Chosen Few v0.6.1


You receive a letter asking you to travel to the Unova area to join an academy there. You meet a pretty young girl on the boat who is traveling there as well and is going to this institution. When you get to this new school, you run into her again after you chat and part ways. The fact that you are the sole male student at the school surprises you. Additionally, it appears that none of the females are aware that you will be residing there with them. You reach your own room where you will be residing after being given a tour of the school by a nasty coed. On your first night, a young woman sitting on your cock abruptly awakens you from a deep slumber. She is the girl from the boat, and she is asking you to work out her pussy and get her pregnant. What a fantastic beginning to your new life in a place where you seem to be the lone swinging dick.


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