An Hour with Angel. Teen Sex Stories



This is all fantasy, all people are “of age” blah blah blah.

I threw my backpack on over my shoulders to head outside, as I went through the living room I saw my parents sitting with a tall broad-shouldered man with too serious eyes and a gun tucked into his belt. A shiver ran through me and I walked faster toward the door.

“Going out on our bikes” I called. Normally I would ask, but I didn’t want to risk staying.

There was silence, then, my mom from the couch.

“Clara… be home by four.” Four? Since when? Dinner wasn’t until six, like on the dot.

I shrugged, pulling my backpack straps tighter. “Yeah ok.” and I left.

Sophia and Jacob were waiting for me outside.

“Let’s go to the duck pond,” Sophia said as I mounted my bike. I loved riding my bike, the amount of freedom I felt, the speed, I used to pretend it was a horse, but I was past that now. Now it was just a ticket to adventure.

“I can’t. I have to be home by four.” I told them.

“Four? that only gives us a little over an hour.”

I shrugged at Sophia and as I hit back my kickstand and surged forward I couldn’t get the pit out of my stomach. We opted for the store instead and loaded up on candy. Eating it the whole way back. If I was going to have dinner early, I’d have dessert first.

Once I pulled into my yard my two friends road off and I walked my bike to the garage, leaving it there before opening the door. I overheard my parents talking.

“No penetration, of any kind, that’s the only way this works.”

“To be renegotiated.” This voice wasn’t familiar, it must have been the man on the couch. His voice had a lazy confidence to it, someone in charge, like a principal, or a strict teacher.

“I’ll have it paid by then.”

“Pay as you like, this arrangement guarantees I’m in no hurry.”

“Honey just sign it. I just want this whole thing over with.” My mother sounded defeated.

The sounds of pen on paper. then the paper being folded up.

“I’ll allow an explanation and be back tomorrow. Four on the dot. Never and no exceptions. If I don’t show I expect her to lay there for the hour of my absence. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Frank. It’ll be done. We understand.”

The man stood, from my view I could see him rise and put a paper in his pocket. He left without another word.

I walked into the room, feeling a bit shy.

“Um. I’m home…is dinner not ready?”

My parents looked over at me and instead of warmth in their eyes I saw some sort of cold detachment.

“Sit down Clara,” My father said, I walked over and sat. The pit in my stomach feeling heavier than ever.

“Things are going to change around here, but eventually, we’ll all settle into a new normal.”

“What do you mean—”

“Don’t interrupt me. This is hard enough. Clara, every afternoon when you get home from school you will do your work, and then go lay down in bed at four. From Four until Five you will continue to lay in bed. Then, afterword, if you wish, you can go outside and play for an hour or watch TV and have dinner.”

I felt confused. Lay in bed? “I just… lay there? bored for an hour? Am I grounded?”

My mom spoke. “No dear, you’re not grounded. You’re doing what you need to do for this family. We all are. This is your part to play, and you need to play it. No questions, no exceptions.”

I couldn’t help myself. “But… but I don’t understand!”

My father continued. “Clara. The man that was here. His name is Frank. He will be visiting you in your room for that hour. Whatever he says or does, he has the right to do. We made a deal with him and all have our responsibilities, but yours is what we told you. One hour. Out of your whole day.

My eyes began to water, “But what will he do to me?”

“What he can’t do is put himself inside you. Anything else is up to him. We protected you from the worst of it, but for that hour alone, you’re his.”

“For how long?” I was in shock.

My father answered quickly. “Until I do my part. But it’s a lot harder than yours. I have work I need to do. As does your mom.” My mother just nodded.

“But what about weekends? Family trips? Holidays?”

“There aren’t any off days Clara. Yes, Weekends too. Family trips are postponed, for now, we need the money, and Holidays will be as normal except for the hour you’ll spend with Frank. If he doesn’t come, then you still lay there for the hour.”

“I don’t want to!” I began to cry. My mom slapped me.

