Deal (DBZ fanfic)


“Kale! Caulifla! The lesson is up here!” Professor Zamasu interjects, grabbing our attention,

“Sorry, sir,” I reply, “It won’t happen again.”

“I won’t warn you two again.”

“Understood. Please, forgive us.”

He gives us a demanding glare before returning to the lecture. I sigh in relief before turning to glare at Caulifla, who’s struggling to hold back her laughter.

“I told you,” I whisper to her, “Now, could you please listen to me? You’re gonna get us in trouble.”

“You really expect me to now?” she whispers back after composing herself, “That adorable squeak of yours isn’t really helping your cause.”

“Caulifla, please. This is the third time he’s said something. And it doesn’t sound like he’s in the mood for another.”

“Well, then, I guess you should really focus on not giving him a reason to, then, huh?”

Before I can say anything else, I’m interrupted with her hand creeping up my skirt again, stopping me from saying anything else.

“Ah, ah,” she whispers in a sultry tone, “You wouldn’t wanna be a bad girl and disrupt the teacher again, would you?”

I bite my lower lip as she gently strokes her finger along my panties, gently rubbing across my clothed slit. I can’t even scold her now because that’s how I lost composure last time. So I have to choke back the urge and scold her when I can. But she’s dead set on making this impossible for me. She progressively pushes my panties aside with each stroke as she leans closer to my ear.

“What’s wrong, Kale?” she whispers, “You look like you’re just dying to say something. If you’ve got something to say, just say it. But remember, you need. To stay. Quiet.”

She giggles as she slightly picks up her pace. Her strokes get longer as she takes my ear lobe between her teeth, sending jolts of sensations throughout my body. I grip onto my desk, suppressing the urge to let her have it right here, right now. Just gotta wait until class is over in…42 seconds. Ok. I can do this. Nothing to it.

She then “accidentally” slides two of her fingers inside of me again, making me grip tighter onto my desk and bite harder on my lip. She then gives a fake apologetic look before grinning at my blatant struggle to keep quiet and sliding her fingers in and out of me. She then starts counting down in her low tone that she knows drives me insane, following along to the time left of class.


The bell rings and everyone stands up to leave. Taking advantage of the camouflage our classmates just created by standing and chatting, I bring my sweater sleeve to my mouth, moaning into it as Caulifla slows down her movements. Once she comes to a complete stop, she locks eye contact with me before sliding her fingers out of me and bringing them to her mouth, sucking my essence clean from them. She then giggles before saying,

“Thanks for the treat, Kale,” she says, giving me a grin, “So sweet. You’re always there when I need something to hold me over until lunch.”

“You’re so gross,” I respond, folding my arms,

“Oh, come on, don’t be like that. Alright, I’m sorry. How about I treat you to lunch later? Anything you want. How’s that?”

“…It’ll be a start.”

“Good girl. Now, let’s move. I’ve got a sparring date with that Tarble fucker in PE.”


“Ugh, Tarble guy.”

At least she’s trying. We pack up our stuff and head to the door before Professor Zamasu stops us in our tracks saying,

“Ah! You two, stay. I need to have a word with you.”

I groan in frustration before turning to Caulifla,

“Now look what you did,” I say,

“Oh, calm down,” she responds, “It’s only the second week. He’s not gonna do anything crazy. Most we’ll get is the ‘disappointed’ speech and ‘Don’t do it again’ treatment.”

Well, she’s right. With it being only two weeks in the semester and this being our first and only offense, I doubt he’d actually consider doing anything drastic. But I still feel terrible. He’s only trying to do his job. It’s not fair for us to disrupt him like that.

He gestures for us to sit at his desk. We oblige his order, taking two seats from two desks and placing them in front of his. But as I take my seat properly, Caulifla turns her seat backwards before sitting down.

“Caulifla,” I say to her, “Sit normally. This is our professor. At least show respect to him by sitting right.”

“What? He’s gonna be a stickler on how I plant my a-…butt in a chair now?” she says back,

“Caulifla,” Professor Zamasu intervenes, “You’d be wise to listen to your friend. I’m your teacher and you will give me the respect I deserve.”

