A Whole Nude World (Part One)


beep beep beep

The alarm clock continued to blare it’s loud alarm as Ryan turned over, reaching out his hand he managed to just clip the snooze button as he pulled his comforter over his face. Rays of sunshine streaked into his room from around the blinds as the morning sound of birds on the tree in the backyard continued to chirp. He managed to get one eye half open as he looked at the time. 10:03 a.m. It was late, even for him on a Saturday, but he felt even more tired than waking up at 6:30 5 days a week for school, his senior year couldn’t come to a close any sooner.

Ryan felt a usual sensation below his waist as he began to slowly wake up more. It was his morningwood, his 6 in cock straight in the air tenting his comforter. No surprise there, this happens a lot to him. He moved his right hand down to his nether region, giving his dick a quick few strokes as a thank you for being awake and a double check to make sure everything worked. It was only then did he realize the difference. That unusual sensation was from the comforter going directly against his cock. He was naked under the sheets.

“Where are my boxers? I’m pretty sure I wore them to bed last night” Ryan thought to himself. He leaned over the side of the bed and looked for his boxers, maybe he threw them off in a night terror or something. Except that wouldn’t make sense, Ryan concluded in his thoughts. He scanned the floor and did not see anything clothes related. A water bottle, his baseball hat, but no clothes.

No worries, maybe his mom came into his room and grabbed his laundry to wash. A nice thing for her to do, but he’ll have to deal with hearing about his messiness from her later on. Ryan twisted his body and sat up on the bed. He rubbed his eyes as he walked over to his dresser to grab his clothes.

There was no dresser. It should have been right there, but instead it was a futon sitting in the corner.

The 18 year old began to panic. This was too weird. It was one thing to not have any clothes on when he woke up, but now he can’t find ANY clothes in his room. Ryan quickly walked over to his closet. Last time he saw, there were plenty of clothes in his closet. Jeans, hoodies, dress shirt and pants. Surely SOMETHING had to be in there.

He pulled the sliding door to the right and looked in. Junk littered the bottom of the closet as Ryan looked and saw his old video games, his baseball bat from when he was in Little League, even some books. There were still no clothes.

“I have to be dreaming” Ryan said to himself in a low tone. He began to do anything he could think of to wake himself up. Pinch his arm a few times, still nothing. He even resorted to smacking himself across the face. It wasn’t a hard smack, but still no changes. This is a nightmare. He had to leave his room eventually, but how can he go out into his house without any clothes?

Ryan looked up at the shelf of his closet and he saw it. It was the best thing he saw since he woke up. He sighed a quick sigh of relief as he saw several towels folded and stacked on the shelf. Some where basic bath towels, and some where beach towels used for the family pool. He never remembered owning this many towels in his life, as he looked at couple stacks and estimated at least 20 towels were there. He grabbed one and wrapped it around himself. He’s walked around the house in just a towel before, it shouldn’t be an issue and he’ll ask his mom or dad where his clothes went. Crazy scenerio, but it will have to make due.

Ryan turned to the mirror on his bedroom door and looked at himself. He spent a few seconds looking at the mirror at his body. Ryan wasn’t a male model by any stretch of the imagination, but he did a decent job keeping his 160lb body in shape. He stood 6 feet tall with brunette hair and a basic short haircut, His body was toned fairly well, due to himself working out and playing sports in school. Being shirtless wasn’t something Ryan was too comfortable with when out and about, with the exception of the beach and the pool as the normal society standards. He wasn’t the first one to take his shirt off in a skins vs shirts game of pickup basketball, but if push came to shove he would.

Ryan scanned the rest of his body as he decided to look at it a bit more. He opened up his towel to reveal his bare crotch area. His soft penis wasn’t anything amazing, at least compared to the pornstar dicks he saw on the internet, but it wasn’t small at all really. It was only then that he realized his whole body had an even light tan from head to toe. How could that be possible? His lower half has never seen the sun in any fashion like that, there should be a line right past his knees where his shorts would stop. He did a quick turn and mooned his mirror realizing it was the same on the other side.

As he turned back to face the mirror, a quick few knocks on his door startled him. Ryan pulled his towel back around his waist just in time before he heard that familiar female voice.

“Hey Ryan you awake?” His younger sister Jennifer asked as she pushed the door open and greeted him. Ryan’s eyes opened wide as he was dumbfounded by what he saw.

She was naked from head to toe.

Ryan looked dumbfounded as he quickly scanned her naked 16 year old body from head to toe. Jenny was fairly tall for a girl, standing at around 5’10”. She had a lanky body with nice long legs to boot. Her body was built like a stick, and that included her hips and flat breasts that Ryan had now seen for the first time. They were small, probably A cup he guessed, although he really doesn’t understand bra sizes enough anyway, and were firm and had very little sag to them at all. Her pussy was trimmed neatly into a landing strip that ran straight down to her pussy. Jenny had her brunette hair in a messy bun, but that was the least surprising thing Ryan saw. Jenny had always been a tomboy growing up, mostly wearing baggy clothes and rarely wearing makeup. Her body was slightly toned as well, probably from the sports she played as well. Jenny was a bright spot on a somewhat bad volleyball team, getting a varsity starting job as a Sophomore. She also was a center on the JV basketball team, but volleyball was her true love.

Ryan stared dumbfounded as Jenny spoke.

“Oh good you’re awake? Ready for the waterpark today bro?” She asked him in a “little sister knowing she gets what she wants, you don’t have a choice” tone.

