A Visit to the Local Stud. Erotic story



This is a fantasy story I wrote for a fuck buddy of mine a few years back.

Mandy was around 30ish at the time and I was 40 something.

She was only 5’ 2” and a little on the fulsome size, but she had great tits, which were regularly on display, a great ass and a blonde bush. Very fuckable!

She had a thing about horse cocks so I wrote this little tail to tantalise her. Prologue:

If you are looking for well-written pros, them my stories are not for you.

They are based on the things I have fantasised about throughout my life so are not meant to be realistic or factual.

They are about good, hardcore sex, not romance and so are meant to be fanciful and raunchy; even ‘raw’.

If it can happen in porn films, it can happen in my stories so don’t read them and then leave smart arse comments about what teens do and don’t say or 10-inch cocks being ridiculous (Google Jonah Falcon). Just save yourself time and find a different story to read.


It was an early, warm summer’s evening.

We’re off to meet Tom. He is 6 foot tall, in his early 30s, fit and has a thick 10-incher, compared to my meager 7.5 inches!

You had instructions to wear no underwear and something easily removable.

You had been asked to follow whatever instructions you were given, without question and as a horny bitch you agreed!


I meet you around 7pm on the outskirts of the local stud farm.

We are off to meet Tom who works there.

You are wearing a summer dress that buttons down the front and a pair of Nike trainers!

I am wearing shorts, a t-shirt and trainers.

We walk through the woods to the farm where Tom meets us outside the barn.

He escorts us inside, and we climb the ladders to the hayloft.

Tom takes off his wellies so now he is wearing just a pair of navy overalls.

The loft is only 12 foot high and has small windows just above floor level down both sides.

As it is early summer, before the mowing season, the loft is nearly empty, save for a stack of bales at the far end.

We climb the ladder up to the loft and as soon as we land Tom commands, “Undo your dress!’

As you have no option but to obey you start to unfasten the buttons down the front of your summer dress.

As you do, Tom is pulling open the poppers on the front of his overalls.

As your dress gapes open to reveal those great tits and your blonde bush, so does Tom’s overalls to show off his cock.

It hangs limp between his legs; even so it is some 6-inch long.

“I hope you are a ‘shower’ and not a ‘grower’,” you blurt, intimidated by his un-aroused size.

There is no response from Tom, as he steps forward to slide his left hand between your legs to stroke your hairy pussy! You moan. His fingers find your clit and he rubs it vigorously. You moan and grunt as he does so and you watch his cock quickly lengthen and thicken.

You watch intently as Tom strokes his member and it grows in his hand.

“Let’s go over to watch the action.” Says Tom, moving his hand from your eager pussy.


We move over to a window on the right hand side of the loft.

“If you kneel there you can see out of that window,” Tom advises, pointing to one of the low down portals.

So you kneel on all fours and I kneel next to you.

Down in the yard below an attractive teen girl is holding the halter of an impressive stallion. His coat glistens in the sunshine as he bucks and whinnies.

“Who is the girl?” I ask.

“That is Abby!” Says Tom

To the left, an older man leads a mare into the yard.

As soon as the mare approaches, the stallion is prancing and dancing, recognising that she is on heat.

As you watch, the stallion’s horse cock starts to extend. Soon it is hanging two foot long beneath him.

Whilst you are kneeling there watching, Tom is moving into position behind you. He lifts up the hem of your dress and pushes it up over your rump, around your waist.

He then moves between your legs, and taking cock in hand he points it at your ripe, peach pussy. Watching the action in the yard below, he inches forward until the tip of his cock nudges against your bulging pussy lips.

In the yard below the guy has manoeuvred the mare into position in front of the stallion. As the stallion rears up, its cock rises too, ready to penetrate the mare.

You moan at the sight of the stallions erect cock. And I have to admit, my cock twitches at the sight before us so I reach into my shorts to grab and pull on my rock hard erection

As the stallion mounts the mare, so Tom pushes the head of his huge member between the lips of your receptive snatch. You moan in anticipation of what is to cum and he grabs you by the waist to hold you in place,

And as we watch the stallion’s cock sink into the mare, so Tom slides his cock into you. Just 6 inches at first!

Whilst you watch the action below, I am more interested in watching you get fucked by Tom’s big, thick cock.

It has made me very horny and my cock is rock hard already so I ease it out the top of my shorts and slowly tug it.

Tom slides in about 6 inch at first then pulls back before thrusting forward again to send most of his cock up your chute, causing you to judder with your first climax, as his thick shaft catches your G-Spot!

He decides that is enough for now so he then starts to fuck you with 8 or 9 thick inches. He is slow at first but soon he is picking up the pace, thrusting back and forth from the hip.


In the yard below, the action was soon over and everyone has dispersed.

I now move to sit down on the floor to your right, propped up by a couple of bales of straw behind me so I can watch you being reamed..

Behind us there is a noise on the ladder and then the delightful Abby pops up. She is 5’ 4”, has short dark hair, a very cute face and can’t be 20 yet. Other than that, it is difficult to say as she too is in the same type of overalls as Tom had on.

“Tom said it would be ok to join you?” She offers.

“Yes of course, if you want to,” I reply.

