A Whole Nude World (Part Two)


The car ride back home was a quiet one, as Jenny mainly kept her eyes shut while Ryan drove. It had been a whirlwind of emotions for Ryan over the last several hours. The feeling of not having clothes on became second nature, to the point where Ryan felt arguably MORE comfortable now than yesterday. He was never the type to be super comfortable being shirtless or changing in front of people in the locker room, but now he has shown his nude body to hundreds of people, and not one person gave him trouble. Not one person ruined his self esteem. The air, water, and different textures on his skin felt almost sensual and freeing. If Ryan had to live like this forever he wouldn’t feel bad about it. If he wakes up tomorrow to find out this was one really long dream, he still will go naked when it’s possible, maybe look into a nudist lifestyle. Or at the very least not be self conscious about his body, and that’s a good thing.

They pulled into the driveway a little after 5:30, both of them getting out and walking through the garage and into the house. Their mother was the first one to greet them, as she was running around the kitchen and living room getting things ready.

“Oh there you two are. How did it go? Did it live up to the expectations?” Their mother asked as she continued putting food out on the table.

“It was amazing! We raced on the waterslides and I won! Afterwards we went to the huge pool area and there were soooo many people fucking. It was awesome!” Jenny excitedly recalled the events of the day to her mother.

“Sounds wonderful sweetie” she stopped and smiled at them before looking directly and more sternly at Ryan. “Did you give her an orgasm?”

Ryan nodded and his mother smiled back again. Hearing his mother ask if he gave his sister an orgasm wasn’t the weirdest thing he’s experienced today, but he still wasn’t fully on board with this whole sexuallized world. It’s one thing to do and see stuff with strangers, but his parents? That’s gonna be a culture shock, and he knew it was only a matter of time before it happens.

“Anyway, we don’t have much time before people come over. Jen help me set up the inside, Ryan go out to the backyard and help your father.”

Ryan stepped through the kitchen and slid the sliding glass door open and stepped out onto his porch. On one side of the porch was the hot tub that in the clothed world was broken and he could not recall it being used often if at all. Here though, it looked clean and ready to use. On the other side was the outdoor patio furniture that he always remembered. Looking out at the spacious backyard was an in ground pool with lounge chairs on each side of the pool. Past that was a basketball hoop facing the house that held a half court area. Ryan always remembered that the fence in his yard was a tall wooden privacy fence around the backyard, but here it was just a picket fence. He assumed that was because of the lack of privacy needed after what he has witnessed so far today. Not like anything could be private anyway. What wasn’t covered with a pool or a basketball court was well cut grass.

Ryan looked back over to his right after taking in the backyard scenery and saw a nude man with his back to Ryan cooking on the grill. The man turned and looked back at Ryan, but even before turning Ryan new exactly who it was. He saw the photo earlier, but this time it was in person.

Ryan’s father turned holding a spatula and gave him a courteous smile. His dad stood a little over 6ft tall with a silver fox clean cut. You could tell he kept in shape in his prime, and even with his age he still had a physique that was respectable. His cock hung down between his legs in basically an older version of his son, something Ryan noticed himself.

“Hey pal.” His father’s go to phrase whenever he saw his son. “How was the waterpark?”

“Uh pretty good, lot of fun rides” Ryan told him as he walked over to his dad grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, knowing that he should somehow help him, or at least wait for him to say what to do.

“I’m sure the rides weren’t the only fun thing going on” his father snickered back to him. Ryan brushed it off, not wanting to think about his own dad saying stuff like that.

His dad went back to turning burgers over. “Did you take care of your sister?” Well, now he definitely can’t brush off that.

“She seemed to enjoy her time there” Ryan gave the most innocent answer he could think of on the spot. He looked down at the ground and kept quiet to himself. His dad took notice of this.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t enjoy the waterpark?”

Ryan looked back up at him and gave a fake smile. “No no I definitely enjoyed it, just got a lot on my mind, school and stuff that’s all”

His father knew better and saw right through it. “I think something else is on your mind, am I right?” His father asked in a more quizzical way.

“I’m..I’m just nervous about tonight. That’s all”

“Really? What’s there to be nervous about? It’s all just casual fun. It’s not like you haven’t done this before.”

“You’re right, no need to be worried.”

His father could tell that it helped, but wasn’t quite enough yet. He put an arm around his son and brought him in a little, their sides rubbing up against each other. “Hey, just relax and have fun. Remember what I taught you. Be respectful and courteous to everyone’s desires, but if you see an open hole don’t be afraid to go for it. Focus on lasting, and if you cum just step away and rally. I’ve seen you last a good amount of time. Now this old cock on the other hand.”

