Building a Dream: Part One



An adventure that happened to my lovely wife Jay and i on a trip to London in 2014. Her first time with multiple men started by the heat of the night and the kindness of others.

A strange, but true story about what happened a few years back. So many times, I have wanted to write down what happened so it doesn’t get forgotten or changed by my memory, so now I have put pen to paper (well, keyboard) to finally document what happened on one of our annual trips to London. I can’t remember all the dialogue what went on but I do remember the important bits. Some of the names have been changed

How many times, when having sex with your wife, have you fantasised that you’re both in a different situation just to enhance the enjoyment? Mine has been to see my lovely wife Jay getting fucked by another guy or another woman. Just a fantasy but it’s great to imagine when you’re in the later stage of climax.

I do this all the time and I don’t doubt she’s doing the same but it’s never mentioned nor bought up in conversation. Why would it? Jay is bi-sexual. I knew that from the first date we went out on, but only once have I had the pleasure to see her with another woman.

We had registered on a swinger site with the intent of finding her a woman after we had a drunken conversation one night and she slurred that she hadn’t had some pussy in a while. I was ecstatic and when she sobered up I reminded her about what she said. She agreed to bring another woman in for a one-off so I could watch and, maybe, join in.

It didn’t go well. There was no single woman in our area that matched neither our preferences. We got chatting to a husband and wife who invited us over to spend the night. It was okay, that’s all I can say.

The girls had fun for about half an hour but then the husband wanted full swap and Jay was not up for that. We went to bed and, after polite handshakes and promises to keep in touch, left never to return.

And that was that. It was never bought up in conversation again not mentioned.

A bit more about us. We’re not exactly neither ‘fit’ nor overweight. A couple of pounds here and there but I believe, we’re in fairly good shape. Jay looks great in whatever she wears. She’s an attractive lady with long, strawberry blonde hair with slight curls. Her breasts are still at a good point of firmness and ‘pointiness’ and a great arse that I still admire to this day.

When the occurrence that I’m about to tell you about took place I was forty-two and Jay thirty-nine and we’re both on our second marriages. As I write this six years after the event took place we have been together for fifteen, happy years and the sex with Jay, compared to my first wife is outstanding, apart from anal.

My first wife went through a period that lasted about two months of loving anal, then she stopped and that was that. Jay likes arse play; a finger, a small butt plug, definite rimming but never, ever full anal. That’s fine because she does a lot more than my first wife would ever consider. Sex is good and, as I write this, still very regular. It gets better when Jay has a few drinks.

She really gets into it in a physical way and goes beyond her normal sexual self

July 2014 seemed to be going through a bit of a heatwave and it was then that we had decided to spend a week in London doing the sites, catch a show etc. It’s only an hour on the train and we do this trip every year, normally in April but for some reason we ended up going in July with a constant wall of heat around us.

We’re not too keen on too much heat and much prefer to be walking around the city when it’s cooler.

We booked into a well-known budget hotel a short walk from Waterloo Station on the Lambeth road. It’s a good, local hotel but no air conditioning. We were in a room on the main road. It had big windows that could be opened to let in a breeze but could be seen from the street and shutting the heavy curtains would take away the much-needed fresh air.

We asked if they had any fans they could lend us but they had all been lent out already. We decided to put up with it the best we could and maybe leave the curtains open a crack if we could. The only respite was the small dining area behind the bar in the lobby where we would go to play cards to pass the time.

This had air conditioning and if you found the right table you could sit directly below one of the units blowing cool, refreshing air. The first night we were there the fire alarm went off. We all traipsed out and stood on the road opposite the hotel.

The early morning cool air was refreshing but we could clearly see into our room and the gap in the curtains which would show us quite clearly doing whatever even with the light off.

We knew then that we would have to keep the curtains shut.

When we went out for the day she would wear a dress that was low-cut and thrown over the head and tied at the back of her neck. It was long to almost her ankles with a slit up the side to her knees, but thin enough so she didn’t get too hot.

She decided to not wear a bra due to the heat. That’s fine. It wasn’t see-through so no one would ever guess, apart from the obvious bounce of her lovely breasts. She did get the odd glance that was unnoticed by her but not by me. Hey, I don’t mind someone admiring her.

On our second day we ended up having dinner in a bar in Soho. I used to go there when I was younger, mainly for the excellent record and bookshops with the benefit of a quick visit to the peepshows to deposit a quid for five minutes of having a naked woman gyrating in front of me and no, I did not want to pass a fiver through for a private show.

Me and Jay had walked through Soho before many times but never looked at the sexual side of this area. In the bar Jay had a few drinks and was in a very, good mood. We left the bar and started walking around glancing at the sex shops in the various streets. Jay had never been in one, having used the internet for our collection of toys and DVD’s and not having an establishment like this anywhere near our small Bucks town.

“Come on” I said taking her by the hand and entering one “let’s have a look around. I might treat you to a new toy.”

“Okay, but not for too long.” She answered, a bit nervous despite the amount of alcohol she’d consumed. She started browsing and really got into checking out the different toys. She’s never seen so many close up, only on the internet. She made remarks about the sizes, colours and shapes and started to sound like a retail critic.

“That’s way too big, that’ll never fit, that would hurt, and that plugs in?” Her interest in the various items was exciting to say the least. She found the anal play toys and picked up a solid bead wand. It had several small beads of all the same size but on a firm piece of rubber so it can be inserted and kept straight. She was fingering it for a while before I asked, “Would you like me to get it for you?”

