A run in the park



Penny is happily married to Josh and would never think of cheating on him. That changes one day while jogging in the park. She meets an attractive redhead and the attraction is too strong to ignore.


Penny has been happily married to Josh for two years. They met in college and married shortly after graduation. Josh played baseball, and Penny played soccer in college. They are both very athletic in nature, so they get up every morning at the crack of dawn and jog in the large state park one mile from their home. They do this to keep their weight in check. Josh is 6′ 2″ with a slender, muscular build. His abs are the envy of all his friends. Penny is 5′ 7″, with a slender frame but 36 C breast that make her appear a bit heavy up top. Her tits are the main focal point, but her firm bubble butt is another nice feature that people notice when she is around. Some mornings Josh can’t make it to the park with her because his job sometimes requires travel or early morning meetings.

The park is two thousand acres of trees and meadows with hiking and jogging trails scattered throughout the park. There are a couple of lakes fed by underground streams. The park is so large they can jog a different trail four days out of the week. The park is usually crowded with joggers by seven o’clock each morning. Josh and Penny try to pick a path with the fewest joggers. That works well during the week, but on weekends all trails are clogged with joggers.

Josh has an early morning meeting with essential clients, so he has to miss his jog on Wednesday morning. Penny almost doesn’t go jogging that morning, but she changes her mind at the last minute. It is after nine o’clock when Penny arrives at the park. She does her usual stretches and warm-ups and then stoops down to check her shoelaces. When she stands up, there she was! A stunning redhead is jogging past.

Penny watches a woman with red hair pass her on the wilderness trail, where she regularly went running with Josh. The redhead moves with the lithe speed of a gazelle. Her tight butt flexes enticingly under her snug running shorts, and the sight made Penny’s mouth water and her pussy flutter. Penny had never been attracted to other women. The only time she had ever been with another woman was when she experimented once with a college roommate. She enjoyed the experience but was heavily involved with Josh at the time. They never did anything else together sexually.

There is something about this redhead woman that draws Penny’s attention. She wants this woman but doesn’t understand why. It is a new feeling for Penny because she considers herself straight. She’d never seen this woman on the trails before today but wants to get a closer look. Penny takes the same route as the woman, but she is so speedy, she’d gone right past, disappearing up the winding paths and in among the towering trees.

Just before she vanishes, though, she looks back at Penny. Penny can’t read the woman’s expression, but the tilt of her head tells Penny she is aware of her presence behind her and doesn’t mind. Penny puts on more speed but loses sight of the woman. Penny is in good shape, and on some days, she thinks she owns the trails when passing other joggers and panting amateur hikers. On those days, she feels the energy coursing through her toned body. When the endorphins kick in, it’s like some kind of hypnotic drug. Penny likes the feel of her bouncing tits under her sports bra and the movement of her strong legs. Running always gets the sweat flowing and the heart thumping. It also gets Penny aroused. She knows that it is an associational reaction, linked to memories from when she and Josh played sports in college. After a good workout, they would find someplace private and fuck like crazy.

Things haven’t changed much since college. While jogging in this park with Josh, she will sometimes reach the top of the hill, where there is a vast grassy meadow, and find her pussy dripping and her nipples achingly stiff with desire. Sometimes after a good run, Penny and Josh will rush home and fuck like strangers.

There had been lots of hot ladies on Penny’s soccer team, and after practice or some road games, many of the girls would fool around in the locker room and showers. Penny never participated but remembered those dreamy, steamy days of watching those hot women getting fingered and sucked by each other. That would get her so hot she would almost rape Josh when she next saw him.

A big state park is a good place for single people to meet and hook up. Penny also suspects many married people come there to find someone to hook up with on occasion. There is one trail, in particular, that’s thought of it as the pussy trail. If a man or woman can climb the hills at full speed, they would have lots of stamina in bed. Penny likes that Josh has some real sexual endurance. It makes their lovemaking sessions physically stimulating and satisfying. Penny finds herself wondering how physically stimulating the redhead would be in bed. The redhead is becoming Penny’s obsession. Penny had caught only glimpses of the woman’s face, but it was enough to tell she is damn pretty. She is a fine specimen of a woman, and Penny enjoys feasting on the sight of her body from behind. She finds herself staring longingly every time she’d put some distance between them.

Penny loses sight of the woman and slows her pace. Penny is thinking of calling it a day because it is not as much fun with Josh not being there, but suddenly the woman blows by her again. Penny can’t understand how the woman got behind her. Penny’s heart starts pounding like crazy when the passing woman looks over her shoulder and smiles. Penny is overtaken by frustration because her legs pump faster, but she doesn’t seem to make any progress at closing the gap. The woman is going up the slope fast, and she is more rapid than Penny. It is demoralizing to Penny for not being able to keep up. She thinks about giving up the pursuit. Still, what about that look back she’d given Penny before she’d disappeared around a bend in the winding path? That look meant she is interested but wants to tease, Penny tells herself with a grin.

“Two can play this game,” Penny pants to herself.

