Adult Stories. Anything for money (2)


The next week Simon eagerly returned, the promise of the 70 dollars occupying him all day.

When he entered the studio, Steve handed him an envelope with the money, which the boy gladly accepted.

“I really need some more cash, I’ve barely eaten since yesterday. Is there anything else I can do?” He asked.

Steve smiled, partly surprised at him asking unprompted but eager to continue with him.

“The next step is more sexual stuff, it would mean us really getting into it.” Steve responded.

The teen clearly was not enthused by this idea, but sighed softly, as if to reluctantly accept this proposal.

“If you take off your clothes, we can get started.” Steve said, trying to hide his eagerness.

With the speed of someone much more experienced than he truly was, Simon stripped down completely and tossed his clothes aside, where they were picked up by a camera man.

“Are you a virgin?” Steve asked.

“Yea, too shy to ask a girl out, I guess.” The teen answered.

“I mean anally, have you ever done it with a guy.”

Simon looked up, confused.

“The market for gay stuff with a kid like you is way bigger than doing stuff with girls, so if you want to be making more money that’s what we’d be doing.” Steve explained quickly, hoping the boy would agree to this.

“Well I guess I was always kind of curious what it’d be like,” the teen offered cautiously.

Steve pulled the boy onto the performance stage, and motioned for the cameras to start filming.

“Great, here’s some lube, I recommend using a lot of it in your asshole since you’re probably pretty tight. It’s gonna hurt no matter what, but this way it won’t cause any damage.”

Steve handed the boy the bottle of lube, who unscrewed it and tried squeezing it directly into his asshole.

“Here, let me help.” Steve walked over and squirted a generous amount onto his finger.

“Bend over,” he ordered. Simon complied. Steve inserted his digit into the boy’s hole, inciting a yelp from the surprised teen.

“Get used to this feeling, you’ll have to do this a lot in your future,” Steve added.

Gradually, Steve worked more and more lube into the teen’s little butthole, until finally he considered him appropriately prepared. From offstage he was handed a bright purple dildo, which he aligned with the teen’s asshole. Bent over at the waist and legs partly spread, the boy was in prime position.

“Breathe in and try to squeeze your butt out,” Steve helped. The teen did as told, but still twitched and screamed as the head of the dildo slid into his rear end. Steve put a hand on the boy’s back, steadying him as he prepared to give him its full length.

Steve worked the dildo into boy’s asshole, admiring the teen’s boypussy lips tightly gripping the penetrating object. He slid it in and out, each time putting just a little bit more inside the boy. Eventually, he was able to push the entire dildo in, but not without several whimpers from the teen.

At the same time, a videographer began readying the boy’s throat. He guided another dildo so the tip just poked at the boy’s lips, then gradually slid it into his mouth. The teen coughed and sputtered, trying to gather a breath with his throat blocked, but the dildo was only being further inserted down his windpipe. Finally, the worker yanked it out, allowing the boy to catch a quick breath before ramming all 7 inches back down his throat.

“Make sure to cover your teeth with your lips,” he advised.

After several minutes, Steve decided the boy’s virgin holes were ready for their first real action. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his engorged cock head, which he gave a couple rubs. The videographer did the same, wiping the boy’s spit off the dildo to prepare his cockhead.

Gripping the teen’s hips, Steve aligned his cock with the boy’s asshole while the lucky videographer gripped a handful of the boy’s hair and placed his cock on his youthful lips. Simon was still catching his breath, and made no attempt to prevent his incipient use as a cock sleeve and cum vessel.

On Steve’s nod, both cocks were shoved deep inside the boy’s awaiting holes. Both men began thrusting at the same rhythm, so the teen felt forcefully spit roasted and then empty as both cocks pulled out.

Steve made no effort to target the boy’s prostrate, perfectly content enjoying the tight warmth of the teen’s asshole. He happily sunk his cock all the way into the virgin boypussy, slapping his balls against the boy’s taint. Steve drove into the boy’s depths, feeling the teen’s soft cheeks against his groin.

Simon felt the cock in his mouth sliding in and out, his throat expanding to take its girth. He began to feel woozy as the man in front of him gave him no respite, too engrossed with the feeling of the boy’s mouth and lips around his cock.

Cameras were set up to capture the boy’s spit-roasting from both sides and angles, and a lower one facing the teen’s stomach, his own semi-hard cock flapping against his body. At one point he had reached around his cock, trying to give himself some pleasure. Steve had recognized this immediately, and took the boy’s arms and held them on his back, leaving the teen’s cock unstimulated.

The two worked their cocks in and out, grabbing a hold of the boy’s body to thrust as deep as they could.

The videographer came first, holding the boy’s head with both hands and driving his cock all the way into the teen’s throat so he came straight into his stomach. While Simon was trying to catch his breath, Steve grabbed the teen’s hips and began thrusting even faster. With one hand still holding the boy’s hands to his back, he reached forward and gripped the teen’s throat.

After a minute or so of this high intensity fucking Steve pushed as far into the boy as he could and unleashed a load of sperm. As he felt the cock twitch in his ass, Simon couldn’t help but think what his classmates might think of these videos of him being used as a cumslut.

After lying on the boy for a bit to catch his breath, Steve pulled out, leaving Simon in a tired heap. Steve used two fingers to keep the boy’s asshole open, and some of his cum dripped down the teen’s legs.

He handed the boy his clothes, who slowly put them back on and struggled out the door, semen dribbling out of his pant leg.

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