Bestiality Sex Story. Enter Sectian Ch. 3


Pamela expected to have a bad dream that night but didn’t. The most vivid and emotional one was about a man in bed with her and Adeline. He gave them love equally, while respecting the younger woman’s limitations. Pamela woke up and thanked the gods that the man didn’t look like Jurgen. If anything the dream man had looked like a white Michael.

When her daughter came to the table, she kept scratching her crotch.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” Pamela worried.

“It itches bad today.”

“Are you washing carefully?”

“Yes, Momma, right before I go to bed, like you do. I use soap every time.” That had been drilled into Adeline’s routine.

Maybe she was washing her genitals too often! Maybe something else was wrong. Pamela asked her daughter for permission to examine the area.

The adult child’s vulva was red and inflamed. Pamela called a gig car and took her to a clinic.

The diagnosis was an infection. The doctor wrote a pre***ion for antibiotics to be taken twice a day for twelve days. He gave her a booster shot against a variety of ailments and a cream to stop the itch. He also asked Adeline which direction she wiped her bottom. She answered the sanitary direction – anus to tailbone but not using those words.

The clinic’s clerk charged them eleven hundred dollars!

Pamela bought a can of bug spray before returning home on the bus with her daughter.

“Will you be working tonight?” Her boss texted.

“Yes.” Pamela couldn’t not work after an expense like that!

That evening, she walked quickly to work, bug spray in one hand, an umbrella in the other.

The cloud of bugs seemed half of what it had been the evening before. A thin, murder of crows chased after it. A good sign from nature.

When she arrived at work, Michael shook his head. “It was those fucking cockroaches, yesterday, right?” He had seen their cloud from a distance. They apparently bypassed the side street which led to Show Her.

“Fuckers!” Pamela shouted, grateful to know she had company in disgust. The creepy-crawlies weren’t just her nightmare.

He echoed her. “FUCKERS!!!” A howl at the sky.

Pamela drank a little too much that night, a hazard of her role as good company for customers. It was easier to encouraging them to buy drinks when she drank. At the end of her six hour shift, her boss suggested taking a gig ride home. “I’m not that drunk, Dale.”

She puked on the second bus taking her home. “Sorry.” A hazard of night buses. She moved to another seat.

Pamela found Adeline in her room again, no hugs but no murmurs of sex either. Her door was slightly open. Her amazing child sleeping peacefully with her covers askew. Pamela had learned over a long period of time, not to treat her daughter like a child. If Adeline got too cold, she’d wake up and adjust her blankets. It’s not like their home was on the arctic circle. Besides, Pamela didn’t like to intrude into her adult daughter’s personal place.

Weariness and inebriation dragged on Pamela. She showered quickly and went to bed.

She couldn’t sleep. The woman lay under her covers, staring at the popcorn ceiling. Her limbs were exhausted and her head was spinning. Yet her body refused to power down for the night. There was an odd smell in the air, not strong but it was nasty. It reminded her of the roaches. She promised herself to chase after the one that got away, in the morning.

There was something else. She was horny but too tired to fetch her dildo from where her daughter couldn’t access it – in the small, closet safe. She had considered buying one for Adeline. Intellectually, she knew it was a perfectly moral thing to do for her daughter. Her heart felt that would be going too far.

Pamela used the last of her strength to masturbate with her fingers. It felt good. It felt very good. Then she saw the roach hiding in the corner of the room’s ceiling!

Suddenly, a terrific orgasm swept her senses! She cried out and her body lurched under the covers. It was an incredible cum!

Only after stars had fled her peripheral vision and the intense pleasure had faded, did she look anxiously for the horrible insect. It was gone, probably startled by her outcry.

“Momma?” Her daughter knocked.

“Did I wake you, Adeline?”


“I’m sorry, Honey.”

“You okay?”

“I am, Dear. Do you want to sleep in my bed?”

“No. I’m okay. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Pamela blinked. Very okay. She fell quickly asleep upon hearing her daughter’s door shut. Fear of the roach dissipated. She had lived with it for one day. Tomorrow, she would hunt it down and poison the shit out of it.

She awoke feeling very refreshed in the ‘morning’, an hour before noon when her alarm would ring. Feeling lazy she turned on light music but made a quick scan of the heavily curtained room before closing her eyes and touching herself. The faint, sour odor from last night was still present, but she hadn’t sighted the roach. It was a luxurious moment overall.

