A Peculiar Girl’s Best Friend Ch.1



Jack is pressured into teaching Lily a beaitful brilliant teen, he thought the job would be simple but there more to her then meets the eye and she want something from him something lustful and she’ll do anything to get what she wants

The beginning of their adventure

I’m quite a bad writer so i don’t expect anyone to like this but if you do enjoy

I’d like to consider myself to be a…Normal man.

A simple 20-year-old college student with not much on his mind. I had no real ambitions no real dreams I didn’t’ really anything motivating me, just an everyday guy you’d pass on the streets.

Completely bland in a way.

I enjoy playing games on the weekend that was another thing, but other than that I was nothing special. I wasn’t a fan of college for certain reasons being a special kind that was like an advanced version of secondary or high school, helps open more door for people but it gave time for people like me to ponder on what they wanted in life.

This city was a simple one, Millington, nothing more really to say about it, I lived in a tiny apartment complex, alone, with barely anyone there on the edge of town. Quite the journey away from my mother’s place where my little sister lived.

The key point of interest is the train station which I used every day to get to college or my mother’s home, it leads to the city centre.

The only real noticeable thing about this bland city was something the place celebrated one of the highlights of this city.

Pleasant Hill Highschool for bright young girls.

A girls only school a place for your little princess and that kinda stuff. Super, super popular filled with all walks of life, from the middle class to high class, common and rich.

The thing I liked about it was the fact it didn’t matter who you were or what you had, you just needed to be smart, where the brightest of teens went too.

Their standards were pretty high for people to get in but apparently, it was often worth. A place they can go to get the brightest start in life…I only knew this because of my mother’s friends loves to brag about there perfect little angels.

I didn’t honestly care my mother her whole world was focused on my little sister, the only reason she would want me close so could use me like an errand boy.

You see I was kinda a pushover.

I never had a father figure or a dad for that matter, raised by my mother she wanted to ensure I never ended up like my old man, putting the fear of…Everything into me, I guess it was her way of getting revenge on him and her frustrations. She was a good woman…Just slightly entitled, I knew my dad…I think I would recognise him if I saw him but I doubt he would recognise me he just paid child support and that’s it.

He had an affair with another woman, when mother found out they split. Mum just had new baby daughter, my little sister Abby that’s when she discovered he was cheating on her, everything fell apart from that point and I haven’t seen the man for over 14 years, apparently she made a new life with that woman.

I never knew why he did it but it was hard.

I reminded her of dad…I apparently looked a lot like him, but she never abused me, she loved me with every fibre of her being…Yet again she wanted to let out some personal frustrations unable to move on if she didn’t do it.

By raising me a certain way.

It was hard to say no when someone needed help especially a girl, being raised as a modern-day selfless gentleman. Always doing everything for them, helping them, putting there needs above myself…But it’s fine, maybe because the way I was raised is supposed to be fine.

While other guy got in trouble and messed around roughhousing, getting girlfriends and playing sports I was home helping with cooking and cleaning, looking after my spoiled little sister who was annoying but a smart cookie, she had her kind moment, however, she was going to that high school I mentioned earlier so she under a lot of stress, I feel bad for her.

Still, I don’t know why but she currently she hated my guts for some really, I guess sibling rivalry and entitlement.

Either way, I wasn’t like most guys, I guess I was more tender, softer and a bit of a socially awkward outcast never really having people to talk to it. a little pathetic.

It was in college when it slowly dawned on me.

Had I been groomed by my mother to be like this? A sort of twisted revenge? At times I felt more like a slave than a family member, being older I had to do more…It sucks honestly. There were so many things I wanted with my life, I wanted friends to hang and relax in maybe get in a little trouble feel rebellious for one always the goody-two-shoes I was almost kind programmed like a robotic to be like this, I was just the college loner no girl was interested in some dark brown short hair guy like me with brown eyes. It was shitty but that’s life nothing anyone could do about but…Silently sulk to myself…Doomed to forever be a hollow selfless man…never asking what he wanted.

But unknown to me…I would meet someone, someone as strange as me someone that will finally give me everything I wanted and something I didn’t even know I wanted…My life changed when I met a special 14 year old girl…


Chapter 1: My First Best Friend.

A cold wind brushed across my lonely face, hugging my jacket close I was visiting my mother and little sis. I haven’t seen them in while, college has been on my ass with so many damn assignments, tried and close to breaking I always held on finding a chance to have this night to relax and see my family.

Seeing the familiar home in the distance on the same street. I come by every few months or when I’m free for my mother and sis was the only contact I get now I live further away.

I lived away for multiple reasons, for college and a chance to escape my family.

I didn’t have a job but I had saved money over the years the apartment was…Ok pretty simple and maybe even run down not being one of those massive apartment building but just a two-floor one, the residents there were barely around almost hidden a cosy little place honestly.

Light shinned through the windows noticing my mother’s car on the driveway and I noticed a few around her home guess she was having friends over…On the day I was finally visiting.

With a tired sigh, I walked over and slipped in the key, even tho I’ve moved a little bit away I was still welcome to come by anytime I needed, still had my own room which was being used for storage.

Entering the warm bright home a nostalgia feeling coming over me, nothing like home sweet home. The front room entered a massive living room which was connected to a kitchen further ahead was a hallway and next to it were stairs leading up.

“Hey, mum I’m here,” I shouted my voice echoing out, “mum? Sis?”

Footstep echoed from the stair noticing my little sister Abby, wearing short shorts with a shirt that showed off her belly, currently 14 years old. Having brown hair like mine and mum yet hers was long, done in a ponytail, some hair flow front the front sides, looking at her these being the rare times I see her since I left she’s been growing up nicely into a proper beautiful lady.

She was a pretty girl…That’s it really, nothing more to say about her she’s my little sister, it would be really fucking weird if I thought anything more of her like that she a kid, a teen. The girl had her head down in her phone doing…Something.

“Hey, Abby” I called out nice to finally see her again it been a few weeks since we have seen each other.

She looked out and noticed me before quickly going back down to her phone.

“Hey,” she said disinterested rushing into the kitchen grabbing something before running back up…Leaving me.

I groaned a bit disappointed, she was often like this since I left, hell even before I left when she hit puberty she’s just grown to just…Hate me, for no reason she just wanted nothing to do with me. Before it was wonderful she was pretty attached to me but now since I left…If I asked she would just scowl, silently telling me to piss off.

Whatever we had before was now dead which hurt…A lot.

Tired getting my shoe off my mum suddenly came into the room laughing an empty glass in her hand before stopping quickly noticed me.

“Jack your here?” she asked almost surprised, slightly annoyed.

“Yeah, I was coming over…We messaged about it.”

She froze for a moment…She forgot, just as I predicted her wides widen over exaggerating.

“Oh, it was tonight! So sorry champ I was just having some friends over for dinner…Hey while your here.”

The older woman in a simple dress trying to look rich and fancy then she was, a woman a little obsessive with how she looked and her status, she came rushing back with two large black bags.

“While you got your shoe on take these out…And take the bins out.”

I hadn’t even gotten in and she was already making me do shit dumping it at my feet she just gave her classic almost innocent smile.

“It will be such a massive help, my big man…it so lonely now you’ve gone and tonight is finally a night I can take it easy, won’t you do this little thing? For your hardworking mum?”

Hard-working? I mean she does work full time at a dinner an old popular kind trying to recapture the 0s, but I’m working hard too, tests are in a few months and I need all the time I can to not fail this year…I was tried.

But to her studying was nothing compared to working something she vocally spoke about many times. Knowing it would be pointless to argue I just nodded.

“Great thank you, Jack, after come by and meet everyone, there should be a beer in the fridge for ya.”

And like that, she hurried to the kitchen to refill her drink, red wine, and wandered off returning to other housewives, or neighbours or whatever. Friends she’s known for years, another sigh passed me turning back to the cold wind quickly doing it just getting it over and done with, that beer sounded inviting.

Returning to the warmth of the home finally a chance to relax I had hoped to know how my sister was doing. Big things were happening in her life and I couldn’t help be a little wary. Grabbing a drink seeing half a six-pack…Mum did like her beer I just grabbed one before following the voices of middle aged women laughing.

The dining room was a small cosy place with a glass back door leading out to the garden, the ladies here were all familiar.

One woman had long black hair dressed in something tight, her face stern and intimidating much like the competitive woman herself who, like mum, enjoyed her liquor she often mellow out around her friends, a good woman at heart…I think named Lydia.

The next was a woman with ginger hair long and curly with massive breast a kind soft motherly type of woman a radian beautiful woman younger then she was looking 30 but was actually 40…Like all the ladies but my mother. She was dress in something more fun and casual for a girl night out inside, her name was Gianna, she was nice nothing much really often defended me when mum like to treat me like a servant boy. Her husband was a rich man, a lawyer I think. She was a simple loving housewife with a loving husband a happy family.

And finally, a blond fancy blonde haired woman who loved fashion, she loved to look the best and show off often flaunting what she had. Honestly, a little bitchy who got jealous easily always had something to prove, her name was Deliah, a fancy name for a fancy woman.

And of course my mother in the middle…Not much to say about her just an everyday working woman who was a little lazy and had a dead set view on how thing ran she wasn’t a fan of men since her ex ruined her…Her name was Carol.

“Jack, you’ve come to join us old ladies?” Gianna giggled a little.

“I had no idea you was coming,” Lydia said her sharp hazel eye gazing at me, “good to see you.”

“Jack…Yeah Clare’s eldest, how are you? How’s college?”

“Good…All good,” I nodded.

I joined them…For social convinces if I had left them they would ask why. I honestly didn’t want to stand there and act like the fifth wheel to a bunch of ladies talking about the latest fashion shit and how the world was changing too fast.

But there was one subject that would always return one they all wouldn’t shut up about, the very things that made them friends.

Their perfect daughters.

All had daughters all around the same age going to the same super fancy school…Well, all but one.

“How’s Abby handling the entrance tests? Have they given you a date? She 14 so you should at least be given a date.” Lydia joined in asking curiously, I was curious myself.

“Once her school term is over she will be tested and if she passes she’ll be transferred which is soon,” My mother replied.

As I said Abby was a smart girl, she had a lot of potential to do want she wants in life, she had the smarts to be in this school. For some reason teens had to be 14 years or older to join so they can spend around four years of their life there before going off to whatever college or uni they wanted, literally they could go anywhere.

