Date night to Remember



Based on a fantasy I have As I held you tight, the warm water cascaded down our bodies, keeping us warm during our passionate embrace. It was our weekly date night, and we decided we’d finish it off as intimately as possible. We decided to take a warm dark shower together while love songs played from our speaker. It was absolutely perfect. Feeling you in my arms in absolute darkness, added this sense of closeness that I hadn’t felt in a while. I couldn’t help but kiss you. Gently at first, but as time went on, I found it harder and harder to contain my love for you. You felt so good. Your body seemed to fit perfectly against mine and your skin was like silk. You had your arms up over my shoulders while I gripped your waist, pulling you as close to me as possible. If we could repeat this moment over and over forever, it wouldn’t be a wasted life.

After some time, I finally allowed my hands to explore your body. I started by tracing my fingertips up and down your back, I could feel you shiver with each pass. Next, I slowly worked my way up to your head where I ran my fingers through your hair. I took some time to massage the back of your head while our lips were bound by love. You felt me slowly growing against you and instinctively pressed your hips against me hard. I let out a low groan against your lips and my hands fell back to your hips. I gently pulled you away from me, then reached between us and repositioned myself between your legs. Slowly, I pulled you back and forth allowing you to feel my entire length rub against your clit. You squeezed me tighter and let out a few gentle moans that made me weak in the knees. Anytime you ever moaned in pleasure for me, I couldn’t help but feel tingles up my spine. It was pure heaven and being in the dark, only made these feelings more intense. I let my hands slide from your hips to your perfect ass before grabbing you and pulling you towards me hard. It shocked you at first and when I released you, I could feel you getting wet against the tip of me. The warmth of the shower made my skin particularly sensitive and feeling myself teasing the opening of your vagina was almost too much to handle. I slid my right hand down behind your leg and lifted it up to my hip. You reached down and held my penis against you as I rolled my hips back and forth again. With each stroke you felt me enter you just a bit before sliding right back out and past your opening. It was bliss and I couldn’t help but groan your name into your neck as I made an attempt nibble it.

Our teasing was becoming too much and you decided it was time for more. You pulled away and turned around to turn the water off. As you bent over, you made sure to position yourself in such a way that my penis fit perfectly between your legs. The ultimate tease. You looked back over your shoulder and with the help of the light peeking under the bathroom door, I could faintly make out your devilish smirk. We dried ourselves off, then you took my hand and led me to the bedroom where the lights were off but candles lit the room just perfectly. We stopped short of the bed and continued our embrace. Again, passionately making out for a few seconds before you had me sit on the edge of the bed. I was unbelievably hard with anticipation as you dropped to your knees. You held me in your hands and kissed the entire length, allowing drool to escape your lips.

It felt so good and I struggled to keep my composure. You looked up at me and slowly took each inch, one at a time, until you reached your limit. You held me in your throat for a few seconds before slowly sliding me out of your mouth. I was almost painfully hard at this point and your teasing was becoming excruciating. You seemed unfazed by my pleading though, and continued to slowly take each inch, hold it, then release it. After close to two minutes, I couldn’t take anymore and I pulled myself out of your mouth. I kissed you deeply, then collected your hair and held it in a ponytail with my fist. I used my other hand to guide myself back into your mouth, this time I controlled your pace. Letting you go slow at first, I sped up until I could hear you gagging and feel you engulf me in drool and pre-cum. It felt so good and I filled the room with my moans and grunts as I struggled to hold back my first load of the night.

Every thirty seconds or so, I would pull myself from your mouth and allow you to catch your breath. You were sucking me so incredibly sloppy that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I kissed you passionately one last time and asked you where you wanted your warm treat. You replied, on your face, and I gave you a devilish smile before pulling your mouth back down onto me. I couldn’t help but thrust slightly into your mouth as I got closer and closer. You reached up and held onto my balls, gently squeezing them, sending me over the edge. I stood up and took myself out of your mouth just in time to erupt all over your face. I let out an enormous groan as I pulsed over you, shooting each stream of warm cum onto your tongue, face, and chest. As I came down from my high, you took me into your mouth one more time and cleaned every inch of me, sucking every last drop from me.

I helped you clean up, then we laid in bed, you on top of me, and began kissing again. I was still sensitive and my skin was warm and fuzzy from the incredible orgasm you just gave me. An overwhelming sense of affection towards you, washed over me, and I was ready to give back. Flipping us over so that you’re now on your back, I began kissing your neck. I gave you one light hickie before making my way back to your lips. I whispered for you to stay still and I got up and walked towards the closet. After a moment or so, I returned with a black box full of all of our toys and put it down on the floor at the edge of the bed. First, I pull out two rolls of rope and made my way to each side of the headboard to secure your hands to it. Then, I used the second roll to secure your legs so that they were bent and spread apart. I walked back towards the box and pulled out a massaging wand. I gave you a mischievous smile before putting it down on the bed. Next, I pulled out a leather riding crop and a blindfold. I made my way to the head of the bed and secured the blindfold against your eyes. You let out a delectable whimper as your mind started to race with anticipation.

