Austin’s Day Off Part 1. Teen Sex Stories


Austin could hardly wait any longer. It was his 16th birthday and nearly the end of the school day. He had plans to meet up with his girlfriend Ashley once Geometry was over and go to her house before her parents got off work. He was deep in thought, almost in a trance as he stared at the firm ass of Hannah, a sophomore cheerleader, which was hugged very tightly by black leggings with transparent stripes running down the sides. His dick was so hard it was throbbing in his sweatpants. Luckily, Austin’s coach gave him the afternoon off swim practice so he could spend his birthday with his girlfriend – after all, he had been working very hard and maintained an excellent six-pack and a thin, toned swimmer’s body.

Austin was 6 feet tall with tan skin. He was skinny but shredded at the same time. The female swim team managers kept his body completely hairless to decrease drag in the water, shaving him after practice every two weeks – they were even eager to shave off his pubic hair and most of his hard shaft was visible as they did so. Since he typically had swim practice before and after school, his school attire was usually just something easy to change out of. Most often a cutoff tanktop (which intentionally showed off as much of his abs as possible while still wearing a shirt), some sweat pants, nike elite socks with sandals. Pretty standard stuff for young male athletes his age, but he still caught the gaze of a few girls every day as he walked through the hallway.

Austin had a 7 inch cock that was almost perpetually hard. Like most teenage boys, he ways always thinking about fucking girls. The only thing that took his concentration away from finding ways to have sex was his swimming, so during the school day he was usually hard. It didn’t help that his coach discouraged the team from jacking off more than once a week and from masturbating at all two weeks out from a meet. Apparently, he had read an article that says minimal masturbation in teenage boys sends blood testosterone through the roof and enhances athletic performance. Austin broke this “no nut” rule often with his girlfriend Ashley but did try to respect the coach’s wishes somewhat.

Finally, the bell rang and Geometry class was over. Austin took his eyes off Hannah’s ass and starting texting his girlfriend. Once he started thinking about Ashley, he knew his hard-on wouldn’t go down. She was truly a very sexy girl and Austin was lucky to have her. She was a redhead with pale skin and a thin but perfect hourglass figure. Her plump ass was her greatest attribute – it was big but so firm you could bounce a quarter off it. A cheerleader herself and Hannah’s best friend, she probably dressed the sluttiest of any girl at Austin’s highschool. Once she was called into the principals office for wearing short shorts that didn’t even cover her ass and a loose-fitting tank top with no bra. Austin couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a boyfriend until he started dating her last month. Apparently, her parents were devout catholics and she wouldn’t let Austin fuck her even though she clearly wanted him to. Whenever they were alone, Ashley was all over Austin’s dick: rubbing it through his pants, sucking it, jerking it with her soft pale hands, or even straddling him and rubbing it with her pussy until Austin came in his sweatpants.

It was Friday, and there was a meet tomorrow – Austin debated whether he should meet his girlfriend at all today, as he was sure to bust at least three or four times once they were alone. Ultimately, his hard cock made the decision for him. He got up from his desk, texting her “meet me at my car” and left the geometry classroom. As he stopped at his locker to gather his things, he felt someone tapping his shoulder. It was Sarah, one of the two swim team managers that volunteered to shave his body and a few of his teammates every week.

“Hey, Austin. See you at practice in a bit?” She asked. She was a senior, had black hair, and was mixed race with somewhat dark skin. She was wearing flip flops, baggy grey sweatpants, and a Disney t-shirt that stopped just below her small but round tits. She was only 5’4” and Austin had masturbated more than a few times thinking about dominating her little body. Sarah had hooked up with almost half the guys on the swim team this year but Austin hadn’t gotten a chance yet.

“Nah, coach gave me this afternoon off. I’m spending the day with Ashley.”

Sarah frowned. “Too bad. Guess I’ll see you at the meet tomorrow.” She suddenly leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, leaning in to his ear. “I can tell how hard your dick is by the way. You should really wear tighter pants.” She sucked on his ear lobe for a few seconds before turning and leaving.

Austin’s face was beet red and looked down to see that he was indeed pitching a noticeable tent. He reached into his pants and pulled his massive throbbing cock up towards his abs. This negated most of the bulge but the head of his dick and some of his shaft was still sticking out of his waistband. Austin figured it was fine and relied on his cutoff to cover up the rest of his erection.

