Becoming a bitch – Chapter 3



Seduced by the idea of doggy sex I give myself totally.

Home with Greg and his dog Brute I knew what was coming. I had my first experience with doggy sex and I loved it. Greg had a turn as well. Once? I didn’t think so.

After breakfast we sat on the couch drinking our coffee. I saw Brute looking through the glass doors that went outside. I trembled as I remembered last night. “How come you call him Brute?” I asked. Greg laughed. Actually his name is Randle. I just call him Brute to make him sound mean. I chuckled “he is not really mean. He is lovable” I said. “Yes” said Greg “he is lovable and you loved him last night. My ex enjoyed him numerous times but I think you loved him more. I have never had a woman cum with him or surrender so totally”. I felt my pussy twitch as he talked about my introduction to doggy sex. “I think Randle is much better Greg” I said “it sounds very posh and fitting for my new lover”.

Greg looked at me. “You said you wanted to try once. Is that still the case?” he asked. I felt my cheeks grow red. “I know what I said Greg but if I say I want more does that make me a slut?” He got up and opened the door and Randle came trotting in. “No Stella” Greg said “it makes you a sweet bitch. Why don’t you rub his head?” I was wearing just a dressing gown and I opened it up and spread my legs. “Come on boy. Come to your bitch” I said and rubbed his head. Immediately he drove between my legs and began to pleasure my pussy and clit. “Good boy Randle” I groaned “make me cum”. He lapped at me. “His cock is peeping out of his sheaf” Greg told me “he wants his lovely bitch”. I moaned and whispered “this bitch so wants him too”.

I came with a rush. His tongue was lighting a fire deep inside me. Nothing in my research had prepared me for how I was feeling and how my body ached for him. “Quick, get a towel” I managed to blurt out “I want him. I need him”. Greg was already getting another towel. He put it on the floor and I assumed the position. Greg came over and rubbed Randle’s head. Now he was licking me from my clit to my anal opening. “Oh God I am so horny” I yelled “Randle mount. Mount me my darling boy”. I was worried that calling him Randle might confuse him. I didn’t need to worry. Greg didn’t even have to aim him as he climbed onto my back and wrapped his front legs around my waist. He had a couple of false starts and then found my pussy. Thrusting forward I squealed “yes my darling, fuck your bitch” I screamed “take me” and he did.

Time stood still as we tied. Again I moaned and groaned as I felt his cock twitching inside me. He was so deep in me and I wished he didn’t knot so quickly as his furious pounding had tipped me over the edge and I wanted more, so much more. Eventually he pulled out and I sighed. “Good boy” I murmured “you lovely boy”. He licked me several times and then went back to his corner to clean himself. Greg didn’t follow this time. I was a little disappointed actually, although I didn’t say anything. I just stood up on shaky legs and waddled off to the bathroom again.

When I came out of the bathroom Greg had made coffee again. “Here sweetheart, I think you need this” he said. He was holding his bathrobe tightly and I could see he had an erection. He saw where I was looking. “That can wait Stella” he said “the day has only just begun. We drank our coffee with Randle laying there looking at me. I shivered. He was panting and the sight of his tongue sent shivers down my spine. I admonished myself for what I was thinking. “You really are a doggy slut” I told myself “calm down Stella” and I sipped my coffee trying not to show my base desires.

I went into the kitchen and put the coffee mugs on the bench. Walking back into the lounge room I saw Greg again trying to cover up. “You really do like watching Randle please a woman don’t you?” I said to him “how many have you brought back here?” Greg smiled “very few Stella and apart from my ex only one other woman went all the way. She tried to make him stop and he actually raped her. She left here in tears”. I could see he was serious. “Most women just like to be licked. Only my ex and you have embraced the joys of being a bitch for Randle”. I took that as a compliment because, yes, it was a joy to be Randle’s bitch.

It was lunch time and Greg suggested we ring for something. “What would you like to eat?” he asked. “Anything” I said and he ordered chicken and chips. While we waited Greg took Randle outside and feed him. The doorbell rang and I answered it. The delivery guy did a double take when he saw me in a bath robe. It was funny him staring at my body while trying to count the money. Poor guy, I bet he got hard like Greg. We sat down and had our meal. “Randle needs his walk so we can go now if you like or maybe later if you want to, you know” said Greg. He was reading my mind. “Maybe later” I said and he smiled “I thought so” he said and let Randle back inside.

“A towel honey?” Greg asked and I nodded. I got on my knees. “Rub his head Greg please” I said and next minute I felt that tongue all over my crutch. I moaned as my body began to tremble. “Just say the word when you are ready honey” I heard Greg say but this time I wanted a good licking. I wanted to cum and cum again. Thanks to Randle’s diligence I came three times before begging him to mount me. It felt so good as he humped me like crazy and tied with me. I thought “I will never get tired of this feeling” as he pushed that knot tight inside me. “Oh my darling boy” I moaned “your bitch is so very happy”.

I showered and dressed and we took Randle for a walk through the park. We got to the wooded area and Greg laughed and said I should take Randle in the open. I just laughed and told him not to be so silly but I admit it did sound kind of exciting. Something about being taken by an animal in the woods had a ring to it. I immediately discounted it although it did make me shiver. We got back to the house and Greg suggested a white wine. “You aren’t trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” I asked. “Would I need to get you drunk?” he asked. I smiled. I was sure he got the message. My knickers come off and I called Randle over and rubbed his head. I didn’t need to ask for a towel this time as Greg had already fetched it. “My goodness woman, you are as insatiable as Randle” he said with a laugh. “Yes my love and after I finish with Randle I want you” I replied.

So it was that after being licked by my doggy lover, and then thoroughly fucked by him, I gave myself to Greg. My two wonderful boys took care of my needs and wants. As I lay watching Randle lick himself Greg whispered “would you like to lick me or him?” I was stunned for a moment but watching Randle lick his 10” cock I do admit I trembled at the thought. “Mmm let me think about it” I said as Greg yelled “Greg mount” and I clung to him as he tried to outdo Randle – but failed. Still, he made a concerted effort and for that I was grateful. It would be difficult for a man to outpace a rampaging doggy. I cleaned myself and headed back home. Somehow it seemed empty. I sat and pondered my love affair with my two darling boys. It made me horny and I had to get myself off twice before I could think about my next adventure.

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