“I hope we get the date soon, my little star is going to ace these. Thinking about my little baby girl in a whole private room filled with others like her, it makes me proud my youngest is making the most for her future.”

The other ladies just nodded yet I couldn’t help but feel she was taking a jab at me, how I was just In some average college unknown in what to do with my life, neither did Abby but she was way too young to think about it.

“She shouldn’t take less then a month the place is quite busy at the moment but I’m sure she’ll do splendid, I remember Holly had some trouble but she did a lot of research, she was pretty determined to beat this I was so proud of her,” Gianna giggled bouncing a little, her massive tits bouncing too.

I hadn’t met Holly only hearing she looked a lot like her mother. Strong-willed like her father and kind like her mother, a perfect kid by the sounds of it, I wonder if Abby would get along with her.

“Yes,” Lydia, much like the other mother looked on, “Grace and Gracie did splendidly both the top in the class I believe, easy they said yet the teacher spoke about it being hard, I guess it’s just some trick, trying to get on people’s nerves weeding out the panicking idiots.”

Another two I haven’t met, Grace and Gracie were twins, both had black hair, very serious like their mother, I guessed the apple doesn’t fall far from the free…I did hear they were always in competition with each other, one just had to be different and better from the other. It was understandable with a mother wanting perfection from them and a father who was never around. Delilah nodded with a smug grin on her face, But Gianna and my mother looked on warily.

“I totally agree with Lydia, why my daughter Lily was the very top in her class every question right…Unbelievable, the headmistress himself wrote a letter of acknowledgement for such a high advancement.”

All the girl’s mood soured knowing non could be as grand as Delilah daughter. This mystery girl was apparently perfect as the woman shouted about it again and again. From the bits I’ve heard Lily was…Partially a genius that was perfect at everything who could ace everything…That it.

If her daughter was anything like her egotistical smug mother then I’m glad we haven’t met.

The rest of the evening dragged on my mother occasion leaving to prepare dinner making me help. Isla and Delilah had no interest in me often backing with each other jabbing at each other, it was a little awkward making me wonder if it always like this, only Gianna spoke to me, it was nice I did like her we chatted on about everyday stuff.

However, Delilah was quieter…That what Isla noticed. The golden haired woman seemed to take more interested in what I was doing at college never actually talking to me using Gianna too. The was…I don’t know, ‘gauging’ something, silently like a plan plotting in her mind, making me noticed and quickly making me wary.

I could see it in her eyes.

Oh yeah, I could read people, quite well really well…Something from childhood I could just see the emotions in people’s eyes, the slightest twitch could scream a thousand words. I used it to always avoid trouble being a handy skill to have.

Anyway bored out of my mind my only salvation was the sound of my mother announcing that dinner was ready…Yet I was made to help prepare it, not like I was guest myself. All the ladies of the house including my little sis who’s face was still glued to the phone, what was she even doing on it?

Knowing I would get a verbal lashing if I even asked leaving me to sit there like a lemon already eating like Abby. With a tired sigh, I just enjoyed a real cooked meal and not something from the microwave.

The ladies were off again like a pack of laughing hyaena talking about whatever passes through their mind even if they were embarrassing things like something from my past or Abby’s.

She just groaned whenever her name was mentioned I tired giving a kinda understand comrade look seeing as both were being subjected to this embarrassment but she just glared at me not wanting to know, not even caring.

Again Delilah wasn’t as talkative as normal but she kept trying to stir the conversation over to me and what I did in college taking a strangely keen interest in it, for some reason.

“So Jack,” she spoke to me, the first since greeting me a few hours ago, “what you do at college…Is it complicated?”

“Err…Yeah, extremely, all the assignment, maths, English, science and stuff you have to know is-“

“So your a relatively intelligent man yes?” She interrupted me, wanting to know something.

“Yeah, I…Like to think so, Why?”

“Yes, why Deliah?” my mother taking an interest, the other girls but Abby noticing how strange she was being.

The woman shifted a little that egotistical mood of her fading like she was trying to hide something but now being caught she couldn’t deny anything now without being suspicious.

“Fine…I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it for long,” she spoke getting the older women’s interest, they loved drama and little secrets, “Lily has been…Slipping in her studies.”

“What!” all women shouted, screaming even, me and getting Abby jumped for the sound.

“Impossible!” Isla spoke almost outraged, “That girl is the smartest teenager I had ever known…Even smarter then Grace and Gracie,” she didn’t want to admit but a tiny grin formed knowing Delilah perfect child was slipping.

“I know!” Delilah almost shouted annoyed, “perfect before by now…Something’s happened and now she just…I don’t know.”

“Give her some time Delilah,” Gianna’s voice spoke softly, “she will figurer it out, she’s smart.”

“But I want it figured out now!” the woman almost cried, My mother and Gianna, looking worried but Isla seemed to enjoy it, “those shitty teachers at her school-“

“Language in front of my baby girl!” mum called out glaring. “Mum! I’m not a baby!” Abby called out angry glancing to be embarrassed.

“Hush Abby you’ll always be my baby…And Delilah doesn’t swear.”

The two women glared hatefully at each other we all watched on seeing the event unfold Isla was loving it. Delilah finally backed off too tried to fight a battle she knew she would lose, quickly her attention was drawn back to me.

“Jack…Have you ever taught anyone before?”

Odd question? The attention had shifted back to me who was simply sitting there trying to enjoy my free meal in peace.

“No…I err helped out Abby a little bit…That was years ago.”

Abby said nothing just going back to her phone.

“Good enough, it better than those lousy teachers at that rubbish school and some private tutor you just can’t trust.”

“P-Private teacher!? You want me to be one!?” I quickly caught on.

“Smart,” Delilah smirked, “yes…Your older, in college, my daughter can get a leg up and maybe you can help her…Please, Jack, I’m desperate.”

I didn’t get a chance to speak before Lydia jumped in.

“The boy is in college handling his own studies!” she surprisingly defended me, I didn’t get why but she was right, “he’s clearly never taught anyone before do you think he could even do it?”

“What you think my son can’t?

“Teaching is easy he’s smart.” My mother jumped in.

“It’s actually incredibly difficult,” Gianna now joined in, “And so is college, Jack needs all this time to make sure he’s above his studies, teaching Lily is going to impact that,” The smart and kind ginger-haired woman expressed, she was right, again the only one who really cared.

“Oh, how hard can it be this is my daughter’s future we’re talking about here! Jack please you’re the only one I can trust to help my baby!”

“He can’t do it! You need a professional and Ginna’s right, he needed to study for his future!”

“Are you going to let the old women put you down, Jack?” My mother said to me, putting me on the damn spot.

Seeing all women were getting nowhere two were for me being Lily’s teacher. Even if I had no experience and the other two were, I didn’t know what to think.

“How about we just let Jack decide,” Gianna’s voice cut the tension, “he’s the important one here, he the one that has to do it…Come on sweetie what do you want to do?”

A heavy thick atmosphere loomed in the dining room, all older woman staring at me even Abby was interested silently watching the event from afar.

What did I think? Hell no! I barely knew the girl and I had my own studies College was hard why was Gianna the only one who could see it, yet being crushed all this pressure Delilah sounded desperate a prideful woman never asking for help it made me feel guilty to back off.

But could I even do it? I wasn’t a super smart guy, just normal I could end up giving the girl wrong info or something worst. With a heavy conflict seeing my mother glaring to say yes and do it, I didn’t know whether it was for my pride or her as she raised me.

Lydia just looks at me believe this was just a waste of time, a mix of her own pride trying to prove she right and Gianna…Who just wanted me to make the decision no one else.


“I’ll even pay you if you did it!”

That…Kinda changed everything.

“It won’t be much but if I see an improvement I can give you more…Please! For my baby!”

They say money is the root of all evil, the very thing that makes this world go round, more valuable than all the jewel and diamonds in the world…They were right, with no job having trouble finding one and my own funds running short, I needed it, desperately.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

The woman eye lit up grabbing my hands with a smile.

“Thank you!” she said something I rarely hear her generally say.

My mother gazed with a proud look but Gianna and Lydia didn’t, with their own opinion one they wouldn’t say but I could read them, Gianna worried for me and Lydia believing I would be useless. Strangely tho even Abby was looking watching with interest masking it behind her phone trying to look bored.

“I’ll send the girl over next week I’ll get your mother to send a message when she coming, I’m hoping great things.”

Next week? Fuck the only time I have off my plans ruined and whenever they want? What time is good for them…Typical, I just smile and nodded knowing I couldn’t say a thing.

Time pasted with Delilah trying to dig more info out of me, figuring how smart I was all to boost her daughter status like it was some competition. I’ve been noticing this for while it’s a little sickening in my opinion.

There kids…Or teenagers, not something to brag about a way to be better than another. Parents are supposed to be proud and encouraging to their kids, not something to be shown off stating pitting one against the another…Gianna is the only real decent parent who gave a damn about her kid only wanting her to be the best she could be.

I never had that…Groomed to be this way, or it felt like groomed I didn’t know anymore. Right now I had been kinda used to wash up the dishes as my mother and her friend got more drunk. Abby disappeared up to her room and I was here…Should I even bother coming next time?

“Jack,” a voice disturbed me from the work, finding Deliah standing there a scary look on her face, it was just us…Alone.


“There something important I need to tell you…Away from everyone else.”

“What is it?”

Still, with that genuine serious even intimidating face look, she continued.

“Over a year ago…Something happened to Lily…Involving her and a teacher,” she said I watched on a little curious, “he…Did something traumatising to the girl and she never been the same since,” she looked sad for a moment before almost glaring at me, “the only reason why I’m getting you and not some other private tutor is because your trustworthy and you’re the son of a friend of mine…So,” she leaned in glaring hatefully at me almost making me panic, “don’t you dare try anything inappropriate with the girl…Or I’ll ruin your fucking life.”

Inappropriate!? What the fuck I’ve never seen her this serious or even intimidating before. I just gulped and nodded…The fuck has this teacher done to Lily? Seeing Deliah the self-centred fashion-obsessed woman so concerned, it surprised me.

“I’m not that kind of man…What happened to her?”

“It private,” she stated quickly not even bothering to hint at it, “and I know…You better be.”

And like that she vanished leaving to drink with her friends.

The rest of the night went on, the ladies talking about…whatever they were talking about before everyone Abby surprisingly returned from her lair for some reason. With the moon high in the sky, the girls finishing off their wine delighted they said their goodbyes, hugging and crying still laughing when they left the door…They weren’t actually drunk thank the gods just enjoy a little wine only mother was drunk.