She groans before standing and turning her chair around and sitting down properly. She then gestures her hands in a patronizing manner before folding her arms. Why is she doing this now?

“You know what?” He says, “I have a feeling I’m going to have a few more meetings with you, so I’ll save what I need to say to you for then. But in regards to both of you, I will not be made a fool of in my own classroom. I’m here to teach. You’re here to listen. There is no in between. Any disagreement with that transaction goes right outside that door, which is where the two of you will be headed if this conversation is repeated. Now, from the look of your tran***s, I’ve seen stellar performances from you both. Especially you, Kale. So I don’t know where this newfound behavior sprouted from, but it ended right as that last bell rang. There will be no more intrusion. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply.

He then turns his attention to Caulifla, who’s pretending to be asleep. For goodness sake, this is seriously not the time!

“Ms. Caulifla!” he erupts, grabbing her attention, “Consider this your final warning.”

“Oh, well, I’m sowwy, mistew Zamasu,” Caulifla says in a mocking tone, “You’we wight. I’ve been a vewy bad giwl.”

“Caulifla, stop,” I beg,

“No, when he’s right, he’s right, Kale,” she continues, “Who are we to disrupt such a devoted being? I mean, here he is, earning his annual income of five cents and a half eaten moldy bologna sandwich, throwing a tantrum about the slightest inconvenience he can just because it makes him feel like a big man. I mean, with no one to give it to, he’s gotta swing that little needle around when he can. Otherwise, what does he have to live for?”

I can’t believe she’s really doing this. If she didn’t wanna go to college with me, why did she even apply? Professor Zamasu takes a breath before saying,

“Are you finished?”

“I don’t know. You tell me. You seem to know exactly when something’s finished. I mean, just take a look at the belief of anyone who thought you’d actually make something of your pitiful existence. How is Gowasu, by the way?”

Silence. She didn’t just say that. There’s no possible way that Caulifla would be so heinous. She’s said and done some pretty harsh things, but this is low. Even for her. Professor Zamasu gives her a death glare. And she just leans back in her chair, bringing her hands behind her head as she puts her feet on the desk. What’s gotten into you?

“What’s wrong, teach?” she says, “Come on, you said you’d save your comments for when I misbehaved again. So where are they now? Hm?”

I’ve had enough of this.

“Professor Zamasu, I am so sorry,” I intervene, “She’s never acted like this before. I’m sure she’s just stressed from the school year so far. You know us Saiyans: no one can predict our next move when it comes to our emotions.”

“No, no, it’s quite alright, Kale,” he says, taking off his glasses, “There’s no need to defend her. She’s her own person. She’s a grown woman who can take care of herself. And from this point on, that will include her education. Farewell, Caulifla.”

What?! No! I need to fix this. Please tell me there’s a way to fix this.

“Professor, please don’t make such rash decisions on a whim,” I beg, “She w-”

“My decision is final,” he interrupts, “I will not tolerate such disregard of authority. Caulifla, please.”

He gestures to the door and she just sits there, wearing a smug grin, not even fazed by the severity of the situation. Well, if she’s not gonna make the effort, I guess I’ll have to make up for the both of us,

“Professor,” I plead, “I’m begging you. Please reconsider. She may not show it by traditional standards, but her mind is fixated on attending this school. She worked herself to the bone just to put chances in place to get here. She needs this. All she wants to do is become the best in every field that she can. And the only way to do that is to attend this school to truly test her abilities. Some of the strongest martial artists to ever exist are here and they’re the only ones who can compete with her. So please, change your mind. For her future.”

He looks at me with a look of consideration. Did that do it? Please tell me he bought all of that. I feel terrible, but in time, maybe she will come to actually want to better herself here. Hopefully.

“Fine speech,” he retorts, “But if she has as much of a drive as you say, I’ll need to hear it from her. Caulifla?”

She leans up on the chair and says,

“Alright, I’m gonna straighten this up. Everything that girl just said is bullshit.”

Dang it, Caulifla.

“I don’t have that much of a desire to be here. It’s school, it’s you, and the people here smell like beer and feet. But with that being said, I’m only enduring it for her. So if I have to endure all of that, you’re gonna have to endure all of this.”