His father did a helicopter with his penis and gave a little chuckle with that last line, it actually made Ryan crack a genuine smile. Even if it was arguably the weirdest thing he’s ever heard and seen from his own dad, it somehow also felt…reassuring. Comforting to hear his father give advice.

“I’m gonna go wash up real quick. People should be here any minute. Wanna finish grilling for me?” Ryan’s dad handed him the spatula and walked inside. Grilling relaxed Ryan as he finished the cooking and putting all the food on plates.

“One weiner please” came from a familiar voice next to him, it was Jenny of course.

“Haven’t you had enough of that today?”

“Please, that was nothing compared to any REALLY wild days”.

Ryan handed Jenny a plate and they both walked back inside with the food in their hands.

“So, anything you’re excited to do tonight?” His sister asked as they put food on the buffet table.

“I’ll see what happens I guess, go with the flow”

“God I better get spit roasted tonight or I’m not gonna be a happy girl” his sister jumped in as if she asked the question just to speak her mind. “Also make sure you fuck my friend Kaitlyn at some point tonight, that slut hasn’t stopped talking about you since I invited her last week.”

Ryan recalled who Kaitlyn was, one of Jenny’s childhood friends. She would come over the house occasionally, but that was in the clothed world. She was basically the polar opposite of Jenny in terms of looks: a petite framed girl who was more into fashion than sports. He wondered what she would be like in this world.

The doorbell rang and their mother yelled for someone to get it. Jenny fast walked out of the kitchen and went for the door. Ryan stared at his younger sister’s firm butt as it swayed back and forth in walking. He took a deep breath as he walked in to see who it was. His next door neighbors, the O’Sullivan’s, were the first people to show up, obviously with not much distance to travel. A couple in their early 30s with no kids, they exchanged pleasantries as Ryan took the complimentary bottle of wine and Jenny led them to the back porch.

Ryan walked upstairs and back into his room as he wanted to avoid confrontation with anyone he knew. The doorbell rang a few more times as family friends started to congregate at the Carter house. Ryan stayed upstairs for a bit, freshening himself a little and procrastinating seeing the people. Until he heard his mother yell up to him to come down and talk to the guests. He headed down and saw a few people mingling in his kitchen and dining room, while the majority are out in the backyard eating. Ryan took in the surroundings for a split second and was slightly relieved at the lack of sexual nature. This felt more like one of his parents gatherings in the clothed world than what he expected in a hypersexual one. It was mostly his parents and their friends, but he spotted the younger audience sitting on chairs by the pool and stopped over.

“Well there he is. Finally you showed up” his sister yelled out in a snarky way. Ryan gave her a face and looked at everyone else there. Alex and Sierra were both to the left of his sister. To her right was Patrick and Alaina. Patrick was a family friend who’s parents were coworkers with Ryan and Jenny’s father. Although he went to a different school, he had always been friends with Ryan due to their similar ages and situations like this. The 17 year old boy had longer curly hair compared to Ryan, but similar body structures. Alaina was another family friend who had an older brother in college, although he must not have made the trip. In the clothed world she was a petite redhead with a freckles and curly hair, this stayed true in this world, but the lack of clothes really highlighted her ginger beauty.

Next to Alex and Jenny sat her best friend Kaitlyn. The blonde haired girl sat and smiled up at Ryan. She was barely over 5ft with gorgous blue eyes. Her contagious smile brought out her dimples as her all over tan body shown. Her breasts were small in comparison to most people, but for her frame they jutted out well without a hint of gravity pulling them down. Her pubes were well kept in a small triangle and her thigh gap was now highlighted with her lack of clothes. Ryan vividly recalled seeing her with all her fashionable clothes and dolled up well frequently, but now she kept all that at a minimum, although maybe being a party at a pool was a reason for that. Clothes aside she arguably looked better now than in the clothed world, and that’s probably because the less is more mentality elevates her confidence.

“Anyway, I’m going to get some food from inside” Ryan snapped back as he walked to the kitchen. The rest of the kids must have thought the same as they followed him inside, weaving through the people to reach the kitchen. Ryan turned the corner and then saw his mom.

