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My little cousin saw my cock and everything changed.

My life changed drastically and permanently two weeks ago, even though nothing significant happened. I was having a casual discussion with a friend, and I recalled the embarrassing time when my ex-girlfriend walked in on me jacking off in the bathroom. It was a bit unnerving at the time, of course, but barely anything to fret about. I recalled the time I accidentally saw my mom’s naked breasts for a brief moment, and he told me about a time his dad walked in on him masturbating. We laughed at the unfortunate, but minor incidents, and out of the blue a memory just reappeared in my brain. There had been another incident of accidental exposure to my family I had just blocked out apparently until this moment for some reason. I reminisced the memory and recalled a day at my grandparent’s house. I was a little drunk and making fun of something, but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was. The part I remember absolutely happening was very vivid, however.

I remember going into the bathroom with a Sharpie marker, taking my shirt off, and drawing some silly design to further my ridicule of whatever the issue at hand had been. I wish I knew what led to that decision, but it really doesn’t matter that much. What matters is I was playfully attempting a somewhat absurd exhibit of writing on my chest to argue for my point or against theirs. It didn’t work out as I anticipated, though. I walked out of the bathroom, grinning stupidly as I approached the dining room table where my mom, dad, grandma, aunt, and cousin sat chatting. As I got nearby my mom half shrieked/half whispered my name in terror, and everyone immediately focused on me as I stood there confused.

“Turn around and cover up!” she whispered to me, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

It took a moment for me to realize what was happening. I looked down and realized the issue. The lounge pants I was wearing had a fly with a button on them, and I wore them without underwear regularly. They hadn’t ever been even close to an issue, so the sight I saw completely shocked me. My flaccid penis wasn’t just peeking out the fly. It was hanging out, completely exposed to five of my closest family members all within five feet of me. I knew, without a doubt, that everyone at the table had a good look at my dick for at least a couple seconds before I turned and retreated to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, wondering how I hadn’t noticed or felt the problem. My dick hung down about four inches, and was nothing to be ashamed about, but this was not how it was supposed to work. I remember playing the situation off as no big deal, pretending it didn’t happen, and miraculously, no one ever mentioned it to me and until this discussion with my friend I had blocked it from my recollection.

After a few minutes I discerned it had happened about four years ago, and for a while I convinced myself it was probably forgotten. That is until I went to my grandma’s house three days ago to drop off a birthday card for her. I hadn’t been by in over a year, and they were all excited to see me, especially my little cousin, Olivia, who lives there with my aunt and grandma and is doing her senior year of high school online. We all caught up for a few minutes, and I gave Liv a hard time about her new look. She had her hair dyed bright green, and was wearing a t-shirt cut at her belly button and loose fitting black shorts. I jokingly asked her if the dryer shrunk her shirt and playfully made fun of her hair. It actually looked pretty decent on her. She has creamy light brown skin and naturally black hair and eyes that give away her father’s Asian ethnicity. He disappeared years ago, and she is the youngest of her siblings and only one in the family with the exotic look.

She snapped back at me, flashing a big smile, and told me she was practicing for cheerleading, and the loose shorts and belly shirt were way more comfortable than the uniform the school issued her. I wasn’t quite understanding her yet. After noticing my confusion she laughed and told me to come with her so she could show me what she meant. I followed her to her room and on her wall was a very large flat screen tv with boxes all over it with views into the rest of the cheerleaders’ webcams, as they stretched and came into view as it got close to 7PM practice start time. I sat on Liv’s bed, careful to not be in view of the camera shot into her room.

They just worked on specialized stretching routines during distant practices and it was pretty uneventful until I noticed one of the girls on the screen holding her leg up above her head, wearing her school uniform, but only panties underneath. Her pussy lips were prominently showing their plump outline through her white panties. As I looked around the screen, I noticed a few other girls who hadn’t been as careful about covering up for the practice from home. Olivia’s camera feed was in the bottom corner, larger than the rest of the girls’. As she held the splits with steps holding her legs even further stretched apart, the black shorts were little more than a skirt clumsily wrapped around her waist. Her light purple panties were on full view. After a minute, Liv asked me to come over and adjust the stand holding her legs apart, so she could stretch even further than before.