She paused before saying “yes please and get some of that flavoured lube.” Excellent, I knew that when we got back to the hotel I would be in for same fun, despite the uncomfortable heat.

We arrived back in the hotel and I suggested a quick drink from the bar so we could spend a little while cooling off (and also to bump up her alcohol level)

She went through to get an air-conditioned table and I got the drinks. She found one we had sat under before and was trying her best to lean back and cool her neck. At a table nearby were four blokes having a laid-back drink. The looked to be in their late thirties to forty and one of them was black.

They were all in a good shape and fairly attractive. They were casually dressed in a manner that suggested smart rather than throw anything on to go out.

Jay got the cards out and we started playing, although she kept leaning back to try and get the cool air on her and was repeatedly blowing up on her face. Despite the cool air she was still perspiring a bit.

After about five minutes she had downed her wine and waved her empty glass at me, the hint for another. I knew we wouldn’t be sat for too long so got her a small glass of wine and a bottle to take to the room. We carried on playing cards and she still sat there using her cards as a fan and trying to keep cool.

“Hot enough for you?” said a voice to my right. It was the oldest looking man of the group who looked to be about my age -42 at the time-who had noticed how uncomfortable Jay was.

“Too bloody hot,” she replied.

“It is that” he answered. “On holiday?” he asked

“Yeah, just for a week” I replied and explained about our annual trip to the capital. His name was Phil and he was on a works trip with the other gentleman. They worked for a well-known oil company in different offices around Europe and would be called back to London every few months for meetings, seminars, conferences etc.

They had all started working a few years before in the same London office before being sent out to run various offices.

If they were all in London at the same time they would turn down the more expensive hotel offered and opt for a budget so they could all stay in the same hotel and drink freely and have a laugh which would be frowned upon should it get back to their superiors. Phil was the oldest of the group. Next were Clive, then Simon, who was black, then Keith.

We chatted casually for about ten minutes about London, the sites before getting back to the uncomfortable heat.

“The lack of air conditioning in the room is a pain” said Jay, still fanning herself “and we can’t leave the curtains open for the draught as we can be seen from the street”

“Did you ask if they had any spare fans here?” asked Simon

“Yep, and the answer was no” I replied.

They all looked at each other before Phil said,

“That may be our fault. When we arrived and noticed the heat we each went down to ask for a fan. We all got a pedestal fan which is good, but another would be better. We waited until the receptionist had changed then asked for another without mentioning the first fan we had. Myself, Simon and Jim were lucky to get the last ones. We now have two fans in our room.”

“Good for you” Jay said still fanning herself “At least you’ll sleep comfortable.” She said this in a respectful way rather than an angry way. She admired people who could ‘pull a fast one’.

We got up to leave and as we were saying our goodbyes Phil said, “I feel bad being greedy. We’re waiting for another of our colleagues to arrive as he’s been delayed. When he arrives why don’t we give you some of our extra fans? You can cool off then.”

“Just one will be fine thanks” I said, genuinely grateful for the offer.

“No, we insist. What’s your room number? We’ll bring them up once our colleague Jim arrives in about half an hour.” Jay shrugged and said “Okay, if you’re quite sure, we’d love to have them”. She told them our room number then made our way up to wait for them

Jay stood swaying in the middle of the room from the effect of the alcohol and announced that she wanted to take a cold shower to cool off before getting the life-saving fans.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You could wait until we’ve got the fans, then shower, then bed.”

“No, I can’t wait sat on this bed sweating like a pig. I’m too hot and I need to cool down.” With that she went into the bathroom. A little while later she stepped out the bathroom, removed her shower cap and started drying herself. She looked hot, not in the heat sense but hot and ready to fuck.

I knew she would be clean all over as she liked a clean fuck with plenty of licking and rimming and since she had bought a new toy I knew she would be clean and sparkly everywhere. She threw on the dress she’d worn all day, tied it up at the back of her neck, poured some wine into a tumbler and took a big, cool gulp.

Five minutes passed before there was a knock on our door and the men from the bar entered, three of them carrying a pedestal fan. We looked for sockets and having unplugged the kettle, TV, and phone charger we soon had them blasting a strong line of cold air aimed at the side of bed.

Phil introduced Jim, who looked to be in his mid-thirties. He had been delayed getting to London and had arrived shortly after we left the bar. I thanked them for the fans and they made to leave.

Not wishing to seem impolite or ungrateful, I asked if they would like to stay for a cold drink. If we go anywhere when it’s going to be hot I always bring a cool bag that can be folded into a suitcase. Early that morning I had gone to the express store near Waterloo Station, bought a bag of ice and a dozen cans of coke.

We always took a couple of cold cans with us when walking around the city, not wishing to spend the exorbitant prices charged by street vendors. I passed them out and they made themselves comfortable for a chat. Jay sat on the bed directly in line of the fans and enjoyed the coolness while closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

She had a glass of wine in her hand and was taking big sips. She started lifting and fanning the front of her dress to allow the cold air to stream up and cool her hot thighs and what I assume to be a very grateful pussy.

She did this carefully so not to expose herself to the group. “Oh, that’s great” she murmured between sips of wine and leaning back on one elbow a bit.