Ryan snapped out of his trance and shielded himself from her “JENNY WHAT THE HELL???” He basically shouted back as he didn’t want to stare at her in all her glory.

Jenny had a very puzzled look on her face, as if Ryan was somehow the crazy one. “What the fuck are you talking about?” She snapped back in a confused but sassy manner.

“YOU’RE NAKED IN MY ROOM” Ryan pleaded back to her in his only defense. He put his hands out as if to cover his sight from her and went and sat down on his bed. He looked down and shook his head, never looking back up at her.

“What’s wrong with that, weirdo?” She said as she put her hands up and out to the side giving a confused look at him. Somehow she was just as confused if not more than Ryan. “Anyway, I need to borrow one of your towels, forgot to wash my last clean towel after last night” she said as she turned to the left and walked over to his closet. Ryan looked up and got a good look at her ass as she grabbed a towel. It was a nice firm butt, like most volleyball players have, but small like the rest of her physical attributes. Her cute little pussy poked out at Ryan. Ryan turned away from watching Jenny. How could he even think about looking at her with that kind of interest? She was his sister for goodness sake!

“I’m guessing you were about to shower as well? You should come join me” she replied back looking down at his towel as she walked out of his room and toward the bathroom. Somehow, Ryan looked even more confused than he did before. First she shows up to his room naked, then she tells him to join him in the shower.

Ryan stood up and looked around the room. He didn’t feel like he was truly in his own room, and something had to have happened last night. He scanned the posters and things on the wall. The first thing he spotted was a movie poster. It was for the Wonderwoman movie. Gal Gadot stood there proud and tall, with a heroic pose on her like she had plenty of times before. Except one thing was different, she was completely naked, sans her crown and sash holding her whip. Her shield was around her wrist as well, but her boobs and pussy were out in full display. Ryan walked over to it and gave it a good look. It was real, and he had it on his wall. How can he put something on his wall like this and how would his parents not reprimand him for it?

Ryan then separated the blinds and looked out the window. Was his family just some crazy nudist people? What would their neighbors think of this. His window overlooked a few houses in his backyard. The family backyard was pretty nice, with an in ground pool and midsize deck with patio furniture on it. His window could see the backyards of the neighbors behind him. On one side was the Hollandsworth family. A younger couple in their late 20s or early 30s who moved in a few years back, but Ryan never talked to them enough to even know their names. A light was on in the house, signaling at least someone was home. The back porch door opened and the wife walked out with sunglasses and gardening gloves. That’s it. She was fully naked as she walked over to the garden and began digging with a trowel, down on her knees and exposed for the whole world to see, but without a care in the world as to who saw. Next door to her, Mr. Adams, an older but kind gentleman who usually kept to himself, walked out of his back porch in his birthday suit. He stretched and took in the beautiful morning weather, then turned and wave to Mrs. Hollandsworth, who waved back as if it was a normal occurance, not like they were both naked outside for some odd reason. Ryan had yet to see any article of clothing, and yet to see anyone care that that was the case. It might not just be his family, his whole neighborhood were now nudists.

Ryan turned back around and tripped on something on the ground. He looked at the object and then it hit him what it was. A pink fleshlight lay on the ground in his room, as if it was another thing that he didn’t feel like putting away when he was done using it. When did he get that? He’s never had a fleshlight in his life.

There were too many questions and not enough answers that Ryan started to truly panic. He opened his door and began to walk downstairs to the living room. Surely his parents could explain it better. Ryan walked into the living room, it looked pretty much identical to what it looked like every other day he remembers. “That’s a good sign” he thought to himself. Towel around his waist, Ryan walked over to look at the photo on the mantle. There should be a photo of the family when they went to the beach last summer, and to his relief there was, until Ryan looked closer at it. It was a photo of his parents, his sister, and himself, all with an arm around each other. They were all naked. He had never seen his parents naked before, and his sister was only 5 minutes ago. This was too much for Ryan to handle. Except it was only the beginning.

“Good morning sleepyhead” he heard a mature voice was heard from behind him. It was his mother. Ryan didn’t dare look back, he knew what he was gonna see if he did. Hopefully she would just continue going about her day, but deep down he knew the loving mother she was would not just let him go without some conversation. She was like that with everyone.

Ryan stared straight ahead looking at basically the wall. A few seconds later out of the corner of his eye he could see her next to him, her breasts jutting out in front of them. His mother was about 5’7″, and for a mother of her age, she was in decent shape. The toll of birthing and raising kids had changed her body from when she was first married, but she could be a fringe MILF if she set out for it. Her brunette hair stopped just below her shoulders and she always had that comforting smile on her face when it was needed. It seemed like now would be the time for that. Her breasts were far larger than his sisters, but not something that struggles to fit in a tank top. Her hips were wide and child bearing, and her pussy was completely bald. She wasn’t gonna turn heads walking down the street, but she had that love and care that you’d always want from a mother.

Ryan gave a quick look at his mother as they both looked forward. His mom looking at the family photo in the frame but he had a 1000 yard stare at the wall.

His mom smiled looking at the photo “ah, I can’t wait to go to the beach for vacation again this year” she says trying to get her son to say anything. “Hopefully this year’s final night orgy will be as good as last years” she smiles at him.

What. The. Fuck.

His mom, realizing that the comment somehow did more harm than good, gives him a quizzical and concerned look. “You ok?”

That orgy comment was the straw that broke the camels back. Ryan now felt more defeated than confused. His whole world had changed in a matter of just waking up on a Saturday morning, he had too many thoughts in his head the past 30 minutes, that he now felt more scared than confused. This was a lot to take in.

