Boned By My Big Brothers



Iggy is a twink who loves wearing panties with slits on the back, and he’s fantasized about being used by his three older brothers who are hot triplets. Little does he know that his incestuous fantasy is about to come true, and with his panties on.

What an exhausting shopping trip from Cestin Island’s downtown district with so many stores to choose from. At least I’d look sexy in the new fetish panties I’d just bought, all of them with slits on the back. I swore the island had been created by a spiritual perv because of its flaccid-penis shape, and some horny settlers who’d named the gulf between the shaft and testicle Peenthicke. Though, that was the last name of the island’s wealthiest family, with Governor Bob as the head. But it was a great island: LGBTQ-friendly, eighteen to drink, legal incest, legal prostitution, and lots of hot sex to easily get.

I stepped out of my small car and grabbed my shopping bags. I headed toward the little blue beach house that Mom and Dad had left me and my three older brothers last year before their tragic deaths from the boating accident. I didn’t want to think about that, though.

When I got inside and rushed upstairs to my room, I stopped in shock and accidentally dropped my bags on the floor. My big brothers relaxed on my bed, completely naked and stroking their big cocks while smirking at me. They were tall, identical triplets who looked like typical blue-eyed-blond beach boys: captivating bedroom eyes; full, kissable lips; smooth, buff bodies with four packs; tasty, pink nipples; and sexy summer tans. I, on the other hand, was the anomaly with brown hair, brown eyes, no tan, and a smooth, bony body. A twink, basically. I was eighteen, and they were nineteen.

I scoffed. “What are you guys doing in my room? And on my bed?” My annoyance wasn’t genuine because my cocklet started growing into a tent that poked through the front of my shorts, full of hope and anticipation.

“Seems like you wanted this all along, Iggy,” said Ian, the oldest of us. He lay on the side to my left. The three of them were butch with deep voices, never failing to turn me on so much. My voice was softer and more feminine.

“Of course he did,” said Ike, the second oldest. He lay in the middle.

“Those sexy panties with holes on the back aren’t a coincidence,” said Ivan, the third oldest. He lay on the other side.

I lowered my eyebrows. “You snooped through my stuff?”

“We’re your big bros,” Ian said. “We’re the bosses here, so we do whatever the fuck we want.”

“Well, you should get out!” I said, feigning an angry tone. Deep down, though, I was far from angry. I’d fantasized about being used and swapped around by these hunky triplets who just happened to be my big brothers. I didn’t care if we were blood-related. No one ever had to know a thing.

“Come on, Iggy, don’t pretend,” Ian said. “Now, be a good little bro and take off your clothes.”

“But leave the panties on.” Ike winked.

Ivan didn’t say anything, but he looked just as hungry. Their cocks glistened with excitement, and they were ready for action.

I sighed. “Fine, if you insist.” It was kind of fun pretending. I honestly couldn’t believe this was finally happening. I’d suspected they’d wanted me for at least a few years, and given that we were only a year apart, I was surprised they’d never tried anything on me, not a single move. Then again, they’d spent all four years of high school in a boarding school in Europe, and they’d recently come back to live here permanently, so I hadn’t seen them a whole lot during that time.

I peeled off my clothes until I remained half naked, just my baby-blue panties with tiny pink hearts, and slightly ruffled at the hem. I’d recently bought them.

“Damn, that’s sexy,” Ian said, his tone filled with deep lust. “Turn around.” They were always dominant, and they knew they didn’t have to be mean about it because I obeyed like the submissive little brother I’d always been.

I did, showing off the back of my panties with a big slit in the middle.

“Nice,” Ian said. “Come over here and get to know your big bros a bit more. I think it’s time we start bonding now that we’re back home for good.”

I obeyed, forming a little smile while my cocklet uncontrollably leaked through the front of my panties. After climbing the bed, I squeezed my way in between Ian and Ike, the three of them wasting no time touching my body. They smelled so good, like soap and man.

“Mmm, our baby bro’s horny for his big bros, aren’t you?” Ian said.

“He wants us,” Ike said.

Ivan gently pushed my body to the right, against Ian, as if signaling me to flip around on my flat belly.

I did, and their hands explored my backside, especially my slightly-round butt. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. My fantasy was finally coming true.

Ian reached for my lips until we started making out. I loved the taste of his mouth. His fingers slipped through the slit of my panties to play with my smooth pucker.