Simon and Clive stood either side of Jay holding up their hands to feel the coolness and agreeing with her before sitting either side of her. They both shut their eyes to feel the draught and agreed it was very cooling indeed. Jim and Keith were stood by the window while Phil was stood next to the fans.

I stood by the head of the bed by the door. I could feel the breeze but not as near as the others on the bed. Jim started telling us about his delays and travel nightmare which went into a discussion from all of them telling us about the line of work they all do, the places they travel to, their office politics etc.

I told them a bit about me and Jay, our work and how we look forward to the trips to London. Jay just sat back on the bed, taking sips of her wine and nodding in agreement to some of my comments about our life.

The conversation turned to the current heatwave and we all bemoaned the fact about the hotel lack of air conditioning. Phil was fanning himself with his hand, having stood to the side of the fans. “It’s okay for you three hogging the breeze,” nodding to Simon, Clive and Jay sitting on the side of the bed. “Some of us out still too hot,” he said indicating myself and the others.

At that Jim and Keith quickly moved to the side of bed behind Jay with her in front of them and sat down holding their hands up to the draught. “It’s cool here mate,” said Keith to Phil “but there’s no room at the inn. Sorry.” They all laughed at that, enjoying the joke.

“Fine”, said Phil and before I knew it he had removed his shirt and trousers just standing there now in his boxers. He looked at my surprised face and put his hands up “Sorry mate, I’m not being funny. When I get to my room, first thing I do is strip off. We all do.”

I looked at the others drinking their cokes who nodded in agreement with Phil’s statement. “We’ve sat around in each other’s rooms nigh-on naked before drinking and having a laugh. I’ll get dressed. Come on guys, let’s leave these lovely people.”

He went to pick up his trousers but, being polite and not wishing to offend, especially since they had given up their fans I said “No mate, you’re alright. You can strip off as long as Jay’s okay with it?”

“Whatever, I don’t care” she said, still leaning back on one elbow with her eyes closed and taking sips from her drink not really paying attention to what was being said and occasionally fanning her dress.

“Okay,” said Phil “But you buggers need to also. I don’t want to stand here in my undies alone looking like a right dick.” They laughed at that and all stood and clothing started coming off everywhere until they were just in the underwear. They resumed the same positions as before with Simon and Clive either side of Jay with their bare legs touching hers.

They all had good bodies. Not macho six-packs, but slim, trim and firm in places. Apart from Simon who obviously worked out. I watched this and then said out loud “Oh, what the hell” and stripped down myself.

At this point I didn’t know what to think and reality kicked in. We had only known these guys for a couple of hours and now they were almost naked in our room. Quick flashes of rude excitement and imagination entered my head which were to be put away to be stored as a fantasy for another time.

This sort of thing only happens in films, not real life and I was sure that soon they would finish their drinks, dress and leave after polite conversation

“Feel free to strip off too,” said Phil to Jay. “I’m not being weird but we’re not here for any funny business and if you rather we left, we will.”

Jay opened her eyes and sat up. “Oh my” she said with a bit of a drunken slur. She looked genuinely surprised when she looked around her. She looked at me to gauge my reaction but I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled back. She grinned and started to laugh.

“It’s okay” she laughed “It’s fine. I would strip down, even in front of you lot. I wear a bikini on the beach so there’s not much difference is there?” The others shook their heads and a couple of no’s said. “But I can’t strip off” She said looking at me. I knew why.

“She can’t strip off as she’s not wearing any underwear” I said.

There was an embarrassing silence. The others looked at Phil, who looked at me and then back to the others. Jay started to laugh, the alcohol clearly working in her system.

“Right” said Phil and looked at me as if asking permission to do I knew not what. I just shrugged my shoulders and at that, he tugged his underwear off and kicked them to his pile of clothes. I didn’t expect him to do that, in fact, I didn’t know what he was going to do. He stood there naked with his hands on his hips.

It went quiet. The others looked at each other not sure what to do. Several seconds went by in silence which seemed like an eternity, especially for Phil who was starting to look embarrassed at his own bravado. Even Jay had stopped laughing. She was looking directly at Phil’s cock.

My cock is average. Phil’s was big, not porn start big, but bigger than mine by length and girth. Jay was only used to mine since we had met. I hadn’t really seen another man’s cock in the flesh. I’m not into ‘manly’ sports where everyone strips off together in the changing room and I just stood there staring.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Phil who, after a few seconds of me staring, gave a slight embarrassed cough. I actually felt sorry for Phil. He had come here with the others not for any funny business but to give us some fans. His bravado, probably bought on by a drink or two, was starting to come undone and now looked like he regretted it.

He was just trying to make Jay feel comfortable with the situation. Before anything was said I pulled at my own underwear and kicked my boxers away. I stood there in the same pose and Phil looked back with a grateful smile before we both laughed. Jay looked between us and then up at me.

She grinned and took another sip of wine. I didn’t know what her reaction might be but I could tell she was cool with the situation and would probably laugh about it later.

The others, who had been laughing at the pair of us suddenly stood up and pulled off their underwear and sat back down. Jay looked from left to right at the cocks either side of her within inches of her hands on her lap and started to drunkenly giggle, especially at Simons. I’ve seen black men’s cocks in porn films and they are always big.