His mother was on her knees in front of a man who wasn’t her husband, blowing him out in the open. She saw them out of the corner of her eye and pulled the cock out, making a suction noise as it plopped out. “Hey kids! Take as much food as you want and don’t want it to go to waste” she replied in her motherly manner. Ryan’s sister and friends remained unphased by the sight in front of them, so Ryan had to play it off as well. They grabbed food while she went back to blowing the man that Ryan recognized as a coworker of his mom’s but couldn’t put a name to it. Ryan felt more guilt than anything. This wasn’t his dad, the man in her life for so many years now. How would he feel about all of this? Ryan tried to comprehend the balance between a loving parental relationship and the sexual acts displayed in front of him by people who are not in a relationship. He saw these take place out in the “wild” sure, but he didn’t know who knew who fondly. He snapped out of his thoughts and they went back out to the pool area to eat. Reaching there he saw his father in the pool with one of his friends from years past. Both of them had a woman on their shoulders as a chicken fight was going on in the pool. Although from the looks of it, it was less fighting and more the girls making out instead. His dad seemed to be enjoying himself, did he know that his wife was currently blowing some other guy inside, or did it not phase him at all?

The kids began to eat their food and talk about their social lives while doing so. The girls broke off into their own conversation about high school gossip while the boys talked about sports and video games. Ryan felt right at home with these topics, and everything talked about seemed to still line up with the clothed world in terms of accuracy. They eventually finished their food and the girls stepped in asking if they wanted to hop in the jacuzzi that’s finally empty. They all took a spot to sit down as they sat boy girl in a circle. Ryan had Jenny to his left and Kaitlyn to his right, with Patrick next to her then Alaina, Alex, and finally Sierra next to Jenny as well.

The jacuzzi bubbles felt nice against Ryan’s completely naked skin, as once again he realized how much better this felt than having wet board shorts sticking to his legs. The high pressure let him relax as he mainly listened to the conversation around him. He leaned back and took a wide view of the rest of the party. Things were starting to heat up in the backyard, although it wasn’t necessary full on sexual acts, more touching and grabbing were involved, maybe cause of alcohol or maybe just the nature of the evening. Probably both.

It was then that he felt a hand graze his leg and reach out to his cock. Ryan was startled by the surprise motion as some female hand had grabbed his cock and woken it up with her motions, but due to the bubbles and the height of the water he couldn’t tell who it was, as both girls next to him showed no signs of action towards him. His intuition told him it was his little sister, so he took his right hand and secretly began fishing for her slit until he caught it and began slowly stroking his fingers along it.

Ryan continued working his hand along her pussy as he took more liberal passes to it, bumping into Jenny’s arm as he did so. Ryan then realized something: that was her right arm he bumped, which remained by her side and had not moved.

It was Kaitlyn who had been stroking him this whole time.

He turned and looked at her as she gave the quickest wink she could while she went back to listening to whoever was talking. Ryan kept at his sister nonchalantly while he was fully erect from her best friend. After a few more minutes of talking, the responses became shorter and less frequent. Until finally Sierra piped in.

“I think we’ve done enough of this. Boys, stand up.” She commanded.

Ryan, Patrick, and Alex all stood at the same time, facing the middle. Their dicks stood proud outward as each of them were rock hard. It was no surprise that everyone had been getting handsy in the jacuzzi together.

“Just what I liked to see, ladies, pick a cock and let’s get to work.” Sierra told the other girls as she reached out for her brother’s cock and began to suck on it. Alaina pounced on Patrick’s cock while he pushed her hair away from her face. Ryan looked to his right and left at his sister and her best friend. They both looked at each other and smiled. Without saying a word they simultaneously began licking his long rigid shaft. Jenny then focused more on his balls while Kaitlyn had a mouthful of his cock.

Ryan was on cloud 9 as two beautiful girls were servicing his crotch area. They both would look up at him with desirable eyes while switching between his cock and each other. Eventually, to Ryan’s sadness, Jenny left to go tend to Patrick’s dick while she told Alaina to switch to another one. Alaina slid over to Ryan and Kaitlyn to Alex, while Jenny went over to Patrick.

Alaina had a different technique than the other 2 girls. She was slow and steady with her mouth, and that could attribute to a lack of experience, but she put a lot of effort as more of a tease. She split her time between his cock in her mouth and around her mouth. A masculine groan came from Patrick as the 2 girls worked diligently on his package.

“Hoooly shit, Ryan and Alex man you guys are soooo lucky. Fuck.” Patrick told the other two boys.

“Yeah but you don’t have to deal with her bitchy side too” Alex chuckled. Sierra flipped off her brother while still maintaining focus on Patrick.

Jenny looked back at Ryan with a stern look. “Don’t you fucking dare laugh at that” she said with slight authority in her voice. Ryan put his hands up in innocence and cracked a slight smile. Everyone enjoyed that sibling back and forth.