“I’m just…so confused…” he mumbled out as he looked like he was on the verge of tears. His mother recognized this immediately and swooped in to help.

“Come here” she said as she put her arms out to give him a hug. Ryan knew he had no option, but even if he did he knew his mother would always want to help. He accepted the hug as the squeezed into each other. His mother boobs were mashed up against his body. A sheet a cloth was usually what seperated this, but instead it was skin on skin contact.

“Whatever it is, I’m sure a day with your sister will help things out. Plus we have our cookout tonight” she said optimistically.

If only she knew that was one of the problems already.

After they disengaged from their hug, Ryan stepped back and his towel fell down. He felt exposed to his mother, but his mother didn’t even flinch. He reached down and quickly wrapped the towel back around himself.

“You sure are excited to shower, maybe that will clear your mind. Go get your shower and I’ll have some breakfast for you when you come down”

Maybe she was right, maybe a hot shower would help him relax a bit and loosen up. He walked back upstairs and toward the open door of the shower, stepping into the bathroom until he realized who else was in there.

Jenny stood underneath one of the shower heads against the wall. Her body soaked from head to toe in water as she was washing her hair. Now not in a messy bun, her hair flowed down to about halfway down her back. Her eyes closed as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. The bathroom looked very similar to what it normally was, except instead of the typical walk in shower with a glass frame around it, this shower was wide open for anyone to see. It was also bigger than before, as the previously empty space to the side now held an extra shower head. I guess it makes sense that no privacy protection was needed for anyone showering, since you already see each other naked all the time anyway.

Ryan continued to stare at his sister as she finished up rinsing her hair. Her body looked beautiful as she was in her most natural state. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and it showed underneath his towel, as his cock slowly began to wake up.

Jenny opened her eyes as she saw Ryan staring at her. She smiled “finally came to join me, huh? Hop in” she said as Ryan felt a twinge of love come from her voice as she said that. Jenny was always the bratty younger sister to him, and their sibling rivalry had always been typical of any siblings who shared common interests. But this felt different. Ryan felt different. He felt a love for her unlike any he’s ever felt for his sister. His cock felt the same way, as Ryan was half mast and growing if he kept this up.

In the back of his head, he knew that he eventually would need to drop the towel, and while he didn’t want to before, his plans changed as he looked at his sister. She’s already seen him naked anyway, so it’s not like she’s gonna freak out at that. Ryan took a deep breath and slowly dropped his towel to the floor. He was naked, and now fully exposed. His hard on still around half mast as he took a step to the right shower head and turned the water on. He poured some shampoo in his hand and began to wash his hair. Jenny turned to face him as she grabbed some body wash and poured a line on her chest down to just above her pussy, and then began to lather it in.

“I’m sooooo excited for the new waterpark. They have slides, and games, and Amanda told me that they have this HUUUGE pool and that’s where all the action is” Jenny raved on as she lathered up her whole body in soap.

Action? What did she mean by that?

“Oh yeah that sounds cool” Ryan replied playing along as if he knew what she was talking about. He finished washing his hair as Jenny then turned and faced away from him.

“Do my back please” she said in more of a command than a question. Ryan didn’t know how to respond, but he wanted to continue to try and play it cool. He reached out for the body wash and poured some on his hands. He began to lather it in, concentrating on her shoulders and upper back, only making a few movements to her lower back, feeling her soft bare skin as he cleaned her. Ryan stopped and started washing his body. Jenny turned her head back to him “umm, you missed my ass” she quipped back.

“I didn’t know that was part of the back” Ryan said as he quickly washed the front of his body.

“Yeah, like that’s ever stopped you before” she joked as Ryan questioned her response. How handsy did he normally get with her?

“Ok ok calm down” he says as he moves some of the soap from her back to her butt. Ryan took a quick breath and began to rub in the soap on her butt. He felt the smoothness of her ass as he lathered her up. He never imagined doing this to her, much less seeing her naked body in full display. His cock reacted exactly as expected too.

“Don’t forget the crack too” his sister mentioned as if it was the most normal thing to say. Ryan slowly began to get closer to her butt crack as he then took one quick swipe against it, sticking his fingers in and swiping out a few times. He was now rock hard as he couldn’t contain himself. He stepped back and Jenny began to rinse herself off.

Jenny looked at Ryan and got a quick glance at his cock and smiled. “Turn around” she said as she made a spinning motion with her finger.

Ryan turned around and she began to lather his body with soap. Time flew as he felt her gentle hands against his body. She went lower and began to wash his ass as well. Ryan closed his eyes to relish the moment, but was startled by what happened next.

Jenny moved up against his body, her small but perky breasts pushed up against his back with her hardening nipples on him, her crotch against his ass as she rubs up against him. She reached around and took a hold of his rock hard dick. Ryan froze, lost in the moment, but the shock has come back to him. This time though he doesn’t move away or cover up. This time he let’s it happen. He’s a prisoner to the lust of his very own sister and her ability to get him aroused. Jenny uses her right hand and begins to stroke his cock, the soap from her hand now really cleaning it. “Gotta make sure this is really clean for today” she whispered to him in the most innocent yet seductive way possible” she continued to stroke her hand all the way up and down his penis, her other hand softly massaging his balls. He had no idea that his younger sister, the one who he’s always looked at as a little brat, had this power over him. He’s jerked himself off plenty of times, but somehow she is as good if not better at it. He feel the buildup inside him as he won’t have much more in him to hold out. Ryan lets out a soft moan as pleasure, and Jenny knows that’s the cue. She stops stroking him and rinses her hand off and turns her shower off.