This was big. Long and thick with the helmet looking thicker than the girth of the rest of the member. Again, I stared for a short while. All the guys were covering up their manhood’s with their hands, both in Simon’s case

After a bit of embarrassing silence where it seemed that no one knew what to say Phil held his hands out and said “There, we’re all naked. There’s nothing to be ashamed of now.” I could sense in his tone and manner that this was a real statement. He didn’t come here with his mates, thinking they’ll get a gangbang or something, he was genuine.

He did want us to cool off and he did want to spare her blushes after I had told him to stay. At least I hope he did.

With that, Jay got up and refilled her glass of wine. Having taken a big sip of her drink, she put the glass down, reached up behind her, undid the bow holding her dress and pulled it over her head before holding it between two fingers and slowly dropping it to the floor in the manner of a stripper. There was a quiet gasp from the guys as they admired her body. She stood before them, hands on hips, totally naked with everything on show. Her great breasts with their firmness and her neatly trimmed bush. She never shaved it off completely. She had it waxed once which she hated. ‘Leave that to the youngsters’ she said once.

Instead she would trim it as short as she could so that her pussy lips would still show and nothing hidden. She stood for a few seconds in that pose giggling, well aware that they were staring at her, supportive of her own drunken bravado. She picked up her glass, took another big sip and resumed her seat next to Simon and Clive.

Another, larger sip followed before she placed the glass on the floor and leaning back on her elbows continued to enjoy the blast of cool air. Her nipples had firmed up in the breeze which had not gone unnoticed by the four guys on the bed.

“Well” she said “It looks like we’ve skipped the ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ scenario. If you don’t mind I really need to cool off a bit”. Looking at me and smiling she lifted both legs and draped them over the guys legs either side of her. Her exposed pussy was getting the full blast of the fans and I couldn’t believe what she was doing.

The drink must have really gone to her head as she would never consider exposing herself as freely as this. She purred a bit at the coolness, closed her eyes and said “oh, that is so nice.”

Phil and the guys really didn’t know what to make of this. All the guys on the bed were getting a bird’s eye view of her breasts but only me and Phil was getting a full view of her pussy. The others looked at each other with embarrassed smiles and then all looked at me. I had a massive hard on and I mean rock hard.

One of my fantasies when having sex with her was of her in a room with a bunch of naked guys. All my Christmases had come at once but I still believed this situation would be stored in the ‘what could have happened’ fantasy box as things like this don’t happen in real life.

Phil looked at my cock then moved his hand away from his front. He too had a big hard on. Simon and Clive were getting big under their hands and were now having trouble hiding the fact and I have no doubt that Jim and Keith were doing the same. I wasn’t sure what was going through Jay’s head.

Should we react? Should the guys leave? Should I just fuck her now with them watching? She knew that she was exposing herself and didn’t seem to care. That decided it for me. She definitely knew what she as doing. I was going to have to see what happens.

Phil, who had started rubbing his big cock, looked at me as if waiting for me to react. So, I did. I nodded at him. I think I expected him to get dressed with the others and leave but now I was not sure what was going to happen

He went over and knelt in front of Jays legs. Slowly he lent forward and started to lick her pussy. She jumped at first and opened her eyes, leaning up and looking down to see who it was. Whether she expected it to be me, I wasn’t sure but she didn’t complain. She closed her eyes and leant back on her elbows, purring as he licked up and down before concentrating on her clit.

At that Simon and Clive began fondling her breasts before taking a nipple in each mouth and started to suck. Jim positioned himself so Jay could lie back on his leg and free her arms. She held on to Phil’s head as he ate her and then squealed when he entered a finger, followed by another then another.

He started to nibble on her clit and he started to thrust his fingers quicker in and out. She started panting and gasping and held his head tight, forcing his face into her pussy. She suddenly crossed her legs behind Phil’s head and clamped him. I knew she was coming. She started to scream “yes, yes, fuck, yes” as she bucked around before coming to a halt.

It went quiet as Phil stood up and started to wipe his face. It was very wet. Not so much a squirter, more of a small water pistol is how I would describe Jay’s orgasms. Not enough to soak the bed but enough to wet a face. She opened her eyes and reached around with her hands before finding Jim and Keith’s hard cocks.

She started to wank them, hard and fast. Simon lifted his head from her nipple and replaced Phil’s head between her legs. Clive stood up, knelt over her and lowered his cock to her mouth allowing Jay to start sucking the helmet into her mouth.

This went on for a while, Simon eating her, Jay sucking Clive while wanking Jim and Keith. Phil came and stood next to me. “You okay?” he asked. “Oh, I’m fine mate” I replied.

“This wasn’t planned you know” he said. “We didn’t come here for this. ”

“I know” I said. “If she’s cool with this, then it’s ok.” The fantasy box in my head where I was storing the earlier situation was now open and empty. I wouldn’t be able to fantasise over what could have been, open what happened. I was still nervous though and I still had some apprehension about the situation

“Okay” he said. Then he did something I definitely wasn’t expecting. He put his arm around my back and rested his hand on my buttock. I didn’t know how to react. I was so turned on by the site on the bed that I just didn’t know what to do. I’m not gay and have never been anywhere near another man before.

I’ve thought about what it would be like, what man hasn’t, but to now be stood here with a hard on watching four men play with my loving wife while another is groping my arse. I really didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing. We just stood there watching Jay having a good time.

Jay started bucking, clamped Simons head and came again. I have always admired her ability to come over and over again.