I gently grabbed her ankle and slowly lifted it and slid it onto the next higher platform. She leaned her torso back, wincing slightly as I did so. She briefly put her hand on her groin, seemingly in pain, then pulled it away, smiled at me and told me the pain feels good once you get used to it. I inadvertently glanced down to her groin and noticed how much she was actually exposed. A good portion of her bald puffy vulva was showing, and her panties had began to slide up her open gash, due to her legs being so far apart. It was at that moment the day I had tried to forget came flooding back to me. The day Liv had seen me exposed by accident. I felt my dick move in my pants and was filled with shame. I was checking out my 18 year old first cousin, thinking about her seeing my dick, and somehow it was turning me on. I sat up to leave, but she pouted at me and said they were almost done.

I reluctantly stayed put, adjusting myself inside my boxer briefs as they did their final stretches and turned off the cameras. She hobbled around gingerly, and I asked if she needed some ice or ibuprofen. She told me she had Ice pads in the freezer, so I went and grabbed them for her. My grandma and aunt were asleep, or at least almost so, on the couch. I walked back to Liv’s room and she was sitting by the window, holding a rig to smoke wax weed concentrate. I raised my eyebrows and chuckled. At least the green hair made more sense now. She took a big rip and blew it out the window before reloading it and handing it to me. I wasn’t about to be outdone by my kid cousin, so I took my hit in casually and blew a couple rings at her face, which she tried to inhale unsuccessfully.

“That’s not how it works,” I told her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“That’s not how you shotgun a hit,” I said.

“Well how do you do it then, professor?” She laughed and handed me the supplies.

I loaded the dabber with the wax, heated the rig up with her torch, then told her when I tap her on the shoulder to open her mouth wide and inhale. She told me she was ready so I applied the dabber to the pipe and sucked the smoke into my mouth without inhaling. I tapped her on the shoulder, and she opened her mouth and I slowly blew out the smoke, which she unsuccessfully tried to inhale, allowing most of it to escape out the sides. I leaned closer to her and my puckered lips made contact with her wide open mouth, and she closed her lips around me as she drew in the last little bit of the hit.

“That didn’t even work,” she whined, as I loaded another attempt.

“You have to either suck harder or keep your mouth closer to mine if you don’t want to waste it,” I told her.

“Is that how you talk to your girlfriend?” she asked me, busting out laughing. Liv had only met my girlfriend, Steph, on one occasion, and they had gotten along well. Steph was a nice girl and we had been dating for a year. Everything was pretty good between us, including our sex life.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I said, feeling a strange conflict of guilt, excitement, and kink. “OK, do it right this time.”

I lit the rig and as the wax hit the dabber and I sucked it in my mouth, Liv sat down on my knee and planted her open mouth wide over my lips. I was caught off guard, but held it together as I exhaled into her mouth. She took the hit in almost perfectly, our lips resting together as she took it in. She exhaled the hit and told me it was my turn. As she remained seated on my knee I focused my eyes at eye level to avoid looking at her partially covered crotch.

She prepared and lit the hit, looked in my eyes, and I reminded her not to inhale.

“Just suck it into your mouth, Liv.”

“Head out of the gutter, please, cuz,” she whispered with a smile as she took in the hit. I grabbed her cheeks with both hands and pulled her face to mine and inhaled her breath, holding her face against mine as I exhaled, bit her lip softly, and then stood up suddenly, telling her I had to go home.

“Why are you leaving?”

“I feel too weird smoking weed with my little cousin prancing around half naked blowing hits in each other’s mouths,” I told her. I was no longer going to be able to control myself so I had to say it. Liv was turning me on, and I no longer trusted myself.

“Did you feel weird when you showed me your dick, too?” she asked bluntly.

She remembered. Fuck. I turned towards her. “It was an accident. I’m sorry. It was not intentional,” I told her.

“I know,” she said. But don’t go yet. “Give me a massage and I’ll never mention it again.”

“You promise?” I asked her,

She just went to her bed and lay down on her back and pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her bare back exposed and those pointless black shorts over her ass. “15 minutes and you’re free,” she said as she turned her head back.