Her body relaxed into self-pleasuring. Pamela took her time. Her eyes opened every now and then to enjoy rays of sunlight filtering through minute gaps between the bedroom window’s blackout curtains. The third time it happened, she noticed a scurrying on a lampshade four feet away and two feet above the nightstand supporting the lamp. She and the toy, race car sized roach stilled, eyes locked on each other.

Pamela had put the roach spray on a top cupboard in the kitchen. The cupboard door sported a skull sticker with the word “POISON.” Adeline knew what that meant. Pamela thought if she crawled slowly out of bed and came back with the spray can, the disgusting thing might still be visible in the room. It probably shied away from light, so the curtains were her ally, as long as she didn’t startle it.

Her languorous muscles proved to be the roach’s ally. Her warmed up pussy wished her hand would resume pleasuring it. Playing with her nipples were also requested. If the damned thing moved closer, they might reconsider. For now it was likely more afraid of her than she was of it.

That wasn’t the point, Pamela’s mind asserted. It needed to die. The rest of her body had no argument against killing it, but why ruin a perfect moment because of one nasty roach that was likely to flee from a noise or suddenly motion?

Her mind could accept that much. Why let hatred for a roach dictate her actions? She would be stronger to deal with it on her own terms. Pamela grinned wickedly, keeping her eyes locked on the quite large bug. Her lower hand slowly fingered her clitoris while her upper hand rubbed its thumb across her right breast’s turgid nipple. “Fucker.” She whispered defiantly.

It remained motionless. Even its three inch long antennae ceased waving. It was the perfect voyeur for the woman in her bed. It acted mesmerized by her selfish performance.

At one point, during her submission to lust, Pamela stuck out her tongue at the creature. She was nearing another joyful spasm. They were happening faster and faster. The incredibly aroused woman struggled to sustain the languid movement of her fingers. “OOH- Mmmmm.” She closed her eyes to fully enjoy the not so small orgasm.

When she opened them again, she imagined how the ‘roach’s’ compound-lensed eyes perceived what it was ogling. Was it experiencing her erotic effort like some disco burlesque? Finally, Pamela reached such a height of arousal, she couldn’t hold back the urgency to cum hard! She pushed fingers deep into her slippery, pulsing cunt and mashed her wriggling thumb against her throbbing clit! Her upper hand pinched and pulled at a rubbery tit tip.

“Oh – gods… YEAH-!” She groaned, suddenly fucking herself frantically, wishing she had crawled out and fetched her dildo!

“AAAAA!!! OOOOH!!” She gushed. Her groin lurched! The roach took flight and zoomed past her face! Its six inch wingspan buzzed loudly. The unexpected attack startled Pamela to the core, but incredibly the burst of fear it ignited, boosted her flowering climax. She yelled from intense orgasmic shudders alongside no little fear. “I’LL GET YOU!” She promised.

Her body shook and shook. She’d never experienced so many orgasms, nor the intensity of her last one.

“Damn bug.” She lay panting, out of breath. Pleasure rocked through her senses, like warm waves in the best bubble bath. They lingered until there was a knock at the door.


“Oh, Adeline. Did I scare you?”

There was a pause. “No.” That actually made sense to the mother. Adeline was quite capable of associating her mother’s orgasmic outbursts with her own.

“What do you need?”

“I’m hungry.”

Pamela had to wriggle up the bed and grope for her phone which lay under the roach’s shaded lamp. For some reason, that’s how she thought of the thrifted lamp, as the bug’s seat in her room. Before she woke her phone, it’s alarm rang and buzzed in her hand.

Startled, she dropped it. It landed with a bounce on her bed. It was time to get up. “Adeline, you can eat a granola bar. I need to dress before I can make a better breakfast for us.” She also needed to wipe a wet cloth all around her soaked groin.

Half an hour later, both women ate contentedly at the kitchen table. “Has the itching gone away?”

“Yes.” Adeline ate slower after reassuring her mother. Pamela was sharp to notice. “Is there something else you should be telling me?”

Her daughter set down her fork and knife. She pouted slightly. “I got my period.”

“Oh. I’ll buy more sanitary napkins today.” It also meant that Pamela would soon menstruate. The two women had been in sync for years. It was strange that her daughter had hesitated to inform her. “How badly does it hurt?”

The younger woman blurted. “It’s okay, but I made a mess on Bright Eyes!” She started crying.