Penny decides to try something sneaky. She is competitive and can’t stomach the thought of running this trail all day without catching up to the teasing redhead. There are lots of unused side trails; some just deer paths. Penny knows this park well and ducks off the main track and tears into the trees. The narrow path goes straight up, none of the winding back and forth of the big trail. The steepness of this path is brutal. Penny attacks the footpath, as low branches slap at her head as she runs. Her footing slips occasionally, but she keeps going, really pouring it on.

The exertion has her sweating profusely, and her blood pumps fiercely. But deep excitement touches her again. She recalls watching those college girls orgies in the locker room after a strenuous game. Penny’s pussy dampens, and sexual energy crackles over her skin. She thinks of the sexy red-haired woman, somewhere ahead. The trail will be longer for her because she will be switchbacking her way up the hill. If Penny can keep up this pace, she might be able to overtake her near the top of the mountain.

Penny lets herself indulge in lustful fantasies about the redhead. Even though Penny doesn’t consider herself a lesbian or even Bi, she imagines that nimble body spread naked before her. Penny wants to squeeze her perky tits, grope that tight ass. She wants to jam her tongue deep into her pussy and lick her until cum, gushes into her mouth. Penny finds herself wondering why she never joined the locker room orgies in college. Thinking back, she may have cheated herself out of some fantastic sexual experiences all because she was so devoted to Josh in college. For a moment, she wonders if Josh might’ve had some extracurricular sexual events with other girls in college. She quickly dismisses those thoughts and returns to the memories of her soccer teammates licking each other’s pussies and nibbling on hard perky nipples.

Those fantasies are great motivation to keep climbing even when it becomes problematic. Penny’s eyes are stinging with sweat, and she has to bat aside the foliage. Her muscles sting with the strain, but her pussy is raging with sexual need. Up and up, she goes as her lungs feel as though they will burst at any moment. Suddenly, she bursts out onto the main trail again. Penny is almost at the top of the steep hill. Dazedly, she observes a fork in the track. One route goes higher, and the other trail descends into a meadow. There is a lake near the meadow and no one else around. Penny looks up the steep incline and rules out going any higher. Her legs are killing her, and her breathing is just beginning to return to normal.

Penny gives up on overtaking the redhead and decides to take the trail down to the meadow. The water looks inviting, and she even considers skinny dipping to cool down. Penny starts her descent, and somebody whistles sharply, and she spins around, looking down the trail toward the meadow. There she stands! She is at the edge of the meadow, near the lake, and this time she is definitely looking at Penny. She grins, then turns, wiggling her ass teasingly at Penny, and goes running off again. There is no mistaking the signal she is sending Penny.

With a raw growl, Penny pursues her. The trail continues through the meadow, then down the far side of the hill. Penny is picking up speed on the downslope, but still not fast enough to overtake the woman. The idea of losing sight of her again crushes Penny. She has to catch up to her, even if just to exchange a few comments. Penny finds the woman intriguing and wants to know why she is teasing her. The broad meadow appears empty, and a breeze ripples the long grass. Panting, Penny staggers onward with a desire still burning in her. From somewhere ahead, Penny hears an odd sound. She thinks it is a bird at first but then realizes it is somebody giggling.

Penny strolls forward and finds the object of her sexual obsession lying in the tall grass. Her running clothes lay balled on the ground, and her smooth, sleek body is bare. She grins up at Penny, her green eyes sparkling. She has gorgeous tits, creamy mounds capped with rosy nipples. Her abs are solid, and her hairless pussy gleams invitingly. Penny again questions why she is so attracted to this woman.

The woman pats the grass beside her and says, “Please join me.”

Penny’s throat is too tight for words. Fortunately, none are needed. She hurriedly peels the wet running clothes off her sweat-slick body, and she gazes hungrily at the woman. Shivering with desire, Penny kneels near the redhead.

“This one of my most favorite places in the world,” the woman says, pulling Penny on top of Her.

The redhead’s body is firm, but her wet, sweaty skin is satiny soft. Penny presses her tits against the redhead’s tits and finds herself drawn into a tighter embrace. Penny can feel two hard nipples poking against her naked flesh as their smooth mounds touch, a precursor to their kiss.

“My name is Amber,” the woman says before pressing her lips to Penny’s lips.

Penny returns the kiss then looks down at Amber’s face. She is indeed a beauty, and her eyes sparkle brighter as their mouths come together again. Their tongues tangle wildly, and Amber seems intent on trying to lick Penny’s tonsils. As they swap spit, Penny grinds her body full-length against Amber’s. They are both sweaty and slick and feverish with lust.

“My name is Penny.”

Amber’s hands close on Penny’s ass to keep her from slipping off her sweat laden wriggling form. She pushes her crotch upward, and Penny humps her right back as they continue to kiss, tongues slurping and mouths grinding. Amber’s fingers slide down into the moist cleft of Penny’s ass. Amber grazes Penny’s asshole with the tips of her fingers before moving to her wet pussy, sending electrical jolts through Penny’s body.

Penny rolls them onto their sides, so she can reach around and finger Amber’s holes, too. Anber’s body is very flexible, making the job an easy one for Penny. Penny sticks one finger in Amber’s butt hole and another in her streaming pussy at the same time. Amber bucks against Penny, and she delves deeper, feeling her intense interior heat.