“I see no-” he starts before Caulifla interrupts with,

“Yeah, yeah, insubordinate and churlish and whatever. But before you hit me with any of that crap, how about I make the deal a bit more enticing?”

“What are you implying?”

“Well, seeing as we both have to look forward to the travesty that is college life, maybe these two girls in your presence can…you know…make it a little…worthwhile.”

What exactly is she suggesting? Because I don’t know if I like the sound of it.

“Caulifla,” I start, “What exactly are you offering?”

“Oh my g- I’m saying he can bang us whenever he wants.”

Once again, deafening silence. I’m speechless. Professor Zamasu looks like his world’s been turned upside down. And my mind is just all over the place. Why would she suggest something so outlandish? How did that thought even come to be? What’s she planning? She can’t be serious. And I can’t tell if it’s worse if she is or isn’t.

“Yup,” Caulifla reiterates, “Us two can just do whatever you want as long as we’re here. Sound good?”

I can’t even bring myself to step in to make her chances of staying here more favorable. How can someone possibly hope to stay somewhere after pitching an idea involving breaking multiple rules and laws? What’s the matter with her?!

“I’ve heard enough of your nonsense!” Professor Zamasu shouts, “You’re starting to get on my last nerve, Caulifla. Now, I want you to-”

“Oh, I’m listening,” Caulifla says, rubbing her hand across the front of Professor Zamasu’s pants, “Go on. Tell me you want me to stop. Just tell me at any point and I’ll stop without hesitation.”

She…she just teleported right in front of him. Forget being kicked out of school. Heck, forget imprisonment. We’ll be lucky if we don’t end up in an insane assylum. Caulifa continues rubbing the front of Professor Zamasu’s pants, giving him a devious grin. But most surprising of all is the fact that he isn’t saying or doing anything about it. She’s invited him to tell her to stop, but he hasn’t done it yet. Why?

“You don’t want me to, do you?” she continues in a seductive tone, “You can’t lie to me. I can feel how much you want it. Did I excite you with my offer? Does the thought of two saiyan college girls worshiping their professor sound appealing? Yeah, it’s quite the offer, huh?”

Professor Zamasu doesn’t say anything in response. He’s just giving her a look. I don’t know what that look means. Is he…actually…considering? Caulifla pushes him back down on his chair, planting her foot on his chest. She then grabs the bottom of her skirt and slightly lifts it up. Wait, didn’t she tell me that she didn’t wear any underwear?

“This could be yours all year,” she says, “Your two bad girls could be your freeuse college sluts whenever you want. All you need to do is keep your trap shut. You do that~”

She leans closer and continues with,

“And you can stuff us with that wondeful cock of yours whenever you want with no questions asked.”

She pushes herself off of him, sitting on the desk.

“So do we have a deal?”

I might as well just walk out right now. What is Caulifla thinking? This is a being who takes pride in his work. To make such a lewd offer to someone of his stature is career, social, and freedom suicide. There’s no way he’d even entertain the idea of-

“I’m not convinced,” he replies, “I believe a trial is in order.”

…what? Is this actually happening? There’s no way. She must’ve done something to my mind earlier. That’s the only reasonable explanation. There’s no way this is reality. Caulifla chuckles before saying,

“You drive a hard bargain, professor. Now, let’s see how hard you can drive it.”

She grabs my arm and leads me around the desk before hopping off the desk and getting on her knees in front of him, pulling me down along with her.

“Kale,” she says, gesturing to his pants, “Would you do the honors?”

I hesitate. I still can’t wrap my head around all of this. How is any of this real?

“Come on,” Caulifla pries, “He’s not gonna bite. And I’m really curious of what he’s got.”

Ok. If this is reality and if this actually happening, maybe I shouldn’t question it so much. If he’s giving me consent and we’re in control, then there’s no issue. Right? I bring my hands to his pants, unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants. I then grab the hem of his briefs and pull them down along with his pants, revealing his huge erection.

“Woah,” Caulifla says in amazement, “Check out the size of this guy. I bet you feel so lucky right now. Two girls in front of you, willing to share this wonderful dick of yours.”

She brings her hand to his shaft, unable to even wrap her fingers around half of it. She then starts gently stroking it up and down, earning light gasps from Professor Zamasu.