The girls then switched again with Alex getting the extra mouth. This time it was Sierra who was blowing Ryan. Sierra’s more bossy and mature attitude reflected with her blowjob techniques. She was more forceful and aggressive with Ryan’s cock, being careless with spit and slobber. Ryan countered this with just as much aggression, collecting her disheveled blonde hair and holding her head with it. Ryan thrusted his waist to match her forceful head bobs, throat fucking her in the process. The muffled moans and lack of retreat from Sierra proved that she was enjoying it as much as him. He could hear her gargling spit as he finally released her from his grasp, drool and spit spilling out of her mouth and onto her chin and breasts. Ryan pulled her up from his groin area and passionately kissed her, exchanging spit a mere seconds after his own cock was there, but he didn’t care. For the time being, Ryan didn’t care anymore who saw him naked, who saw him hard, or what sexual activity he was doing in front of others. He just wanted to fuck. His mindset was on par with everyone else. Sierra and Ryan finished up their makeout session as Patrick piped in.

“I think it’s time we go join the others huh?”

The others.

Ryan’s sexual high stalled out for a second. The crew each got out the jacuzzi and briefly toweled off. The scene in his backyard had turned from a casual party to mainly a fuckfest. At least a dozen people were now scattered throughout his backyard fucking and sucking to their hearts desire. Most people were broken into even groups spread out throughout the yard. Blowjobs, riding, doggystyle, it was the same thing seen poolside earlier as well. Then he saw her.

Ryan’s mother was gracefully boucing up and down on a man’s cock, her back to the teens but Ryan could recognize her hair from anywhere. He watched as her butt bottomed out on the man’s wood with each bounce of her body. She looked graceful and majestic in her act of passion and Ryan couldn’t even see the front of her. He had become numb to seeing sexual acts as if it was a natural thing but his own mother, the woman who raised him, engaging in these acts was still a sight to slowly take in. If this was 8 hours ago he probably would have fainted on the spot, but for now he felt composed in the group of naked bodies.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later” Jenny told the teens as she ran over to the porch and met up with two middle aged guys sitting on patio furniture talking. Their dicks sticking straight up just waiting for a cock hungry slut to find them, and Jenny was just the girl for that.

The rest of the teens made their way over to a couple in the middle of the yard to join in until Ryan heard a familiar voice call out to him to get his attention.

Ryan turned to the backyard and saw his dad pounding away at the woman who was on his shoulders in the pool, the other couple next to them in the same motion. The boy seperated from his friends and headed over to his dad who had motioned him over into the grass near the hoop.

His father introduced the 3 other people as his coworkers and the girl he was tapping as his secretary. He mentioned their names but Ryan was too focused on his thoughts and the sights to remember them. The woman reached out and shook his hand as they exchanged pleasantries, all while none of them broke stride, including his father who piped up.

“Hey pal, you mind tagging in for me? Your mother is enjoying herself and I want to make sure there’s still enough food and everything for the rest of the night.”

Ryan nodded and his father pulled out of the woman, his cock gleeming with juices and rock hard like Ryan’s. Ryan stepped over, mindless as a robot, and picked up where his dad left off, slowly matching the motions of the woman and his father before him. Ryan this felt more like a chore or a request than passion, as he kept thinking about his parents. Surely his father knew what his mother was doing without him and it didn’t seem to be an issue. Just another part of this sex filled world.

Ryan bucked along with the young woman who he was fucking. He imagined that as his dad’s secretary she spent a lot more time on her knees than on the phone. She was pretty no doubt, but the job hiring process was probably based on what she is doing now more than office related items. The couple next to them slowed down the pace and so did Ryan and the woman. They began talking about work related things while casually fucking each other with Ryan zoning out the whole time. His attention was affixed on the groups of people in front of him. He watched all the different positions and the constant swapping. He watched as his neighbor Mrs. Hollandsworth, the one he saw gardening this morning, was being treated like a hoe and being plowed by her husband while she sucked off another man. Alaina was slowly riding a man at least twice her age, the redness of her now physically active body matching her hair color. Sierra was engaged in a 69 position with what looked to be Patrick’s dad, while her brother and Patrick were both getting head from Patrick’s mom. He snapped back out of it when he looked up and saw his own father’s cock pointing at him as he returned.

“Thanks for jumping in, hopefully you enjoyed it, you can go back to your friends now while we work overtime to finish up”

Ryan gave a wry smile and dislodged before needing to hear any more bad dad jokes. He thanked the woman and left for the group of people. Where to start? What to do? WHO to do?