Ike and Ivan continued touching me while making out with each other, and Ian broke the kiss to share my mouth with Ike who was directly to my left. Then, Ivan wanted his turn and had to reach farther from lying beside Ike. I started feeling as swapped as I’d fantasized. We took turns making out with hungry moans, some of them making out each other as I watched in horniness.

I stopped kissing them so that I could get on my knees and suck each of them off. I started with Ike because he happened to be closer to me, and I was able to stroke the other two cocks more easily while servicing him. I swirled my tongue around the leaking head and gazed into Ike’s beautifully-blue eyes. Then, I looked at Ian and Ivan, switching between them as I licked some more, my hands jerking them off.

“I think he wants to be our dirty little slut,” Ike said, his facing relaxing from me servicing him.

“We’ll use both of his holes whenever we want,” Ian said.

Ivan reached for my ass and gave it a hard tap, grabbing my right cheek and giving it a squeeze. “Can’t wait until we fuck this hot ass.” He slipped his fingers inside the slit and started playing with my hole.

I was so turned on by this incestuous experience that I could easily come with how much I precummed. I’d hungered for these beautiful gods in front of me. I’d submit to them for life if I could.

While moaning gently, I sucked the head of Ike’s cock, still stroking Ian and Ivan. Then, I took more of his inches inside my mouth and slurped like the greedy slut I wanted to be to them. I licked down the shaft to his smooth, big balls and stuffed each of them into my mouth, sucking vigorously to fulfill my strong hunger.

I let go of the other cocks so I could move on to Ivan and taste him, and I took all of his cock in my mouth. Given that they were around eight inches and thick, I’d had a lot of practice with hookups. Since turning eighteen this year, I’d already had ten guys between my age and thirty.

Ivan rubbed the back of my head while enjoying my mouth, his sexual breathing making me so horny. I slurped away for a moment and then licked down to his balls to devour them. I went back to his cock and sucked some more until it was time to move on to Ian.

“Been waiting for this,” he said.

I wrapped my lips over the head and sucked the salty precum, his horny breaths driving me wild. I took more of him into my mouth and loved his taste. I loved the taste of my big brothers.

“Fucking awesome that we finally got to have you to ourselves,” Ian said.

The realization of being desired by them made me feel so good. Even though I’d suspected it, having it confirmed meant a lot to me. These were my big brothers, my flesh and blood, and we shared DNA, making it so much dirtier in the best way. No regrets.

Finally, Ian slipped out of my mouth and grabbed a bottle of lube from my nightstand. I wasn’t surprised he knew it was there since they’d snooped through my stuff. He lubed his still-hard cock and passed the bottle to Ike and Ivan, the two of them doing the same.

Ian gave me the kind of look that told me just how much he craved me, how much he wanted my little ass after having my little mouth. “Turn around, Iggy. You’re going to be riding us like a dirty little cowslut, starting with me.” He was the oldest triplet by minutes, so he always acted like the boss. Ike was the middle one and Ivan the youngest, but they didn’t care. Besides, they bossed me around too. What could I say? I was the baby boy: fragile, feminine, and submissive. I loved it.

I obeyed, thankful that I’d douched. I did it every day because I never knew what kind of luck I’d get with men. As I was on top of Ian’s lower half, I found myself straddling his big cock for a tease while he slapped his meat against the slit. I turned my head back to all three and seductively bit my lower lip. By now, the front of my panties was drenched with precum.

“I could fucking come already,” Ivan said from afar, staring at my ass like a hungry wolf to a juicy lamb.

“Come on, little bro,” Ian said. “Sit on my cock and start fucking it like the dirty slut you are. I bet you’ve been fucked by all sorts of guys.”

I tittered. “I have. Ten of them.”

They looked stunned.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty slut,” Ian said. “We’re going to have fun with you.”

I grabbed his cock and guided it into my pucker. I pressed the head against it until it slid inside my hole with ease. There was no pain, just pure pleasure. My clothed butt cheeks rested against Ian’s skin, and I started the ride in slow, circular movements.

“Damn, look at him,” Ike said. “He knows how to work that ass.”

“Fuck yeah he does,” Ian said breathily. “He’s a slut, what do you expect?” He moaned and gripped my thighs, his eyes briefly closing in pleasure.