“Yeah, you like that, huh?” Caulifla says in a sultry tone, “Feels good, doesn’t it? You like my hand stroking you like this? Going up…and down. Such a pervert. But this isn’t enough, is it? It’s gonna take a little more than my hand to get you off, yeah?”

She giggles before leaning closer to his member, sticking her tongue out as she licks his length. He lets out a slightly louder gasp as Caulifla drags her tongue along his shaft. Once she reaches the tip, she puts it in her mouth with a moan. Professor Zamasu lets out a groan, bringing a hand to her head and stroking her hair.

I must admit, seeing all of this is really turning me on. It’s so wrong. All three of us could get in some serious trouble if we’re caught. It’s so exciting.

I then feel his hand on the back of my head, taking me off guard and making me gasp in response. He then gently forces me to the base of his member. Not wanting to disappoint my professor, I stick out my tongue and start licking his testicles. He groans louder in response as he starts stroking my hair as well.

He tastes so good. And the combined sounds of both Caulifla and Professor Zamasu enjoying themselves just elevates everything. Caulifla takes more of his member in her mouth and I start sucking harder on his testicles. He groans even more from our combined actions, tilting his head back and tightening his grip on our hair.

After moments of pleasuring Professor Zamasu, I start to feel Caulifla’s fingers rubbing against my slit, making me moan. I decide to return the favor, bringing my right hand to her exposed center and rubbing it, making her moan, too. Professor Zamasu groans louder and louder from the elevated pleasure our moans brought.

But he suddenly pulls us both off of him, taking a second to compose himself. Cualifla chuckles before saying,

“Don’t tell me you were about to bust already. If so, I might just reconsi-”

He interrupts her by pulling her up by her hair and pushing her against the desk. He then does the same to me, pushing me right beside her. He then lifts her leg with his left hand, alligning his member with her nether regions. He looks her directly in her eyes, giving a sinister grin before thrusting forward and shoving himself inside of her. Caulifla lets out a sharp moan from the sudden action, causing Professor Zamasu to smile more.

He then brings his right hand to my center, pushing my panties out of the way with his fingers and rubbing my lower lips. I let out a moan from his touch. He’s so rough, but so gentle at the same time. I could get used to being his play thing.

As he massages my center, he starts thrusting in and out of Caulifla, making her moan louder with each thrust. The look on his face along with the force of his thrusts says it all. He’s being so rough with her, almost as if intentionally trying to hurt her. But Caulifla being Caulifla is enjoying every second of it, giving him a smirk of her own as he relentlessly shoves himself in and out of her.

“Y-you’re go-gonna have to…fuck…do better than that, o-old timer,” she says in between moans, “I-I can…barely…ffffeel a thing.”

Professor Zamasu then brings his hand to her throat, pinning her to the tabe as he continues his merciless thrusts, speeding up his movements, making her moan even louder. He then shoves three fingers inside of me, making me moan almost as loud as Caulifla.

He’s stretching me so much. It’s nothing like I’ve ever felt before. Who knew something this wrong would feel this good? Sex with other students is one thing, but sex with a teacher is quite the difference. It might be better.

I soon feel myself reaching my limit with each thrust of his fingers. And from the sounds of their increased moaning, it seems that they’re not too far behind. He tilts his head back, releasing Caulifla’s neck in the process. I then instinctively reach over to her head, turning her to face me before pulling her in for a kiss. She immediately reciprocates the kiss, pulling me deeper into it.

This sends me over the edge and I let out a loud moan, clenching around Professor Zamasu’s fingers and coating them with my fluids. Caulifla then lets out a moan of her own as she releases her fluids on his member, shaking in the process. She’s so cute when she finishes.

Professor Zamasu then pulls out of her and starts stroking himself, groaning more and more. After a few moments of stroking himself, he shoots rope after rope of his warm essence on mine and Caulifla’s bodies. It feels so nice. I never would’ve thought being covered in this stuff would feel so good.

He then collapses down on his chair as all three of us take a second to catch our breaths. So many things to reflect on. So many sensations to take in. So many new things to consider and experience all because Caulifla’s such a daring lunatic.

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