“Hopefully mom made some breakfast, finish up, okay?” She says as she steps out of the shower and dries herself off. She smiles and winks him while she walks away drying her hair.

His little sister is a tease. Who would have thought?

Ryan felt a bit dissapointed as he rinsed and dried himself off as well. His cock deflates as he snaps back to reality. He now has to face his family without clothes. He could just walk down with the towel around his waist, say he is still drying off, but his family would never believe him. Maybe just telling them that he woke up in a parallel universe where clothes don’t exist would help them understand? Actually, that would probably be less believable than still drying off. He knew he had to face his fears head on.

Ryan took a deep breath and hung his towel up. He stepped out of the bathroom and looked around. No one was there to see him. He slowly walked down the steps into the living room. The cool air conditioned air hitting his fully nude body with each step he took. He walked past the living room and finally made the trek into the kitchen. He kept a hand close to his manhood as if to cover it, but he knew he had to be sneaky about it.

In the kitchen, Jenny was sitting at the table, her hair still somewhat wet from the recent shower, eating scrambled eggs and sausage. His mother had her back facing him as he took a seat at the table.

“Enjoy the shower?” His mom asked him as she placed his plate in front of him.

Jenny gave a mischievous smile at Ryan before he responded. “Uhh yeah. It really helped me relax a bit” he responded.

“Well that’s good, eat up so you can get to the waterpark before it gets too busy. Your father is out getting some things for our cookout tonight. Be back by 6, and save some energy for it” she said as Ryan began to eat his food. His family had no care in the world that they had seen him naked.

The TV came back on from commericals and The Today Show had a rerun on. Savannah Gunthrie and Hoda Kotb were both hosting it like normal, but of course they were fully naked. They welcomed the audience back and began a segment of product reviews, except what was on the table in front of them was a series of vibrators. Savannah sat on a seat to the side while Hoda explained what the product was. Gunthrie spread her legs apart and began working the vibrator on herself.

Ryan was stunned by this. How can something like this be on national television? This was borderline porn. He looked over to his sister to see what her reaction was, but she continued to watch it like it was any other show. Ryan made the decision to focus on his food instead. The faster he ate the faster he could get away from this.

He finished his plate and set it by the sink, quickly walking away from the kitchen and into the living room. Shortly after his sister walked in as well, putting her hair back in a ponytail. “Let’s go” she says as she opens the front door.

Ryan lets her walk out first and follows behind. Mainly trying to use her as a shield from anyone seeing him. This was it. He had to face the world the way he was born. No hiding from it. He took a few shaky steps and felt the warm concrete underneath his feet. It was surprising how freeing it felt, the sun and air on his naked body. He quickly walked over to the his car, the same one he drove in the clothed world. He used his fingertip on the door handle to unlock the door and they both got in. He then put his finger on the push to start button and the car started right up. “That solves one issue” he thought to himself. Fingerprint scanning explained how anyone can drive without the need for keys since there are no pockets.

Ryan pulled away out of the driveway and started driving. “Can uh…you give me directions” he asked his sister.

His sister rolled her eyes slightly. “Haven’t you seen the signs for Splash and Fuck? It’s off exit 6 on the highway.”

Splash and what?

“Oh yeah that’s right” Ryan knew where exit 6 was, so that wouldn’t be a problem. His mind was more understanding of what was happening in the bigger picture. Between the park name, his mom mentioning the vacation orgy, and his sister jerking him off, Ryan realized this world was a VERY openly sexual world, not just a nude one. He looked around at his surroundings while driving. Naked people of all ages were doing normal things like going on a run and cutting the grass. Other stuff was done here and there though. A man sat on a bench masturbating. A woman was on her knees giving a blowjob to her husband on their front porch.

They continued to drive and the more they drove, the more sexual stuff they saw. They came to a stoplight and Ryan looked over at yoga studio. The yoga must have ended, because now it was several couples engaging in sex in the studio. Ryan locked eyes with a woman bent over near the window, her boobs against the glass as she was being fucked from behind. She gave him a quick wink and closed her eyes in the throws of passion again. The light turned green and a car horn snapped him out of it. He looked down and saw that his dick had begun to grow. He looked over at his sister and saw that she had spread her legs a little and had begun to nonchalantly rub herself.

Ryan saw the exit sign and pulled off of the highway. As they approached the large waterpark, a billboard on the side of the road had 2 beautiful teenage girls with an arm around each other and their faces pressed close together smiling. They both had cum dripping from their chins and onto their developing breasts. The sign read “BECAUSE ONE ROUND ISN’T ENOUGH. SEASON PASSES ON SALE NOW”

They pulled up to a parking spot and Jenny quickly and anxiously got out, the kid in her waving Ryan on to hurry up already. Ryan stepped out of the car and followed her. With the car ride and seeing everyone else, he quickly became more comfortable being naked in public. It felt good on his skin, almost as if it was a normal thing to do. They purchased their tickets with the same fingerprint scanner as Jenny rushed into the park, Ryan watching her slender body as she stopped and turned to wave him on. For the first time all day, Ryan gave a genuine smile. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all?

Ryan took his first steps into the park and looked around. Splash and Fuck definitely lived up to it’s name. There were waterslides and food stands throughout, along with games and even a gift shop. The “Fuck” part, however, also lived up to it’s name. A lady rode a man reverse cowgirl on a bench, watching people as they walked by. A group of guys huddled around a girl on her knees as she did her best to service all of them. One couple was engaged in 69 next to the fountain.