When he arrived at his car in the parking lot, Ashley was waiting. She was wearing one of Austin’s swimming-branded hoodies, and it was so baggy on her that her short shorts weren’t even visible. “Austin!” The redhead yelled, running towards him and jumping into his arms, wrapping her sneakers around his waist. She immediately kissed him, and Austin, being as horny as he was, shoved his tongue in her mouth almost instantly. Ashley reciprocated and started gyrating her hips against Austin’s cock. She had felt his hard-on and was very aroused by it. Austin started feeling up her ass. They made out for a few minutes like this before Austin’s breathing began to get ragged. Ashley was humping him very aggressively now, and Austin was pushing his hips forward to meet her. He felt a damp spot on his sweatpants from having so much contact with his girlfriend’s crotch. Although it felt amazing for both of them, Austin put her down because they were getting a lot of looks from other horny students in the parking lot.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere more private,” Austin said, causing Ashley to giggle. He took off his sandals and through them in the back, as he always preferred driving in just his socks. When he got in the driver’s seat, Ashley was waiting on the passenger side, staring at the bulge in his sweatpants. His car had been cooking in the sun all day, spurring Austin to remove his cutoff and throw it in the back as well. Ashley stared at his hot toned body as he turned the car on and could feel her pussy aching.

As Austin pulled out of the parking lot, he could feel Ashley’s hand rubbing his cock through his sweatpants. He turned and said “Just wait till we get to your place! What if someone sees?”

“I don’t give a fuck,” Ashley laughed. She continued rubbing Austin’s dick for a few more seconds before abruptly pulling his sweatpants down and exposing his throbbing cock to the open air.

“Ashley…” Austin was about to protest until he felt his girlfriend’s tongue swirl around the head of his dick. He let out a very sexually charged moan and lost the urge to prevent anyone from seeing him and his girlfriend in public like this.

Ashley began bobbing her head up and down his dick slowly, running her tongue along his shaft and always stopping to lick the head before going back down. She was going only about halfway down the boy’s shaft, but he instinctively wanted to feel his entire cock inside her mouth. He had aggressively fucked his girlfriend’s beautiful freckled face many times and saw no reason to hold back now. When Austin came to a stoplight, he grabbed Ashley’s ponytail and thrust his hips up until her face was buried in his bare skin. He could hear the muffled sounds of Ashley’s moans as he lowered is dick back down before shoving his member back up her throat. Soon, he was nearly lifting his entire skinny teenage body off the seat and forcefully pushing Ashley’s face into his crotch at a very rapid pace. When the light turned green, Austin was way too horny to stop even though the constant gyrating and toe curling rushes of pleasure were making it difficult to keep his foot on the pedal.

After a few more minutes of driving, Austin stopped fucking Ashley’s mouth for a few seconds to let her get some air. To his surprise, she took his entire cock back in her mouth almost instantly. This turned Austin on a great deal and spurred him to pull over, grab Ashley’s hair with both hands, and fuck her mouth even harder. He leaned his chair back as far as it would go and placed his feet on the steering wheel to get more leverage. His sweaty shirtless torso stuck to the hot leather seat every time his hips came back down from a huge upward thrust as he shoved Ashley’s face into his dick as hard as he could. This didn’t deter him, however, from immediately raising his entire fit body off the seat to forcefully hump her mouth again. He was moving at such a rapid pace and shoving his dick into Ashley’s pretty face so harshly that he felt the car start to rock. Finally, with one last thrust of his pelvis, Austin’s cock finally spurted globs and globs of cum down his girlfriend’s throat. Austin kept his sweaty teenage body off the seat and his throbbing dick completely buried in Ashley’s mouth for the duration of the orgasm. His toes curled and gripped the edges of the steering wheel. His whole body shuddered, causing him to involuntarily thrust in and out of Ashley’s mouth a few more times. This created a wet slapping noise from the cum seeping out of her mouth slapping between Austin’s crotch and Ashley’s face. Finally, Austin let go of her hair and sighed. She bobbed on his dick a few more times before freeing her mouth, eliciting a few more moans from Austin. His dick loudly slapped against his perfect abs and he let out a content sigh before pulling his sweatpants back up.

“My place? I have a surprise for you,” Ashley finally spoke.

“Your place,” Austin agreed. He put the car back in drive and continued heading to his girlfriend’s house.


Austin pulled into Ashley’s driveway. Eager to get inside for his surprise, he quickly hopped out the driver side door and ran to the front door of Ashley’s house, leaving his shirt and sandals in his car. Ashley joined him by the door and fiddled with her keys until she got it unlocked. “Birthday boys first,” she quipped.