Ike and Ivan stroked their cocks while watching, and they sometimes made out with each other while admiring the view of me getting boned.

“Who gets to come inside Iggy’s hole?” Ivan asked.

“I say neither so we can all come all over his little butt,” Ian said, his hands touching every part of my body while claiming my hole.

“Okay, it’s my turn now,” Ike said in an impatient tone. “I’m leaking way too much, and I want a piece of that.”

I pulled Ian’s cock out of my ass and shifted over to Ike, climbing on top of his lower half. He stretched the slit of my panties and aimed the head of his cock toward my hole. He pressed it against my pucker until it slowly burrowed its way inside me. It felt just as good as when Ian had been inside me.

Ike gripped my thighs and took control, sliding in and out in a medium pace. “God, this hole feels amazing.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Ian said, jacking himself off. He leaned closer to him for a deep kiss. Ivan joined in for the kiss and stroked himself too.

So much pleasure filled me, and I tried my hardest not to come so soon. I couldn’t get enough of being used like this. By the time we were done, I’d have been with thirteen guys.

After a few more thrusts, it was time for Ivan to have his share. I pulled out and moved toward him.

“Nope, get on your hands and knees,” Ivan said. “I prefer doggie-style.”

I obeyed, my ass waving at him as I was ready to take his cock.

He repositioned himself from behind me and stretched the slit of my panties. He pressed the head against my used, wet pucker, and it went in more easily. Immediately, he held onto my waist and started ramming into me, just pounding the shit out of my ass for all it was worth. His damp skin slapped against my small cheeks in hard thwacks.

Oh, this pain-free sensation, making me moan. It filled my body with all the right feelings to where I didn’t want this moment to end. He was hitting my prostate, and I swore I could come hands-free.

Ivan pulled out and handed me to Ike for another good pounding, and then to Ian for more. I was being boned by my big brothers, swapped back and forth, rammed hard like a dirty slut with a used hole. I was their hole to claim, their cumdump.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed to release. I slid my hand inside the front of my panties and jerked off fast. It didn’t take long for me to shoot inside my panties, making me gasp in sweet ecstasy. I was consumed by the afterglow, and the relaxation made me feel drunk because of how long I’d wanted to release.

Moments after so much fucking, my big brothers pulled out of my hole and jacked their cocks in front of my ass. Ian tore my panties apart through the slit to expose my bare butt, and he caressed my smooth cheeks while stroking. Ike and Ivan touched it as well.

Remaining on all fours, I turned my head and gave them a smile. “Yeah, come on my ass. Shoot that cum all over me.”

Ike was about to be first, his hard breathing warning me that he was ready for his release. “Fuck, I’m coming…” He cried out from the pleasure as his cock squirted thick ropes of his warm, brotherly offering. Some of it landed near the nape of my neck and upper back, most of it on my ass.

Then, Ivan gently shoved him aside to get ready to shoot from that angle. Groaning, he blasted even more warm cum than Ike. It managed to hit the side of my face since my head was turned.

I scooped it off and tasted it. It helped that they always ate sweet stuff. I knew now that I’d be swallowing all three of them for as long as we have sex.

Finally, Ike and Ivan moved aside to let Ian shoot from that spot. He stroked a few times in heavy puffs, his jaw tightening and his eyes growing heavier.

“Yeah, Ian, come for your little brother,” I cooed. “I want you to mark me, make me fucking yours.”

“Yeah, I want you to be my personal slut.”

That was just what I’d wanted, to be their personal slut for however long they wanted me to be. “I am. I’ll always service you anytime you want. I was born for your pleasure.”

“Oh, Iggy…fuck…”

“Yeah, shoot it all over my ass, Ian. It’s all yours.”

He clenched his teeth and grunted while huge streams of warm cum splattered over my back and butt, mixing with the others’ cum for a coated mess of brotherly love. He couldn’t stop shooting for a moment, about ten shots, much more cum than what Ike and Ivan had given me. He caught his breath and gave me a happy expression. “That’s it. We’re getting a king-size bed soon. I want you sleeping with us so we can keep fucking every day and night.”

I loved the sound of that. It meant I got to bond with them in more ways. I’d missed out on years of getting to know them as much as I should’ve because of how different we were and how little in common we had. Now, after being boned by my big brothers, everything changed between us.

And for the better.


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Copyright © 2021, Rod Rey. All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: All details of all characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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