Jenny pulled his brother forward as they began to head toward one of the slides “before the line gets long” or something like that. He didn’t pay attention but instead to the sexual acts surrounding him. They hit the tail end of the line and stopped behind a blonde couple about the same age as each of them. The girl was bent over the railing as the boy pounded into her with all his will. Out of instinct, Ryan began to start stroking his now hard cock, watching the girl shriek in ectasy and pleasure as she was taking the boy’s dick.

“You want me to help you out with that?” Jenny asked him, almost as if she was surprised he hadn’t asked that himself.

All Ryan could do was nod his head and mumble “please”, but Jenny had already dropped to her knees. She pushed his hand off his cock and took over herself, giving it a few strokes before licking the underside of it and then slowly engulfing his member into her mouth.

Ryan had gotten a few blowjobs from his ex gf, but that inexperienced head was nothing compared to his sister. She worked her mouth up and down his shaft, making sloppy sounds as she would suck on him. She would occasionally pop him out of her mouth, the suction of it giving a popping sound as she focused on his balls a bit, before going back to his cock. The line would slowly move and they would both shuffle down the line.

Ryan backed himself against the railing in order to keep himself standing. The couple next to him were against the railing as Ryan looked over at the girl, her moans became more prounounced as she screamed out to anyone listening “FUCK I’M CUMMMMING”. The boy kept pistoning into her for a few more seconds until he groaned out “oh my fucking gawd” and stopped moving, keeping himself lodged in her until finally pulling out. Cum drained from the girl’s vagina as she turned back around and gave his cock a quick clean up.

Ryan turned back to look at his sister on her knees, she looked up at him with innocent eyes and a mouthful of cock. She gave him a quick wink. It was too much for him to handle. “Fuck Jenny I’m gonna cum” he pleaded to her, but she didn’t flinch and kept going. Ryan had no choice but to unload in her mouth. He let out a soft “oooooohhhhh” and began shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. Jenny stopped moving and kept all Ryan’s cum in her mouth. After he finished cumming, she pulled his cock away and stood back up. Giving a overexaggerated gulp and then opening her mouth wide for him to show she swallowed all of it.

The first thing Ryan could think of doing was hugging her. He pulled her in and they embraced in a warm, loving hug. Jenny pulled away slightly and they exchanged a kiss, as if they have been dating for years. He just kissed his sister, something that yesterday would have freaked him out, but that was the tamest of things he had done with her so far.

“Is that your sister?” The girl who was in front of them now asked, both of them leaning against the opposite railing. Cum still slowly drained out of her, but it looked like she didn’t notice or care.

Ryan put a hand around his sister’s waist and nodded to her.

“Word to the wise, you better make sure you repay the favor to her, especially after she gives a killer blowjob like that. If you don’t she won’t be too happy. Isn’t that right little bro?” The girl said as she touseled his hair.

The 4 of them chatted about random things while until they finally reached the slides. The 2 slides were meant to race each other. Jenny say down in the first one and Ryan took the second. “Loser buys winner lunch?” Jenny asked, always competitive. “Deal” Ryan responded, their sibling rivalry never took a day off. The lifeguard gave them the signal and they both went down the slide, screaming in excitement and joy as they each went down their zig zagging slides. Finally after about a minute the slide dropped them both off into a collective pool. Ryan had ridden waterslides before, but never without a pair of swim trunks on. Sliding down naked, it just felt more right, more natural. Even as he fell into the pool, the water against his naked body felt more soothing than having shorts clinging to him. He was more free swimming without them, but swimming aside, he’s felt that more and more as the day has gone. They both emerged from under the water, Jenny immediately yelling about how she won. The lifeguard at the pool pointed to Jenny and nodded. “Yes! Ha! You owe me lunch!” She said as she splashed him and put her arms up in victory. Ryan rolled his eyes.

They both swam over to the side of the pool and Jenny hoisted herself out of it. Ryan watched as her nimble naked body emerged from the water, her ass inches from his face. She turned around and looked down at him, her wet body dripping with water. “Let’s go to the main pool now” Jenny smiled at him and held out her arm to help him up.

They both made their way to the main pool, the one Jenny talked about all the “action” taking place at earlier in the shower. The pool area was huge. It contained a large Olympic sized pool with a diving board. The sides surrounding the concrete were covered with fake grass so people could lay on it. It was the largest section of the park, the main place that everyone congregated to.

Jenny and Ryan walked into the pool section, but once again Ryan had to stop and look around first at the sight in front of him. Hundreds of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes packed the large area. So much flesh was one thing, but of course it was what was happening that truly made him stop. Some people were relaxing in the pool or splashing around and having fun that you’d normally see, others laying in the grass getting some relaxation and working on their tan.

Everyone else, though, were engaging in some sexual activity. Oral, handjobs, casual sex, threesomes, bukkakes, gangbangs. It was everywhere you looked. It was too much to take in for Ryan, but instead of the overwhelming pressure of it all, instead it was too much sexually for Ryan to withhold, he needed to get it out.

“Let’s find a place to sit” Jenny said as they walked by a big breasted woman on her knees giving two guys a blowjob and another couple going at it missionary. Ryan saw a section of open grass behind an older lady riding a man who could pass as her son, and probably was. He directed Jenny over there and they walked next to the couple. The woman smacked Ryan’s ass and gave him a thumbs up while continuing to ride.