Simon moved out from her legs to be replaced by Clive who took his wet cock out of her mouth moved between her legs and then edged the head to her clit. He looked round to me with a look on his face as if to say, ‘is this okay?’ I suppose the proper thing to do would be to say no but a split-second jumble of thoughts came into my head.

I looked at him and nodded. He rubbed his cock helmet up and down her clit for a bit and then quickly sunk it straight in to her wet pussy. She let out a gasp and lay back as he started to fuck her hard. Simon and Jim placed their cocks by Jay’s mouth and she started to alternate sucking them, one to the left then the other on the right, struggling to get her mouth around Simon’s big helmet.

Keith put his hand down to her clit and was rubbing as Clive pounded her. Between sucks she would say in a husky voice “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” before carrying on.

While this was going on Phil continued to knead my buttock and was moving his little finger up and down my arse crack. I didn’t know what to do. It would be rude and may potentially spoil the moment if I said, ‘fuck off mate’, but then it was harmless and, I must admit, I was starting to like it. My rock-hard cock was not diminishing.

Without cumming Clive stopped fucking Jay and pulled out to be replaced by Keith. He had a bigger cock than Clive and it showed when she let out a little yelp. It was wider and a touch longer and, boy, did Jay notice. Her legs were in the air being held up by Clive allowing Keith to get deeper into her.

He then stopped and turned Jay on to her knees facing the head of the bed. He entered her from behind and carried on fucking her as Jim knelt at the head of the bed in front of her face with his cock in her mouth. Jay can deep throat. This was a nice surprise for me when we first had sex.

How she does it I don’t know but she can hold it down for a good few seconds before withdrawing, gasping for breath and dribbling everywhere. She was now doing this to Jim and the look on his face told me he liked it. She would hold it down for several seconds, pull it out then throw her head back for air.

Simon was sucking on her nipples and at one point I heard her yelp as he clearly started to gently bite. Between sucks of Jim’s cock, she said to Simon ‘harder’. He obliged and actually bit slowly with the edge of his teeth into a nipple. With Jim’s cock in her mouth she couldn’t scream but the body language told me there was pain, albeit enjoyable to her.

It left a mark on her nipple of a pair of red teeth marks. He moved under to the other nipple and repeated. Again, the yelp, but no objection. Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth and swapped places with Simon who readily placed his cock deep into Jay’s mouth.

Jim started rubbing Jay’s buttocks and then moved his hand between her bum crack and started slowly rubbing her arsehole. Looking at me and seeing no objection, he licked his finger and started gently probing. Jay started to shake her head. Retracting Simons cock she said ‘”no, use lube.”

I indicated her shopping bag from earlier to Jim who picked it up and removed the anal probe and lube. He pulled the packaging apart on the probe and placed it on the bed while squirting some of the lube on her arse. Keith stopped fucking Jay and stood her up.

Without a word said Simon lay down on the bed and held out his hand to Jay to mount him. She lowered herself on to his cock slowly, pussy stretching before engulfing him completely. His cock was far bigger than Keith’s she seemed able to cope without complaint. She started to fuck him slowly before speeding up, eyes closed, clearly enjoying herself.

Jim leant her forward and started to place a finger into her lubed arse. She froze at first and stopped fucking Simon while Jim got his finger in to the first knuckle. He then slowly moved it in and out until a rhythm was built up at which point she continued to fuck Simon.

I was still stood by the head of the bed watching with Phil’s hand on my arse. He was kneading it harder, quite blatantly now and, since I had not objected, was getting braver by moving his little finger into my arse crack. I still didn’t move. I didn’t know what his intentions might be.

His other hand then moved and placed itself on my cock. He wrapped his hand around it slowly and started to wank me off. I don’t know what made me do it but I put my arm around him and grabbed his arse and also grabbed his cock. The first time I had ever touched another man.

Jim was finger fucking Jay’s arse as she fucked Simon. I was impressed even more when a second went in as one is normally her limit. She must be completely in the moment. He picked up the newly purchased anal bead probe and as soon as he pulled his fingers out, pushed the first bead in.

Jay eyes widened and she let out a little gasp but didn’t stop him. He pushed in another, then another and each time she let out a little gasp. Soon he had the whole probe inserted leaving just the rubber circle that represented something to enable the probe to be tugged out.

Clive was stood next to the bed near Simons head and grabbed Jays head to place his cock in her mouth to get blown while Keith was squeezing Jay’s breasts and leaning down to give them the odd bite to replicate Simon’s marks left on her. She would occasionally yelp but didn’t try to stop them.

Jim started to pull the beads slowly out of Jay’s arse then back in. This continued until he could push the whole probe in and out with a rhythm. Jay let out a scream as he did this but not in pain. She was cumming and cumming hard. She bucked on top of Simon then froze as the orgasm hit. Jim then removed the probe gently and laid it on the bed

She looked up at Jim and said quietly “Fuck me.”

“Hang on then, I’ll move” said Simon underneath her still with his big cock engulfed in her.

“No you won’t” She said looking down at him. This confused me. Jay won’t do anal. She looked up at Jim and mouthed something I couldn’t quite see nor hear. Jim knelt behind her and she moved forward so that he could get fully behind her and looked down to guide his cock into her.

I could see him thrusting forward and I could see Jay’s reaction as I know he had entered her but how she could handle a cock in her arse after refusing for so long I don’t know. Jim and Simon began to build up a rhythm. Simon thrusting up and Jim thrusting behind. Keith placed his cock over Simons head and into Jays mouth and she carried on with her deep throat technique.