Which only left the three of us…My welcome began to fade quickly leaving the woman to just bark orders at me as if I still lived there forced to do them while she continued drinking, a thing she could just do it herself but too lazy and drunk, reaping the benefit of raising me this way to do her bidding.

So I hastily excused myself getting out of there before she could find something else for me to do…Abby surprised me by saying goodbye before disappearing that nice tho she has been weird since dinner, watching me more focused on me. Why? I don’t know either way, not my concern really, mum didn’t even bother saying goodbye she just waved as I left.

Another painful sigh left my lips stepping into the cold air again…I hated this feeling, complete and utter loneliness.

Feeling unwanted feeling unwelcome what had I done to deserve this!? I wasn’t a bad man I was just a normal guy trying to get by, it was like life was stacked against me, it was parasynthetic I was pathetic no friend no real desire in what I wanted in life.

I wasn’t even that smart so now I’m supposed to teach some teen? In some super fancy girl’s school? A teen I’ve heard so little about.

Deep in thought finding the familiar train station I took it joining all the other people out this late at night, I always enjoyed this, looking outside watching the world go by sometimes I hope the train would go on forever leading me into some better happier world.

I was always alone when it got to my stop which was at the end of the line always alone little creepy, leaving place heading out walking straight home to the right the curved street lamp flicking in the darkness.

Yep, this was the creepiest part of town with barely anything noticeable but in the station. Five-minute walk later I found my home sweet home right next to a large forest, the tiny complex unwanted and unwelcome felt abandoned much like it’s Landlord who never came. A creepy place to live but I didn’t really have a choice it was super cheap because of the condition and location.

Moving up the stairs I knew only one person lived here beside me, a young girl…A very, very shy girl who I think was the landlord’s daughter or granddaughter I don’t even know her name or age we haven’t even spoken, I saw her once but as soon as I did she ran inside hiding herself.

I remember at least she had auburn hair and brown eye really cute honestly…But nothing creepy I promise.

Slipping a key into the door opening leaving the cold outside into a cold apartment.

The first room was spacious, a mix of a front room, living room and kitchen. To the right was my living room with a simple and small double sofa in front was a coffee table and in front of that my old TV under it was my gaming consoles to the side a small unit to hold my disks.

To the far left corner was a small kitchen…Simple as that with a stove, oven, sink cabinet above everything and a fridge in the corner everything needed for a simple kitchen. To the left was a circular table with two chairs.

Other than that there was nothing much else, the carpeted floor was the only thing left of noticed, far ahead was a door leading to a hallway that leads to my bedroom, bathroom and another room leading to a washing machine and dryer.

Home sweet home.

Late and tried heading straight to my small bedroom a window at the back in the right corner was my queen-sized bed, my old one from home, next to an old desk, chair, dresser all the stuff from the old place.

The messy white covers looked so inviting slowly removing all my clothing I fell onto the inviting bed moving under the cover almost immediately fatigue took over lulling me into a deep slumber.


It’s been a week since the dinner night…And the girl was coming.

Got a message like an hour before giving me no time to set up, past noon the girl has had lunch already and she was meant to leave before dinner…Whatever that time was. Now I stand In front of my bed…two sets of clothing, one is a smart clean jumper and the other my everyday normal hoodie something to keep me warm.

The big question was what I wore…The first impression was everything.

The clean smart jumper would show off that I’m smart, reliable it might create a sense of trust and professionalism

knowing whatever I said she could trust to be right I was serious about this I wanted to help her not just for the money.

On the other hand, my hoodie, the thing I always wore. Remembering back to what her mother said making me wonder what happen between her and that teacher? She might be afraid of teachers if I looked and acted like one it might be a freaking trigged to…Whatever happened. A while ago when I was trying to figure out why Abby suddenly hated my gut I researched finding tiny facts like teens often acted more adult then they were so…So…I don’t know, I was always ok with kids never knew what the hell to say and they were never interested in talking.

This was way too important because Deliah said she would send the money to my bank account if I get her daughter’s approval or whatever…no idea if Lily knew about this but yeah if I fuck this off I won’t even get paid…I need that money…Fuck.

My front door rang…I panicked.

In my dark souls shirt I just freaking out, entering the living room looking around making sure everything was set and clean, I didn’t need to worry about her finding any dirty mags all my porn was on the pc which was in my room so yeah all safe.

Taking a breath quieting myself…I felt a little nervous, why am I stressing so much? It just my mother’s friend’s kid…who I never met…Who determines if I get paid…and a minor coming to the edge of town with a strange lonely college student who six years older…Fuck, might as well face the music.

I grabbed the front door and opened…Standing there was a girl…A teenager.

A 14 year old girl with golden blonde long fluffy, pretty hair. Her bright cobalt eye was the first thing I noticed mesmerised me for a moment, noticing slight hips and average breasts on her chest, a well developing hourglass body, her face she had a beautiful one, hell she could be a model with a face and body like that.

She was wearing a cream jacket with a shirt on blue jeans a large pink backpack behind her, she looked up staring almost emotionless at me.

I knew Delilah was a pretty woman but for her to make someone like this!? The dad must have been a looker, and now the girl was looking at me a single raised eyebrow.

In my panic I had put on both jumper and hoodie…so yeah it would look strange, great first in presentations huh, I’m an idiot.

“H-Hey your Lily right?” I ask never meeting the girl I…Wait why would some other little girl come here? Stupid question.

The girl silently stared at me emotionless like she was judging me for a moment, looking up and down seeing my terrified face…New things made me panic and with a young girl like her here in some shady part of town people would ask questions, thank fuck I had barely any neighbours.

“Yeah!” she suddenly sprung to life surprising me, “and your Jack, right? You place is nice.”

Seeing that warm innocent smile it relaxed some of my fear…Already she was a lot different from Deliah.

“Oh, thanks but its nothing really,” I quickly said moving, “come in you must be tried from your train trip.”

Lily skipped inside with a curious and wonder filled expression on her face.

“Wow Sir a whole place to your self it must be nice,” she stood at the centre looking around at the place probably the first time being alone with a stranger like me in some run down place.

“It nice yeah,” I said quickly a little too quickly, “and you don’t have to call me sir, just call me Jack…Sir sounds weird.”

“As weird as that jumper hoodie combo?” she looked back with a grin.

The cheeky thing, I chuckled, “yeah not my smartest move,” I took off the jumper throwing it to the table, “but err…You hungry? Thirsty? I have some snacks and juice if your tried from your journey?”

I had gotten some in case the kid was, I was taking this seriously I may not be good with kids or teens but I cared, I might have taken this too serious I didn’t know.

“Nah I’m good…Ever taught someone before?” Lily asked standing there innocently.

“Well a little, I used to help out my little sister with her homework…She actually applying for Pleasant Hill.”

“Huh,” she spoke less interested, “I see, do you think she has what it takes?”

“Definitely, she a hard worker and pretty smart, I believe in her,” I spoke proudly she may be on her phone all the time but…Wait, all teens were obsessed with there phones I kind expected Lily too…wasn’t she interested? But it wasn’t the right question to ask so I just stood there thinking.

“Alright then…Shall we get started?”

With a quick nod, we did…Hours went by in a flash.

It was…Surprisingly fun we settled in the living room table to the right everything she needed with her all of it were familiar to me she was a bright and eager student reminding me of the times I used to do this with Abby.

The stuff was complicated but we were slowly figuring out together how the hell was these girl supposed to learn stuff like this? I’m an adult and I don’t even get it, looked harder than the stuff I’m learning at college.

We continue on the later stuff was stared to looking familiar to me, from years ago when I was in high school, I knew the answer yet never flat out said it, I didn’t want to act smarter than I was, I wasn’t an asshole but she was already a smart girl I knew she could do it. Remembering what her mother said about her trauma with a teacher I didn’t want to…I don’t know, make her uncomfortable it just strange how different she was to the fashion obsessed self-centred Deliah.

We were getting along too I wasn’t the most talkative of guy more a listener but I think she noticed and noticed my nervousness we often just talked about stuff. She was curious about me and older thing, nothing adult no fucking way she was a kid a cute kid but still a…Well, a teen would be the correct term.

We laughed she tease and annoy me we bounced off each other being quite pleasant…Again like Abby…I really needed to figure out what has changed, and start making some friend the loneliness was killing me, my only social interaction besides my family and mother friends since living here was this girl here.

“So you live here completely alone?” Lily asked, a carton of Ribena in her hand, we were taking a break sitting on the sofa I sat next to her.

“Yeah, but that’s cool.”

“It must be lonely you must invite your college friends all the time to party and shit,” she said…Panicking at the end.

I chuckled, “I won’t say…Student teach…Err,” I quickly stumbled not wanting to trigger something, “I mean whatever happened between us stay between us…We’re friends so we let stuff like that slide,” I stumbled a little not really knowing what to say, “anyway, parties? Not my scene, not a fan of them honestly.”

I skipped over the friends part hoping she wouldn’t notice…I don’t know if she did.

“Me neither, I hate all the loud music,” she said, “and the people, all they want is to look at their phone and hang with their boyfriend and girlfriends,” she glanced my way, “it annoying.”

I shrugged not taking notice, “yeah but that life, come on let get back to work.”

The girl nodded we both returned to it making me wonder, boyfriends and girlfriends at that age was it right or not? I didn’t know really, thank fuck I wasn’t a parent. We continued nothing much really happened and before we knew it Lily’s phone went off a message from her mother saying it was time to come home.

“Huh, time flies when you having fun…I mean homework is nothing fun but-“

“I get it,” she quickly responded with a smile, “this was…A surprise to me honestly.”

“Oh? Well, I get it’s a surprise to me too…This was nice.”

We both go up she grabbed her things I cleaned up a little.

“was it nice because you thought I was like mother?”

That made me freeze turning back seeing an almost smug look.


“I know what mum is like, all self-centred and obsessed fashionista trying to look younger than she is, being the prettiest thing on the planet…did you think I was like her?” the blond teen said standing there a hand on her hips a grin on her cute face.

“No, no,” I quickly replied panicking, “I’ve never met you before and,” fuck she sussed me out I did think she would be like her but I had no idea what to say, “well as I said this was surprisingly nice, I don’t normally have company over.”

