The first time a lady requested my services while her male partner watched and participated was a revelation for me. Today’s assignment promises to be very exciting, with just one woman and three men.

Today my associate, Sebastian or Seb as he likes to be called, a year younger than me and very pretty is making up the numbers, he is the fourth person.

We both have an assignment with Rose and Max in the suite of their five-star downtown hotel, They have been in town on business which was very successful, so they have booked our services for their sexual pleasure to celebrate

Rose was in her mid-forties and a very attractive woman, the concierge told me as we made the arrangements on the phone, twenty years older than me, while her wealthy, very fit bisexual man was around the same age.

On the way I teased Seb by asking him if he would prefer teaming up with the male or female client.

“Silly question Damian, I already have an erection thinking about an older man blowing my nine-inches. Even better if his lady is watching.”

When we arrived at the suite of their five-star downtown hotel Max let us in and explained he was bisexual, he was also a blond, hunk of a man. “My lady and I have an arrangement, I can have my pleasure from another man as long as she has hers from another man at the same time. I am looking forward to watching you pleasuring my lady. Her favourite and my favourite is hung, pretty younger men with taut bodies. And we love stretching our sexual boundaries.

“The concierge who made these arrangements promised you were both very pretty boys, and hung. He was correct you are both very pretty boys. Let’s find out if you really are hung Which one of you has the biggest cock when erect? My guess is you Seb. Am I correct?,” Max asked in an agitated tone.

Max was wearing a short, red silk dressing gown fastened with a matching belt. We are both enjoying the sexual frisson we have created as Max undoes the belt and lets his gown fall open to display his well developed body, his hairy chest and his roaring erection.

“Nice cock, but not in our league Max,” Seb teases.

At that moment Rose appeared wearing heels and a very short dress. Size twelve, honey blond, taller than average and still very attractive. “You really are two very pretty boys. I heard my man ask which one of you has the biggest cock when erect? My guess is you Damian. Am I correct?,” Rose asks with a smirk on her face.

“Would you like some extra stimulation to show us which one of you has the biggest cock when erect?,” Rose teased us she stood close to me so I could slide down the zipper at the back of her dress before she let it drop to the floor while Max shrugged off his gown.

He was powerfully built, all of his muscles were unusually well developed, and his cock, poking up at forty-five degrees, was average but, both Seb and I were pleased to observe, very thick.

The sexual tension was palpable as Seb and I stripped down to our jock straps. Seb barely glanced at Rose’s naked body, he had eyes only for Max’s almost hair-less, naked body and his incredibly thick erection.

I glanced only briefly at Max completely naked and his thick erection before taking in Rose’s size twelve naked body as she stood legs apart, with her hands on her hips flaunting her naked body for three men. Fabulous long legs showcased by her heels, just a touch of pubic hair above her cunt lips, flat stomach, slender waist and modest tits with long erect nipples. And a good taut, firm, dimple free ass I note as she turns around to flaunt it.

I have a full on erection as I decide to flaunt my eight-inches for them first so Seb can claim boasting rights with his nine-inches.

“Wow, you are hung, gorgeous ass as well,” Rose smiles in an agitated voice as Max looks on eagerly anticipating Seb’s naked body.

Seb always enjoys teasing a much older man while dressed in just a jock strap. He did look good with his all over tan and six-pack body. Lots of women have told us his ass is even better than mine.

“We are here to sexually pleasure you both, what are your preferences, spell it out for us?,” I teased already knowing the answer as I watched Max rub his hands over Seb’s chest and naked ass. Then he poured a generous amount of oil over Seb’s chest before he rubbed it all over his body with special attention to his ass cheeks.

Seb was instantly fully aroused by a twenty-year older man’s attentions as his lady and I watched on.

“Love your ass Seb, even better than Damian’s,” Max whispered as he kissed it to Seb’s delight, then slid his jock strap down to his ankles. “And you are hung and thick, I thought you would be bigger than Damian, you must be nine-inches, you are both magnificent. I want your huge cock now, right now.”

Seb is the centre of attention for three people, he is in his element with Rose and I watching, we are both very aroused, as he stands with his back against a wall for support with his hands behind his head as he thrusts forward to allow Max to suck the tip of his thick, nine-erection. The look on his face is one of great arousal and contentment as he soaks up the sexual pleasure.

“Wow, that really is something, always exciting for me watching a man suck another man’s cock. Especially my man sucking a thick nine-inch erection. He is huge Max, that is the biggest I have watched you have. Is he good Seb?,” Rose asks as Max sucks his balls.