I had to get a closer view so letting go of Phil I moved to the foot of the bed and peered below Jim’s thrusting arse. Jim wasn’t in her arse. Both he and Simon were in her pussy, right up to the root of their cocks and they were pounding her hard in alternate movements. There was no complaint from Jay.

Between sucks she kept saying, “Harder, harder.” Jim’s pace was quickening as was Simons. I knew what was going to happen a split second before it did. They both came together. I was knelt watching with a perfect view.

Both cocks were ejaculating into her and cum started to leak out between the cocks as they did so. It tricked down on to the bedsheets as they both thrusted. I didn’t think they were ever going to stop but they did and Jay collapsed on Simon’s chest exhausted and panting. Jim slowly withdrew and stepped off the bed and headed to the bathroom. Jay slowly lifted herself off Simon and lay on the bed as he got up.

He went to move away but she reached up to him and pulled his cum sodden cock to her mouth. She sucked and licked as much of the remaining cum as she could, lap it up and swallowing down every drop she could get. She lay for a few seconds to get her breath back before saying “right, who’s next?”

Keith responded first. He positioned himself between her legs and holding them up sunk into her and started to fuck her hard. Jay wrapped her legs around him and responded to the thrusts, digging her fingernails into his back leaving a mark. I stood at the foot of the bed watching. Jay looked over Keith’s shoulder at me and smiled. She knew I was enjoying this and was happy. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Keith started to grunt and quickened his pace. He looked Jay in the eye and, unexpectedly but politely, asked “where shall I cum?”

“Mouth” she answered. He quickly pulled out and moved to kneel over her head. She laid her head back and opened her mouth just as he started cumming. He came hard into her open mouth. He came hard and I thought he would never stop. Her mouth had been filled and she was swallowing as best she could. When he stopped she reached up and sucked him clean and dry.

Phil had moved next to me standing at the foot of the bed and Jay looked at both of us, standing there with rock hard cocks. Clive was stood next to the bed rubbing his hard cock, politely waiting his turn. Jay sat up, looked Clive in the eye and said, “Now you get to fuck me.”

He moved behind her but picked up the probe. I saw the lube on the floor and handed it to him. He squeezed a large amount on to her arse and pushed some in with his finger before gently pushing in the first bead of the probe. It glided in easily and in one thrust he pushed the entire probe in her to the rubbed loop.

Jay squealed as he did this but not in pain. She threw her head back and said, “Fuck me NOW.” He didn’t need asking twice he pushed his fat cock into her pussy, grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. He grabbed the loop of the probe and, leaning back with his cock half-in her pussy, withdrew a couple of beads before plunging it back in.

He carried on doing this until the whole probe came out, went in, came out, and went in, timing it with his own thrusts.

Phil meanwhile was now blatantly wanking me in front of the others. After a minute or two I grabbed his cock and started wanking him. It was odd. He was wanking me and the sensation of another hand wanking you is great but when you’re wanking another man at the same time. WoW!

His hand was back on my buttocks except now his finger was rubbing up and down just around my arsehole. An odd sensation, having never had anyone near my arse before, but not unpleasant.

Jay couldn’t see this. She was on her knees facing the head of the bed getting simultaneously fucked by Clive in her pussy and the probe in her arse. He was starting to speed up with his own thrusts and pulled the probe out of her arse completely to concentrate on his own orgasm.

“Where shall I cum?” he also asked. Jay was grunting and panting with the thrusts and almost shouted between thrusts, “in my arse”. Now I was surprised. This was something we had never done. Clive, a man we had only known for about two hours, was about to cum in my wife’s arse.

Although what surprised me more was Phil who had dropped to his knees and taken my cock in his mouth and was now, not just giving me a blow job, but was edging his finger nearer to my arsehole. Keith pulled out of her pussy, lined up his cock helmet to Jay’s arsehole and slowly pushed the helmet in.

Jay threw her head forward into a pillow and screamed into it before moving back and gasped in and out for breath. He got the helmet fully in but before he could plunge in fully he started to buck and cum. He was doing slight movements with his helmet in her arsehole without plunging his entire cock in.

Jay started screaming and for a split moment I thought she was in pain but a gasp of “yes, yes, yes” assured me that she wanted this. Keith grabbed her hips and finished cumming without fully entering her. He gently pulled out of her with a ‘plop’ and Jay collapsed on the bed, out of breath and panting.

I had watched all this and was excited, especially when I realised that I had both hands-on Phil’s head and was face fucking his mouth while he had managed to push the tip of his finger into my arsehole. It was a sensation that I always imagined would be unpleasant, but it was curiously, not unpleasant at all. I didn’t stop him as I wanted to see how far this would go.

From where I stood I could see Jays arsehole widened with a lake of cum inside before it slowly started to close, trapping the lake of cum within her. Clive, Jim and Simon were sat on the floor watching me getting a blow job but they didn’t seem surprised.

If they knew each other that well then they probably wouldn’t be surprised but they seemed happy to accept Phil sucking and fingering my arse me in their presence. I wondered how many of my mates would accept this. Not many I reckon.

Phil stopped sucking me and went and sat on the bed next to Jays head. He stroked her hair and asked, “Are you okay?” Jay was still panting but was getting her breath back “Yes” she replied, “I’m fine.” She leaned up on her elbows and asked, “How would you like to fuck me?”

