A Whole Nude World (Part Three)


The morning sunlight shone through the window of Ryan’s bedroom on that Sunday morning. The day before, Ryan had woken up with the expectations that it would be just another average Saturday in his average world, but what he received was far from that, both mentally and physically. The teenager was not keen on the events that began his day yesterday, but he grew to appreciate them in it’s raw form. He became uninhibited in how he presented his feelings toward this new world. Ryan was afraid of showing himself to his own family yesterday morning, but as the day continued he became more free spirited with it all. He fucked his sister in front of plenty of strangers, met a girl at the waterpark and fucked her. Then he came home and participated in an orgy with his family before taking two beautiful naked girls back to his room and fucking the life out of them. All that in a 15 hour span or so.

Ryan laid on his stomach as he opened one eye, his head facing the wall as he looked at the poster of his favorite baseball team’s logo. The poster that had been there in the clothed world since he got it when he was younger. Sierra was not where she was last night, laying next to him after being freshly pounded and cum in by Ryan. Maybe she was a figment of his imagination. Maybe this whole thing was just some long and convoluted dream. He felt dissapointment in himself as he closed his eye again, it was too good to be true. He shifted his body over and laid on his back, trying to get more comfortable and maybe get a few more minutes of sleep. Instead, Ryan’s eyes shot open with a darting look at the ceiling.

He was still naked.

Ryan could feel the percale sheets against his back and nude butt. His boxers were not on him like he remembered two nights ago. He was naked from head to toe. Ryan put a hand on the spot that Sierra had originally laid and felt the condition of his sheets. Clean is not one way to describe them, as he DEFINITELY will need to wash these sheets before he uses them again tonight.

He then turned his body to his left and saw the beautiful petite figure next to him. Kaitlyn laid there peacefully and still sleeping. She was passed out with her body in a similar position of what Ryan’s was moments ago. Her head faced away from the boy as her hair was disheveled against her head. Her arms flailed out from her side and above her head, laying underneath the pillow. Ryan stared at her beautiful body as it maintained a still position, bobbing up and down with her deep breaths as she slept. His eyes gravitated from her sturdy yet smooth back to her soft butt as the cheeks slightly elevated over the rest of her body. He saw behind the figure his dresser was still missing and a futon still resided in it’s place, it’s now rightful place. The lack of a dresser was the final indication Ryan needed to confirm that he was still living in this naked world, as if his younger sister’s best friend sleeping nude in his own bed wasn’t enough of a giveaway.

Ryan sat up and sent his arms high in the air, clenching his fists in solidarity. Half of it was an act of stretching and the other half a motion of triumph. His life will continue in its promiscuous and textile-free ways, and Ryan had asked for exactly that.

Ryan looked over the still sleeping girl and saw his alarm clock. The time read 8:34. It was Sunday, and as far as he knew there wasn’t anything he needed to do today other than relax and watch the clock slowly tick back toward another week of school. School. Ryan had no idea what to expect in regards to that. How was his schooling like in this world? Ryan felt as if he had a reminder as to what he just did last week in the clothed world: AP Government test, a Statistics homework assignment that he took what felt like hours, and the baseball game he played last week when they crushed Dormont and Ryan had 2 doubles. He also had this hazy remembrance of the same things, but in the nude world. He remembered taking the test without anything on his body, but how?

Ryan shook off the thoughts of school for the time being. It was Sunday, and the last thing he wanted to do was think about school.

He slowly snuck himself out a bed and left the girl to get some more sleep. She was exhausted after last night, and he didn’t want to wake her prematurely. Ryan opened and closed the door slowly behind him as to not make noise. Sierra must have closed the door after she left. He stumbled into the bathroom and relieved himself for the morning before looking in the mirror. He could feel the grossness on his body as sweat and cum had dried on himself overnight. His hair felt greasy to the touch. He needed to clean himself, but even with a shower right behind him he didn’t bother. Now would be a good time to try out the outdoor shower against the side of the house.

