An Immodest Proposal (Sarah & Mark)



Disclaimer: This story contains graphic depictions of at bdsm and degradation, and is intended to be read only by adults of legal age in legal contexts. All characters depicted are over 18, and all events and people described are entirely fictional. Copyright 2021, Quiver. All rights reserved.

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Sarah, comfortable in her oversized t-shirt and underwear, sits beside her live-in boyfriend Mark while he searches for something to watch on Netflix. She has her arm wrapped around his, gently stroking his arm with her fingertips. She can smell his cologne mixed with his natural scents wafting toward her as she leans against his shoulder.

Every time he presses the remote, Sarah can feel the muscles tense in his arm. She can feel her breath quickening as her eyes close and she imagines his muscled arms around her. The smell is getting overwhelming. She squirms beside him, taking care not to let her free hand dart between her bare legs, despite how much it wants to.

Sarah nuzzles up against Mark playfully. Rubbing her check along the material of his shirt, she kisses his neck. She can’t keep herself from nipping at his ear.

Mark turns his head toward Sarah and raises an eyebrow. She looks up at him innocently, slightly pouting. Neither of them willing to break eye contact, Sarah finally gives in. She bites her lower lip, her expression morphing seamlessly from innocent to sly as she does so.

Mark decides to play along. “You dirty little thing, you just can’t stand it, can you?” he says teasingly.

“You can’t stand it, sitting there, not being played with,” he continues, his voice getting deeper and more intense.

“You need my big strong hands on your tits, don’t you.” It’s not a question, and Sarah doesn’t answer it. She rolls one shoulder and looks to the side, mouth parting and eyes starting to flutter as she subtly arches her back, pushing her chest forward.

“Look at you, you can barely breathe. Squirming there like some wanton, sex-crazed animal in heat. You want to be fucked senseless,” he says, staring at her intently as her breathing starts to deepen. “You want to be pushed around and used until your brain turns off, don’t you.”

Sarah whimpers as she feels the first quick spasm between her legs. Her chin juts forward as she leans her head backward and closes her eyes.

“Imagine if I just grabbed you right now, turned you over the back of the couch, and had my way with you,” Mark continues, hitting his stride. “I just fuck your brains out. I don’t even care if you cum. You’re nothing but a hole to me.”

Sarah squirms there, breathing heavily, her skin singing with anticipation at the thought of being used so thoroughly.

“Is that what you want?” Mark says. This time it is a question.

“Yes,” Sarah says quietly.

“No it’s not,” Mark responds forcefully, leaning over and shoving Sarah backwards onto the couch, pinning her beneath him. “You want to cum. You want to cum so badly, don’t you?” he asks, gliding his wet tongue from her collar bone to her ear and lifting her shirt up to expose her full breasts.

Sarah squeezes her legs together, feeling the tingling sensation between her thighs. “Mmm-hmmnh,” she admits, struggling under his weight but unable to escape.

“I could do anything right now and you’d grind yourself into a frenzy underneath me,” Mark continues, his rigid cock threatening to burst through his pants as he pulls her shirt up over her face and throws it onto the floor beside them. “I could lick my finger and stick it in your ear, swirl it around. You’d beg me for more.”

More and more worked up, Mark keeps pushing. “I could tell you to kiss my feet. I could put a collar around that delicate little neck and chain you up like a dog. I could tie you up and make you watch as I fuck some other bitch right in front of you.” Sarah lets out a high pitched gasp as Mark’s mental imagery overwhelms her, her need for more reaching a peak.

Mark pauses, watching her reaction, and smiles deviously at this new development. “You’d get so wet watching me fuck someone, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off that swollen clit between your legs. Isn’t that right?” Sarah nods meekly. Mark smiles as he lets one hand run down her stomach toward Sarah’s panties. “I should just rub it until it’s raw, dirty girl.” Sarah can’t help but let out another whimper, his hands so near their target.

“Turn over,” Mark says abruptly, shifting his weight to release her. “Head down, ass up.”

Sarah complies eagerly. She quickly turns herself over and buries her face into the couch cushion.

Mark swiftly rolls Sarah’s panties down below her ass, grabbing her right leg and yanking them past her ankle, leaving her panties dangling around her left knee. Mark spreads her ass cheeks forcefully, wedging his calloused hands between her thighs and spreading her knees apart to reveal her quaking pussy.

“Look at that desperate little cunt, shaking and quivering. I haven’t even touched her yet. Does she want to be filled up with my massive cock?”

“Uhhh-Huhhngghh” Sarah attempts to say through the cushion of the couch.

Mark shoves his face between her cheeks, the tip of his nose pressing up against her tight asshole. Suddenly he opens his mouth to take the outer folds of her labia between his teeth and sucks. Hard. He pauses briefly to tease her clit with the tip of his tongue.

As suddenly as he started, Mark pulls away. Smacking Sarah on the ass cheek and suddenly grasping her entire vulva, he shakes her roughly. She moans.

“Are you gonna cum just from me shaking your pussy?” he asks, continuing to shake her violently. He starts to work his thumb inside her powerfully clenched channel, his fingertips gripping tightly over her clit. She bites down on the cushion below in excruciating pleasure, desperate for more.

“Do you want me to make you cum like this? Your face smashed against the couch and your ass in my face?” Mark says, continuing his vigorous pace as he works his thumb in and out of Sarah’s gushing pussy.

“yyYYESS,” Sarah’s muffled voice screams from the couch. “pPPlease!” she moans, near tears.