Jenny stopped at the open section and turned to him, but before she could even say anything Ryan pounced on her, his lust taking over again as he began to kiss her as hard as he could. The weight of his body knocked both of them on the ground as Ryan laid on top of her. They exchanged spit for a bit as Ryan began to slowly move down Jenny’s body, kissing her neck and chest before reaching her stomach and eventually, her pussy.

Ryan lay on his stomach with Jenny’s vagina now inches from his face. This wasn’t new territory for him, well at least going down on a girl in general, but he knew he had to do a good job for his sister, and was a bit nervous about it. He took a second before diving in, sticking his tongue out and licking from around her asshole to the top of her pussy, focusing on her clit. He could feel the heat radiate off of her. He did that a few times before then concentrating on her clit. “Oh my god that feels sooo fucking goood” she announced to anyone that would listen, as Ryan took that cue to not stop what he was doing. “Fuck you’re so fucking good at that, keep going” Jenny pleaded to him, gripping the grass around her with her clenched hands. Ryan knew to stay where he’s at, but decided to be bold and pick up the pace a bit. This sends his sister into a frenzy, who arches her back and cries out to the people “holy shit I’m gonna fucking cum. Oh my god Ryan, Ryan, FUUUUUCCKKK”

Jenny’s clenched her legs against Ryan as he could feel her orgasm build up. It washed over her as he begins to lick up all the juices he can. She finally comes down from her climax as Ryan moves his head away and sits back up on his knees. He looked to his right and an older couple are going at it doggystyle, the man clenches her waist while her boobs sway back and forth. Behind his sister, a girl faces away from the siblings as she rides her dad in the cowgirl position, her calling out of daddy explicitly mentioned through their passion.

Ryan looks down at his sister, sprawled out and looking up at her as she gets her breath back. She gives him a coy smile, Ryan knew what’s next. He looked down at his hard cock and gave it a few tugs to make sure it’s good to go. He leaned himself over her and lined his cock up with her waiting pussy. His next movement is inserting himself into her warm awaiting vagina. He slides himself in, this is it. He is having sex with his own sister. The girl who used to follow him around and be the annoying little sister is now the object of his lust.

Ryan begins to thrust in and out of his sister as their faces are now inches apart. They give each other quick and passionate kisses while he continues to hump her. He then kisses down her neck while Jenny becomes more verbal.

“Oh my god Ryan your cock feels so gold in my cunt. Keep fucking me. You’re such a good fucking brother. Holy fucking shit keep pounding my pussy”

Ryan pulled himself upward and began thrusting from a different angle. His sister’s moans matches much of the people’s. In the distance he could hear a girl cry out to her father that she was cumming. Ryan’s thrusts became more forceful and impactful as he threw his back into it. “Your pussy is sooo..fucking tight. Fuuuuck.” He moaned out to her. Jenny knew that this was gonna be too much for Ryan if he kept it up. “Let me go on top” she told him nicely. Ryan pulled out and spun himself over, laying on his back with his 6 inch cock pointing up like a flagpole, glistening with Jenny’s juices on it.

Jenny got up and stood overtop of him. She licked her hand and gave her pussy a quick swipe before slowly lowering herself onto his cock, using her hand to aim it in. They both gave out soft groans as she sheathed his hilt inside of her, her long legs spread out wide as she began her movements. She began bouncing slowly on his cock. The audible slap of skin together as she reached the base with each flop.

Ryan laid their motionless, letting her do all the work. He looked up at her with a stern face, knowing how easy she could make him cum. “You like watching your slutty sister ride your fucking cock huh? In front of all these sex freaks. I’ll show them why I made varsity on the sex team”.

The what?

Jenny rode him for what seemed like forever, her constant dirty talking of “being the best slut you know” and how she “loves riding that dick like it’s a game” was too much for him.

“Je..Jenny, I’m gonna cum. Fuck I’m gonna cum”

“Where do you want to cum Ryan? Just tell me.” She hissed not missing a beat on his cock.

Even in the throws of passion, Ryan had it in his head that he couldn’t cum inside his sister. He groaned out “on your chest”.

Jenny gave a few more bounces and popped him out of her. She slid back slightly and began jerking his cock off with fast movements. Ryan groaned out one final time. His first shot hitting her right below the chin. The second rope of cum sprayed her small tits, the last few shots of cum hit her stomach and dribbled out of him. Jenny leaned over and cleaned it up with her mouth. Ryan laid there, exhausted but relieved. Jenny slid over and laid down next to him, snuggling up and putting her head on his chest.

“That was so nice, I fucking love this park. I’m surprised you didn’t want to cum inside of me” she questioned Ryan.

“I didn’t have a condom on” he replied with his eyes closed.

“What the hell is a condom?”

“Nevermind” Ryan brushed it off, as the amount of questions in this world were already too much. He began to drip off to sleep.

He woke up later after what felt like a long nap. His sister had changed positions and was laying face down, working on her all over tan. She turned her head and saw him finally awake. “You’re finally up. Come on, you still owe me a lunch” Jenny said as they both got up. Her body was still a little wet, she must have hopped into the pool to cool and clean off while he was sleeping.

They walked through the park and reached a line for a concession stand. They reached the front of the line where a girl wearing a vest to indicate she works there took their order. Semen was chilling on her perky chest and a bit on her chin, but she looked like she couldn’t care less. Ryan typed in his code to pay and they sat over at a table with their food. At the table next to them a mother walked back with food in her hand and scolded her daughter to “get out from under there and eat” The girl popped up from underneath her brother and wiped her mouth with her arm before sitting on the bench and eating her food.