The girl tilted her head, “interesting…Well, I’ll head home, goodbye Jack.”

“Cya lily.”

“Oh and Jack…I know I’m the one who judges wither you get paid or not,” she suddenly said terrifying me, “you did well, I hope to do this another time and I’ll make sure you get paid for your job…Teacher,” and like that before leaving letting me close the door.

But I saw something.

For a split second just as it finished closing through the tiny gap I swear I saw a deadpan emotionless look in her blue eyes glaring at me angry or a better word frustrated. That fun cheery appearance she always had essentially vanished…Revealing something more, something dangerous. It creeped me out yet she was just a little girl, a teen what could go wrong. Anyway, she was a good kid which surprised me greatly I didn’t get why she even needed a private tutor she could handle this stuff easily herself.

However, there were matters more important to me at that moment. She knew! And she called me teacher! Am I like that now? Was she judging me? Comparing me to the one who hurt her? Fuck this was a pain.

Laying down all alone again…Even tho it was a pain I like to think it was worth it, talking with someone again I guess that why I secretly liked it so much, it was nice to have some company for once I may be a nervous wreck but even still.

This anxiety, I just lazied around trying to relax, an hour later I got a message from Deliah.

‘I heard from Lily, she had a really good time! And she said she learnt a lot! I knew I could trust you I’ve

put the money in your account same time next week?’

With a satisfied and excited grin remembering she said I would get paid…she must have liked it. I did go a little overboard checking my account it did seem much of a change…Wait…$20!? That how much I spent getting snack and stuff for the girl.

She did say it wouldn’t be much until she saw an improvement but was that was good? Was that normal? A quick goggle check found…it was around $10 to $40 an hour! I spent 4 hours with her…this…I was being fucking scammed, groaning looking back pissed I couldn’t say anything.

She was my mother’s friend…She was using me…Just like everyone else.

Peering back to my phone a little bitter yet unable to do a thing I sighed.

‘She a great student I’m glad she liked it and sure next week is fine.’

I put away the thing uncaring of the response this was my big break and now…Well, it was better than nothing I just had to be cheap, very cheap, then maybe I can finally get that break.


It’s been a few weeks since that, Lily was coming making this her fourth visit.

Our sessions together, teaching her have been going brilliantly. She’s truly an amazing kid bright intelligent…really intelligent and kind, make wonder how Deliah was even her mother, however recently she’s slowly starting to act…Strange.

The second time she was sweet and kind like before, bunking down we did our work she learned more about each other a little really finding out she was…Slight friends with her mother’s friend kids, Gianna’s kid Holly was the only one she could bear, while Grace and Gracie just tried to outclass her but failed every time something she found…Amusing.

Weird but anyway It was nice to know more about her…She asked about the money asking if it was satisfactory? Weird ass question but I just nodded I didn’t want her to worry I didn’t want her to think of me as some money grabbing asshole just ‘doing’ what he was paid for.

Even if I was being scammed…I wanted Lily to succeed, to know she could trust me…At least make someone else’s future better than mine.

I’ve grown to like her company she was smart, serious yet almost childish, innocent and optimistic certainly a character who was a bit egotistical but those moments only seem to slip out at times. It filled the loneliness I once had, funny cute and cheeky she seemed surprised herself, enjoying these sessions.

In the end, I had been strangely promoted to a friend…I felt a little pride well up I finally had a friend.

It was only after that she started acting weird.

The third time she came in…Less clothing, short shorts with her cream jacket and shirt showing off her thin legs still no matter I wasn’t interested, she seems almost closer too, teasing more about adult stuff…Asking more adult question trying to know more about me.

It was odd, really odd even for her so I ignored it…The girl might have a thing for me I don’t know…No that stupid she’s just a teenager she should be around others her age. She even asked if I had a girlfriend, I had to deflect it, I didn’t want her to know that…And no I’ve never had one.

Seeing her coming onto me was uncomfortable but I put up with it I didn’t know if she was surprised or unhappy I didn’t try anything with her especially after how much she’s been trying to show off. Tempting me to take her…Weird I know, no way I’m trying anything after what happened to her.

At the end…She looks at me a strange look in her eye and she seemed to promote me again no longer calling me teacher, now I was dubbed a good Friend.

Taking one look around the place a satisfied smile on my face, everything was clean set and ready for Lily’s arrival. Checking my phone…Weirdly, ever since the 3rd visit I’ve been getting weird emails and notification at someone was trying to get into my accounts.

Luckily nothing was stolen and It never happened again, so mysterious but whatever.

Suddenly the door went, ah she was here, these past few weeks and been really, really tough on me. From money and tiredness with everything getting harder and course work I just feel drained, weak, I even almost cancelled this season just to get a single day of rest.

Hopefully, nothing crazy happens this session.

“Coming!” I quickly shouted, rushing to the door opening.

Coming to a beautiful site.

Lily standing there like normal with her backpack her fluffy golden hair and cobalt eyes but…What she was wearing, those short shorts like before, but her shirt was a short one, one that shows off her tight toned belly her slime figure and arms, pink colour that said ‘Bad girl’ on it, done in fancy glitter, well I think it was glitter or that weird shiny material.

“Hey Jack,” she smiled excitedly.

I didn’t deny it but I stared for half a second more…what was she wearing!? Something like that in a place like this? Fuck if anyone saw I would get in a lot of fucking trouble.

“L-Lily Hey you must be cold!”

She grinned shrugging with a smug look the pink shirt hugged her body tightly pushing her chest, her C sized breast pressing against them.

“It’s actually quite warm today,” she responded heading inside swaying her hips too.

I didn’t stare shaking my head and closing the door, this was something I would need to talk about with her, it was good she was comfortable with me but that clothing would give anyone a bad idea.

“How are you, Jack?”

“Good, good Lily,” I said yet she did look convincing.

“Really? You’ve got a weird look…Like you’ve drunk.”

“Wait what?” I quickly resined her watching her already set everything up and taking off her shoes, “no, no just really tried, the college has been tight,” I sighed Lily had a curious look in her eyes, “but don’t worry, nothing coffee can’t fix huh.”

“but you hate coffee? And any hot drinks.”

I sigh, “yeah I do…Ok then smartass nothing a fizzy drink can’t fix,” I crossed my arms proudly.

“But you can’t afford fizzy drinks?”

Sighing again watching the girl with a grin just nodding along, “yeah your right, let get started and don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

She didn’t look satisfied but not wanting Lily to worry we quickly got to work, but I could tell something was off with her, just the way she spoke the way she looked at me the way she almost posed herself trying to show off her body, it made me uncomfortable.

“Well,” I sighed relaxing back into the sofa utterly shattered, “let take a break huh lily…Want some orange juice? I think I still have some.”

She was silent, oddly silently looking at her work she was strangely distracted today having a kinda dazed conflicted look.

“Jack…T-There something I w-wanted to ask you,” she suddenly hugged her knees…Oh no.

“Oh? What is it?”

“You said that everything here can stay between us right?” Her beautiful cobalt eyes turned to me look my way nervously.

“Of course we’re friend right?”

“Good friends,” she responded quickly.

“Ah well if you need something to talk about I’m here to give you an honest answer and it can be our little secret,” it sounded strangely robotic in my mind but I liked her I wanted to help her out.

“Little secret…Yes,” she grinned wildly and mischievous like a Cheshire cat, turning her whole body towards me, I quickly got nervous, “Jack…I’m really glad you’re the one teaching me.”

“T-That’s nice to say, Lily,” I tried smile attempting to hide my weariness, “why say that all of a sudden?”

“Well,” her grin widened leaning forward, “I need someone to teach me something,” She turned to me.

“Something that wouldn’t be…Normal, for someone like me to know,” there was something in her eye that sent chills down my spine…Something almost…Lustful.

“I need an…young adult like you to teach me stuff,” the teen hooks a finger on the rim of her shirt stretching it down a Cheshire cat grin spreading across her sweet face, “Stuff they don’t teach in schools.”

Her breast…Her teenage C sized breast in full perfect view the girl wasn’t wearing a bra her cute pink nipple erected her chest heaving Lily biting her lips staring waiting for my answer. She…Couldn’t possibly mean…Not…Sex ed!? But she barely knew me this was wrong! I knew it was wrong! Every part of me screams no!

“L-Lily!” I shouted surprised trying not to staring at her breasts, I’ve never seen a girl breast In real life before, “that is not something you should be saying!”

The lust faded into confusion, “wait what?”

“Not what! That isn’t something you should be wondering at your age! especially with someone six years older than you! Your just a teen!”

Her confusion quickly turned to anger frustration a bitterness on her cute face.

“Well everyone else is doing it! I wanna know about it too!” She spoke angrily.

“Again it’s not something you need to know! Lily, your way too young.”

She glared at me for a moment watching me panic fuck I was lucky to have no nosy neighbour to hear this! A 14 year old in here showing off her cute breasts! I would be fucked!

“Your scared,” she suddenly chuckled, like some flip had been switched inside her. Lily clawing slowly toward me, I could barely move due to the sofa and the coffee table, my own tiredness being my downfall, “remember what you said, no one will ever know, what happened between us stays between us,” she climbed more onto me pressing her body against mine, “come on Jacky, you must be lonely.”


“Don’t play games with me” she looks at me with pure intelligence in those eyes of hers…As if the girl before was gone, replaced with…This, “Your lonely… I can see it and in the place around you,” she was silence as if showing she was right, “you don’t have any friends, you don’t have a girlfriend you must be so sexually frustrated…Unless.”

“U-Unless what?” I replied angrily.

Her grinned widened even more, “you’re a virgin.”

“N-No! Lily stop this, t-this isn’t you!”

“Why are you holding back

Jacky? We’re alone here, a young girl wanting to know about sex and someone who knows it yet has never experienced it…I kinda like it in a way, both of us can discover it together, where no one will disturb us.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling herself closer, faces inches from one another.

“T-This isn’t you,” I whispered.

“Oh, sweet innocent Jacky…You have no idea,” she almost growled stating those word as if angry or annoyed, “but that doesn’t matter…Why haven’t you made a move on me! I’ve been showing off hinting at it yet you didn’t even try…Why is that? do you think I’m ugly?”

“N-No you’re beautiful…But you’re a teen, 14! it illegal!”

“Oh who gives a shit about the law, doesn’t stop all the other girls and boys my age…Seeing as your doing nothing I need to take matters into my own hands.”