Instead of going to clean himself, Ryan decided to walk around and see what the rest of his family was getting into. He hadn’t seen his sister or parents room yet, so some investigating was in order. Jenny’s room was first down the hall, as he turned to his right and saw her door open. His sister lay there peacefully as she slept with a funny facial expression, her mouth hanging open and in deep sleep, possibly snoring. If only Ryan had a camera to take a picture of this scene. That’s another thing that hit Ryan, what about his cell phone? He hadn’t seen it, nor seen anyone with one. An arm was wrapped around her waist as Ryan saw the form of a boy spooned behind her. Alex had fallen asleep with her and they slept together in his arms.

Ryan surveyed the room around him as he looked at what it had. She obviously lacked the dresser and space needed for clothes as a nice couch filled in that spot, facing her tv. Her desk looked pretty similar, cluttered with random things. The framed picture of her club volleyball teammates placing in some tournament was still there, the girls side by side holding the medals around their neck, except this time they were all completely naked. Other photos littered her wall, with some of her friends, and even one of her and Ryan. Both of them sitting on the couch smiling at the camera in what he can only assume was a picture their mother took randomly. He had her arm wrapped around her shoulder as Jenny leaned her head into his chest. Her hand was on his hard cock. Other posters that Ryan remembered scattered her room as well, including the old unicorn pictures that Jenny used to love growing up. A poster of Harry Styles from his latest album was also on the wall that he remembered clothed, but instead Harry was naked with, he guessed it, a hard cock.

Ryan left the two teens to sleep as he moved down the hall to his parents room. As he approached the room he could hear some fumbling inside it. Ryan slowly peaked his head into his parents room. It was a simple looking room, a king sized bed with a table for a tv and a desk. He saw the large family photo hanging against the wall opposite of the bed. The clothed world had his parents and sister standing out front of the house. This photo was identical, except everyone was nude and him and his dad were hard. Was EVERY photo of him hard? Or was it just common practice to get hard for the photo? In fact, Ryan remembered taking this exact same photo, where his mom and sister both stroked them to get hard for it. How did he remember that memory without actually being there?

In the bed, he saw his mom and dad slowly kissing each other, his mom on top of his dad and running their hands on each other’s bodies. Ryan kept his distance and stayed out of their sight, not knowing he was there. He was happy to see his parents showing their natural affection to each other after what he saw yesterday. It was if they had fun with other people but their true love was with each other, and no matter what happened before with whomever it was with, they would find each other and were meant for each other. Ryan smiled and felt relief seeing this. The past 24 hours had given him some confusion as to how relationships work in this sex filled world. He had heard about swingers from his friends joking around once, and it seemed like a similar situation here: fooling around with others while staying loyal to each other.

Ryan walked back down the hall and down the stairs toward the kitchen. A few people were passed out on the couch sleeping, Ryan recognized the one woman as the secretary he stepped in with for his dad, the man who’s lap her head was with them as well. Another man was snoozing on the couch as well that Ryan didn’t recognize.

He walked into the kitchen to parch his dry throat, after going at it for awhile without any rehydration, something to drink was the first focus in his mind. He spotted the back and butt of a young blonde woman making coffee at the counter, her curves accented with the shape of a physically fit woman. Sierra turned her head and smiled at Ryan.

“Morning. Coffee?” Sierra asked as Ryan opened the fridge and grabbed a water bottle.

“No thanks, not a coffee drinker” Ryan mumbled as he took a swig of water. Only after that did he realize he should have been a bit softer in his speech, but Sierra wasn’t phased by it.

“So, did you enjoy yourself last night?” Sierra asked with slight seduction in her voice.

“I did thank you.” Ryan replied back with joy. He felt like an idiot shortly afterwards, taking her flirtatious response and countering as if he was asked how his meal was by a waitress.