“How would you like to be fucked?” he asked. She looked back at me standing at the foot of the bed and said, “both of you in my pussy.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I moved up on to the bed and lay down beside her.

I wanted her on top so I could see her face and be with her in this moment. She lifted her leg over and lowered herself easily on to my cock with her cum filled pussy and her beautiful breasts with the bite marks on her nipples swinging over my face.

She looked down at me and smiled the biggest smile. She was really, really into this. I felt Phil kneel on to the bed behind Jay and then the sensation of my cock inside Jay being rubbed as he entered her. Jay was so turned on, very wet and so loose that when Phil started thrusting and I thrusted up in to her it was an easy glide.

The mixture of cum and pussy juice was creating what must be the best lube in the world. A couple of times I ‘plopped’ out of Jay but Phil was on hand to grab my cock and guide it back in. Jay realised this when I didn’t let go of her hips to do so. She didn’t react apart from the big smile and a mouthed ‘I love you’ between puffing and panting as both our cocks hammered into her.

I looked to the other guys and saw Simon was hard again. Impressive, I thought. I always needed a couple of hours at least before I can go again. He was stood next to the bed rubbing his growing cock and I knew he would be wanting another go. He reached under Jay and pinched her nipple hard. She let out a little yelp but didn’t ask him to stop.

He reached across the pinched the other just as hard. I could see how hard he was pinching her and I must admit that it had to hurt but she didn’t seem to mind. Instead it seemed to enhance the enjoyment of the continuing sex.

I could suddenly feel the build-up of my orgasm and I knew it wouldn’t be long. “I’m going to cum soon” I half-shouted

“And me” said Phil thrusting hard and faster against my cock.

“Cum then” shouted Jay, eyes tight enjoying the moment as she started to tense with her own orgasm. I relented and started cumming and cumming and I could feel Phil doing the same. The slippiness of the inside of her pussy was supreme and I have never felt anything like it before. Jay was kneeling over me tense in orgasm.

Little squeaks coming out of her mouth as she shuddered. Phil withdrew and moved to the top of the bed and offered his cock to her mouth. As she took his cock to her mouth a long line of cum dribbled down on to my open mouth. I left it there as Jay took Phil deep into her mouth to drain every last drop out of him.

Phil moved away and looked down at the cum dripping on my lips and tongue. Jay smiled and whispered in my ear “swallow it. It’s a fantasy of mine to see you with another guy and taste his cum”. I did so. I licked it into my mouth, rolled it around and swallowed it. “See” she said, “it’s not so bad”. She leaned down and kissed me hard, tongue probing my mouth as if looking for any traces of the cum I had just taken. So now I knew what she fantasised about when I fucked her. Interesting.

I moved off the bed and into the bathroom where Phil was washing his hands.

“Sorry about earlier” he said drying his hands. “I’m bi-sexual and, to be honest, I fancied you when we were talking in the bar. When I was trying to give you the fans I was hoping to flirt a bit with you. Nothing serious, just a bit of harmless chat to give me something to think about another time. I never expected a gangbang to happen instead. I’m so sorry”

“It’s cool” I replied “It’s not something I’ve ever done before but If I didn’t want you to touch me, I would have stopped you. Besides, I just tasted your cum in front of my wife whose fantasy is to see me with another man…so no harm done”

Phil gave a little laugh and said “Well, all’s well then.” I finished drying my hands and replied “Yeah, no harm done.” But as I said that Phil grabbed the back of my neck and planted a kiss on me. I didn’t stop him but I didn’t react. He pulled his head back and look embarrassed as if he had gone too far. “It’s fine,” I said, “this seems to be the day for firsts.” I said with a cheeky grin as I left the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom to be confronted by Keith and Jim who were sat on the floor and watching Jay lying on her back with her legs in the air being held open by Clive while Simon was slowly starting to insert his thumb into Jays pussy to follow the four fingers already in her. She had her eyes closed and was shuddering with each movement of Simons hands as he slowly moved them.

Phil could see my shock and pulled me back in to the bathroom.

“It’s okay, Simon knows what he’s doing. He won’t hurt her”

“What do you mean he knows what he’s doing? She’s never been fisted and I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Simon won’t hurt her. When it comes to pleasuring woman, Simon knows how. In our company he’s famous for it. Director of offshore pipe logistics in the office, sex expert on the side. He won’t hurt her. He’ll give her a mind-blowing orgasm but with no pain, so relax. Whatever you see him do don’t worry.”

I was dubious about this. Having a gangbang is one thing but taking it further than normal sex is another. I decided to trust Phil. “Okay, let’s see what happens.” Phil grinned and kissed me again. This time I responded back and kissed him long and hard. I could feel him getting hard against me and, strangely, I started to feel my own cock starting to twitch. “Come on, let’s go and watch” I said.

Jay was still on the bed with her legs held up by Clive. She was making groaning noises amongst little pants and looking down I just caught the site of the last knuckle of Simons thumb enter Jays still sodden pussy. His whole fist was now in Jay. With a slow, steady movement he moved his arm forward and Jay’s pussy swallowed his hand to the wrist.

Very slowly, he started moving his hand in and out, backwards and forwards and giving it little twists until more of his wrist was going in with each movement. Then he sped up as the remaining cum inside Jay started to lube up and allow the fisting. She grabbed the side of the bed and screamed as he moved.