He subconsciously began stroking his cock waiting to see who would budge first. He spotted his mother strolling out of the house and seperating from the man who she was fucking before. Ryan had never really taken a fancy to his mother, but watching her walk toward him in all her naked glory was enough to change his mind. Her boobs bounced as she gave that motherly smile and ball of joy attitude that she always had around him. She noticed her son staring at her and finally reached him and put her hand on his waist.

“You look like you could use some assistance” she told him amongst the dirty talk and sexual chorus around them.

Ryan didn’t even say a word, but pushed his head directly into her chest. He wanted to know what they felt like against him. He wanted to investigate her magnificent breasts for hours on end, sticking his tongue out and licking her areolas like it was leftover food on a plate. More than that though, he felt comfort against her as she wrapped her arm around him in the process. They managed to stumble their way over to a patio chair where Ryan sat down and his mother seperated his legs and got down to work. He looked over at his sister who was now on her knees on a similar chair being spitroasted by the two men, giving her brother a friendly wave as she took both of them with ease.

Ryan’s mother took her time with his prick as she engulfed it in her mouth. This was much different than the blowjob he saw her give before. That one seemed like a friendly favor or a thank you, this one had more tenderness and care in it. She slowly bobbed her mouth on his cock and used her hand to massage his balls.

“Yeah you like when your mother gives you a nice sensual blowjob huh? I know EXACTLY how to relieve all that stress you’ve had today” his mother cooed at him while continuing to stroke his cock. Ryan could barely mumur a yes. His mom had years of experience and knew exactly where to focus and how to focus on it. She danced around the tip of his cock with her tongue before putting it back in his mouth and swallowing it whole. Ryan bucked his hips for a second to signal that he was close to cumming. Between everything over the last hour or so, he was surprised he had made it this far. His mother read his signal and pulled away before standing up in front of him.

“You don’t want to cum in my mouth. You want to fuck your mother huh? You wanna shove that hard cock in my waiting pussy and fuck me till you cum” she hissed at him.

The only response Ryan had was his cock twitching after hearing that. It was enough of a signal as his mother strattled him before grabbing his cock and slipping it inside her pussy. The very same place he had come out of 18 years prior. The mother that had raised him and taught him life lessons was now teaching him a lesson he never imagined before today.

His mom bottomed out on his cock and let out a soft moan before beginning to ride him. Her body was graceful in her movements as she smiled at him while she rode his dick. Her breasts bounced as she moved up and down. Ryan pulled her inward and opened his mouth to try and catch a titty in it to no avail. She stopped moving to let her son finally wrangle in her boob as he began sucking on it like sucking in helium from a balloon.

“You’ve always loved those things haven’t you?”

Ryan pulled away from her boob and smiled at her. She leaned over and gave him a kiss. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but more of a kiss of motherly love and affection.

“Now, speaking of milk, lets get this cock of yours milked dry” she snapped back into the motions again as she bounced on his cock, this time with more energy and enthusiasm

Ryan let out more groans as he was verbal in his notion that he wouldn’t last long. His mother began to be more vocal in order to send him over the edge.

“Yeah you like fucking your mother? You like when mommy rides your cock like I do. I know how to make a young stud like you fill me up with you cum”

“Fuuuuckk Mom, I’m gonna cuuuum” was all that Ryan could moan out. His mom didn’t stop moving, only belting out “that’s it Ryan, cum for mommy”

Ryan shot his seed into his mothers womb as she stopped riding. Burst after burst filled her up until finally he was finished cumming. The woman slowly dislodged as his cum covered cock slipped out and lay on his groin. His own semen was dripping out of his mother’s pussy, but she didn’t care at all. She grabbed a chair and pulled it next to him and sat down.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” She asked in a compassionate motherly tone.

Ryan finally was starting to come back to his senses. Post nut clarity was giving him concern. This was his own mother, the woman who gave birth to him. It should be wrong, yet it felt so right. It was a bond and connection that he couldn’t deny brought them closer. Ryan watched as Alaina was being fucked by her father and crying out to her daddy that she was cumming. He sensed the same family bond between them. Sex was enjoyable with pretty much anyone here, but with your own family is a whole different feeling of satisfaction. He then remembered what just happened with his mother.

“I’m sorry” he turned to his mother and told her.

“For what?”

“I never made you orgasm.” A sentence like that would have been creepy to say yesterday, but he felt closer to his mother than ever before, enough to explain things like that with her.