I sat on her butt and gently kneaded her shoulders and back for a couple minutes until she resituated by sitting against her headboard and placing her legs in my lap. She asked me to rub the muscles first, then apply ice with pressure for a few minutes and rub again. She turned a bit to the side and put her left leg across my lap as I sat facing towards her, forcing her right leg around the back of me. I rubbed her leg from ankle to mid thigh and down again and reached for the ice. She stopped me and said her groins were the sorest part with a straight face. She grabbed my hand and placed it so my fingers were at the point of her panty line and told me to rub her. I did so as she closed her eyes. My fingers teased her panty line without even going out of my way. After a few minutes, I grabbed the ice and she told me to rub it along her entire leg. It was dripping through the thin rag surrounding it, and as I reached her upper thigh and groin, her shorts were getting wet and she just casually lifted her ass up and pulled them off. We made brief eye contact before she closed her eyes again. She had taken her shirt off before the massage, and had been covering her breasts with her bed sheet. She apparently lost interest in maintaining that modesty once her shorts came off, as one of her rock hard brown nipples came into view.

The melting ice had soaked her panties, and they were just in a bunch over her slit, her pussy lips in plain view. She lowered her hand and slid the crotch of her panties to the side and started playing with her pussy as I watched. She pinched a nipple and rubbed her clit and I leaned in and kissed her mouth and made out with her as I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down with my underwear, letting my dick flop in front of her. I pulled her panties off and began lapping her soaking cunt, tongue lashing her clit while my fingers explored her tight little vagina. She pushed me back and crawled over me and I told her what I told her earlier, but this time without any question what I meant. “Put it in your mouth and suck.” Liv did just that and soon was gagging as she tried to fit my full cock in her mouth and throat. I was getting close but I tapped her shoulder and told her to get on her knees.

She did just that and I buried my face in her pussy from behind, licking up and down her crack. She twitched as I let my tongue pay extra attention to her virgin ass hole. Her labia were dripping wet and protruding prominently, allowing my tongue to easily lick her twat as I put my thumb against her rosebud. Using her natural lube, I was able to slide my thumb almost all the way in her ass without her resisting. She was actually pushing back into me as I ate her out and fingered her ass. Finally, it was time. I lined up behind her and slid the tip of my cock all over her wet gash as she hissed quietly. As I started to push through the tightest threshold I’ve ever entered, she looked back and said, “Be gentle. It’s my first time.”

I slowly and carefully drove past the barrier and after a minute I was buried nearly all the way inside her and slowly started fucking her. Over the next few minutes I picked up the pace until I was pounding her loud enough that I was concerned we would be caught. She came for the first time as I fucked her as hard as I felt comfortable. I slowed down, reapplied my thumb to her ass and she was screaming within a minute once again, forcing me to cover her face with the pillow to muffle the sounds. She was bucking hard back against my thumb and cock in her ass and pussy, and seemed to want more. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and guided it inside her ass, pumping in and out slowly until I was enveloped by her. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my cousin in the ass while my grandma and her mom slept two rooms away, but I couldn’t stop.

She started saying “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” and I pounded her even harder. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her laptop was still open, even though she had shut the TV off. I could see the feed of us having sex in the bottom corner, and to my horror, there were a couple girls from the cheerleading squad watching the show.

“Liv!” I yelled. “Shut your computer. The camera is on!”

“Don’t worry. They don’t know you’re my cousin,” she replied.

I looked over to the laptop as two of the girls had their hands over their mouths in shock. I ran over and slammed it shut, crawled back on the bed, flipped Lil on her back, lifted her ass in the air and shoved my cock inside her pussy as I dug my fingers from both hands in her butt. I sucked on her neck and nibbled her ear, completely horrified by the spectacle of this encounter, but even more turned on because of it.

“Do you like to fuck your cousin hard?” she whispered

“What was that?” I replied

“Choke your little cousin,” she said more loudly.

I put my hand around her neck and gave a careful squeeze as I bucked her pussy as hard as I could and came in ropes inside her virgin cunt as she moaned in pleasure. I exhaled in relief or something of that sort, but it didn’t ask long. Both our phones started blowing up at the same time. Someone shared the video. It was grainy but there was evidence of me fucking my cousin in the ass and people asking if it was real. I pulled my clothes on, quietly snuck out of the house, and drove home in shock. What the fuck just happened?

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