“So, you invite anyone to our cookout tonight?” Jenny asked as she popped a fry in her mouth.

“Uhh no, no. Maybe I’ll ask them when we get back home” he quickly thought up and responded. It didn’t even occur to Ryan to think about all his friends in the clothed world, they were all most likely like him, naked and horny. How could he face seeing them like that. Sure they’ve all made the jokes, but they aren’t jokes anymore.

“I just hope there’s enough dicks there tonight” Jenny mentioned, as if it was as normal as hoping there was refreshments.

“I think you’ll be fine” Ryan replied while continuing to eat.

Jenny took notice of his quiet demeanor while he focused on eating. This wasn’t like the Ryan she grew up with. He’d always been outgoing and fun to be around, especially at a place like this. Something was on his mind.

“Hey, you alright? You’ve been acting strange ever since I walked into your room this morning” She asked as she stopped eating and looked at him with concern in her eyes.

Ryan smiled and looked back at her. “Yeah I’m fine, just have a lot on my mind I guess. Need to figure some stuff out for school.” He gave a little fib to her.

“Well, if it means anything, you were like REALLY good back there. Like I don’t remember the last time you fucked me with such passion” she exclaimed to him.

“Thanks. Plenty more where that came from” Ryan smiled back. They both went back to their food as Ryan had avoided any issues with his sister for now. He glanced around at the people around him while eating. This area had very few sexual acts. A woman casually riding a man at a table, but that was it. He still saw all the people around him seem so…happy. Sure, it’s a waterpark and even in the clothed world most people enjoyed their time, but this felt different. Being naked and not having to worry about what you looked like really seemed to be beneficial to everyone. Maybe being naked and carefree with that stuff truly was more enjoyable.

They finished their fries and both got up from the table to throw away their garbage. “Where to now?” Ryan asked putting an arm around Jenny’s shoulder and pulled her in. “How bout the lazy river? Can digest our food a bit.”

“That sounds great” Ryan said as he lowers his arm down her back and keeps it on her bottom. They walk the distance to the entrance of the lazy river and grab an inflatable tube. Ryan sits in it first, legs sticking outward one way, while Jenny sits down on top of his groin in an X pattern. She wiggles her ass against him as they begin to float down the river. It’s nice that Ryan can spend some time with his younger sister. Between school and sports, both of them have been very busy lately, at least in the clothed world, but days like this are ones that resonate to both of them. Being able to fornicate with a beautiful girl like her is a plus, but it’s more of a different connection than that.

The slow winding and relaxing ride finally came full circle back to where it began as they both got out of the water. “Oh look who it is” came a voice from a distance away from them. It was the brother and sister ahead of them from the water slide line. They were walking past and spotted Ryan and Jenny.

“Enjoy the lazy river?” The girl stood in front of them with her hands on her hips and asked as they stopped in front of the siblings.

“Yeah it was a nice break from all the action” Ryan replied. Based on the reactions of the other 3 people, his response had some sexual undertone with it, but he didn’t even mean to say it like that.

“Well that’s good to hear, we’re going over to the pool if you guys wanna hang out” the boy pointed in the general direction and offered to them.

“That sounds great. We were there earlier but never actually got to go into the pool for…obvious reasons” Jenny laughed as she held Ryan’s arm. He agreed, and the 4 of them walked together to the pool. In walking, he found out that their names were Alex and Sierra. Alex was 17 and a junior in high school on the other side of town. Sierra was 18, about to be 19, and a freshman at a local college. She commuted to school, but mentioned that it was common for her to “crash at someone’s dorm and fuck the night away”

They reached the pool and Ryan noticed something a bit peculiar. It was still full of naked flesh, as boobs, butts and cocks bounced everywhere, but sexual acts were not as plentiful to the eye as prior. Sure it felt like a porn set in front of them, but ironically that’s exactly how it felt: a lot of people hanging out and some people fucking away. The four of them approached the edge of the pool. Ryan looked over to Alex, and they both gave an instinctive nod. With one swift motion they both reached out and pushed their sisters into the water, the girls screaming out as they landed in the water. A quick fist bump and both boys jumped in after. Ryan had never skinny dipped in the clothed world, and after today he can’t understand why he hadn’t. The water against his naked skin felt soothing and he was more free in his movements as the 4 of them splashed at each other.

After the girls gave their opinion on the ambush, they headed to the side of the pool and the 4 of them stood by the edge and just talked for awhile. It wasn’t as sexually charged as Ryan thought it would be. They talked about school, hobbies, life, all that stuff while just letting the water cool them off. After awhile Alex hoisted himself up on the ledge and let his feet dangle in the water, Ryan decided to do the same thing. The boys broke off into their own conversations. After a bit of talking, Ryan felt a hand reach for his cock and began bringing it to life. He turned and saw Sierra smiling up at him. Jenny had done the same thing to Alex. Alex reacted as if nothing happened and continued bullshiting with Ryan. The girls began to suck of the respective other brother while Alex kept droneing on about school, as if he was being serviced.

“Hey do you play baseball for Pleasant Hills HS?” Alex asked Ryan

“Yeah I do, starting right fielder”

“Oh nice! We play you in our field in a few weeks. Waterford Valley”.

Ryan couldn’t believe himself, he kept looking back at Sierra as she was vaccuming his now fully hard cock with her mouth, continuing to work up and down his shaft with her jaw, but felt like he shouldn’t kill the casual vibe with Alex as they both talked about baseball.

