Bestiality Sex Stories. Training a friend’s dog


Here is another fantastic true story that my friend Tina told me about what happened after the Halloween Costume party. You can read that story on this site. Here is what she wrote and told me:

I related the story of the Halloween Costume party to my husband, who was not at the party. When I got to the part about the dog fucking me, he was speechless. After I was gang banged by all those guys and they let their Rotty have its way with me my husband was furious! Not with me but with my friend who took me to that party knowing full well her boyfriend’s Bike club would do that to me. I had made a comment just out of the blue that the dog was a better fuck than the guys were! My husband picked up on that right away and every now and then he would make a comment after sex and ask if he was better than the dog? It got to where we were joking about it, after a while, anyway!

Then he started asking me questions about how it felt to be fucked by the dog. Me being as honest as I am, I started telling him that for the most part it felt rather good or at least not bad. Then my husband’s mind starts kicking in and he started asking me if I would do it again. I knew it was turning him on, so I started playing with it by teasing him.

One day my husband asked if I could dog sit his friend’s Shepherd because he and his friend were flying up north someplace to deliver some equipment for a customer and they would not be back for a few days. I said sure why not, I knew the dog pretty well. His buddy often brings him to our place so he can run around off the leash. He’s a really good watch dog so I like having him around when I’m home alone!

They were gone for four days the first time and when they came back one of the first things my husband asked was how’d things go with the dog? I said. What do you mean? LOL Then I said well, he did not try to hump me or anything, so that was a disappointment! And we laughed about that.

Then a few weeks later they had more equipment to deliver and they asked again if I would look after the dog. I said sure, we are buddies! This might sound gross, but I was having my period that week and the dog wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept wanting to sniff me and lick me, but I kept stopping him and whacking him on the nose pushing him away. The more I pushed him away the more he kept coming back. So eventually I just let him lick me, I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and my legs spread a bit and he moved right in with his head forcing my legs farther apart. He started licking right through my panties until I was soaked from his tongue.

I got up went to the kitchen and he followed me sticking me with his nose. So, out of frustration I took off my panties and went back to the couch sat down and spread my legs again. Wow was he in there fast! His tongue was forcing my tampon in and I was afraid I would lose the string, so I pulled it out. For about an hour he licked me. I found myself so horny and turned on I was starting to buck my hips. I spread my legs as far as I could wondering if he would try and mount me, but he didn’t, so I let him continue to lick. I took it as long as I could. I was beat red and getting worn out from rubbing myself. I think I was a bit nervous because even though I was very horny and bucking my hips with pleasure I could not seem to cum.

Later that night before I went to bed, I took a shower. When I got out, I sat on the edge of the bed and he started again licking. I laid back on the bed and kept my ass at the edge. I brought my feet up and man was it good. This time I came. I came so much I squirted a bit. The dog stayed right there licking frantically! He did try to jump me this time, but I got up right away and stopped him. I think I was just nervous to try it alone.

When my husband came home, I told him everything that had happened. I did not know if he was turned on or sickened by the event, but soon learned that it turned him on like crazy. He was so aroused, and so was I that we fucked for about two hours! Afterwards he said that we would have to dog sit together next time because he would love to watch. I just said. Yeh, that would be cool, LOL He started to look for another opportunity to find a dog to fuck me.

He had a friend with a large male dog. When that friend was planning a trip out of town my husband quickly offered to dog sit the animal. When we got the dog, Dakota, for the weekend we quickly tried to see what we could get him to do. We had no idea how to get a dog interested in fucking me, but my husband was very anxious to try.

My husband was so excited about the idea of me being fucked by the dog that that he hurriedly fucked me while the dog just watched. The dog had no clue what was expected of him. Does this sound sick or what? Wanting to teach a dog how to fuck a woman? He had never even fucked another dog and my husband says that is why he does not know what to do?? The only thing we accomplished was getting Dakota to lick us both at the same time! We had him for the entire weekend, so we were looking forward to the next night. I was really looking forward to getting fucked by a 120 lb dog.

The next night we were more patient since we knew now it was not going to be easy to teach the dog to fuck me. I used my hand to massage his groin and his shaft finally came out. My hubby got him on my back and briefly inside my cunt, but he was pre-cumming so much it was like being showered. I was on all fours and dying for his cock to enter me. I leaned forward and put my head on the pillow spread my knees apart as far as I could get them as my husband guided him. He did get in a few times but failed to get totally erect. I even found myself trying to jerk him hard with my hand. My husband said we would have to keep trying till he got the idea that he can fuck a human and not be in trouble, LOL! He eventually did cum but it was all on the back of my thighs…. We let him lick me clean.

We took a short break, then started out the same as the last time. The dog seemed to have figured out what we wanted him to do. We found that he needs to mount immediately, almost like a human male LOL! My husband rubbed a little raw steak on my pussy, I got down on all fours with my head down on the floor. My husband covered my body with a blanket to prevent scratches, which even made me more comfortable. I really did not want to be marked up with dog scratches to commemorate being a dog fucker. My husband got him to jump on me right away this time. He pulled the sleeve back on his cock and he slid right in and started humping.

Within seconds I felt him knotting up and I felt his pre cum releasing inside me. It was warm but not hot. I think his cock was probably at least seven inches by the time he was hard but by the time he was swelled fully it felt like twelve and very fat. He pulsated like a balloon being inflated, with every pulse. Like my friend said, that being petite like I am, we were firmly locked together. There would have been no way I could have pulled away! He pumped for a good ten mins and he even tried to jump off a few times, but my husband kept petting him and making him stay up. When I started to cum I could hardly control myself. My knees started to give way and I felt myself starting to squirt. But my squirt was not coming out, there was a very tight seal!

My legs were tired. As my body started to fall to the ground, I felt suspended by the dog’s dick, as it held me up! I was explaining how it felt the whole time to my husband and he kept saying how fantastic it was to watch and he wished I had let him film it, I reached for my husband’s dick and he was he was hard as a rock.

It took a little while but then I could feel the dog starting to pulsate and get hot. Then he started to CUM and boy did he CUM! He even let out a few yelps and whimpers, and so did I!

What a sensation. The throbbing and the pressure building up is unbelievable! It is not until he finishes that the seal breaks and the cum pours out! It is like a volcano erupting! I even had a hard time standing up after, my legs were so limp!

Gotta admit that was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a long time! Tried to get hubby to eat me after but he wouldn’t. I did get to taste the dog cum by sucking him after he dismounted. It’s not unlike human cum except a bit more watery and a lot more of it! Takes a long time after for it to ooze out!

The rest is history. Any time his buddy goes away with his girlfriend my husband would offer us to look after his dog. We look after him good!!!! I wonder if Dakota fucks the owner’s girlfriend now?

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