The stuffed opossum, Pamela deduced. But the other side of the story was, her daughter was probably masturbating with her stuffed animal. “We can wash her, Honey.” She consoled Adeline. She considered that its fake fur might be stained after washing it, but it would be clean.

Pamela also considered the toy may have infected her daughter’s genitals. Maybe she should give her daughter a dildo which was much easier to keep clean.

Her daughter stopped weeping. “Really? She can have a bath?”

“No.” Pamela always told her daughter about the reality of things in a way that the adult girl could understand. “Bright Eyes isn’t like us. She wouldn’t get clean enough in a people bath.

“Just give me your stuffed opossum, and I’ll take care of it.”

Adeline considered this for several seconds. “Oh. Okay. I’ll bring it out after breakfast.”

“Sure.” Problem handled.

In the afternoon, after escorting her daughter to work, Pamela examined the bloody toy. She was pleased to see that blood hadn’t soaked in. The fur on it’s back was only red on the ends of each hair. She ran it through the wash as directed by its tag.

For the rest of the afternoon, instead of keeping up with cleaning, she hunted through their apartment, spray can in hand. “Where are you, big fucker?” The only room she didn’t check was Adeline’s. She had decided long ago to respect her daughter’s one place of privacy. Maybe the bug was in there or maybe not. Only when she could ask Adeline’s permission to enter, would she go in. Unless it was an emergency of course.

No luck finding the bug.

Pamela did take her dildo out of the safe and put it in her purse. She put the spray can in a separate bag and tied its handles to the purse. She also brought her umbrella for full protection. Next time, she’d check her hair more carefully if assaulted by the swarm.

Instead of dodging sectoids while walking to work, Pamela was nearly struck by a crow! The murder had tripled, and they seemed frantic to eat the intruders in their habitat. Perhaps sectoids were extra delicious to them. She didn’t see Jurgen at all.

“Crows.” Michael grinned at her from the club entrance.

“Crows!” Pamela laughed. She knew better than to get drunk that night. And she did not use her dildo. Just wasn’t feeling it – until she returned home.

“Hi, Momma.” Adeline hugged her in the apartment doorway, then she ambled back to her room and shut the door. Pamela wasn’t feeling particularly tired. She felt a little abandoned by her daughter, but it was rare for them to hang out that late at night – which she’d hoped for. Her daughter had plenty of time for sleeping. A hour or two, watching a show together, wouldn’t tax Adeline’s sleep requirements.

The sick odor in their home was a little stronger that night, but Pamela was getting used to it. However she promised herself to clean the place thoroughly the next day. She watched a show in the main room by herself on their love seat. She had deliberately picked one that wasn’t too romantic but quite spicy.

Her hand was busy in her pants by the middle of the show. Her eyes kept straying from the screen though.

She saw it. The sectoid had grown a bit larger, standing on the top edge of the 42″ LCD monitor, staring at her. It was now the size of a computer mouse, but it’s shape was less streamlined. Pamela’s heart thumped arrhythmically for a couple seconds, startled by its size and abrupt appearance. It acted content enough, not moving, to watch her finger her pussy inside her pants.

It was a good opportunity to get the spray can left in the entryway, still tied to her purse. Two fingers plunged deep into her wet slit. The thumb strummed her clit faster. Her heart took to a steady but fast beat. Her hand tried to match it. Those damn bug eyes dared her to cum in front of it.

Pamela ceased to view the flashing screen. Her entire attention was on the intruder in her home. “Fuuuck…” She came strongly! It wasn’t as strong as the amazing one that morning, but she had no complaints.

Coming down from her very satisfying orgasm, she moved slowly off of the couch and towards the entryway. It continued to watch her. When she returned, bug spray in hand, it had disappeared.

“Fuck.” It was a half-hearted swear. She told herself, a larger bug would be easier to find. She turned off the monitor and went to bed feeling on top of the world.

Housecleaning. It was the first thing on Pamela’s mind when she woke the next morning. However, she dawdled in bed, playing with her pussy, feeling randy but not super horny. It was a nice feeling while laying in bed. Not ten minutes passed, however until her sense of responsibility kicked in, and she kicked off the covers and sprang up to begin her day.

She found Adeline’s door shut when she headed to their apartment’s kitchen. Her daughter had been keeping to her privacy quite frequently. Pamela didn’t know what to think. It felt worrisome, but she knew that the worst thing that the parent of an adult child could do, was to be overprotective and invasive. She knocked. “Are you awake yet?”