Sierra took her cup of coffee and headed towards the backyard, with Ryan instinctively following her. The dew still laid on the grass as the morning sun creeped out from behind a cloud. The look of a party was scattered throughout the yard, as some cups and cans failed to be properly disposed of. Eventually his parents will have him be voluntold to clean up, but for now the two of them walked over to the pool, where they both sat on the edge and dipped their legs in.

The teenagers began to talk about the party and how they enjoyed it, but the conversation drifted towards life topics. They shared similar tastes in music and sports, and discussed how Sierra liked college, what Ryan wants to do in the future, and topics that made Ryan feel more mature than he actually was. He felt comfortable talking to Sierra more than he normally did with girls his age, especially ones that was honestly the last thing on his mind. Sierra was a confident and intelligent girl, and she was the kind of girl that Ryan wouldn’t try to interact with in the clothed world for fear of embarrassment, but here he felt right at home with her and enjoyed who she was as a person. Although he was guilty of taking a few longer looks at Sierra’s perky and well shapen breasts than he would admit, even though she probably knew. Girls always knew about that kind of stuff, and maybe she just didn’t say anything because she didn’t mind.

The two teens sat next to each other as Ryan felt the cool hard ground of the concrete start to become warm from the heat radiating off his body, or maybe off both of them together. Their thighs practically touching as Sierra slowly kicked the water in front of her.

“So, how did you enjoy everything yesterday?” Sierra slowly asked as if she was just as nervous about the topic as him.

Ryan’s body language and tone shifted from comfort to concern. This wasn’t a filler question or basic curiosity like his sister or dad asked yesterday, this was an honest question that Sierra was trying to pick his brain, as shown from her tone. She was just as nervous to ask it as he was answering.

“Honestly. It was nice. Got to blow off a lot of steam if you know what I mean.” Ryan replied with a lighthearted joke trying to camouflage his apprehension.

“Yeah but-” Sierra turned her head and looked him in the eyes. Her blue eyes looked through Ryan’s futile attempt at poise and composure as if she knew more than him. “Like, did you actually expect everything that happened to happen?”

“I mean, I didn’t expect you to join us. Not that I didn’t like that or anything” Ryan added respectfully.

“Have you…ever done anything like that before?” Sierra continued to press him on the issue but in a caring and nurturing way.

“Yeah. Yeah. Of course I have. Why, did I not do a good job?” Ryan replied as he attempted to deflect and spin the topic back to Sierra.

“Oh no no trust me you were fine. Honestly you were amazing” Sierra smiled and pushed her hair to the side. “It’s just…can I ask honestly? Between you and me, have you ACTUALLY done anything like that before? Or any of this kind of stuff?” Sierra swiped her hand in the air over her naked body to visualize what she meant.

“Yeah of course. Just a lot of pressure to please that’s all” Ryan sent back in a tone that made him sound somewhat angry that she even asked, but still not disrespectful to her question, trying to play it off as being annoyed by the ludacris question.

“Ok, don’t worry. I understand.” Sierra caught Ryan taking a glimpse of her compared to the whole time he was staring into the water spinning his foot in a circular motion to move the pool water.

Sierra used this to her advantage. “Like what you see?” She said as put her hand underneath her boobs pushed them upwards slightly, squishing them together in the process. “You can look. I don’t mind. In fact, it’s a compliment to have a good looking guy like you checking me out”

Ryan turned back to her and smiled at the college girl, his first genuine smile since before his interrogation.

Sierra put her hands underneath her boobs and gave them a lift. “So, what cup size do you think they are?”

“I don’t know. B cup? C cup?”

Ryan stopped dead in his tracks. As soon as he said it the response hit him. Cup sizes in this world don’t matter. No one wears a bra, no one needs to know what their cup size is. A size of cup would mean covering them, and no one was seen doing that. He had blown his cover, but at the same time he realized it. Sierra specifically asked him what his CUP size was, not BOOB size. How would she even know what that was? She had to have known.