I leaned down and kissed your neck again, then gave you another hickie, this one much darker. I kissed down your chest taking my time and covering your breasts with love bites. My goal was to make you think back to tonight every time you saw your body. You rolled your hips and pleaded for pleasure, but I was determined to exact my revenge for all the teasing you subjected me to. I used the riding crop, gently at first, against the bottoms of your feet. You let out a gasp as each blow landed against your skin. Soon, I examined your body for my next target. I decide on the bottom of your thighs, again I start gently, but pick up intensity with each swat. I give you about five seconds between each blow so that you have a moment to recover and anticipate the next one. Soon you’re whimpering and begging again, so I return to the box and pull out a ball gag. I secure it in your mouth and return to the riding crop. Once your legs are thoroughly reddened, I stop and *********** my next target, your ass. This time, I don’t give you time to adjust and start you off with pretty hard swats. You whine at first but the pain soon turns to pleasure as your skin starts warming up.

After about ten minutes of using our riding crop, I decide you’ve had enough and start preparing you for pleasure. Once more, I return to the black box and pull out a small bottle of lube. I get down on my knees at the edge of the bed and start gently applying it to your skin. First on your thighs, then ass, and finally your dripping wet pussy. I gently massage your glistening lips, then teasingly insert just my fingertip inside you. You’re so unbelievably warm and wet that I feel myself growing hard again. I put the bottle of lube down and position myself so that I can finally taste you.

I start by kissing up and down your thighs and then gently blowing on your clit, the cold air sending shivers throughout your body. I repeat this cycle until your whimpering again through your gag. After enough teasing, I finally take my first taste. I lick slowly from your opening to your clit. You immediately let out a series of groans as I start licking you slowly. All I can think about is how incredible you taste. It’s almost intoxicating. At this point, I’m done with teasing and I’m dedicated to pleasing you. I trace my name into your clit over and over, then roll my tongue against you, before sliding my tongue inside you. At this point you’re rolling your hips against my face and I’m loving every second of it. Despite my teasing, nothing is more satisfying than devouring your pussy and allowing you to grind against my lips. After a few minutes I slow down just enough to insert two fingers inside you, facing up. I press against your g-spot while I suck on your clit. You’re starting to pulse and I know you’re getting close. I continue to finger you while I turn on your massaging wand and place it on your clit. At this point, you’re shuttering. I turn the vibration up a few clicks and finger you just a bit faster. Soon, it becomes too much and you cum all over my fingers. I allow you to ride out your thunderous orgasm before removing your massager and replacing it with my tongue. I slowly and gently kiss and lick you until it becomes too sensitive, then I give you a moment to cool down.

I stand up, make my way to the head of the bed, and remove your ball gag. We immediately begin making out again furiously. I struggle to untie your hands as I make kissing you my priority. Finally, we break our lips from each other and I untie your legs. As you come down from the high of your orgasm you admit that you’re ready for me. The excitement lights a fire inside me and I have you lay on your stomach. I use a couple pillows to prop your hips into the air and position myself behind you. Slowly and gently I slide each inch of myself into you and we both let out a load moan. After an entire evening of foreplay, it is absolute bliss to finally be inside you. I push myself completely into you and hold it for a couple seconds before pulling out. It is an indescribable feeling to feel your warmth against me unimpeded. I give you a couple more slow, deep strokes before repositioning myself, so I can speed up. Your whimpers and moans fill the room and I welcome each one with another stroke. You are so warm and tight that it’s hard for me to think or focus. I can’t help but let my most primal animalistic side take over and fuck you as hard and as fast as I can. I give you all I can for about a minute before I switch to slow deep strokes again. This time, pulling almost completely out of you, then giving you every inch at once. You whimper after each forceful stroke. After about ten of these, your legs start to shake and I feel you pulsing around me. I switch to more animalistic fucking again, bringing you to the edge of another climax. I push myself as deep as I can and you finally release another earth-shattering orgasm, keeping myself buried deep inside you until you finally recover.

I start slowly sliding in and out of you again but this time, I lean down and wrap my arms underneath you and start squeezing your breasts. Using this new position’s leverage, I’m able to speed up and still maintain the depth I was giving you. After a few minutes, I can’t take much more of your warmth and feel myself getting closer by the second. You feel my body shaking and stirring on you and whisper permission to cum deep inside you. It’s everything I need to push me over the edge and for the second time tonight, I erupt for you. You give me a faint moan each time you feel me pulse inside you, delivering rope after rope of my cum. I can’t help but hold myself deep inside you as my orgasm causes an earthquake of pleasure inside me. After a few moments, I finally come back to earth and pull myself out of you. We’re both so exhausted that all we can do is lay together. I kiss the back of your head and neck and thank you for such an incredible night as you curl up in front of me. It doesn’t take long until we’ve both drifted off to sleep. No doubt dreaming of the incredible sensations we devote ourselves to giving each other.

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