“Oh, Momma! I’m sorry. I’m gonna stay here a little more.” The excitement in her almost squeak of a voice actually embarrassed Pamela.

“I was about to start breakfast, but that can wait a few minutes. You have fun.”


Red-faced but humored, Pamela went to see about a bug. Spray can in hand, Pamela peered into every gap between and behind every item in the kitchen. She was wearing big panties and a knee length, polyester robe, its sash cinched with a bowknot. She tried to remember what Jurgen Cambria had said about the species. It was native to marshes in Iraq. She figured it would like damp places, and her cheap apartment was built to deliver. It had plenty of leaky pipes. She couldn’t afford to run their central air unit except on the hottest days.

After searching the kitchen, Pamela went to the bathroom. It wasn’t under the sink. She closed its cupboard doors and went to the towel closet.

ZZZzzzzz!!! A bug the size of baseball flew directly at her, the moment she opened the closet! She was too close to react in time. It struck her breast bone and scurried inside her robe!

Pamela shrieked, stumbled backwards, tripped on a rug and fell on her ass. Her head struck the rug! The back of her skull took a mighty blow, and she lay there not quite unconscious. She strived to continue screaming but her voice wouldn’t work. Her hands flailed uselessly when they needed to tear off her robe and swat the bug from her body! The spray can had fallen next to her and had rang like a bell against the hard tiles which her head luckily avoided.

Bleary, dazed, and frantic, Pamela gurgled and writhed. She felt the sectoid’s tiny claws scramble up her left side, having encountered the tight ring of robe secured by its sash around her midriff. She hoped it was trying to get out, but that hope mingled with fear, panic, and a dozen other emotions racing through her disjointed mind.

“Adeline…” Was the only recognizable word that escaped her mouth. It was too soft of a cry to get attention. Had the mother been able to think clearly, she would have been concerned by why her primal scream hadn’t already drawn the daughter out of her room.

The she felt the bug climb under her left armpit. Its bulky body didn’t bulge her robe as much in that crevice. Its head had jammed deep. Pamela’s panic level increased, making the mess of thoughts in her mind swirl faster. Pamela’ breaths were like a speeding steam engine.

“AA!” She squeaked involuntarily from a sudden pain in that armpit, as if the bug had bit her or had tangled in one of the hairs there. Pamela had never liked the idea of shaving what nature had evolved to protect with hair. She did trim her pits and crotch, balancing neatness and comfort.

She squeaked again from a sharp tickle. Her body flounced which actually drove the bug out of her armpit. It scrambled up the side of her left tit. Her robe bulged as if her breast had a baseball sized tumor. Her body shivered for a second, from the sensation of its head bumping the nipple. It stopped moving when her body stopped moving.

Slowly, Pamela’s muddled thoughts began to clear. As soon as her body began to obey again, she carefully grasp the left flap of her robe and lifted it. Bug eyes stared less than a foot away from her face. A stray memory of staring back at a previous stage of its existence reminded her of being defiant while masturbating. Her panic eased. It was just a filthy creature, and the homeless scientist would have said if they were poisonous. She reached for the spray can while studying the chitin armored insect.

It was longest from head to toe. Its bulky abdomen was more rectangular than round. Its width was nearly as fat as its length, but only half as tall. Its spindly legs made it look as tall as a baseball. Pamela gasped when she watched it use its four forward limbs to hug her areola.

Without looking, which might startle her target, her hand found the spray can while examining the horror.

Perhaps it was clinging to her to maintain its purchase on her rising and falling chest. But when it opened it mandibles and bit into her nipple, she shuddered from the bite and brought her weapon to bear – too late!

Instead of flying away, the sectoid clamped its mandibles tightly. Pamela howled in pain! The bug spray fell from her hand and rolled out of her reach. The bite felt like scissors cutting away at her nipple’s rubbery flesh.

Desperate, Pamela swatted at it, one hand after the other, but both merely glanced off of its hard carapace! How could that be? It was just a big roach! Yet roaches are notorious for taking blows that would flatten other bugs. Worse, each time she struck the bug, its mandibles dug more deeply into her sensitive nipple! She cried out from each failed blow! She finally called loud enough for her daughter. “Adeline! Help!”

A door opened in the hall. “Momma? Where are you? Do I call 911?”

“I’m in the bathroom, Dear! There’s a bug-” What could the mother say beyond that?