He slowly turned his head back to her with his eyes wide open. Sierra had a large grin on her face. She had accomplished what she set out to find through this conversation.

“I uh..umm..”

“You’re not the only one that knows what clothes are. Shirts, shorts, even SHOES.” Sierra was aggressive in her excitement.

“…how?” Ryan could barely speak. Even in his confusion of the past 24 hours, somehow this was even MORE confusing than all the fucking and sucking.

“I don’t know how to explain it. Like it sounds so crazy that I don’t tell anyone cause they’ll think I’m crazy. They already kinda do though.”

Sierra saw Ryan’s curiosity in his eyes as she took a deep breath and sighed. “But I guess you might understand me more, you’re the only one that does so far. Basically, I lived my entire life wearing clothes and, well, having sex in private. Then one day out of nowhere was thrusted into this fucking world” Sierra stretched her arms out and looked around her. “Pun intended” she smiled as if her joke alleviated some of the bizarreness of her story. “Been like this since. Almost 6 months now. One day you go to sleep figuring out what to wear for classes tomorrow and the next day you-“

“Wake up with no clothes!” Ryan cut in as he realized his situation was exactly the same as Sierra’s. “My problem was exactly the same! I woke up yesterday and couldn’t find any clothes. Then Jenny walked into my room and I freaked out at her. I thought it was a crazy nightmare.”

“Exactly! Oh my god you do understand!” Sierra reached out and grabbed his arm with a huge smile on her face. “This is so exciting! I thought I was alone in this, but then again I hadn’t asked anyone stuff like this.”

“Yeah wait, how did you know to ask me about…all this?” Ryan inquired.

“When I first saw you at Splash and Fuck you stood out to me. You were different than all the teenage boys that cross my path. I saw the concern in your eyes. You were truly, like TRULY out of your element. Something I hadn’t seen since I showed up to this…world.”

“You were right about that” Ryan responded with wide eyes and leaned back on his elbows, still slowly kicking around with his feet in the pool.

“I wanted to talk to you about it after the ride but Alex pulled me away and I didn’t want to blow my cover. Same with at the pool. I was happy your sister invited us to the party, but I never got the chance to talk in private. Until now of course. I threw out some hints to you, like what I said last night before you came inside me”.

Ryan started to remember what she said about not being used to cumming inside a girl and also understanding Sierra’s dilemma. His initial reaction was dissapointment that someone who almost obviously could tell they had the clothed world in common didn’t reach out to him sooner, but he realized the magnitude and consequences of going all in and not being true. It would have been embarrassing and awkward for her. Sure, she’s not gonna get thrown into an insane asylum, but this wasn’t something that she could just tell everyone without being thought as crazy.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” Ryan put a relieved smile on his face as Sierra glowed back at him. He was happy to know that there is at least someone who understands what he has been going through since he woke up yesterday.

“So, like, how did you do it? This world I mean. How did you blend in so well. I would have never guessed if you didn’t tell me.”

Sierra blew air out of her nose at his last remark. “You get used to it, trust me. I’m just glad my little brother didn’t come into my room asking for sex when I first woke up that day.”

Ryan thought about Jenny and how he arguably made the right initial reaction of being creeped out to start, killing any type of lust his sister had at the moment if she had any.

“I was never a promiscuous girl back in the clothed world, but here I can do who I want when I want to. It brings out confidence in me that I never really thought I had. Plus I really started to enjoy not wearing clothes. I can’t remember the last time I wore anything or how it felt. To me now being naked is so natural, so confident, so much-“

“Freedom.” Ryan busted in again and finished her sentence.

“Yeah exactly! Like I had heard of nudists in the clothed world but I just thought they were weird hippies. Maybe they still are, but they got some stuff right. I would never want to go back to the clothed world if I could choose. The air and sun on your entire body. I love it here!”