Austin laughed and headed inside. “When do you parents get here?”

“We have three hours,” Ashley replied, eagerly kicking her sneakers off and running barefoot towards the basement door. “Come on, Austin! Your surprise is downstairs!”

Austin followed her down the basement stairs. His shirtless torso was starting to cool off from the air conditioning inside and that, in combination with his excitement, was giving him goosebumps. He was shocked when he reached the bottom stair to find Ashley’s shorts on the ground and her bent over a pool table, wearing nothing but his oversized hoodie and exposing her bare ass in his direction.

“Ashley, I thought you weren’t ready to have sex yet…” Austin started.

“It’s whatever at this point,” Ashley replied. “I mean you just fucked my face, I don’t think this is too much of a leap. Besides, it’s not like my parents have to find out about this,” Ashley giggled. “Anyway, here’s your surprise.” She lifted her ass higher in the air to give him clear access to her pussy.

Austin needed no further encouragement than that. He hadn’t had sex since he hooked up with his chemistry partner during a study session a few months ago. He pulled his newly hard dick out of his sweatpants and started rubbing the head against Ashley’s opening, which was already very wet from the car ride earlier. Ashley wasn’t one for teasing, and immediately backed into Austin’s dick with a great amount of force. This took Austin by surprise.

“Uhhhhh” Austin moaned as Ashely began sliding her pussy up and down his shaft at a rapid pace. “I thought you were a virgin,” he panted between moans.

“I am. But I’ve been preparing to take your hot dick all week,” she breathily replied. Austin thought about how they’d only been dating for a month and wondered whether his friends had a similar raw sexual connection with their girlfriends.

Soon Austin lost control and he grabbed Ashley’s plump ass with both hands to give himself some leverage. He started thrusting his hips forward to meet Ashley’s eager pussy as she backed into him, filling them both with lust. The wet slapping sounds of sex filled the basement.

“Fuck me,” Ashley moaned. “I need your dick so bad…” Ashley was practically melting into the pool table. She had been waiting for this moment for so long that she couldn’t hold back at all. She kept pushing her ass into her sexy boyfriend as hard and fast as she could until she felt herself tense up. Her wet pussy clamped down on Austin’s cock, prompting him to fall on top of his girlfriend. She loved the feeling of his skinny body on top of her while he continued to fuck the shit out of her pussy. Austin took advantage of the new position to reach under her hoodie and fondle her breasts, still instinctively thrusting in and out of her at a rapid pace. Ashley started cumming on her boyfriend’s dick, sending waves of pressure throughout her body as a small amount of her ejaculate lubricated Austin’s dick and dripped down to his sweatpants.

The sensations from Ashley’s orgasm were too much for Austin to handle, who buried his dick in his girlfriend one more time before completely collapsing on top of her on the pool table. His feet were off the ground now and his legs were jolted straight out into the air, as if the pleasure of his orgasm sent had sent an electric shock throughout his body. He could feel his dick pulsing inside her as each rope of cum shot out of his dick and coated the insides of her pussy. “Ashley, shit… I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

Ashley sighed contently before replying. “It’s alright, I’ll take a morning after pill. Just enjoy your birthday.” Ashley got up from the table and retrieved her shorts from the feet of the stairs. “I like the feeling too,” she giggled, pointed to a string of cum that was visibly dripping down her thigh. With that, she slid her shorts back on and took a seat on the nearby couch.

Austin got up from the pool table and tucked his cock back in his sweatpants. They were quite messy now, having been contaminated with two of Austin’s loads and some of Ashley’s cum as well, but he didn’t care. He sat on the couch with his girlfriend and pulled her close to him for some warmth. He was still shirtless and the air conditioning was starting to make him cold. “What’s on the docket for the rest of the day?” He asked her.

“I was thinking we could go to Hannah’s. She’s throwing a party tonight and invited a bunch of the guys from the swim team. It would be fun.” Ashley suggested.

Austin gulped. Hannah was Ashley’s closest friend on the cheerleading squad, and he had lusted for her for a while. Just earlier today he was staring at her perfect ass during geometry class. He had been flirting with her and trying to get in her pants all semester, but knew that if Ashley found out she would get jealous. He would have to be careful not to slip up in front of Ashley at the party. However, he figured that if he just hung around with his swim team buddies the whole time it would be no big deal. “Alright then. It’s a date,” he finally replied.

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