my little sluts now.

With that he left, Laura, Jemma and Kyle were still blissfully unaware.

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