She giggles, what was cute before was now terrifying…she wanted to fuck me. A girl wanted it yet it just had to be from a teenager, Deliah’s words blazed into my mind the threat everything the law I wasn’t a pedo I was a good man.

“Here a little secret about us girl…We are just as horny and sex crazy as guys when we hit puberty.”

Her dominate royal eyes glaring dangerously at me, I felt like a fly in her web.

“When a guy hits puberty they start thinking about a woman’s body, a feeling consumes them, that innocent lust they are told to embrace yet control it their a man, it’s in their biological duty so it is accepted but when a girl hit purity, she is told by her parent and society by all those around her to stay pure…Innocent…An eternal maiden until the time is right. Suppressing such lust, desires to be good little girls so that people can believe we are like that…but that’s fucking bullshit! We get horny excited yet we are just better at hiding our lust than boys when it builds…We do crazy things.”

“Y-You shouldn’t be thinking of this kinda stuff, You go to an all girls school! non of you girls should be like that” Was the only thing I could think to question her.

She rolled her eyes, “oh please they mingle with the boys at the mixed school in this city, both are like forbidden fruit to each other, girls curious and eager filled with an innocent desire to explored this feeling in their pussies and boy staring at the most beautiful thing they have ever seen making them oh so curious…But those mixed school girls know all those in pleasant hill are the most beautiful and desirable, so they can’t help but be territorial over those boys, wanting them to their selves so we are left with nothing.”

She glares down at me slowly started to grind her groin against my leg.

“There must be some excitement in all this…The taboo perhaps? In the lust of a young girl wanting you…This is probably the first time a girl given you attention like this, come now Jacky,” she inched closer her lips about to touch mine, “let fall into lust together and fuck the day away.”

I snapped, I was not a paedophile I was a good man, grabbing Lily’s shoulder as she closed in I forcibly pushed her back anger on my face glaring at the girl.

“Lily! You have no idea how much trouble we will get in if someone finds out! How much trouble I will get into! I refuse to have sex with you, Lily…You need help.”

Lily, instead of looking sad or upset…Just looked fucking pissed a burning fire in her eyes standing up undressing until she was naked.

“What are you!?”

“Shut up jack!” she stripped so easily revealing her lean beautiful body, she was flawless, skin looking soft and unspoiled like a maiden, growing beautiful she didn’t have any hair down there…So looked like she could be a model I just couldn’t describe how beautiful she was, and with those hateful eyes she moved to her back pulling out her phone, I panicked.

“I didn’t want to do this Jack…But you’ve left me no choice!”

She flicked something on the phone and turned to towards me I saw it clear as day, it was some strange app with an alert button.

“This is something my mother made me instal…it’s the equivalent of a rape whistle.”

The looked of dread covered my face setting the phone down on the table away from me easy reach of her and not of me. I know what would happen if she pressed that button the police wouldn’t believe me only the victim…the lying victim.

“P-Please Lily…Why are you blackmailing me? I-i thought we were friends,” I said…I had never been betrayed before…Well maybe my mother but nothing like this, it hurt.

Her look never changed glaring down at me.

“I told you I didn’t want too…but there’s something I want…I have been wanting it for more than a year now to get it! This burning inside me my pussy wasn’t stop twitching! I need to fuck something I need to feel it again, I need a cock! It driving me insane!” She lunged at me throwing the phone to the table she pushed me to the floor, I couldn’t fight back too tried and weak using the last of my energy before to just push her off, “I’ll never get another moment as perfect as this and I will get what I want!”

The 14 year old thrusted her head pressing her lips…Against mine…She kissed me.

It was soft…Like sparks in my mouth her sweet small lips pressing closer. I felt her tongue force its way into my mouth brushing against my tongue…my first kiss…to a 14 year old gild. She pulled back an almost orgasmic look on her face.

“Fuck I needed that…You look cute terrified.”

Staring up at the girl acting like some queen, empress over me I was powerless to do a thing, I didn’t want this…Yeah another part did, I shook my head trying to push away the through her grin only widen.

“You enjoyed that huh…This feeling…it so exciting,” the look she had a feral lust and excitement bubbling in the girl a sense of dominance? I had no idea…But I had questions.

“W-Why,” I squeezed out her eye returning to me annoyed, “why are you doing this?”

“I told you didn’t I? I’m horny! I want to fuck! I need to feel a cock inside me…you have no idea how much I’ve been holding back….I expected you to take me,” she spoke annoyed, “I gave you so many chances to just ravish me…made It clear I wanted you I would have never said anything happy to be your perved little fuck toy so long as I got what I wanted.”

“W-What!? I-I’m not like that! I would never do that to a girl.”

“Why? You are a man right? Aldo…You are more…Sensitive than more guy, more caring…It odd.”

That hurt my pride reminding me of what my mother raised me to be, she noticed so she just smirked at me.

“I didn’t try anything because your mother threatened to ruin my life…She said you went through something traumatic with some previous teacher.”

She tilted her head, eyes widening seeming to piece everything together, laying on top of me staring at me she sat up still naked as the day she was born straddling my jeans.

“She threatened you? And she didn’t even tell you what happened? I didn’t plan for that…No matter.”

“W-What happened!” I demanded I might be about to salvage something from this and convinced her not to do this.

She glared at me but only a moment looking away annoyed sighing begrudgingly.

“I would rather us move on to the fun stuff…but I might as well tell you because you won’t shut up and enjoy this until I do,” her hackled grin returned, sitting comfy on my couch.

“There is something you need to know about me, Jack…I am what you might call…A very special girl,” she spoke with a mix of annoyance and pride, “I am a prodigy, a mental genius with a mind that could rival most adults. I have always been like this, a talented child, smarter than anyone and everyone else…But it comes at the cost with the way I think,” she spoke still staring, “I don’t feel much empathy or compassion I’m logical, not emotional, it might be better to compare me to a sociopath…But with morals,” she said, I didn’t believe her…if she was way willing to blackmail me to get what she wants…I just glared at her she ignored it.

“At the age of ten I knew how this world worked and how my life would plan out, it would be…oh so boring…Doomed with a brilliant mind like mine among mindless dumb monkey it’s often a blessing and a curse…I didn’t have much interested in anything really, love, passion hobbies it was all just obstacles in the way of what I wanted…But what I wanted? I didn’t know myself.

I watched her explain her life story like it was some show, the woes of Lily Beadle some prodigy child.

“But then all changed with I met my teacher, Mr Dover came into my life…A brilliant man who was a good teacher, smart and funny he was one of the few people I could tolerate…I knew he had an eye for me but I had no interest In such things…But then late one night alone in the library Mr Dover came to me and wanted to speak to me in his office,” Lily had an almost feral grin on her face replaying the story, telling it to me…her version of this story, “we went, we arrived finding it odd he was still here…but when I heard him locked that door…I felt real fear for the first time in my life…That’s when he raped me.”

“H-He…Raped you!?”

She rolled her eyes, “yes…He was obsessed with me, utterly, my genius my intelligent the way I walked around like a queen, I knew what I was and I liked to flaunt it, he thought I was teasing him that I would be the perfect woman to bear his child, our child would be a genius one he would milk for fame and glory but to get that he needed the perfect girl to breed with,” the way she said it terrifying me yet she didn’t even look like she cared, just found it an annoyance…but that announce faded quickly a dreamy look on her face, “I remember every moment..the way he threw me to his desk, the way he ripped off my clothing when he…Deflowered me,” she shivered a little…But not from fear, “I even remember feeling his hot semen inside me when

he burst…He fucked me for hours…and hours, in every position imaginable, all to fuck a baby into my belly mating like a wild animal a beast ravishing me, helpless to fight back.”

I was horrified staring In disbelief staring at the poor broken girls.

“Y-You must of be terrified.”

She chuckled softly rocking her head, “No I wasn’t,” she answered which confused me, “I loved every second of it,” there was a fire in her eyes a spark of something insane, joy, the sadistic kind.

“Feeling that cock inside me, the pain, pleasure…The unimaginable pleasure for the first time in my life! My blood boiling my lust raging orgasming again and again until I could no longer think! Instinct and desire took over like he was turning me into a beast, an animal just like him! Turning out like so many of the bimbo girls around the school! It was like nothing I had ever felt before, could even comprehend! It made me feel…Alive.”

I saw it the wild lust in her eyes like the beast, the animal inside her re-awakening again staring at me…Hungry.

“After we were done, I was filled and covered in cum, a feral grin of my face…he said not to tell anyone…I almost didn’t, wanting to know more about this pleasure…At that moment I had found my purpose, to know, learn of such unimaginable pleasure and control it, have it for myself…But when he spoke about how he raped other teens…I snapped and immediately reported that bastard. I, myself, didn’t care what he did to me…but other’s would ruining their innocent lives, and that was the end of his tale, sent to the darkest prison imaginable for everything he did and I was proclaimed as a tormented, tortured victim…we ended up moving far away to this city and I started attending Pleasant hills, seemed that life had returned to normal for everyone…But for me.”

Her hand gripped my jacket, tightly shivering a little.

“I never forgot…I never forgot that night, I never ended up getting pregnant, but I didn’t care I needed it… a burning inside me had been lit, my body begging for it, to feel it again like a drug, taking over my mind, I had been shown something more exciting then pride, knowledge or even power…Lust,” she stopped a moment collecting her thoughts, “I spent every day since then, just over a year researching into everything to do with pleasure, sex, lust everything in my mission for sex, to have sex again, it was hard, my mother like a hawk believing me to be some broken traumatic baby but no in my quest, I found my passion my meaning, what it means to be alive! It was like a phoenix from the ashes I was reborn…With what I had the yearning inside me… I knew I would need it again and I would need it soon…It affected my studies enough to make mother notice…At that moment I was given my golden moment the very thing I needed…A private tutor.”

She stared at me keeping my voice silent to my thoughts.

“I didn’t want to have sex with just anyone. Couldn’t be with one my age his cock would be too small and I didn’t want to have it with some grimy older guy I have standers, needed someone I could be alone with, someone who couldn’t end up blacking me or report me someone outside was not a question I have fantasies I wish to explore, I had demanded one yet she refused, remembering what happened before so I was stuck with whatever my mother would choose, and by her standers, it would be next to impossible I would have to be lucky it wasn’t a woman…I don’t know why she didn’t pick one if she was so concerned with what happened to me,” she said making me wonder herself…probably because it would be cheaper with me seeing as she was scamming me, “All looked hopeless until one night she said she found me one…One I could so easily push around, some dumb guy so one that would never try anything with me like a trained poodle…a simple young man in college.”