Ryan felt a connection with Sierra that he never felt with any other girl before. Beside their similar tastes in culture, they both had an understanding of each other unlike anything. He felt comfortable with Sierra, and Sierra was someone who he could talk to without the typical nerves or feeling of subordination to a girl who he felt was out of his league.

“Ok but how do you blend in so well? Like how can you keep up with friends in a world you just joined?” Ryan still pressed this issue specifically as he needed to know the answer to it.

“A lot of the other world generally matches up with this one, so you’ll be fine with the current events part.” Sierra replied acknowledging that Ryan needed this advice due to how new he was. “When I first started here I knew nothing of the past nude world and only of my clothed memories, but as time went on I started having memories of both worlds with the same event. It was weird to me”

Ryan took mental note of that, hearkening back to when he remembered the family photo outside of his house.

“My advice is to just keep doing what you are doing. If something is too uncomfortable you can make up a reason why, but most people are at least understanding of not doing something. Honestly you fit in well last night, I even had some doubts in my theory for a moment. But I was almost certain at the end of the night. That last pounding was all that pent up energy you had from the last day, all those emotions came pouring out of you.”

Ryan stared at her dumbfounded. She was right. All that energy from last night was the confusion and desire to somehow fit into this sex filled world, while in doing that he also stood out to the only girl who knew the otherside.

As Sierra finished this, she saw Jenny open the sliding porch door and walk out towards them, to which she acknowledged his little sister.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, have fun, and you’ll be fine. Trust me.”

That last sentence stuck to Ryan as they both got their feet out of the water. Jenny and Sierra talked about last night in great detail and how they enjoyed it. Ryan had a different perspective now watching his sister, the girl who has spent her whole teenage life sucking and fucking to her hearts desire, talking to Sierra, the girl who was brought up like any ‘normal’ person and was encapsulated by this sex filled world just months ago. Sierra didn’t show any sign of sticking out amongst the crowd, but to Ryan he knew her true secret. It was impressive to see her blend in so well, something that Ryan hoped to do as well as her.

“Is that little douchebag up yet? We got to get home to our parents” Sierra chimed as the three of them walked into the house. The clock now read a little after 10 a.m. as Alex met up with them and the sibling guests made their way out of the house. Alex had already said his goodbyes to a Jenny and gave Ryan a fist bump.

“See you in a few weeks dude” he said in reference to the baseball game that Ryan had forgotten about for a split second until sending a friendly dig back at him. Alex laughed and walked toward the car.

Sierra stopped in front of Ryan and said her thank yous. She thanked him for last night and the talk they had earlier. Ryan could only stumble through some welcomes and cheesy responses. She kissed him on the cheek and started walking away.

“Hey wait, Sierra” Ryan blurted out in a way to get her to stop. Sierra turned around and looked back at him.

“Would you uh…would you like to get together sometime soon? You know like hang out and talk a little more.” Ryan nervously asked her as if he had not fucked her silly literally last night.

“Sure, I’d love to. You can come up to Dickinson College next weekend if you’d like? I’ve got connections with an empty dorm room for the night. Come up Friday evening and I’ll meet up with you.”

“Sounds good to me, see you then!” Ryan responded, nervous that he was too excited for the get together but still wanting to play it cool. Sierra got in the car and waved goodbye to the host siblings as they both walked back into the living room. Ryan noticed that all the other people who stayed the night had left.

“So, when’s the wedding?” Jenny asked with a smug look on her face.

Ryan rolled his eyes and smacked his sister’s ass, this time with a bit more aggression than normal as his sister yelped from it. “Come on, let’s go shower off some of that dried cum still on your face”

They both headed to the outdoor shower where the siblings got handsy with each other. Ryan enjoyed the feeling of the outdoor shower as the sun and air hit his body at the same time as the water. He felt as if this was more sensual than a regular shower regardless of who was with him, and a shower he will use more often. He was also more aggressive in his approch with Jenny as his shower buddy compared to their last time in the home shower.