“Stop it. Don’t be spoiled. You lose ONE HOUR of your life and all you have to do is lay down.”

My father put a hand on her knee and I just sat there stunned.

I simply looked back at me and stated, “It starts tomorrow.”

As I got home from school I felt like I could hardly breathe. Sophia and Jacob asked to come over but I fed them the line my parents told me about being behind on school work and went inside. The clock in the kitchen ticked as I did my homework. It was so hard to focus. Maybe he was nice, or maybe he just wanted someone to talk to. I tried to settle into that thought as I did my work, a strand of my long hair slowly curling around my finger.

My mom walked in as the clock ticked into place one last time.

“Clara, go to your room.”

“I’m not done with my homework—“


I stood up and walked to my room. The lights were on and I left them that way. I realized I wasn’t sure if I was to stay in my clothes or get in my pajamas, did I go under the covers or on top? I decided I would lay on top as is and I stared up at the glow in the dark stars barley visible above my head.

The doorknob turned and Frank stood in the doorway, filling the frame top to bottom.

He said nothing as he turned off the light and sat at the edge of my bed. I lay still as he took off my shoes one by one, tossing them to the ground. I closed my eyes as his large hands felt up my legs and thighs, rubbing a thumb against the warmth between my legs. A blush crept up my cheeks as he kept massaging there. Then slowly, he stretched the elastic of my pants and began to slide them off. I instinctively pulled at my pants to keep them on but his hand firmly sat mine to the side and began to strip me.

I whimpered as he moved his hands from my legs to my hips, smoothing up my waist and removing my shirt as he went. My breasts were exposed immediately and hands held me back from covering myself. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and felt a tear slip down my cheek. His fingers brushed it away and he pet my hair, finally speaking.

“You are angelic aren’t you. You know I saw you a few weeks ago in your father’s car and dreamed about you? Your beautiful face, doe-like eyes, firm little body and silky waves of hair? I thought, ‘I bet she looks like an angel when she’s naked.’ And here you are, proving my correct.” In here, that’s what I’ll call you, your name will be Angel, and Angel if I ever touch you and you pull away from me again, I’ll shoot your Daddy right between the eyes. Are we clear?”

I nodded between small sobs.

“Good. Then let’s not waste more time.”

He loosened his necktie, undid his pants, and before I knew it his bulge was slid between my small breasts. He pinched and squeezed my nipples, hardening them, the pain unbearable, then he began to thrust between them, pressing them to either side of his hardness. The tip hit against my chin and I jerked my head away, as he squeezed my small tits with all his strength, straining them to rub against his length. Drips of something dripped onto my collar bone and before I knew it he flipped me over, pressing my face into my pillow. His hands pulling either side of my butt cheeks apart before sliding his erect body between them like I had seen my mother do with her credit card.

He groaned, “Oh Angel, your ass is perfect.”

And began to thrust so furiously between them I felt a burning sensation. Then hot, sticky liquid spurted onto my back and I felt him tense between my cheeks. It wasn’t until he released his hold on my butt that I realized how hard he had been squeezing them. He rubbed the hot liquid down my back and between my crack, massaging it between my legs again. Then turning me, he had me sit up and pulled my head back.

“Lick me off Angel.” I didn’t understand at first, but he brandished his throbbing member like I sword to my lips and I stuck out my tongue, tears sliding down my cheeks they mixed with the salt of his throbbing body, the veins protruding as I licked up to the tip. He pet my head as I did it. Then kissed my forehead.

“See you tomorrow.” and he was gone.

I lay there. Unable to move until my mom came in.

“It’s time for dinner.” I silently got up and dressed to eat.

This continued on for days with not much change. Sometimes he came in and just stroked himself while touching himself, sometimes I licked his cock for the full hour my tongue becoming sore in my mouth. The day he sucked at my tits for the full hour was the most painful. He had squeezed and pulled at them, hardening them, then suckled on them like a new babe before biting and nipping at my already sore nipples with his teeth. Then, when I felt I could take no more he had sucked on the entire breast, sticking the entire firm lump into his large mouth and sucked them bruising them until they were purpled and tender to the touch. It had created a wetness between my thighs that he had felt and he licked my slit, tasting me and moaning, “God Angel, you taste so fucking good.” He had lapped it up and the more he did it the more my body produced for him, betraying me for his needs.