My eye widens…did she really say that about me? Her grin widens seeing as I knew the answer and who she was talking about.


“Bingo Jacky…And she was right…Yet wrong,” she said softly almost slightly, “everything was perfect, the location, the setting and it was a man! I will be honest…You weren’t what I was expecting,” her gaze did yield a little, “you were timid, nervous yet you made an effect you spoke to me as if I was an actual human being instead of some broken child…The sweet girl persona I put on was to learn about you see what type of man you were…Make you more likely to try something with me…I expect you to just take me…My panties were soaking the whole time there, you had no idea how much I tried to hold back.”

Did she? Was that her plan the whole fucking time! Just to get me.

“You cared about me…some child you were forced to look after, you wasn’t a teacher, yet you didn’t half ass it, you tried, and you tried to make sure I was comfortable…it was…generally sweet,” she hesitated for a moment meaning more to her then she was letting on, “but it wasn’t necessary yet still it continued even after I left and mother began to scam you,” I froze…She knew!? “but even so,” she resumed, “you tried to help even after I started appearing in more appealing clothing to seductive and teasing which did nothing, it was noble yet infuriating, I knew you wouldn’t try anything…so I had to take matters into my own hands…and here we are now…Happy? Jacky?”

I just laid there silently leaning back against the floor still betrayed backstabbed.

“So I’m just a…Means to an end.”

That look again, pitty staring at me as I learnt everything nothing has changed…I was still just a tool.

“Yes Jacky I never needed help studying,” she didn’t even try and hide it, “you are…Don’t look so down…you get to have sex with a beautiful and brilliant 14 year old, who’s a prodigy that will one day make her mark on the world and you know I’m not going to say a thing.”

“But it still wrong! Against the law!”

She stared determined and sighed loudly annoyed, “you are a tough nut to crack, like a knight or some boy scout always doing what he’s told…Don’t you want to have sex? To be naughty for one? Rebel even a little?”

The thought has crossed my mind I looked away not saying a thing yet my silence was the answer she needed, I couldn’t hide anything from this genius, I wasn’t smart or sly enough to convince her otherwise.

And she saw it finding the edge she needed.

“This could be it…the thing to break the shackles of your goody, goody mind, you are like me in a way…Trapped, do you even know what it means to be alive? To feel what I felt so long ago?” she looked almost excited leaning down her face right In front of mine, “I can show you, just as the asshole showed me…but I will be gentle…Kiss me, Jacky…And I promise you, to set you free and show you what it means to feel truly alive.”

Every part of me screamed no…yet a stronger part screamed yes! All my life I had never known what I might be to feel free, to finally know what it’s like to be someone not as my mother’s tool but as my own person…I didn’t trust her…I knew what I was to her…Expendable, I knew how wrong this was…Yet the whispers of my mind cracked my resolve.

In that moment…I wanted to do something…Bad.

so I pushed forward and kissed her.

She grinned finally getting what she wants moaning into my mouth, pushing back I wrapped my hand around her tender soft naked body feeling every inch of her. The girl started grinding her body against me a rising excitement bubbling inside her, feeling her perky breast pressing into my chest. She pulled back with a satisfied look on her face.

“Good boy,” she whispered, “now are you ready for some real fun?”

Even now everything screamed no yet I was committed I didn’t want to back down being tired of being lonely for so long I wanted to know what she was talking about, just a little.

“S-Should we move to the bedroom?”

“No!” she demanded sliding down to my groin pulling the zippier on my hoodie, “we are fucking on the floor…Like animals!” she almost laughed, “fuck my pussy can’t stop leaking! It gonna happen…finally,” she growled at the end a satisfying growl…this was no girl…But a beast in human skin.

Quickly I got rid of my clothing with her help she stripped me to my boxer wanting to reveal it herself, the genius barely able to contain her own excitement. This was so strange watching her seeing the sweet and innocent Lily knowing it was all a lie.

This was her true self. Some cynical, sarcastic female Sherlock homes too good for anyone else yet a slave to her own desires.

Our clothing served as a cover so my back wouldn’t burn on the carpet floor, she planned to go hard, rough I doubted her…Which just made her smile wildly at the challenge.

“Finally,” she spoke her hot breath on my boxers her face pressing towards the bludge.

To think a naked 14 year old in my apartment on her hand and knee ass In the air staring at my boxers, my cock kept on twitching excited, while I was still shell shocked by everything that happened.

“Now let see what we’re working here, for so long I’ve been researching about this it’s so much different in person.”

Having no idea how ‘much’ she researched but I could only imagine, a girl like her seeing my cock! Fuck I was losing it, some part of me couldn’t stop screaming at how wrong it was. Her slender hand grabbed the edges of my boxer, ever so slowly pulling them down, a white crazy giggly smile on the guy’s face.

With a hard pull almost tearing off the boxers leaving me naked in my apartment on the carpet floor…With a sexy naked schoolgirl, this was every guy perverted dream.

Staring at the thing bouncing a little she stared as if it the holy grail.

“Good sized really,” she looked impressed if a little, “perfect size honestly, you men believe all girl want massive nine-inch cocks but actually having those inside a

girl like me would hurt too much, this I believe will give just the right amount of fullness and resistance…Fuck my pussy’s soaking.”

She was barely holding back, but I think the only thing stopping her losing it was me…my face she couldn’t stop staring at it enjoying every emotion I was giving.

This situation was the reverse of what happened to her, was this exciting her more? Or less?

Climbing on top pressing her down on my cock the slit of her pussy leaking onto my semi hardening cock almost becoming it own lubrication sliding it up and down a hand holding on my hip letting her push herself up exposing her body leaning back pressing out her breasts that beautiful golden hair of hers flowing down her body like some young beautiful goddess, a grin plated on her face liking my reaction.

“Don’t worry…We will begin soon…soon,” she spoke that wild grin still on her face having no idea if she was talking to me or herself.

It felt amazing her soft warm body on me, feeling the heat the wetness with bated breath shivering a little all just exciting her more.

“It’s time…Ready? I’ll go slow so you can enjoy it.”

That nice…All of this was driving me crazy, my morals silenced looking at the naked girl my heart raced in my chest, I was going to finally have sex know what it like with such a beautiful girl, the taboo of it all breaking me.

Still wanting her, leaning forward lifting herself up watching her juice flow onto the tip a hand going under grabbing my cock…holy fuck…I’m really going to lose my virginity to a 14 year old.

“Wait! What about protection?”

She shrugged smiling, “good thinking but don’t worry I’m on birth control…But even without I wouldn’t be stopping,” the girl glowed grinning almost cruelly, “I want to feel that hot cum filling inside me…Oh and don’t worry about cumming, you’re a virgin so I expect it to be quick… I’ll just make you hard again until I’m finished with you.”

The predatory hunger in her eyes, the tone of her voice left me silent, with nothing more said she shifted a little pressing the press again her entrance.

Slowly lowering herself down.

Both our voice cried out in please, gasping for air, I watch her the whole time my cock ever so slowly entering such a small hole pushing her outer lips apart gentle coming through. It only took a moment for the tip to slip inside making me gasp, Lily didn’t stop lowering pushing it deeper and deeper into her body taking it all. Tight walls clung and partnered for me struggling a little she was determined to go all the way to the base.

The whole time she smiled like a mad lustful woman.

“Yes! Fuck yes finally! Sorry I’m so tight, it has been a while…but I get it all in just…right…now!”

With our screams, she slams the rest of her beautiful body down my cock diving through slamming against something deepen inside her…Immediately her inside spasming Lilly’s eye bugged out her head! Body shaking like a leaf.

“Lily!?” I said worried, slowly sitting up.

She just stopped reaching a hand out to stop me, needing a moment.

“Just…Adjusting…Fuck I didn’t expect to orgasm from just putting it in, I expected you to do that.”

I was close, not that I would tell her staring at her seeing where we connected it hit me, I was inside a girl, a beautiful girl, remembering all the guy bragging about the sex they got it now I knew why they bragged…it was indescribable.

“Congrats Jacky,” she grinned a little, “You’ve officially broken the law and lost your virginity to a 14 year old…but if we were in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador we would be fine seeing as their age of consent is 14,” she chuckled…Actually fucking chuckled, losing that commanding dominating mastermind persona of her leaving…This sex-crazed one, “how it feels? Tell me!”


“Go on, go on, get creative and I’ll make it feel really good.”

Unknown if that was true but again that look in her eye she was the one in control. Her hand on my chest feeling the warmth inside her…Fuck this was so wrong yet why does it feel so good.

“W-Warm…Wet…tight,” I said, she nodded but wanted me to continue, “your walls wrapping again me pulsing as if it alive, consuming me, coiling like…some snake, a-and I felt something pressing again my tip it’s-“

“My cervix,” she cried out feel it my tip poke her, “the gateway to my womb, made to suck up every drop of sperm, you can feel it latch onto your tip right? Sucking and pulsing right.”


“It that extrema type of pleasure, to coax a man to cum faster and strongest, leaving him trapped, you know a woman can almost lock up her own pussy making it impossible for the man to escape her until she was done…Draining every last drop of his cum…Is what I’m saying turning you on?”

I blushed looking away, I didn’t want to give her my answer yet the look was everything she needed.

“Thought so I can feel you twitch inside me…I need to move…now!”

Not even giving me a chance she lifted herself, almost feeling a pop, feeling my tip leave something before everything began to dragging back…before she slammed down again feeling her wall tighten and dragging against me pressing me to that familiar entrance.

Lily moaned, leaked out her cute lip biting them not even hold back, up and down, up and down rising and failing thrust herself on my cock crying out in pleasure at every time it hit her inner wall. Watching the girl riding me…Was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, slowly losing her mind seeing those eyes staring at me watching me like a hawk.

“Fuck I needed this! Slide your hands across my body…you can touch it,” she teased tempting me…Or demanding from me I couldn’t tell.

My hand which were once gripping the floor slowly slid up her slender legs, it was pointless resisting. Hand gracefully moving up to her thighs then her slim waist, her tender and soft body cute belly, it just as I imagined a girl’s body to be I wanted more reaching up to her breasts.

Her hands meeting mine gripping them as she shattered shaking again seeing the girl’s eye’s roll to the back of her head tongue out breathing heavily her insane freaking again like before, was she orgasming?

