Crazy Cravings



Email me or comment below for any feedback on this story or for future suggestions. Lily changed my life forever. She wasn’t all that important to me at first. We were supposed to be fuck buddies and nothing more. It started my senior year of college. I met Lily on the first day of classes. Our dorm building was assigned different genders to each level. As an RA or Resident Advisor, I had a single all to myself. Despite being a boy, the RA’s room ended up being on the girl’s floor. That was nothing unusual. With the way the dorm buildings were set up, it was bound to happen from time to time. RA’s got their own bathroom with their rooms too so it was completely reasonable being on a girls floor.

On the first day of classes I held a meeting for all the freshman. There was a ton of boring campus policies to go over. At the end, one student stuck around. It was a short, Asian girl with long black hair. Her hair was breathtakingly beautiful, it cascaded down to her waist. She was almost a foot shorter than me at about four feet, eleven inches. Her pale cheeks blushed as she spoke, “Hi, I’m Lily. I’m in room 35C, across from you,” she started. Her face grew increasingly more red. “Um, I’ve been having problems with my roommate. I was wondering if I could talk to you about it?”

I smiled warmly as she appeared to be nervous. Either she was an introvert or she had the first day jitters. “Of course,” I replied. I lead her down the hall to the RA’s office. She plopped into an uncomfortable plastic chair across from my desk. It might have been the first day of classes but we had been on campus for about a week already. Lily shocked me with how many problems she had with her roommate.

“I even had to sleep in the lounge one night because she locked me out!” Lily complained.

“Did you not have your key with you?”

“No, I had my key. She fucking used the chain-lock. The key can’t unlock that. Why does every dorm room have a chain-lock anyway?” She fumed. I couldn’t help but notice her tits bounce with every vibrant gesture she made. Lily was a tiny, slender girl. Her breasts were not huge, possibly only a C cup, though they were real perky and appeared large on her small frame.

“That’s a great question,” I noted. “I’ll have to look into that but for now it sounds like I’m going to have to talk to your roommate about her behavior.”

Lily’s roommate was impossible. She was the most inconsiderate, entitled brat I had ever seen. I immediately felt sorry for Lily. I wrote up her roommate, hoping to escalate it to someone with more authority to punish her. Unfortunately, Lily found herself locked out again one night. Instead of sleeping in a chair in the lounge, I let her use my bed. Of course, I slept in my office to give her privacy. After another week, Lily had been locked out of her room four nights out of seven. It was getting ridiculous. I pleaded to my boss to let me remove the chain-lock. He wouldn’t allow it. Apparently, it was standard issue and removing it couldn’t be done without changing the building code.

The second week of school was no different. A knock at my door woke me up at two in the morning. Obviously, it was Lily. She had left her room for only a minute to use the bathroom and came back to find it locked. I was pissed. I was tired of waking up the entire building almost every night screaming at her roommate to open the door. At this point, Lily was embarrassed. Her face was bright red.

“Please don’t sleep in the office again. We can share the bed. I don’t care,” Lily whispered with tears in her eyes. I took pity on the poor girl. It wasn’t right, but I was too exhausted to disagree. I climbed into bed with her. She faced away from me and fell asleep quick. It wasn’t that bad. There was enough room that we weren’t touching each other. All I saw was her long, flowing hair as she slept on her side. It was so silky it almost shined. When I woke up, our positions were a bit different. Lily was cuddled up close to me, her arm across my chest with one leg placed over mine. Her head was nuzzled up against my shoulder. I couldn’t see her face with her hair in the way. I assumed it wasn’t on purpose, that she moved while she was asleep.

The plans to get rid of Lily’s horrible roommate were not gaining any traction. I suggested she put in a request to change rooms. The only problem was that housing had to review those forms and look for an opening. It was known to be a slow process if the request was even granted at all. Lily ended up spending the night with me more frequently. She even left a pair of pajamas with me just in case. One morning, I woke up with Lily’s face inches away from mine. Everyday I woke up to her cuddling me. Some nights she even cuddled up to me before falling asleep. Her dazzling eyelashes blinked as she woke up. She blushed and suddenly gave me a kiss. It was a tiny peck on the lips though it was completely unexpected.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” Lily gushed. “I hope I’ll be able to get out of your hair soon.”

Her black night shirt had ridden up in the back to expose her soft, smooth skin. I rubbed her back gently. “Oh please, you’re no trouble at all,” I comforted. She closed her eyes with glee. I went to give her a loving pat on the back but I missed and ended up patting her ass instead. Her eyes shot open immediately.

“So that’s how you want me to thank you, huh?” Lily teased.