So she climbs on to the loft and heads over to sit next to me and watch you getting fucked.

“Do you want a hand with that?” She asks, reaching out to knock my hand away so she can grab hold of my shaft.

“Who is this girl?” I wonder as I now have a stunning stranger pulling my meat. She has slipped her other hand through the slit in the side of her overalls at waist level and is stroking her pussy.

“I wonder if she is shaven or bald,” I muse, enjoying the attention from the young vixen.

In front of us, Tom is now fucking you with all of his 10 inches, driving deep with every length! And you are on the verge of your second climax of the evening.

“Oh this is getting too much,” says the Abby, as you start to tremble and shake with your second orgasm.

So she gets up, pulls open the poppers down the front of her overalls and slips them off her shoulders, so they fall to the floor. She is completely naked underneath. For a youngster, she has quite a fulsome figure with nice, pert breasts, a round ass and a trim waist.

“Push those shorts down,” Abby instructs as she moves to mount my cock. Standing over me, she straddles my hips waiting for me to lose the shorts. Then she kneels down so her hairless pussy is directly over the tip of my cock.

Recovering from your latest cum, you turn to watch the pair of us now. As I hold my rod vertical for her, she lowers herself until her wet pussy lips touch the very tip and then she drops onto it and 2 or 43 inches slip inside.

“Fuck, that is good,” she moans, as she rises slightly before dropping onto 4 or 5 inches the second time. A short pause to adjust to the girth, a short rise and the third time she slides all the way down until her ass hits my swollen balls.

“Oh yes, that is better,” she exclaims, as she settles down onto every last inch. “I’m going to ride you now,” she promises me as she then starts to rise up until only the head remains inside her tight hole, before dropping back down onto the base. I place a hand under each of her firm buttocks helping her to rise then letting gravity help as she drops.

She takes a steady pace at first, but it still makes her ample tits bounce directly in front of my eyes.


Whilst you were watching us two for the last couple of minutes, Tom has continued to fuck you doggy style, but now he wants to change position. He wants you to lie on your back on the rug he has provided so he can see your face and your tits as he fucks you.

“Open your legs,” he asks and as soon as you are lying he moves to kneel between your outstretched legs. Once in position, he drops back on his haunches so he is at the right height. “Lift your legs up and rest them on my waits,” he instructs and you oblige.

He now takes hold of his cock at the base with his right hand, pushes the head down in line with your pussy and with a quick thrust of the hips, slides 3 or 4 inches of cock into you now slimy hole.

He now starts to fuck you again, each time pulling the whole of his cock out before sticking it back in you. And each time feeding more shaft into your pussy until only the couple of inches under his hand remain outside. In this position his rhythm can be quick and he can rub your erect clit with his free left hand. So he does.

As you moan and groan under his onslaught, he takes his hand off the base of his cock so he can now get it all into you. As he does so he puts his hands on your legs just below the knees and pushes them towards you upper body. This has the effect of lifting your ass slightly off the ground so he can really fuck you deep now.

His work on your clit has got you close to the edge. So as he now fucks you deep and quick you soon go over the edge, your legs trembling and your body shaking.

“Fuck yes!” you call out as your third orgasm of the evening rips through your whole body.


Having bounced on my cock for a while Abby has now settle down on it and starts to slide her hips back and forth grinding her clit hard against me groin.

Her arms are wrapped around my neck and her tits are squashed against my chest so that I can feel her hard nipples. Her face is an inch or so from mine, so I stick out my long tongue and she starts sucking on it like she would a cock.

She started with a steady pace but soon she is grinding frantically, her hips sliding back and forth as fast as she can.

“Oh, yes!” She groans. “Going to cum again! Going to come again. Fuck yes. Fuck yes, I am cumming, fucking cumming!” she bleats as she continues to grind on as her whole body shakes as she orgasms yet again.


Tom is continuing to fuck you hard and deep and is getting close to his first orgasm. He reams you with long deep strokes, his heavy balls slapping against your tight arse as he goes up to the hilt with every stroke.

“Fuck yes, cum for me,” you beg as his pace gets ever more frantic. “Cum on my tits, cum on my tits,” you beg, “I won’t to see how much you squirt!”

“It will be a fucking shower!” Says Abby, who has now climbed off my cock and sat alongside me, rubbing her pussy again as she watches you get a good fucking.

Your face is contorted from the pressure of his onslaught and then suddenly he pulls and rears up grabbing his cock with his right hand and pulling it fast and hard until with a groan he pulls right back on it and a stream of his jizz squirts out and upwards over you reaching up to your face and down to your tits. Another pull on the cock and another groan he squirts again and again, and again until he has done, and you are covered in his first load of the evening.

“I told you it would be shower!” Laughs Abby. “Here let me clean you up,” she offers, crawling across to you on all fours and staring to lick Tom’s load off of you. “An you big boy, can come and fuck me whilst I clean up your mess!” she urges Tom who has now stood up and his stroking his cock which is still bone hared despite just cumming.

“It’s going to be a long evening!” I thought to myself as I watch Tom kneel between Abby’s legs and burying his equine member in her tight teen pussy in one long lunge.

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