“So, what happened to Kaitlyn?” Ryan asked while applying soap to Jenny’s back, his hands somehow wandering around to her boobs and applying a liberal amount there instead.

“Oh she stumbled out of here a little bit ago. You must’ve wrecked her pretty well.” Jenny said with an impressed but not surprised tone. “She wanted to say goodbye to you but saw you and Sierra out by the pool so she didn’t bother.”

Ryan felt a twinge of remorse inside of him. He didn’t really think about Kaitlyn’s feelings after last night, and was more focused on Sierra.

“Oh, tell her I’m really sorry and I didn’t mean to ditch her like that” Ryan stopped lathering and had a more serious tone to his voice.

“Eh don’t worry about it. She enjoyed her time and that’s what’s important. That slut obsesses over a different guy every week anyway.” Jenny replied with assurance and taking a jab at her best friend in the process.

“Besides, you’ve got that college pussy now. Big man on campus” his sister teased, reaching back for his cock as she mentioned ‘big’.

“Wow, someones still in the mood even after last night” Ryan spoke inches away from his sister’s face as he pulled her into his body, his hands now roaming a lot lower on her body.

“I’d say the same to you” Jenny snapped back with a low voice.

Ryan spun his sister around and pushed her against the wall of the house. Water poured down Ryan as he had his sister pinned up against the wall and began to make out with her. They exchanged sloppy kisses as the water partically obstructed their vision and their lust alleviated their aggression toward each other’s mouths. After a few minutes of kissing and gropping Ryan had enough. He slightly bent his legs and reached for his cock before finding his sister’s hole and guiding it in. One benefit of his sister being almost as tall as himself is that their crotches practically line up with each other. He began thrusting into her in an upward angle, fucking his sister with both of them standing up.

They kept this position for a couple of minutes until their mother rounded the corner and spotted them. Her hands on her hips with a not surprised look.

Ryan and Jenny both saw her and tried to smile through their parent’s body language. “Hey mom, like the view?” Ryan boldly asked as he never broke stride. His sister slapped him on the arm in a ‘you idiot but that was funny’ motion.

“I’d like the view better if my kids would stop fucking and clean up around the house. There’s trash everywhere that needs picked up and the house needs swept. And have both of you finished your homework?”

Both of them looked at her without answering since she already knew the answer. Ryan was cockblocked by his mother as he slipped out of his sister and they quickly rinsed off before seperating and cleaning up the house. The next few hours were spent by the Carters cleaning up and tidying the house, then followed by Ryan and Jenny both going to do their homework. Even in a sexualized world, statistics and organic chemistry homework were still the same old boring homework that didn’t want to be done, but must.

During these mundane tasks, Ryan couldn’t take his mind off of Sierra. Sure she was an attractive college girl, but he was more focused on her knowledge and understanding of his situation. He felt more at ease now knowing that he wasn’t alone in this cumming of age story. Next Saturday couldn’t come soon enough. He had so many more questions to ask her about her experiences. Something has to add up for both of them to be placed in this parallel universe of sorts, but for now he had to deal with another week of school.

The rest of the day was uneventful. After schoolwork and a dinner of leftover food from the party, Ryan spent the remainder of his freedom of the weekend in the backyard. He relaxed in the hottub and pool for awhile, the warm water felt sensual against his naked body. His sister walked to the hoop with a basketball under her arm and began shooting around. Ryan stared from the hottub at her tall and lanky body as it bounced around with each shot and dribble. It wasn’t a sexual motion by any stretch, but more his facination for the human body in it’s natural form, each movement graceful yet chaotic. He joined her at the hoop and they played a friendly game of horse, laughing and getting along well at all the crazy shots they attempted and some even being made. Ryan could have turned the sexual tensity up with some more physical contact or even a friendly wager, but he enjoyed the innocent game the two of them were playing more than his sexual urges.