It was over a month before I was pressured by Sophia and Jacob enough to try and play with them afterward. As mom had said, it had become a new normal. Frank had just left and I forced myself to my feet, putting my clothes back on and heading to my bike outside. My body still ached from the spankings he’d given me. I had been doubled over on his lap while he smacked my ass as hard as he could, intermittently massaging at my slit. As I sat on my bike I winced and teared up in pain, the bruising still fresh. I decided to walk it instead and met up with Sophia and Jacob in the front yard.

“Why aren’t you riding your bike?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, I fell and bruised my leg so it still hurts a bit.” They shrugged and we walked instead, it felt so normal, I was able to forget about my appointment tomorrow it being 24 hours away. I asked to stay at Sophia’s for the night and my mom hesitated before saying,

“Be home before four.”

I hung up and tried not to think about it.

The next day Sophia and I were waiting for her mom to come back to take me home, once 3:30 hit I began to panic. Sophia called her and she answered, “Sorry girls, traffic! Be home soon.”

I rushed up to my doorway and ran to my room, but Frank was already there.

He shut the door and kept the lights low.

“You’re in breach of your Daddy’s contract, so now I’m breaching it as well.”

He ripped off my clothes, ruining them as they fell to the floor and slapped me hard across the face. Squeezing my jaw my mouth popped open and he released his cock, quickly and expertly shoving it into my mouth. Hands dragged through my hair and he grabbed hold, thrusting himself in and out of me, I felt him enter and hit the back my throat, gagging me as I tried to breath.

“Through your nose Angel. There’s a good girl.” He said angrily, jamming himself inside of me.

“Your perfect lips were made for this Angel. Jesus Christ, you’re so soft.”

Then his body tensed and I felt him twitch inside me before his seed burst into my mouth, filling it and pouring from my lips.

“Swallow it!” It felt like it stuck to my throat the entire way down but I continued to swallow the bitter sticky stuff out of fear.

I didn’t risk sleeping over at Sophia’s house again.

As time went by my body changed and Frank found delight in other things he could do to me. My breasts became fuller and he tenderized them daily with his hands and mouth. He began bringing in clips and chains he would attach to them and they would pull as he played with me. He also grew bolder, stretching the limits of penetration. Keeping my underwear as a barrier he thrust into me, only just barely breaching my hole.

Christmas he brought me silky skimpy clothing I had seen my mother wear which he enjoyed taking off of me almost as soon as it was on. There was only a handful of times he didn’t show and my parents had to check on me to see I was lying there perfectly still on my bed, taking pictures to send him to show I was ready for him.

At dinner, after a year had passed I broached the subject with my parents again.

“How much longer?”

They for a moment looked confused. “For what sweetie?”

“With Frank.” My Dad actually rolled his eyes.

“You know, I work too hard to be under this sort of pressure.”

“You think we wouldn’t tell you if we were close?”

My eyes watered. “I just want this to end!”

“We all do!” My mom shouted. “But you’re the only one who seems to complain!”

“I’m the only one doing anything!”

My dad threw his fork and knife down. “Go to your room!”

My mom was crying as I left, “She doesn’t have to do half the shit I do!”

“I know hun, I know.”

It was then I realized Frank was getting more out of this deal than just me.

It was halfway through my second year when I dared to ask Frank.

“Please. How do I make it stop…I’ll do anything. Is my Dad even close to getting you the money?”

I was in his lingerie he had given me and was slowly giving him a lap dance. Him touching me as I went. He brought me forward, clamping his hands around my ass possessively and pressing my body to his between his legs where I could feel his bulge in his pants. He kissed down my collar bone hungrily taking my nipple into his mouth before raising his head back up to breath in my ear. “You really want this all to end Angel?”