I tensed, thinking he had really done her some damage but she then panted “It’s okay, yes, yes, it’s okay” and let go of the bed. Simon built up a rhythm and fisted her to orgasm. She bucked her hips up, leaning up on her elbows and lifting her body off the bed to devour his hand as the orgasm took hold of her body and froze in that position.

Pussy juice was leaking around Simon’s wrist as the final throws of her orgasm allowed her to relax and lie down. Simon slowly started to withdraw his hand and gently allowed each finger to uncurl as it came out. Clive let go of her legs and she lay down panting and gasping.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me staring down at her. I expected her to cry and start sobbing either through shame, regret or pain, but she didn’t. She looked up and smiled. She reached up to me and took my hand. No words were necessary. She was in the throes of ecstasy and not just enjoying herself, but loving it.

Clive sat on the floor with Jim and Keith. Phil stood next to me smiling at Jay. Simon wasn’t finished yet. He reached for his trousers and pulled out his wallet where he pulled out two very small safety pins. He sat next to Jay on the bed and stroked her head.

“Do you trust me?” Jay was too far in the mind-set of complete sex to think about what he was saying and why he was holding two safety pins. “Yes” she quietly replied. Simon looked at me as if to ask the same question.

“Er…?” I said pointing to the safety pins.

“No,” Simon said smiling. “I’m not going to prick her at all with these. Watch” He unclipped a pin and reached for a nipple. He then closed the pin, clamping the nipple and squeezing it very tight. Jay screamed but put her right hand to her mouth while the other hand reached for her breast.

Simon held her arm down by her side. “Just wait” he said calmly. She lay there for a few seconds then started to relax. He took the other safety pin and clamped her other nipple. Again, she reacted in pain but soon relaxed again. The nipple was really red where it was being squeezed but I couldn’t see any damage, just a few bite marks still evident from earlier.

“Turn over Jay” Simon said, helping her to move on the bed. She knelt in front of him with her arse at a perfect angle and height for his cock. Simon slowly inserted his finger into her arse and then pushed it in quickly, it still being lubricated by Clive’s cum.

He moved it in and out a few times and then inserted another. She panted at this and started to gasp, clearly not having any objection to the arse play she normally likes at home. Simon removed his fingers, picked up the lube and poured it on to his fingers. He slowly started to insert them again unit he had his fingers up to the last knuckle in her arse.

He started to finger fuck Jay this way and then reached around and flicked one of her clipped nipples. She screamed for a split second then shuddered and started moved her arse back on to his fingers. Several times while he finger fucked her arse he flicked her nipples and it was the same reaction each time. Brief, but highly tense and pleasurable pain. He removed his fingers and levelled his big cock at her arse.

“Ready?” he asked

“Huh, huh” she replied slowly nodding with her eyes shut. Simon lined up his big cock helmet and inserted it slowly into her arse. She gave a gasp as the helmet widened her but then relaxed as it slipped in fully. He slowly started to fully insert, going slowly backwards and forwards sinking deeper every time into her until he was fully in to the root of his cock.

His entire cock, which must have been a good eight inches at least, was fully in her arse. He slowly started to fuck her until he built up a steady rhythm to pound her hard. Every now and then he would reach down and flick a nipple which made her enjoyment of pain and pleasure highly evident by her scream, not of pain, but sheer delight.

He fucked her arse for what must have been about ten minutes, steadily fucking her. At one point he leant back, pulling her with him so she sat back on his cock. He reached around and squeezed her breasts hard and flicked her nipples simultaneously. She went to scream but he quickly clamped her mouth, not wanting to wake the whole hotel.

He then gently pushed her back on to her knees and started to speed up and I knew he was going to cum soon. He suddenly reached around her, grabbed her breasts, pinched the safety pins hard on her nipples and came in her with Jay matching his timing for an orgasm.

She threw her face forward into a pillow and was really screaming with pleasure from the pain of the nipples and from the anal orgasm she had built up. He pumped and pumped into her, filling her with all the cum that he had remaining in his body before coming to a stop. They stayed like that for several minutes, neither wanting to move.

Slowly, he reached around and unclipped her nipples from the pins and she laid gently forward on the bed, his cock leaving her arse with the familiar ‘plop’. He rubbed her back and asked if she was okay. She opened her watering eyes slowly, smiled and said in a quiet voice “Yeah, I’m okay.”

She lay in that position while the guys got dressed. They each went over and gave Jay a gentle kiss goodbye then shook my hand as they left the room, saying how great it was to meet us and wishing us the best for our remaining stay. Phil was the last to leave.

“It’s been good to meet you” he said. I looked over at Jay who was still lying on the bed; eyes closed giving out an occasional pant as if the orgasm was still on-going. Phil shook my hand, leaned up and kissed me and I responded. We kissed for about a minute before he walked out and I shut the door.

I looked at my wife lying on her front on the bed, arse full of cum, pussy stretched and nipples red and very sore. I was now hard, either from the site of Jay on the bed or the kiss with Phil. She opened her eyes, looked up at me, smiled and reached out her hand to me. I walked over, expecting to be asked to run a bath. Instead she winked and indicated behind her

I knelt down by her and kissed her before mounting her from behind and, for the first time ever, stuck my cock into that poor cum filled arse

This story isn’t over. I expected that evening to be the highlight of any sexual adventures that we may have but more, so, so much more was unexpectedly to come..

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