His mother reached out and rubbed his thigh “oh don’t be sorry, I wanted you to cum. Your father will get me to cum later tonight anyway. Now it’s getting late, go and impress one of those cute girls you were with earlier. I’ll go check on your slutty sister”

Ryan just noticed the time, it was dark out and getting late. Cumming was second nature to most people at this point with all that build up. He thanked his mother as she went over to check on his sister as she asked how everything was going. Ryan walked over to the main group of people in front of him. His dick needed a little time to regroup, but his mouth was perfectly available. He spotted Kaitlyn laying next to Mrs. Hollandsworth as she was being serviced by her husband. Laying on her back spread eagle, Ryan knew that his sister’s friends’ pussy was available for dining in. He knelt down and began licking her tiny pretty pussy. Kaitlyn smiled as she saw who it was and focused more on him now.

Ryan began lapping away at her moist pussy with vigor. He had no idea who or what has been there tonight, but he only cared about what he would do to it. He focused on making sure she would cum as his determination took over. He lapped up at her clit while sticking a finger in her tight pussy. Ryan spent a great amount of time on the young girl’s vagina. He felt a sense of determination to please her as much as he could, thinking back to his sister mentioning how excited her friend was to see him. He felt the need to fit in better in this world and with all the pleasure he had received today, giving this girl a good night was the only way to repay the favor. He could hear the sounds of the others as most people were wrapping things up, male voices giving the signal that they were cumming and women taking the cum like champs.

“Oh my god Ryan right there right there. Don’t stop don’t fucking stop!” Kaitlyn screamed out as Ryan knew the first rule of eating pussy: if the girl says not to stop, DON’T STOP.

He kept the same motions as the girl bucked wildly against his face. The wave of her orgasm rushing through her body as she whimpered her pleasure. That wave finally hit her mouth as she screamed out “FUUUUUCKKKK I’M CUMMMING”

Ryan tried to absorb all the juices that he could until her body came back to ground level. Ryan looked up for the first time and noticed the orgy had less people, as it became more partnered and less fucking than before. Most people were wrapping up and taking time to regroup, but not Ryan. He had more energy than before as new life had spawned into him.

Ryan got to his feet and helped the petite girl to her feet. “Let’s go take this to my room” Ryan proudly professed to her as she smiled and they walked inside, arms around each other.

Passing through the living room to get to the stairs, the couple saw 2 girls in a 69 position on the ground. They both realized it was Jenny, her friend and his sister, intertwined with her very own mother, the woman Ryan just fucked not too long ago. Jenny was surely getting a taste of his cum from their mother’s pussy. Sierra sat on the couch in a vulnerable position with her legs spread, finishing eating a cookie while watching the girls eating each other.

“I’ve been waiting for my turn but I think I’ll let them go” she said almost impatiently.

“Wanna join us?” Kaitlyn asked before Ryan could pipe up.

“Yes please” she responded with relief as she got up from the couch. Ryan gave both girls a ‘get moving’ smack on their butts as they climbed the steps before him. He watched their asses sway with each step and their pussies poking out at him almost in a taunting way.

They reached Ryan’s room as they each walked in. The girls grabbed Ryan by each arm and pulled him forward, spinning him around and pushing him on the bed. The girls focused on each other as they slowly and methodically began kissing each other, rubbing their hands on each other’s bodies while Ryan watched with awe, his cock stuck straight up in the air. This felt like a staged porn scene he’d seen numerous times, not a typical Saturday evening in April.

The girls finally seperated their mouths and turned to Ryan, smiling at each other and back at him. Kaitlyn made the first move and climbed onto the bed with her head at cock level, eager to return the favor to him. Sierra leaned in and spread the girl’s asscheeks open, getting as much area as she could to feast on. Kaitlyn’s eyes opened more as she felt the tongue punching going on behind her, engulfing Ryan’s cock with ease as she began sucking on it.

“God this is so fucking hot” was all Ryan could say as he watched a girl pleasure him while another girl was munching away at her. Both of them let out quick giggles as Sierra chimed in.

“He finally said something, you must have made him speechless”

“My mom and I do the same thing with my daddy so I guess I’m doing something right” Kaitlyn spoke innocently about something far from innocent.

Ryan laid back and closed his eyes, doing everything he can to not bust a nut soon. He felt good overall, even as Kaitlyn was slurping away at his cock trying to milk him dry. In the clothed world he probably wouldn’t have made it even close to this far, but he knew he could go for a little while longer. It’s probably the sex filled world that has brought on more stamina from him compared to the repressed clothed world.