Suddenly she snapped out of it continued to move again, with her hand moving mine to the carpet. Looming over me pinning me to the floor…our faces…So close, fuck I was getting close something burning rising inside me, fuck I was going to cum!

“You’re going to cum soon…I can feel you freak out inside me,” silently she lowered to my ear, “do it, cum inside me, fill my teen womb to the brim!”

Her movements become more violent, eager to coax out my seed.

The pleasure so close to wrecking my body the point of no return, I was about to climax inside a teen girl like her. What had I become yet I didn’t care, there was only one thing on my mind…My approaching climax.

Still in disbelief, horror at myself for letting such a thing happen, trying to find every excuse to justice what I was doing but…No.

It felt good, I never want it to end…She was right, this feeling…It made me feel alive.

“Lily!” I grunted.

She let go from my hands to my face grabbing it tightly and kissed me hard with one final slam of those slender hip she took me as deep as humanly possible it was too much.

And I started cumming inside her 14 year old pussy.

Bursting like a flood gate my body jolt, spasmed like her, pumping my seed deep inside her. Lily’s eye snapped open her body began to shudder like mine, seeming to orgasm too breaking the feral kiss.

“Fuck! You’re so warm! It has been so long!” she cried out a curved wild smile on her sweet face.

Both both stayed like that thrusting my hip a few times to get everything into her smaller body she did the same, inside her body naturally started milking me of everything I had, moving, undulating around me, I just couldn’t stop cumming inside her.

The pleasure, the build-up was nothing I felt before, my mind drifting away losing itself I barely recognised the world around me, completely mind fucked…Who knew it could feel so good.

The feeling of cumming, filling a 14 year old girl…It was amazing.

I felt something fall on top of me, my blurry vision slowly turning seeing Lily laying there breathing slightly on my chest her smaller one rising and lowering, she finally pulled away once she felt my member softening slipping easily out of her.

With soft giggling escaping her lip gently sitting up leaning back eager to see the handy work…A sticky white trail left her pussy it made her grin widen.

“You really pumped a massive load into me…Not bad from a virgin,” she said I couldn’t tell if she was mocking me in some smart ass way but I honestly didn’t care, I was just…out of it.

“How it feel?” she changed the subject, her tender eyes staring right at me, “to finally have sex?”

“G-Great…Oh my god…what have I done,” realisation kicking in the afterglow of my orgasm fading leaving only the guilt of what I did.

Again I felt something lay on me. Lily again, she was serious, almost emotionless look on her face not even embarrassed that she was still naked with…M-My cum inside her.

“Don’t worry Jack nothing bad will happen and I asked for it so stop feeling so guilty,” she spoke seriously, “I even tried to blackmail you…I Didn’t want to but…it doesn’t matter I’m not a fan of manipulating good kindhearted people.”

Still in a drunken haze lingering of her words…Good? Kindhearted…It made me frown a little something she didn’t see coming.

“Right…Because what I will always be,” I growled with a seething hatred burning in my voice, “the good kindhearted boy doing whatever everyone else wants…Just like my mother taught me…What she raised me to be.”

Lily eye widens never expecting this, a new spark of interested in her eyes tilting her head.

“Oh? Do tell…I’m here to listen…You must not get that a lot…Someone that would listen.”

I glare at here angry, angry at what she did what she forced me to do, what I’ve done I’m ruined for life if anyone knew.

“Why? I’m just a means to an end Lily, a tool to be used just like everyone else! it not like you actually gave a shit about me! You just wanted to use me like some living dildo! Why the fuck would you care!”

She glared for a moment before softening a look in her beautiful intelligent in her eyes as if the answer was so simple.

“Because we’ve best friends.”

“Best? Friends?”

“Yes,” she ignored everything else, “your the first one ever really, I never found interest in making connections with people, but from that wild sex we had it opens up the mind and heart to such strange things, I never wanted or needed friends until I learnt about sex…There a strange certain…comfort from it, that not just from the pleasure, something I can’t explain but the fact is I can’t do it alone I need another person to have sex with and that takes someone you can trust…it brings a strange…Again a…I don’t know, perhaps I’ll know if I doing it more.”

“Lily…Your lonely,” I said my anger fading seeing her open up to me.

Yet again a surprised frown quickly formed on her face, “excuse me?”

“Think about it, you’ve closed yourself up for so long since what happened since finding you…Err passion, when you have sex, you’re not alone you’ve always been alone, for this you kinda have to share this experience with someone else maybe it could be that?”

She placed a hand on her chin thinking about it for a moment before shrugging.

“Maybe but to sum up your question…I’m going to need you again and because I need you your special to me so I care, simple as that.”

Simple as that? Fine then watching her waiting to just…listen, I’ve never actually had that before it strange but…Nice.

“Alright then…About what I said earlier, have you met my mother?”

“Yes, I remember she came over one time…I always thought something was off about her, no offence to you, all I knew is she a single move with an older son and daughter around my age that it.”

“Right well…My dad, he cheated on my mother.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah she didn’t find out until she gave birth to Abby…when he never showed up…rather showing up to the other woman who was giving birth to a baby girl at the same time.”

Lily just stared shocked by this I just look on bitter old dead memories flaring up inside me head.

“That when everything went down hill and there was a lot of fighting I remember that and when I was six he left her to be with that other woman and start a family…somewhere in the world I have a half-sister the same age as Abby.”

“Interesting do you know your father’s name?”

“No I don’t I was too young and he was never around I haven’t seen the man since he left mum I would remember his face but I doubt he would remember me.”

“I see, at least we both have that in common.”

“Wait what?”

“I knew very little of my father only he did the same with my mother, impregnating another woman, It why I hate cheaters and manipulators…even if I’m one I don’t want to ruin peoples live,” she said making me frown at her knowing what would happen if anyone knew about what happened, she noticed rolling her eyes, “anyway, I’ve only seen him a few time In my life, a brilliant intelligent man who reminds me of myself…But crueller,” she shivered, ” I know I have a half-sister out there but either way it’s no concern to me…So how did your mother handle it?”

“Pretty freaking badly, she kept Abby raising her to be the daughter, the child she always wanted and I became a reminded of my dad and what he did to her…so in her way she wanted revenge,” with both sat up resting naked against the sofa she said crossed legs her sweet slightly sweaty body her breasts, pussy god she was beautiful, but I quickly continued, “I always thought my mother was…Overprotective, she didn’t like me playing with other boys and always had to help around the house, help with Abby…I wanted to help my mum knowing she went through something bad…But she used that to change me into what she wanted, all the while I never knew what I was becoming.”

I could see it in Lily’s eye, the gears in her head already turning blazing with interest this teenage genius figuring out my whole life story…yet she was silent letting me rant on.

For the first time in my life…I got to tell someone my story, the truth…How I really feel about everything.

“When did you learn this?” she asked.

“About a year ago…It just came to me one time, wondering why I was different, why I was more emotional, sensitive like a girl, a guy joked that I was a girl, I played it off as a laugh just a guy being a guy but the comment from that asshole stuck with me…And it just became a spiral into despair, wondering what I was becoming, what I had become…Maybe what my mother had done.”

“Out of spit,” Lily joined in, “she raised you to be nothing like him, a selfless emotional man that weighed the weight of the would on his shoulder for everyone else. Hand and feet never asking what he might want, because it would sound selfish to just simply ask what you wanted for once…And if you do you start feeling guilty…am I correct?” she said…Perfectly.

All I could do was nodded…Depressed

“Y-Yeah…Exactly, I’m not the kinda guy to ask such a thing afraid of being a pain, I just want to be useful.”

“So you can feel accepted? It troubling really,” she looked angry I could see it, made me shiver a little, “but the important thing here is now that you know the truth you see it with your own eyes what do you want to do? Do you want to be a bad rebellious person? Or a kind one?

“That’s the thing I don’t know! Of course, I don’t want to do anything illegal! Even if I just did! But I don’t want to hurt anyone but to be kind to others? Do I want to be kind? Be selfless? Do I want strong mortals? Is that what I am? Or is that what my mother raised me to be!”

I panicked falling back into my despair clutching my head.

“How much of there is really me!? And how much was from my mother manipulation…I don’t even know anymore…Everything just feels like a lie.”

I tried pushing it out but saying it, finally truly saying. Opening up these feeling inside me was unstoppable I just didn’t know anymore.

Who am I anymore, I didn’t even know what to think forever wondering if these thoughts are my own or what?

An arm suddenly wrapped around my head pulling me closer into Lily’s bosom, looking up seeing Lily holding me, she kissed me again, turning my mind blank…All while stroking my hair.

She broke the kiss staring down almost concerned, a real concern for once.

“I do not know that answer, Jacky, you’re clearly a very conflicted person, with an identity crisis, therapy may help but either way your nothing like what I expected,” she said with renewed curiosity, “something rare indeed, a very different person…Like myself in a way,” that serious look again but something more sympathy, kindness, “but my question stays the same…Do you want to be a good person?”

“Yes,” I responded slowly even with my mother manipulation even with how I am I don’t want to hurt anyone because of it, I don’t want to let out my rage and blame the world or my mother, even if she was a shit one.

What good was causing pain in the world when nothing would change.

“But I just want to feel like my own person, make my own choices…But thanks, no one has ever done that for me before.”

She patted my head letting me pull back a little.

“That is what best friends are for…Apparently, it all new to me.”

“Me too Lily…Me too.”

That was the moment…A connection…A bond was made.

Even if I was still pissed over what she did. Not even bothering to apologise but to be honest, today I just wasn’t In the mood to care, we both quickly got sorted having a shower…Only she did so no funny business.

She wanted a second round but because of the time we couldn’t, both of us were tried but got dressed I noticed she erased that alert app she had. I guess she no longer needed it or did it even work? Was it fake? I didn’t know, still kinda foolish in my mind the world was dangerous.

Even since our sexual encounter…I started seeing her in a whole new light, no longer the sweet innocent Lily I meet long ago now this teen genius, a smart cunning and cruel woman who knew what she wanted with her life, better than me, someone I couldn’t help respect yet fears…Knowing the length she’d go to get what she wants.

With that lustful domination persona, teasing and joking like a split personality it felt dangerous just like her, we both sat on the sofa just mindless relaxing together before she suddenly got up.