Mark instantly removes his hand from Sarah and stands up. Watching her quaking below, he unzips his pants and lets them fall to the ground as he grasps his bouncing cock. He spits on his hand and starts to run his hand along his length. “Get up,” he growls at Sarah, as he unbuttons and removes his shirt.

Sarah, pushed to the limit and exhausted by Mark’s edging, lifts herself off the couch and falls to her knees in front of Mark, her black mascara in streaks beneath her eyes as she looks up at him longingly.

“Do you want this cock?” Mark asks gruffly, thrusting his hips toward her face. Sarah nods.

“Where do you want it?” Mark demands. Sarah moves her hand slowly down between her legs, spreading her pussy lips apart in answer. “There?” Mark asks. “You want my cock inside that desperate cunt?” He lets out a quick laugh. “You’re gonna have to work for it.”

Mark grabs a fistful of Sarah’s hair at the base of her neck and shoves his throbbing cock against her mouth. Sarah opens her mouth and looks up at him hungrily as she takes him whole inside her mouth, relaxing her jaw and letting him use her face as a sex toy as she caresses his ass with her hands. Mark pulls harder on her hair as he continues to thrust against the back of her throat. Tears stream down her face as she looks up at Mark, hands falling to her sides as she is captured in the ecstasy of utter debasement.

“Play with yourself,” Mark demands. “Play with your tits and pussy while I fuck your face. Show me how much it turns you on to be used like a toy” he growls. Sarah moans in pleasure as she allows her hands to roam across her body, lifting her heavy breasts with both hands and letting them drop together. She pinches her nipple between two fingers while her other hand finds the cleft between her legs. She spreads herself apart, both hands now focused on her pussy. One hand still tightly gripping Sarah’s hair, Mark reaches down with the other to grab one of her breasts, kneading it in time with his thrusting.

Sarah’s moans are starting to get higher in pitch and intensity, overwhelmed by the sensation of Mark’s cock ramming against the back of her throat while he plays with her tits and she pleasures herself. Her left hand holds her pussy open, middle finger beckoning against her g-spot as her right hand frantically strokes her clit. Mark notices the change in Sarah’s rhythm as a sign of an impending orgasm and stops once more.

He pushes her face off his cock, letting it pulse in the air in front of her face. He pulls her up off the floor and crushes her against him, locking his lips against hers in a violent kiss. As he bites her bottom lip, Mark grips both of Sarah’s arms behind her back. Letting his mouth move across her face and down her neck, Mark twists her around until she is facing away from him. His hands still holding Sarah’s arms immobile in front of him, he maneuvers his cock between her thighs and begins thrusting again. He can feel the wetness of her eager pussy as his cock glides forward, enveloped by her outer folds.

Mark is nearing the limits of his own stamina at this point. “Bend over,” he says firmly. “Then raise your arms up and hold onto the back of the couch. And don’t you dare let go. I’m the only one who gets to touch you now.”

Swooning with arousal, and desperate to obey, Sarah complies, spreading her legs slightly further apart to give Mark easier access as she lifts her arms above her head. Mark grabs his cock and lines it up with Sarah’s waiting pussy, pausing for a moment as he watches Sarah quiver in anticipation. Finally, Mark pushes himself inside her up to the hilt, holding himself deep within her as the walls of her pussy contract, willing him to thrust again.

Bending over Sarah’s back, Mark grabs her tits from behind and kisses along the back of her neck, beginning to thrust as he does so. His pace steadily increasing, Mark is finally ready to let Sarah cum. One last image to push her over the edge, he thinks to himself.

“Is this how you want me to fuck her?” he asks. “Is this how I should do it, grabbing some other bitch’s tits and screwing her brains out?” He quickens the pace of his thrusts, each one hitting deeper inside her as his fingers pinch her nipples.

Sarah starts bucking beneath him, but Mark doesn’t relent. He grabs her neck as he fucks her harder. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You dirty little whore, you want to be punished. You want me to force you to watch as I fill–*thrust*–her–*thrust*–with–*thrust*–my–*thrust*–cum.” Sarah’s entire body shakes uncontrollably as she is overwhelmed by the sensations rocking through her from all sides. She opens her mouth and lets out a wailing scream as her orgasm finally overtakes her. The walls of her pussy clamp down around Mark’s cock in rhythmic spasms as he continues to thrust himself inside her.

Feeling her climax around him sends him over the edge. “Ohh fuck, ohh shit, I’m gonna cum,” he grunts.

“OHHHH Shhhitttt,” Mark yells as he cums, keeling over onto Sarah’s sweat-drenched back, his body jerking as his cock continues to pulse, draining his balls into Sarah’s needy cunt.

Sarah relaxes, soothed by the warm sensation of Mark’s seed seeping out of her as she collapses into the couch. Mark follows her, sprawling along the couch beside her. Finally able to move again, he reaches out to gently caress her cheek, looking lovingly into her eyes.

“I love you so much,” Mark says to Sarah, brushing his fingers through her hair. “You’re everything I could ever want.”

Sarah gazes back at him, utterly content. “I love you too.” She leans over and kisses him, gently laying her hand on his chest. “You make me so happy.” She lays her head down on his chest with a peaceful sigh.

“Hey, Sarah?” Mark says with a hint of nervousness.

“Yeah?” Sarah replies lazily.

“You wanna marry me?” he asks.

Sarah smiles as she looks back up at Mark. “Definitely.”

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