Ryan opened his eyes after some time and made eye contact with Sierra, as her nose and below were currently buried in Kaitlyn’s ass. She stopped feasting and gave Kaitlyn a few smacks on her butt, as if it was a signal. Kaitlyn stopped sucking and flipped her position, getting ready to mount his hard spit covered cock. Sierra stepped over to Ryan and helped Kaitlyn get inserted by his dick. Then once Kaitlyn was set up and ready to bounce to her hearts desire she stepped onto the bed and straddled Ryan’s face, facing toward the cowgirl. Ryan watched as the college aged girl slowly lowered herself down onto his face to sit on, her puckering asshole and moist pussy becoming closer to his face as he watched.

Kaitlyn began bouncing up and down slowly on Ryan’s manhood, her tight teenage pussy could barely handle his throbbing cock as Ryan could feel the walls of her vagina with every movement. The slapping of skin as her butt hit his thighs blended with the moans of the 16 year old girl fucking the guy she’s been looking forward to all week.

“Ooohh yes Ryan! Your sister was right, this feels sooo. Fucking. Good!” She yelled out as she kept riding him to her hearts desire.

“I think he said something because I could feel it against my pussy” Sierra laughed as Ryan was working on her crotch area.

Ryan knew he was in a position that he’s never been in, but he needed to make it look like second nature. It was one thing to bang a girl 1 on 1, but he’s never been smothered in women before. He kept licking away at the college girl’s pussy, working his way around her outer lips and clit. He then decided to be bold and slid her forward a little bit and tongue her asshole. Sierra let out a yelp as she was shocked by this, but the constant yes she screamed out and her grinding her hips against him gave Ryan the mindset that he was doing something right.

Ryan felt Kaitlyn stopping her movements and heard kissing going on above him. The girls leaned in and began kissing each other again. Ryan decided to try and take matters into his own hands as he worked on Sierra’s asshole with more poise and determination as he was rimming her. He also tried to multi-task and Ryan tried humping his groin into her, she took notice and lifted her nimble body just enough that he could thrust into her while making out with Sierra.

The girls continued to kiss each other while Ryan could hear them mumuring into each other’s mouths. Eventually they broke their kiss and Kaitlyn let out a series of moans while Ryan took advantage of the situation. He felt like a sex god pleasuring both of them with his mouth and cock.

“Oh, oh my god, Ryan! Ryan! I’m….fucking….cumming. RYAAAAANNN OOOOOH FUUUUUCKKK” Kaitlyn screamed out for the whole house to hear as Ryan did his best to keep going inside her. He could feel her orgasm wash over his cock until she felt lifeless on him.

Sierra let out a woo as she asked the poor defenseless girl “he get you to cum again? You wanna keep fucking his amazing cock?”

All Kaitlyn could do was let out a small yes as Ryan finally stopped thrusting into her…for the moment.

Sierra finally got off of Ryan’s face as he could finally breathe in the fresh air, at least what he considered fresh air. The smell of sex filled his room. Kaitlyn fell off of Ryan’s cock and laid there on her back. Ryan took the yes to heart, if she wanted to stop she would have said something. He got off the bed and stepped to the side of it before pulling the high schooler toward him, her legs spread and perfect height on the bed for his cock.

Kaitlyn smiled up at him with a look of more desire. “Back in me please” was all she said and all Ryan needed to hear before he inserted himself inside her. He began to thrust himself into her as the sound of skin slapping was adamant again. Sierra had taken over the girls face as she now sat down on her while Kaitlyn worked her tongue into her. Ryan leaned in and starting swapping spit with Sierra. They were sloppy kisses, but both of them had other tasks at hand. They disengaged as Ryan kept pistoning into the girl, keeping a steady rhythm. He watched as his moist cock went in and out of the petite girl with ease, yet somehow also super tight with each motion.

Sierra got more into the zone as she pushed her blonde hair away from her eyes and shutting them, beckoning her head back as she felt connected to Kaitlyn. She was going to cum soon, Ryan knew that, it was only a matter of when.

Ryan turned his head and looked out his doorway, which he now realized was open the whole time. He could see the shadows of people walking up the steps. It was Jenny, who saw the situation in front of him for a quick second and smiled, happy to know he was satisfying her friend. Jenny was pulling a cock along with her as Alex appeared in the doorway. The boys exchanged head nods knowing they were both about to fuck each others sisters…again. The couple left for Jenny’s room while he turned his attention back to Sierra’s voice.

“Yes, yes, yes. Right there Kaitlyn. RIGHT. THERE. FUUUUUUCKK. OH FUCK! IM GONNA SQUIRT.”