Jenny barely won the friendly game and the sky became dark fast. They both agreed to head in and shower off, this time with no sexual acts. Jenny asked Ryan to sleep with her tonight as his “punishment for losing horse” to which Ryan obliged in a sarcastic unwilling manner. They dried off and both of them laid in bed, talking for a bit about random things before falling asleep with Jenny in his arms.

beep beep beep

The familiar alarm that Ryan had heard every weekday for the past several years began to rang again. He opened his eyes and swatted at the alarm clock, just clipping the snooze button. Jenny was still in bed with him, although she had tossed and turned a lot in her sleep and now was facing away from Ryan. The older brother snuggled in towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek to wake her up. Jenny grumbled something angrily while Ryan began jokingly dry humping her. His sister, though, was not having any of it.

“Get off me you fucking pervert” Jenny jeered in a low voice as her crankiness had shown through the morning light. It was good to know that even in a sex filled naked world Jenny still wasn’t a morning person through and through. Ryan gave her neck a few soft kisses before getting out of bed and stretching, his cock leading the way for his body to head out of the room. This time it wasn’t a sexual desire, but a natural cause that stuck it out. Ryan went into the bathroom and relieved himself before combing his hair and brushing his teeth. Other than his belongings he was already good to go for school, compared to the clothed world where he needed to dress. The perks of this nude world kept piling on.

Ryan stumbled downstairs to the kitchen to get himself a quick breakfast before school. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and sat at the table, grabbing the remote and turning the tv on. Good Morning America played on the tv as the hosts were interviewing Florence Pugh about her role in the upcoming role in the movie Black Widow. A picture of the movie poster of Scarlett Johansson was displayed on the background as a completely nude Pugh talked about her lesbian scene with SJ. Pugh had her legs slightly spread in a more relaxed pose as she nonchalantly was touching herself the whole time.

Ryan finished his bowl of cereal before his mother rushed in and out of the kitchen, getting ready for work. His dad had already left earlier to beat the rush.

“Ok I’m leaving now before I’m any more late. You have baseball practice and make sure you pick up Jenny from sex practice as well. I’ll be home before dinner.” Ryan’s mother told him as he nodded his head. “JENNY GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE BEFORE YOU’RE LATE” his mother yelled up the steps to his sister.

His mother kissed him on the cheek before running out the door and getting in her car. Jenny came down the steps with her hair messy as she began putting it into a bun. Jenny was always one of those girls that never dressed to impress at school. Sweatpants, hoodies, slides with socks, and messy buns. She dressed like her looks weren’t her biggest concern, and it seemed parallel to this world. Her hair was messy and she had no makeup on, but in this universe the lack of clothes countered to bring out her natural beauty.

The two of them grabbed their backpacks and got into the car before driving to school. Ryan had gone to this school plenty of times before and it wasn’t like this was a unique day of the year. It was just another Monday in April, but Ryan knew to him this would be the most unique day of school in his life. He started to get a grasp of how life was in this hypersexual world, but school would be different. How much would be sexual and how much would be…well…school? Ryan knew there was only one way to find out. They pulled into the student parking lot as Ryan pulled next to a car with a girl on her knees while the boy leaned back against the trunk of his car. He recognized the two as juniors who he saw but never talked to. His school wasn’t a small school, quite big for the area, but you recognize faces when the same people every day. Now Ryan had to see them in their most sexual and open way.

Ryan put the car in park and got out, Jenny stumbled out of the car as well, and as they both walked over to the front of the car she mumbled to him that she’ll see him later or something, Ryan could barely hear her. She gave him a quick peck on the lips as if they were a couple and walked ahead of him.

Ryan slowly started to walk towards the main doors as he saw more and more familar faces, only now he’s seeing them in all their glory for the first time. If it was anything like the past 2 days, he would be seeing much more than that over the next several hours. He took a deep breath as he had the past couple days, only this time he had a smile on his face. Ryan had more excitement for school than he had in awhile, but this would be different than anything he’d ever had before.

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