“I must say I’m pretty happy with hows things turned out,” she said suddenly turning, “I will be straight with you, now you know everything and we’re already had sex I want this to continue, I want to have more sex with you and explore this relationship, I do hope you won’t struggle as much as you did next time,” a sharp dangerous look flashed In her eyes.

“N-Next time?” Did I want that? Could I do that again? Remember it flashing In my mind…I didn’t know.

“Of course, since the beginning, I already said I didn’t need help with studying, I just need someone to satisfy my sexual desires, now I have that…if you’d wish to still be a teacher you could just be my sex ed professor,” she said sounding like a joke but the look and way she said it didn’t.

I just shrugged a little nervous, “i-i don’t mind…I-I remember you said there was a lot of things you want to try.”

A grin formed that other persona returning, “yes there is…I feel I need to…Apologise In some way,” she said so suddenly that lustful persona fading she looked slightly guilty in a way making her frown, “so I’m willing to make some type of deal with you as your going to be living a dangerous life, such danger needs…Motion to go on, make the danger worth it,” she spoke making me wonder, worth it? Motivation? “so you know I’m not some normal 14 year old girl so what is that you want? Money? A new place to live? Or something else on the more…rare and exotic side…I have my ways to get whatever I want, a man like you who’s never been allowed to ask what he wants this is your moment so what is it you want? Anything is on the plate here Jacky, just ask away.”

She had that look in her eye knowing she could do it, how? I might never know…but what did I want? Looking around my place finding I did like it. Money is always good and having no idea what she meant by rare and exotic.

But really thinking about it my mind wondered too why I enjoyed these sessions before all this…What I wanted? my heart already knew.

“Company…I don’t want to feel so lonely.,” I meekly spoke already feeling guilty.

Her eye widen a little surprised but it faded quickly, “the loneliness finally got to you, huh, but I expected this, a man forced to live the whole of his life feeling alone, never knowing what it’s like to have friends or to even meet someone who truly ever cared…Fine, then Jacky I will provide you with that in exchange for our secret meetings, meaningful and exciting company to indulge In and satisfy the loneliness In your life…And your own lust.

I froze a mix of fear and excitement…Wait for excitement!? I pushed those away staring at her.

“W-Wait what…Y-You can’t possibly mean.”

The grin was all I need chuckling softly her sweet soft voice coming from such a terrifying thing.

“Oh yes I am not the only girl who’s sexually awakened or curious…over my year of research, I’ve discovered so many girls the same age as me or slightly older who are just as curious yet too scared to take that step and get want they want…They just need a guy,” she wiggled an eyebrow, ” someone they can trust to guide them gently,” she winked at me enforcing that message, “someone who cared about them more than his urge to satisfy his own sexual pleasure…You would be perfect for them, two bird with one stone, I’m possibly the best friend in the world,” that childish pride came to life, “it’s what best friends do right?”

“Best friends,” I said just as she said before

“Yes Jacky best friends help each other that it’s really, I will help you with your conflicted mind too and help you in finding your happiness which is all you want…So simple and innocent,” she said acting as if she knew, but did she? I wondered, “and I will protect you if needs be.”

“P-Protect me? I-i don’t need it you do.”

“That innocent of you to say but you have no idea how harsh this world is, just as I am your secret you are mine and I don’t want anything to happen to you…You’re a good man who cares about everyone more than yourself…That could be because of how your mother raised you or that just your nature, but either way…Without you, I can’t satisfy my sexual frustrations and an innocent man is punished for something he was forced to do,” guilt… I think it was only thing flashing across her eyes it shocked me honestly, “so I will protect you…I have my ways.”

I doubted that but some part of me just nodded thankfully.

“it a win, win for both, you’re partially being paid to fuck me…And you might even be paid to fuck others.”

“Wait what!” my head snapped her seeing that cat-like grin.

“Just some ideas…I feel so free! An electro buzzing into my skull, my skin like wildfire oh yes I’m happy for the first time In a long while, you’re going to be fun Jacky,” she snuggled into me giggling like a teen, “be good and satisfy me, and In return, I’ll satisfy your loneliness, our lives are going to change forever Jacky…My first best friend.”

“Y-Yeah…Right,” I replied more nervous, ” and I’ll look out for you,” it felt right but something inside me told me to say it.

“That is sweet,” I didn’t know if she meant it or believe me herself.

Getting up from the sofa standing by the door she checks if she had everything, I help her too, while still shell shock at everything.

“Now you have my number?”

“Yeah I got it earlier,” she said even with all the time we spend together I never did have that until now.

“Right good if you feel like talking or letting out some anger don’t hesitate to message me I’ll always respond…If I can’t it means I’m at school or doing something boring…Farewell Jacky, I’m going to need to sort a way to see each other more.”


“Yes, now I can have sex whenever I want, once a week is not going to stay me and soon not satisfy you, I’m keeping my word on the deal we made, I will help you through your troubles if you help me in return…How do you feel about babysitting? I feel that’s more your calling than teaching.”

“B-Baby sitting? I mean I always did it for my mum looking out for my sis while she was away…Doing something,” I sigh knowing she was just doing it to hang with her friends, “so yeah I can do that.”

“Great, it fits with my grand plan…I might be able to see you after school.”

“But isn’t pleasant hill far away?”

The girl just stopped tilting her head for a moment…Before grinning widely.

“I see ok then well I’ll be going now…Before I go I suggest you walk down the path inside of taking the train you’ll see a forest path…A ten-minute walk should be enough.”

“Enough for what?”

“You’ll see,” she almost chuckled, “oh another thing check your bank account…your a little on the skinny side I wanna see some more meat on your bones…And my favourite juice is Ribena, don’t forget it.”

“R-Right,” I said nervously, “cya…Lily.”

With an almost cute wave, which quickly faded she left my home leaving me to just close the door.

I sighed leaning my head on the door.

Everything began to sink in.

Lily’s true personality, her story her perverted purpose in life and with me, losing my virginity…having sex with a cute 14 year old girl.

And the fact I had begun a sexual relationship with her.

And the possibility of there being more.

It felt so wrong, all my sense screaming this was wrong, I was a twisted fuck up man for indulging in her for doing this yet another part…roared out in delight.

I did something and it was wrong…Like a free animal chuckling to myself scared at how much I was enjoying it as much as I did. Having sex with her Lily it wasn’t like anything I ever felt like two puzzle piece fit together, I’d never forgotten it never forget the feeling of cumming deep inside her.

It was so…Fucking wrong yet so right, I was a criminal a dirty perv yet I didn’t care I felt alive…This was what she meant…She set me free just as she promised…Now I wanted more.

But quickly paranoid set in, the next few hours didn’t do me any good pacing around just waiting for the FBI or police to smash down my door and arrest me. I was tempted to message Lily about my paranoia she said to contact her if I needed to talk or wanted to rant, yet it felt selfish to do so.

With the sun setting, I got a message from Lily’s mother…It made me shake a little knowing what I did to her daughter, the very thing she threat me not to do…How the fuck was I going to ever face her again.

The message was her thanking me for how well I was doing and how happy Lily was, eager to continue and even about babysitting, hearing I wouldn’t mind it she seems interested and overjoyed she liked me so much.

At least she didn’t know I didn’t want my life to be ruined, I just agree playing along with Lily’s game…I mean I was serious about not minding…We would probably just be fucking the whole time…Fucking…Sex.

The memory of staring into her eyes as I came inside, kissing her lips blazed to life getting me hard, I wanted to ignore it yet another message came in saying she gave me extra for being so good and being proud, again pissed at the scam…then remembering what Lilly said to check my bank.

Confused I got it up…My jaw almost dropping.

Delilah one was simply $25 an extra five…but the second one from an unknown account.

Over $200! over 200 fucking dollars!? That enough for my super cheap rent! $125, for the location being on the edge of the city and condition of the place. The money I so desperately needed! there was a note or something an email saying

‘To help with the rent I quite like the isolated place and to congratulate you on your first time, keep satisfying me and I’ll keep it going, until next time bestie.’

Who was this other account? It couldn’t possibly be Lily…How she gets it? Either way, it was the godsend I needed…The break I needed.

I celebrated by getting take out, the good kind stuffing myself a happy dinner In my belly the first in a very long time after I slowly went to bed. Relaxing there mindlessly looking over my phone…still freaking out, paranoid about everything, what I did what was going to happen, I was nervous yet worried.

Remember Lily’s other message…Walking down that path. I never did, always walking toward home now I was curious where that other path leads too…Was there something down that path? I didn’t know but still for Lily to say that I better investigate it when I can…I was stressing out.

Then I got a message from someone…Lily.

‘Hey just checking if this works and look at this’ it said I look and quickly another message came.

One that made my cock rock hard.

It was a picture of her…In her pyjamas, pulling up the shirt and lowing the bottomed teasing her naked body under the cute outfit, a cute mischievous smile on her face.

I actually blushed seeing how cute she was, another message came in.

‘i can still feel your cum deep inside me…you can use that to masturbate tonight…and this.”

Suddenly another message came with a caption.

‘Plans for next time…Can you guess?’

The picture under it was her…With a large sausage in her mouth, an incident

looks on her cute face…she couldn’t possibly mean.

A blowjob?

‘Anyway I’m super tired from the exciting day we had, night bestie, don’t stay up too late,’ There was a winky face to it.

I quickly replied night, not having a chance to ask about the money because my thoughts were too focused on the picture seeing her naked in such cute outfit, that close up of her sweet face with that meat stick setting my mind on fire…Fuck what had I become…I…I ended up masturbating just like she said.

Done and tried staring into that cute innocent face it turns off the phone heading to sleep.

Every since I met her…that single day all those weeks ago my life had already changed and I didn’t even know, knowing how it would scare but excited me.

I didn’t feel ready, I didn’t feel it was right, but some part of me didn’t care…I just really…Really wanted to have sex again.

She was trouble…I knew she was but…She was my best friend.

My first ever best friend.

The End…For Now.


well, the first chapter of Jack’s and Lily’s adventure together.

This is gonna be a mix of third and first-person but those third person moment will be rare. But this was something I just wanted to write something you can’t just post on a normal site I know people are going to hate it but it depends on how many so if too many do. Then I’m probably never gonna continue I’m a crap writer but I wanna at least try I’m all alone on this and what the point in writing something people hates there no point in making something people hate…But still if you think there hope for me then like it and i know about an editor it kinda hard to find one and one you can trust with something like this so i have to do it all myself

still i hope some of you enjoy it

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