Becoming a bitch – Chapter 2



My descent into animal sex.

I am fascinated by the idea of doggy sex. After having my pussy licked I want more.

Greg, me and Brute walk back to his house which turned out to be in the street near to mine. At the gate Greg stopped me. “Are you sure Stella?” he asked “you have to be totally sure before we go inside”. I immediately nodded. My pussy was still tingling from Brute’s amazing tongue. He led Brute up to the front door and we went inside. “Would you like a wine?” he asked. Again I nodded as I looked around. We went into the living room. “Why don’t you sit on the couch? You will be more comfortable” he suggested. I sat sipping the wine and staring at Brute. He looked like he was smiling.

“Stella just put your glass on the side table and slip off your panties honey” Greg said. I stood up and pulled of my knickers. I don’t know if Brute knew what I was thinking but his ears pricked up and he started back at me. “Sit right on the edge of the couch and call him” Greg said and I did it. Brute padded up to me, I opened my legs and patted his head. He immediately pushed his nose into my crotch and began to again lick my pussy and clit. “Oh yes you lovely dog” I moaned as I immediately surrendered to his attentions. He lapped at me making me shiver. Greg watched intently. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. It took only a couple of minutes before I was moaning as my orgasm over-whelmed me. “Ooh yes yes yes” I squealed.

“Brute down” said Greg and he stopped licking me. “If you are ready we can go to the next level”. I was still shaking and I nodded enthusiastically. “Yes Greg I want him” I said. “What do you want Stella. Tell me what you want”. I didn’t hesitate “I want to be fucked Greg. I want to be his bitch. Please don’t tease me” I begged. He went and got a towel from the cupboard and put it in front of the couch. “Knee on this Stella and rest your body on the couch because Brute was a big dog and quite heavy”. I did as directed. “Come boy. Brute mount” and on command Brute climbed on my back. Greg reached under Brute and directed his growing cock to my pussy.

Brute was spraying pre-cum and as soon as he felt his cock enter me he trust forward. I squealed as his cock continued to grow. “Oh my God” I wailed “he is so big” but I wasn’t about to back out. In fact I couldn’t have even if I wanted to. Brute wrapped his front legs around my waist and began to pound into me like nothing had before. All decorum was lost as I moaned and squealed and muttered obscenities as I was being fucked by this animal. My legs were spread wide and I began to push back to meet his thrusts. Although I knew what came next I wasn’t prepared for the size of his knot. He pushed harder, trying to get it into my pussy. As he did so the knot started to rub against my clit and I had an amazing orgasm.

Finally he pushed the knot home and it swelled until he was tied to me. He stopped moving but the sensations of his cock and that knot made me keep moaning and groaning. I felt Brute’s cock twitch and I realised he was cumming. My conversion from woman to bitch was complete. I think he came several times as I felt so full of him. He tried to pull out but couldn’t. Each time he tried I moaned louder. I found myself squeezing my pussy to keep his longer. Finally he succeeded and as he withdraw I felt his cum oozing from me. He licked me several times and then padded away as I lay collapsed on the couch.

I had forgotten Greg while being serviced by his dog. I felt his hands on my hips and he drove his cock into my punished sex. “No Greg. Stop” I yelled but then “yes Greg do it”. While tied to Brute he had taken off his pants and had waited for his opportunity to have his turn. “Your pussy is so wet baby” he muttered “I love how it feels”. I found myself again pushing back as he trust into me. My pussy had been stretched and punished by his dog and now he was taking me himself. Our moans became one. While he didn’t seem as big as Brute nevertheless my pussy was over sensitive and I enjoyed it. So did he, obviously, as he came with a rush.

Again I lay across the couch now with dog AND human cum oozing out of me. “Oh God Greg I am so wired” I moaned. “Brute mount” I heard Greg say. “Oh shit no” I yelled but too late as Brute again mounted me. Again Greg assisted him to find the target and again that growing doggy cock entered me. I squealed as I again became the bitch. I had read dogs had the ability to double up quickly. Now I knew it was fact and he began to again pound me. “Oh Brute I love you” I shrieked as I again felt that knot growing. “Yes boy, drive it home” I said and grunted as I felt it inside me. He stopped moving and I groaned as I felt his huge cock twitching. “Yes my good boy. Fill your bitch with your seed” I sighed. Again he tried several times to withdraw before he succeeded. This time the cum didn’t ooze it gushed.

I turned and sat on the towel. I looked at Brute who was lying in the corner of the room licking his cock. I gasped at the size of him. “Shit was all that inside me?” I said. Greg, now sitting on a chair opposite laughed. “Yes honey and I know you loved it didn’t you?” he said. I nodded and said “and you took advantage of the situation didn’t you” I replied. Again he laughed “I couldn’t help it Stella” he said “it looked so erotic and I love going seconds. Now come on, time for a shower hon”. I waddled to the bathroom holding the towel between my legs so I didn’t drip on the carpet. “Use the hose beside the toilet boil first to flush yourself.

After a flush and a hot shower I found a robe behind the bathroom door. “I better get my clothes Greg and head home”. “It is late Stella. Why don’t you stay the night?” he said “Brute and I will be good boys”. I told him I wasn’t ready for any more attention as I was sore. “Never mind my dear you will right in the morning”. We climbed into bed and I went straight to sleep.

It was 9am when I finally woke up. I realised I was alone. I got out of bed and wandered out into the lounge room. “Good timing honey” said Greg cheerfully “I was going to wake you. Breakfast is ready”. So it was. Bacon and eggs and coffee. I sat down and looked around. “If you are looking for Brute he is out in the backyard”. I smiled. Greg continued “he was very active this morning. It has been a while since he had a bitch. By the way, how are you feeling? Not sore?” I told him he was right and I felt fine. “Oh Brute will be very pleased” he said and winked “you said you would like to try it once. Have you had a change of heart?” I hated Greg at that moment. He knew, having indulged in doggy sex. It was obvious once would not be enough.

“Eat you breakfast honey” he said “you need to keep your strength up for the day’s activities”.

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