I blushed. “No, no, it was an accident,” I insisted. My hand was still on her butt. It wasn’t all that big with how tiny she was but it had a great curvy shape to it. I took my hand away as if I had touched something burning hot. It was too late. Lily giggled as she climbed on top of me. Her flawless tits were inches from my lips. They looked so ripe and round in her loose pajama top. My mouth watered. She was so sexy.

“If that’s what you wanted you should’ve said something,” Lily beamed. She sat up to take off her shirt. Her perky tits bounced into view. I didn’t expect things to escalate so fast. She reached for the bulge in my shorts. “Mmm you do want me after all,” she teased as she felt up my cock. My shorts and underwear were off before I could blink.

“Wait, you misunderstand,” I interrupted. There was no going back. Lily was already stroking my cock. It was as hard as a rock. I’d had sex before, yet Lily was so different. She seemed incredibly eager to fuck me. It was as if she craved it. Lily leaned to one side to remove her pajama bottoms and underwear. Almost out of instinct I reached behind me and pulled out a drawer. I fished out a condom just in time. Lily saw it and stopped to put it on. Immediately she got to work, riding me like a cowgirl.

“Fuck you’re tight!” I gasped. She was wet enough that I was able to slip right in.

“Asian pussy is the best pussy,” Lily smirked. I had never been with an Asian girl before. She was Indonesian to be exact. I wasn’t one to fetishize a race but Lily sure acted like it was a big deal. “I’m sure I’ll get you addicted,” Lily added.

I couldn’t speak. I could only moan. Lily bounced up and down on my strong shaft. She moaned and gasped with pleasure. I reached around to squeeze her ass. A loud moan escaped her throat. Her tits seemingly bounced in place. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. The faces and sounds she made drove me wild. I reached up to fondle her perfect tits. Lily’s jaw dropped when I played with her nipples. She bit her bottom lip and leaned forward. I kept groping her breasts until they were pressed against my bare chest. Her body rubbed against mine as she melted on top of me. The feeling of her silky skin pressing and grinding on me was intoxicating. Her nipples poked at me. I ran my hands down her soft back and rested them on her ass. She picked up the pace. I bucked in response, drilling into her as best I could with her on top of me. Lily was practically drooling. She couldn’t speak. Here and there she’d kiss my chest between gasps.

The sound of Lily’s moans filled my ears. I wasn’t going to last much longer. Her tight pussy clamped down on me harder than any I’d ever experienced. She came several times before I did. Each time she’d shriek and throb with her eyes rolled back. I rolled us over, putting Lily on her back with me on top. Her legs wrapped around me. They gripped me tight, forcing me deep inside her. I thrusted into her over and over. Lily’s tits jiggled as she bit her bottom lip to hold in a moan. Her legs aided my thrusts, slamming me against her. She seemed to like it rough. I’d never seen a pussy take a pounding like that. Eventually, I couldn’t keep it up. I grabbed her thighs and tried to pull out. She pushed me in deeper with her legs. Lily didn’t want me pulling out. She grabbed my hands off her legs. She forced her legs tighter around me. It was too much. I came deep inside her, however, I was wearing a condom making it safe. Finally, she let me pull out. I removed the condom and snuggled up close to her.

My relationship with Lily was drastically different. It was no longer innocent. She stayed over every night. We had sex every day, always using protection. I’d even seen her taking birth control pills. Everything revolved around sex. There were no romantic dates, no meaningful conversations, only hardcore fucking. It was a simple arrangement. Nobody knew it was going on. Lily was quite loud in bed at times though nobody ever reported us. I noticed she had stopped complaining about her roommate since we started fucking. When Lily was out at class one day, her roommate let me in their room. I purposely broke the chain lock. It was against the code to remove it, however, if it were broken then it could be played off as normal wear and tear. Even with the lock broken Lily came to stay with me still claiming she was locked out. Obviously, this was a lie. It made me happy to know she was coming over just to be with me.

It didn’t take long for things to take another, far more drastic, change. We had hooked up everyday since the first time. It was about a week later when I spotted something different about Lily. One night, she was riding me as usual. Her tits bounced, her long hair draped behind her, eyes rolled back as she moaned. There was nothing wrong, only her belly looked different. It was rounder. She wasn’t close to being chubby. Her tummy simply had a slight curve outward where it used to be incredibly flat. The difference was subtle. It didn’t bother me one bit. She was a freshman after all, and no freshman, not even a petite, little Asian girl like Lily was safe from the freshman 15. At least that’s what I assumed it was.