Amber gives a sharp cry, tossing back her head as her eyes roll up into her head. When they come back down and refocus, Amber’s burning gaze is predatory. Penny distantly wonders just who had been chasing whom earlier on the trail. But the answer didn’t matter. Amber pushes Penny onto her back, and her strong hands close over Penny’s tits, squeezing hard. Amber lowers her head and sucks on Penny’s breasts, nibbling her nipples, which fires off new excitement through her.

“Oh my god, that feels so wonderful. Please don’t ever stop,” Penny gasps.

Then Amber is kissing and licking her way down Penny’s belly, which causes her to spread her legs instinctively. Amber moves in between Penny’s thighs, and Penny instinctively hugs her head with her thighs. As soon as Penny loosens her grip on Amber’s head, she hovers over Penny’s drooling pussy and inhales her feminine aroma. Penny feels Amber’s breath on her glistening cunt lips. When Amber drops her mouth onto Penny, she squeals with unrestrained joy.

“Oh my god, Amber! What are you doing to my pussy?”

Amber’s tongue moves quickly, darting like a snake between Penny’s wet folds. Amber parts Penny’s pussy lips with her fingers, then takes deep swipes with her tongue. Penny’s hips buck underneath her to gain better contact with Amber’s tongue. Around them, the long grass flows in the gentle wind, so peaceful in contrast to the wildness of their lust. They both feel swirling inside them. Penny feels as though she may pass out from the pleasure.

Amber bathes Penny’s throbbing clit with her lively tongue. Penny reaches down and grabs a fistful of Amber’s hair, pushing her pussy up hard against Amber’s face. Penny knows her juices are smearing Amber’s chin and cheeks. Amber’s tongue is flashing in and out of Penny, and Penny is thrilled at the careful graze of Amber’s teeth on her clit. They are both delighted with the deliciously dirty experience of getting it on out in the open. The only thing that could make it more thrilling is to learn that someone was watching them makes love under the blue sky.

Profound energy wells up inside Penny as Amber’s tongue caresses her sensitive clitoris. Penny tightens her fingers in Amber’s hair and cums hard against her mouth. Penny hears Amber swallowing the sweet nectar as her body wracks with carnal joy.

“Oh my god, Amber. That was amazing. Now it’s my turn to repay the favor.”

Penny sits up and grabs Amber, pushing her onto her back. Penny squirms between Amber’s legs. Amber’s pussy unfolds before Penny like a buffet, and Penny eagerly inhales her sweet aroma. Penny’s sex drive dials up to maximum. She eagerly puts her mouth on Amber’s pussy, and the flavor of her makes Penny’s whole-body jump. Amber tastes like sweet honey, and Penny licks her lips, savoring the smooth texture of her silky flesh. Feeling more daring, Penny probes within. Amber is as hot inside as Penny’s questing fingers had found her before. Penny tastes her satiny heat, and Amber growls in response to the pleasure Penny’s delving tongue delivers.

Penny slaps at Amber’s clit playfully, then purses her lips tightly so she can suck on the pulsing nub. Amber wiggles on the grassy ground, her ass practically bouncing. Penny sucks her harder, and Amber’s flowing juices coat Penny’s chin.

Amber seizes two handfuls of Penny’s hair and starts humping against her face. Amber’s hips are bucking frantically as Penny feasts on her sex. When Amber cries out again, Penny drinks what Amber gives her, allowing the flavor of Amber to consume her. Penny pulls Amber up into her arms, and they kiss again, trading their tastes back and forth. Penny feels strained but not depleted. Penny is far from done. Penny hopes she has the stamina to keep up with her ravenous sexual hunger.

Penny and Amber sit facing each other. Penny hooks a leg over Amber’s leg, their thighs sliding together until they were pussy-to-pussy. Penny leans back, bracing herself on her hands, and Amber does the same. They scissor urgently against each other. Their pussies rub hard, smearing their wet vaginal juices together. The blue-sky whirls overhead as their mutual pleasure builds. Penny thrusts against Amber, and the savage intensity of their arousal grows. Their hips jerk wildly as their asses lift off the grass.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck… I think I am going to gum again,” Penny cries out!

“Oh my god, yes, yes! Me too, Penny. I’m cummmm… oh fuck, that feels so good!”

Amber’s pretty face suddenly twists in bliss as Penny’s body shakes with profound sexual rapture. Their juices mingle as they pour forth from their bodies, there in the tall grass, by the calm lake. They lay in the tall grass, embracing and swapping spit for what seems like hours. The warm sun almost lulls them to sleep. Then reality strikes. It’s time for them to part.

“Can we meet here again tomorrow,” Penny asks?

“I would love nothing more, but today was my last run in this park. My husband was transferred to Colorado. We fly out first thing in the morning.”


Penny is preparing dinner when Josh gets home from his meeting. She walks into the kitchen and slides his arms around her waist. Josh presses his hard cock to Penny’s firm butt. She lets out a low moan as he kisses her on the next and squeezes one of her breasts.

“Did you enjoy your run today, Honey?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t the same with you not being there, Sweetheart.”

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