“Yes, Momma!” Adeline scurried into the room and was carrying her cheap flip-phone. She was naked except for a maxi-pad taped to her groin. Upon entering, her attention was not disrupted by the bug’s presence. She focused solely on her mother. Adeline didn’t know how to act given the unfamiliar circumstance.

“Get the spay can.”

Adeline looked. “That’s poison, Momma. I can’t touch that.”

Pamela knew better than to get angry at her adult child. She needed to calmly tell her daughter to bring the can to her, and touching it was okay but just for this time.

The sectoid, surprisingly, remained attached to the mother’s left nipple. Had she looked closer, she would have seen a tube extending from the creature’s mouth which it had inserted into the nipple, like a mosquito. It would feed for as long as it sensed it could fly away safely.

Pamela opened her mouth to make her request but was stunned to see the adult child now staring with her mouth open at the bug! “Momma.” She spoke softly through unmistakeable astonishment.

“I-I fell, and it perched on top of me.” The mother immediately prioritized her daughter’s emotional security over the painful and horrible presence of a strange insect. The pain in her nipple was fading quickly, in fact.

Pamela first had to explain that she was okay before dealing with the creature. “I’m a little woozy, Honey, but I’m not hurt. I’ll be fine in a minute or two and get up then.

“Does it hurt? You shouted.” Adeline reached unconsciously to her left bare breast, as if in sympathy. She pinched herself but just a little bit. She felt a little milk drip out and released herself.

“It bit me.” Pamela admitted, always trying to be truthful. She trusted the homeless scientist would have warned her if sectoid bites were dangerous.

“No, no, Buggy-Bug!” Adeline shook a finger at it. Then she bent down and reached for the creature. Of course, it immediately took flight. Buzzing loudly, it headed right for the naked, adult child’s chest!

Unlike her mother, Adeline didn’t jump back. Amazingly, when it struck her breast bone, she was quick to capture it with her hands. “You’ve been naughty.” She scolded the sectoid.

“Adeline!” Pamela managed to not shout at her only child, but her concern was clear. “

“I got it, Momma. Do you want it?” She held out the insect, its limbs waving wildly.

The request would have stunned most mothers back to confusion, but Pamela had dealt with her daughter’s simple view of the world many times. She sometimes wondered how she might escape into her daughter’s world when real life’s troubles piled up.

Pamela repressed understandable revulsion at seeing her precious daughter handling the nightmarish creature. Although worried that her motor senses hadn’t recovered sufficiently to take greater action, the mother didn’t know how to answer. She just had to proceed at her daughter’s pace.

“N-no, thank you.” She couldn’t ask her naked daughter to take it outside. It was also clear that Adeline LIKED the creature. Asking her to hold the thing while her mother sprayed it to death might traumatize the young woman. “Do you think you could put it safely in a box or jar?”

The adult child’s lower lip trembled. “That sounds mean. Can I keep it?”

Pamela sighed. “No, Honey. It can’t live in our house. It’s not clean.”

“I can wash it.” Adeline almost begged.

“Bugs crawl in dirty places, places not easily cleaned. It would just get dirty again.”

“Oh.” Her daughter considered the information, intensely serious all of a sudden.

“Please put it in a box or jar – for Momma?”

Adeline didn’t answer right away. She was still thinking.

The fallen mother’s light-headed dissipated somewhat. She managed to sit up, while her daughter contemplated the request. She reached for the spray can.

She stopped her hand. A better thought occurred. “Honey, I know. Let’s put it in the lowest drawer next to the stove. I’ll take care of it later.” The drawer she mentioned was mostly empty except for some tools.

“Huh.” Adeline’s frown straightened. “Okay.” She turned around and went to the kitchen.

Pamela tried to stand. She was mostly successful, holding on to the sink and then using successive supports until she reached the kitchen. She found her daughter crouching down, the drawer open before her, but she was still holding the bug. “You were not nice to Momma, but maybe she’ll forgive you.” Recognizing her mother’s presence, she placed the large insect in the drawer and quickly shut it. Looking up, “I hope the drawer didn’t pinch it.”

“You did just right, Honey. Come here.” Pamela smiled gratefully. A hand on the wall kept her balance, but she was quickly feeling in full control. She opened her arms and hugged her daughter. She had adjusted her robe upon gaining her feet, and it prevented older and younger boobs from actually touching.

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