I was wrong. Something strange was happening. Lily’s belly was slightly bigger each day. It was about two weeks after we started hooking up when it was not subtle anymore. She had an obviously rounded gut. Her shirts started to show more and more of her midriff. The pants she wore would dig into her sides. It was clear she was getting bigger, but only in her belly. I found it oddly attractive. There was something so sexy about a woman’s stomach that I didn’t understand. It only became hotter as it grew. I rubbed it as we fucked. Lily came immediately and rushed to hold my hands against her belly. Every time I felt up her stomach she would have the same reaction. It was as if her stomach turned her on too. She loved when I rubbed her tummy during sex. There was something about it that drove her wild. It was truly bizarre.

It was around 15 days after we first hooked up and Lily’s belly now stuck out as far as her tits, possibly slightly more so. I had ignored it for too long. Her midsection wasn’t flabby, it was tight and swollen. It grew a little bigger everyday. There was no way she didn’t notice. I watched her brush her teeth in her underwear. Her belly was so round. It was almost touching her bra, it swelled over her panties. I had to ask about it.

“Hey, are you ok?” I asked innocently.

Lily rinsed her mouth before she spoke. “Yeah, I’m ok. I guess you heard me throw up. It’s nothing, I just wanted to make sure I freshened up after.”

My eyes went wide. It clicked all at once. She threw up for no reason, her belly was getting bigger everyday but it wasn’t flabby. Lily was pregnant. Except she couldn’t be. Only two weeks ago she was the skinniest girl there was. “Lily, are- are you pregnant?” I asked in disbelief.

Her face lit up. She looked happier than ever. Lily’s hands flew to cradle her stomach. “Yes, you finally noticed!” she cheered. I was in shock. Her reaction was strange. She had to be messing with me.

“No you’re not. Who’s baby is it?”

Lily walked seductively over to me. She rubbed her belly as she slinked up to me. Her swollen belly pressed against my cock as she settled in front of me. “It’s yours of course, daddy,” she winked.

“Ok, you’re fucking with me. You’re not pregnant and if you are it’s not mine. We hooked up for the first time about two weeks ago and we always used protection,” I interrogated.

Lily blushed. “Well, about that.” She looked nervously at the floor.

“What, what did you do?” I asked sternly.

Lily’s eyes darted around the room. She rubbed her belly anxiously. “Remember how I used to sleep over in your room alone? Well I kinda found your condoms and poked holes in all of them. I was confident I could get you to sleep with me.”

I raced to my drawer. The wood frame almost cracked from how fast I whipped it open. All the condoms looked normal. I held one under the light. It appeared fine. When I held it closer to my eye there were minuscule holes that poked through the package on one side but not the other. It was enough to tamper with the condom while leaving one side of the packaging intact.

“Please don’t be mad,” Lily pleaded.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t mad at all. I was confused. Nothing felt real. “Wait, I don’t understand. Why would you do that? Even if I got you pregnant you wouldn’t be showing this much and not this fast. Didn’t you say you were on the pill?”

Lily smiled. She was glad I wasn’t angry. “I never said I was on the pill. Maybe you saw me taking my fertility pills? I’ve been taking them for a long time just to make sure I get knocked up. Considering how big I am already and how fast I’m growing, I’d say they did the trick. I wonder how many babies I’m carrying to be swelling up like this,” Lily gushed.

Her explanation was outrageous. She had to be several months pregnant with someone else’s baby. There was no way she was only two weeks along with mine. Why would she be taking fertility drugs at 18? Why would she be trying to get pregnant? How could she be so pregnant to be showing this fast? Nothing made sense. “I don’t believe you.”

Lily smirked. “That’s ok, in time it will be obvious. We could even get a DNA test done once I’m far enough along. I think you’ll see pretty quickly that I’m growing way too fast for me to be lying about being several months along. Plus I won’t give birth for months so it’ll be clear I really am just two weeks along right now.”

“B-but why? Why purposely get pregnant at 18, during your freshman year of college?” I stuttered.

Lily rubbed her belly seductively. She stared at it lovingly. “All my life I’ve wanted to be pregnant. As soon as I found out that sex caused pregnancy, I was obsessed with the thought. I’m one of six kids, all girls. My mom was pregnant three times as I grew up. Each time I was fascinated by her big beautiful belly, the glow of her skin, her silky hair, her milky swollen breasts. It captivated me. When I got older I realized I had a massive pregnancy fetish. My older sisters both got pregnant right after they graduated college. I was in high school back then. They let me oil their sexy bellies when they came to visit. All my cousins got married and pregnant right out of college too. Actually, one cousin got pregnant in high school. I was so jealous watching her grow bigger everyday. I couldn’t wait anymore. I know as a woman I should aspire to be more than a mom, to be an engineer, a scientist, a lawyer, but honestly all I’ve ever wanted was to be pregnant.”

My head ached. Lily’s explanation somehow confused me even more. “You can’t do that. You can’t get pregnant just because of a fetish. You’re bringing a living breathing human into this world. You’ll have to be a good mom and raise a child. You can’t get knocked up just for the sake of being pregnant!”