“I want to emulate what my man is doing to Seb,” Rose tells me as she takes my hand and stands me close to Seb with my back to the wall.

I am standing with my hands behind my head as I thrust forward while Rose is sucking the tip of my thick, eight-inch erection. A huge extra turn on as l look down and watch Max feasting on Seb’s raging erection.

Max is obviously very experienced at blowing another man as I watch on fascinated by his technique. Suck, lick, blow, one hand, two hands, then stop, lick and suck on Seb’s nipples. Then suck his balls, something Seb loves. Then tease his erection with a fingertip, then lightly wrap his fist around it and tease it some more before he swallows a large piece of it. Seb often boasts that he can last for at least thirty-minutes, though I wonder if he will today, the way Max is expertly edging him.

Simultaneously Rose is emulating exactly what Max is doing to my erection and my body.

“This is just a short teaser, I want you to fuck me while my man watches shortly.

“Very shortly. And I want to have Seb, he has the biggest erection I have seen after yours,” Rose tells me as she leads me to the huge bed and lays me on my back.

My erection is pointing to the ceiling as Rose slowly, ever so slowly lowers herself onto it until she has all of my eight-inches inside her, while her glances on. The way she is massaging and teasing my erection with her cunt muscles is a new experience for me as she teases my nipples at the same time while watching her man out the corner of her eye.

I am so rapt at the sexual pleasure she is providing I hardly notice her man Max join us on the bed. He settles himself so his head is head is hanging over the end of the bed. In the ceiling I can see Seb standing and feeding his thick, nine-inches between Max’s eager pursed lips in a fucking motion.

“Now Seb, I want to have you now, you have the biggest erection I have ever seen after the one I am fucking,” Rose tells me as Seb reacts and ignores Max.

This is obviously an arrangement or signal Rose and Max had arranged earlier. As Seb stands very close to Rose while she is fucking me while on top of me, she reaches out for Seb’s erection.

Max has a huge look of pleasure on his face as looks on, slowly stroking his erection as his lady licks and kisses Seb’s erection as she massages and teases my erection with her cunt muscles. Earlier I had taken note of his very thick erection and Seb had even remarked on it.

Without saying a word Max positions himself so all three of us can see him fitting a huge cock ring over his very engorged cock, then slide a generous amount of lube to it.

At the very moment his lady takes Seb’s, thick, nine inches between her pursed lips Max commences masturbating, slowly at first then increases the tempo as he watches his lady pleasuring two much younger men.

I am not sure which one of us is enjoying watching him taking great joy in pleasuring himself while his lady is fucking Seb and I.

“Go to him Seb, give him what he wants, he wants to bring you off while he masturbates, do it now. I want to watch,” Rose tells him.

Simultaneously she disengages from me and lays on her back with her knees up and legs apart. “Now fuck me, fuck me really hard, while I watch Max talking his pleasure. I want you to watch while you are fucking me Damian.”

Max obliges by positioning himself close by so Rose and I can see him sitting on a low stool and masturbating while blowing Seb. The veins in his very thick erection look as though they are close to bursting point as Seb stands with his hands behind his head, soaking up the sexual pleasure Max is giving to his rock hard erection. The only contact they have is Max’s lips wrapped around his erection.

They are both close to bursting point when Rose calls out, “Masturbate with him Seb, my big turn on when I am fucking another man. Do it for us, me specially.”

Seb needed no further prompting as Max poured some oil on his erection and commenced masturbating with two hands as he looked at Rose for a reaction.

“Cum in me Damian at the same time as those two blow,” Rose whispered. “What a fuck this is. Look at those two men masturbating, awesome, just fucking awesome.”

They holding each other’s gaze, both intent on outlasting the other, as they emulate each other and alternate between masturbating, hard, very hard, then edging themselves with just a fingertip.

“What a fuck, what a fuck, fuck me harder,” Rose is moaning as she ogles the two men masturbating while close enough to touch them.

Max takes the initiative as he wraps the tips of his thumb and fingers around the tip of his erection and softly teases and edges it.

Seb follows and does exactly the same. Both men are breathing very heavily, both are muttering, ‘so fucking good, so fucking good,’ as Rose reaches out and touches Seb’s ass.

Then she softly rakes her fingernails along Seb’s balls. “You are huge Seb, the biggest we have ever had. And Damian is almost as big and a magnificent fuck, just magnificent.”

Seb was the first to blow, in huge torrents, followed by me as Max masturbated in a frenzy, shouting incomprehensible words.

As we departed Rose and Max asked in unison, “Again, soon? But swaps next time?”

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