Kaitlyn kept doing whatever she was doing until Sierra shrieked out with a high pitch scream and liquid began shooting out of her pussy. Ryan angled his body and moved in closer while still pounding Kaitlyn, trying to catch any juices that sprayed out of Sierra. It came out of her like a broken sprinkler, in bursts and without any aim or control. Kaitlyn got most of it on her face and upper body, but she moved her face away just enough that Ryan took a splash on his face, catching some in his mouth. He didn’t wipe it up with his fingers, but instead just kept it on his face, continuing his same motions of fucking this girl in front of him.

Sierra slipped off of Kaitlyn and laid next to them catching her breath and regrouping. Ryan took advantage of this one on one time with Kaitlyn and leaned in closer. Fucking her missionary with their faces centimeters apart, their breaths huffing onto each other. Ryan saw the innocence and the surrender in Kaitlyn’s eyes. He knew she was going to cum again soon. He kissed her on her neck before going back to her lips.

“That’s it Kaitlyn, cum for me. I know you want to you little whore. Jenny told me to make you cum so that’s what I’m gonna do.” Ryan picked up his pace with the last few words.

“Ohh fuck I’m gonna cum. Oh…myfuck…fucking…shit. I’m cumming. DAAAADDYY. FUCKKKKKK”

Ryan didn’t expect to hear Daddy being thrown out there by the girl, although he assumes her dad must fuck her like this too. He did expect to feel her cumming on his cock as he slowed the pace a bit and let her orgasm. Her body shuttered for some time before finally coming back down to earth. Kaitlyn was finished, her sexual energy had been diminished by her friend’s older brother. She went limp as Ryan gave her a few soft kisses on the lips as a thank you and a good job.

Ryan pulled out of her and pulled himself off the bed, standing tall in front of the two girls, his hard moist cock pointing at them. His primal instincts told him to cum inside of another pussy, and Sierra was just that girl for the job. He looked at Sierra who was now leaning against the bedframe with her legs slightly open. She smiled at him and began to assume position on her hands and knees on the bed, similar to this afternoon. Ryan stumbled over and lined himself up with her.

“You’ve done a pretty good job dude, ready to finally let it all out?”

“I don’t know?” Ryan responded while inserting himself. He gave one forceful thrust as Sierra let out a small yelp. “Are you?”

Ryan began pistoning into the girl with as much might as he could, the bed rocking as if it were on a ship. He wasn’t interested in sensual movements or making the most time. He just wanted to cum and wanted a warm place to do that. He slapped Sierra’s ass constantly during his pounding, to the point where her cheeks became bright red from his handprints. Kaitlyn laid next to them and watched as Ryan became incessant with his fucking, with Sierra taking note of it.

“Finally get your chance to take out your anger huh? I know you’ve had a lot to think about today, fucking your slutty sister and her friend. I saw you with your mother as well, showing how a mature woman does it.”

Ryan still kept going at her while she rambled on, not giving in to his pounding. Ryan was the one making the motions and doing the work, but the college Freshman was the one who was running this show. The girl arched her back as Ryan grabbed her sweaty boobs, her head now directly in front of him as they fucked.

“Cum for me you naughty fucking boy. Fill me up with your sperm. I know you’re not used to all this but you can here. Trust me.” Sierra hissed at Ryan. He let go and grabbed her hips to stabilize himself while went back into an upright pose. He slowed his pace, knowing he was past his breaking point, Sierra’s words had sent him over the edge and he felt the build up inside of him.

“OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUCKKKK” Ryan groaned out as he stopped moving and unleashed his orgasm, filling her up with spurt after spurt of his cum. He had never cum inside of a girl before today, and just like with his mother the sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt, even after the events earlier.

“My god FINALLY” Sierra joked as her and Kaitlyn both laughed. Ryan pulled out of her and watched with wobbly legs as drops of cum spilled out of her and onto the edge of his bed and the floor. He didn’t care about the cleanliness of his sheets or his room. All he wanted to do was rest.

Sierra got up and grabbed a towel from his closet, wiping up her sweat and leaking pussy. Ryan stumbled into bed next to Kaitlyn and they smiled at each other, content with what had just happened. Sierra laid the towel down in line with her pussy and laid down next to them. Ryan looked up at the ceiling while the two beautiful freshly fucked girls snuggled into him. This was the true test, he could feel himself drifting off into sleep, the moans and dirty talk of Jenny and Alex down the hall his lullaby. If it was all a dream, he’ll wake up tomorrow with clothes on again and back to his regular life, wishing he could dream like this again. If he wakes up tomorrow with the same situation, the life he will live will be much more different than he ever imagined. Ryan woke this morning thinking he was in a nightmare, but now he wishes that nightmare will continue tomorrow. The boy closed his eyes and dozed off, hoping for the latter.

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