“I think it’s probably time we fuck these sluts, huh?” Alex finally mentioned basically in passing. Jenny pulled him out of her mouth and he helped her out of the pool. Ryan did the same with Sierra. Sierra was a bit shorter than Jenny and a bit curvier. Her somewhat large 32C breasts protruded out way more than Jenny’s flat chest, her blonde hair slicked to her back. Her pussy was completely bare and she had a small smiley face tattoo right next to it. Her ass was fuller than his sister, but nothing that would pass as fat. She had a great figure, and he couldn’t believe he was about to do this.

The girls both got out and took 2 steps before both going down on their hands and knees waiting to be mounted, their pussies sticking out at both Ryan and Alex.

“She’s all yours” Alex said as he gave Ryan a quick good luck butt smack and moved forward lining himself up with Jenny’s inviting pussy. Ryan did the same and went down on his knees behind Sierra, aiming his cock at her now moist pussy and slowly entering her. He gave a few small thrusts and then got to work, keeping a pace as he thrusted in and out of the college freshman.

“Oh fuck yeah that feels so fucking good. I love feeling you fucking my fucking cunt with your cock” Sierra moaned back to Ryan. He looked over at his right and saw Alex had picked up the pace on his sister “oh my god your pussy is so fucking tight on my cock ” Alex groaned out to Jenny.

“Oh myyyy god your cock feels soo fucking good inside of me. Don’t stop pounding away at my pussy like that.” Jenny told Alex as he continued to thrust into her. Ryan noticed that Jenny and Sierra were holding hands as they sat there in doggystyle position. Ryan knew he couldn’t be outfucked by Alex, and he began to pick up the momentum on the boy’s older slutty sister. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the air around them, Ryan looked down and saw the small ripples of Sierras ass as he pistoned into her. He decided to be a bit more bold as his horniness took over. Reaching out, he grabbed a fistful of Sierra’s blonde hair and pulled it back toward him, causing her head to jolt back and her usual moans to have a bit more spark in them. He could hear his sister screaming out that she was on the verge of cumming, but Ryan had one focus, making Sierra cum.

“Yeah you like when I pull you by your hair while I fuck you, you fucking slut” Ryan groaned to Sierra as she responded with a quick yes and Ryan began pounding her even harder. “I’m gonna make you fucking cum all over my cock while I fuck you mercilessly” Sierra began crying out as Ryan knew exactly what was going on. “That’s it, cum for me bitch, cum on my prick”.

Ryan kept his pace and gave Sierra a couple of hard smacks on her ass as he felt her orgasm rush over his cock as Sierra had no control over her body. She screamed out to the heavens “FUUUUUUCK I’MMMMM CUMMMMMIIINNGGG”. Her orgasm finally subsided as she regained control. Ryan took it down a slight notch as he could feel himself reaching that point of no return.

“Dude, I’m gonna pop, where should we do this” Alex turned and looked at Ryan, never breaking stride on the girl he was banging. Ryan did the same.

“Me too. How…about their faces?” Ryan panted out to him.

Alex popped out of Jenny and stood up, jerking himself in the process. Ryan did the same thing. The girls quickly turned themselves around and leaned upward on their knees. They pressed their heads together in order to make sure no cum got in between them. Ryan and Alex stood on either side of them, both furiously stroking their cocks, now inches apart, aimed toward the girls. Alex let out a moan and was beginning to cum. His first shot hitting Jenny square in the face and the next two his own sister. Ryan began to cum shortly after. His first shot landing on Jenny and then he angled the rest at Sierra, the last bit dribbling off onto her tits.

Alex and Ryan stepped back and stood next to each other, their cocks glistening with the girls’ juices as they watched as the girls lick the cum of each other. They both stood up and stretched, fatigued from the events that just unfolded.

“I think we should be going soon, need to help finish setting up the cookout.” Jenny said back to Ryan. Ryan saw a clock in the distance say 4:15 and agreed. “You guys are invited to our family cookout, plenty of cute guys there” Jenny raised her voice at the last part and nudged Sierra. They gave the siblings their address.

“See you later, I enjoyed it a lot, didn’t expect you to go for the hair” Sierra quibbed as she put her hand out and gave Ryan’s cock a quick tug. Jenny did the same with Alex.

“Yeah, I didn’t either” Ryan laughed. What the hell just happened to him? He would never do something like that in the clothed world, something came over him, but it felt good, it felt…normal.

Jenny and Sierra gave each other a quick kiss while Alex turned to Ryan. “We’ll talk more later, appreciate the time” as he reached down and stuck his dick out with his hand. Ryan did the same thing instinctively and they touched tips, he had never touched something like that, but it must be a sexual way of saying goodbye. He might call the police if someone did that to him prior to today, but it felt right with what was just done.

Ryan and Jenny walked over towards the main exit before Jenny turned and headed towards the doorway of a building. They went in and Ryan witnessed the largest shower room he had ever seen. What seemed like over 100 shower heads lined the walls and column showers in the middle as people quickly cleaned themselves off. I guess in a naked and sexual world it makes sense that people collectively shower and to have as much accessibility for that as they can. Jenny and Ryan each took a head by the wall, doing the same to rinse the sweat and cum off themselves. They grabbed a towel from a clean pile and dried themselves off before leaving it and heading out for the park exit. The exit sign had a girl with her face drenched in cum, smiling at people exiting while the signs says “THANK YOU, CUM AGAIN”. They both got into the car and headed back home, Ryan looked at his sister as she closed her eyes and relaxed on the car ride home. He could get used to this sex filled world, but then he remembered something.

The family cookout later tonight.

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