I nodded mutely, terrified of upsetting him but needing to know.

“I’ll tell you this right now. Given our current contract, your Father is nowhere close. He’s only made three payments.”

Three. payments. In two years.

“What…?” I breathed.

He laughed softly into my hair which now fell past my waist. He loved it long and threatened that if I cut it I would pay.

“That’s right. Your daddy has been relying on you and your mom to make the minimum payments. At this rate, you’ll have graduated before I’m through with you.”

I felt my legs give out beneath me and I crumpled into his lap.

“Please. I can’t live like this anymore!”

He pet my hair and cooed in my ear as I cried. Then slowly roved over my body in my satin gown.

“Hmm. Maybe there’s a way.”

I looked up at him.

“But that’s for your father and I to sort out later. For the next forty-five minutes, you’re mine.”

And with that, he lay me down before dry humping me until he came on my satin dress with a twist of my hair in his fist.

I lay there the next day wearing only my nightgown and panties. I began to feel relief that this was another day he might not come, but then I heard his voice in the room beyond my door and I let the thought wither. But he did not enter. Mumbled conversation continued and at one point I heard my mother gasp. Then more talk. My eyes began to get drowsy, and I allowed myself to begin drifting off to sleep. Then I felt a kiss on my lips and his tongue slip between them. He continued this passionate kiss until I felt his hardness between my thighs. He jerked my hips up and spread me further, he pressed his firm cock at my opening as he had done before but this time with more strength he surged into me. The linen expanded and allowed him to enter more than ever before and I felt his body crush against me as my body stretched to accept him. I cried out and he repeated the motion.

Then, without warning, he moved my panties to the side. I had no time to react before he burst inside me. Pain shot up my body and my ears rang, my mind felt fuzzy with the shock, but he wasn’t done yet. He thrust farther and farther, using his arms to keep me legs spread for easier access. I cried out, I hadn’t cried like that since my last spanking session but I did now. He groaned in response and surged into me with all the more ferocity. Sweat beaded on both of us as he began to rhythmically enter and exit my slit. The pain was searing and I felt like I was being ripped apart.

Like so many times before my body began to respond to his touch, his pumps inside of me became smoother and he bends down to kiss and lick at my collar bone and neck, and one point even licking the tears from my cheeks.

“Oh Angel. Angel fuck you are tight!” He moaned into my ear, I couldn’t catch my breath, I just kept panting as he glided into me with ease. My newly round breasts felt tender and sore as they bounced and jiggled beneath him, he grabbed and squeezed them, as he rode me.

As he tired he became slower, the thrusts rocking me but manageable. I looked up at the clock.

It was Six-thirty.

He’s been fucking me for over an hour. Where were my parents? What was suppose to happen? Wasn’t this not suppose to happen? He groaned and I felt him slip out of me before cumming on my stomach and chest. He then fell off to the side of me and pulled me in close to his side. I felt hollowed out, empty, and yet a throbbing ache still burned between my legs.

After thirty minutes and no movement from him, I began to extract myself from his side. But he held firm, holding me in place.

“Aren’t…aren’t you suppose to go now?”

He laughed under his breath and kissed my forehead.

“We Angel. We are going to go now.”

I, for the millionth time in my life, did not understand. I waited.

“Your father’s contract is almost complete. Your mother is free. He’s paid up as long as he keeps his new bargain.”

“New bargain?”

“You Angel, for one year. You’re coming home with me. And this time, starting approximately two hours ago, there are no rules.”

He kissed my tears one last time, before lifting me up in my ruined nightgown and took me past the living room, where my parents averted their eyes, out the front door, and into his car. Once at his home, a large house with blackout curtains and a large front yard, he brought me up to his bedroom. Placing a collar tightly around my slender throat he spun me around to face the mirror. My body small and delicate next to his large frame, my collar read Angel, and that’s what he grabbed onto when forcing my head back into a kiss before dropping me to my knees.

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