Lily pressed up against me. Her tummy rubbed my cock up and down. “I am well aware of that. I want to be a mom. I can’t wait to be one. I’m overjoyed to be carrying your babies. It just happens that I love being pregnant too. I know you understand. Ever since I started showing, you’ve touched my belly more than my ass or tits during sex. You rub it even when we cuddle. I know you love it,” Lily paused to grab my cock. She stroked it as she continued. “I know you love watching it get bigger and bigger. I wonder if subconsciously you knew you got me pregnant, you liked seeing me swell up with your babies. I bet you’re just like me. You can’t wait to see how big I get. You can’t wait to feel the heavy belly you gave me as I ride you. You want to breed me and keep me pregnant as much as I do.”

She stroked my cock and teased me until I came on her belly. Lily rubbed my cum all over her tummy as if it were lotion. I was in big trouble. Everything she said was true.

In the days that followed, Lily was clearly pregnant and way more pregnant than either of us anticipated. By the end of October she already looked nine months pregnant. One week into November, she appeared as if she were overdue. It was going to be one rough pregnancy. Her clothes never fit her. We would go shopping only for her to outgrow her new clothes within a week. She turned heads everywhere she went. People couldn’t help but to stare at the tiny Asian teen’s massive pregnant belly. When she sat down her baby bump was just shy of reaching her knees. Lily loved all the attention she received. Rapidly outgrowing clothes meant she often wore revealing outfits that clung to her expanding form. Despite being heavily pregnant she’d catch guys checking her out all the time. With how unintentionally revealing her clothes were it was hard to blame them. I found myself mesmerized by her breasts. They had only grown a bit, about DD cups now but they were so perky and ripe. Compared to her huge belly her tits were small, though they were actually really big considering how short and thin she was normally. Lily had rail-thin arms and legs with only a little curve to them now that she was immensely pregnant. There was something so hot watching this petite, little Asian grow an enormous pregnant belly. It always looked so out of place on her small frame.

We fucked so often that Lily practically moved in with me. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time until she would outgrow my bed. It was crazy how much she grew each day. When she went to the doctor they were speechless. The world record for the most babies in one pregnancy was of course the famous octomom with eight. They were not sure how many Lily was carrying, however she was much bigger than the octomom at about five or six weeks in. It was truly a medical miracle. Doctors questioned Lily frequently. They wanted to know her family history or if she had taken any drugs or received any fertility treatments. She would have the most devious smile on her face as she stroked her belly. Lily lied about everything. She didn’t tell them what she had taken, or that she got pregnant on purpose. I wasn’t sure why. It might have been because she tricked me into knocking her up or because all of it stemmed from a strange obsession she had with pregnancy. Honestly, I should be the one questioning her. Each time I tried she ended up seducing me. I’d forget about her tricks and get lost in her body.

It was difficult for Lily to move. She waddled everywhere she went. There was something sexy about it. The way she’d walk with one hand on her belly at all times turned me on. Her shirt would ride up to reveal her tight, rotund belly with each subtle movement. It looked like her belly button was days away from popping outwards. Throughout the day Lily would have her hands glued to her stomach. She’d subconsciously rub it no matter what she was doing. Her obsession with pregnancy was insane. I’d never encountered anyone more horny than Lily while pregnant.

It was our fourth time going at it for the day. Lily was riding my cock. Her tremendous belly rested on top of me. Lily’s thighs had grown a little thicker, they squeezed me as she rode me. I loved when she got on top and I could feel the difference in her weight with each passing day. It was as if all the extra weight helped force her further down on my cock. She moaned and shrieked in ecstasy whenever I bottomed out inside her. Her tits bounced wildly. Although Lily was facing me, I couldn’t reach her breasts with her gargantuan belly in the way. It was so huge that it didn’t lift off me as she rode me. That was fine with me. At that point I was obsessed with her pregnant tummy. I loved feeling it, watching it swell, seeing it wobble with every thrust. I groped her ass and thighs before making my way to her stomach. I held the massive globe of her belly in my hands. She moaned and rubbed her breasts. Lily was in this situation due to her obsession with pregnancy. That meant nothing turned her on more than having her pregnant belly stroked. Her tight pussy clamped down harder. My hands flowed over her tummy, stroking every inch within reach. I stretched behind me to put some oil on my hands. I rubbed the oil all over her humongous baby bump. It somehow looked even better glistening with oil. Lily’s hands raced down to feel up her own sleek stomach. She came while holding her belly. My reflection stared at me from her oiled up belly. With Lily only about a month into her pregnancy and already looking overdue, I couldn’t help but wonder how big she’d get. We both looked forward to seeing her heavily pregnant body swell.

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