A misadventure



My wife and I try something very different.

When you and your wife agrees to a sexual adventure make sure you get the fine details

My wife and I had hit what I would describe as a flat spot. We had been married for ten years. To liven things up we tried dressing up, yes both of us. My wife, Barbara, even dressed me in a crutchless body suit. Oral sex became just normal. Sex toys became boring. We needed a new experience to try and gain that “zing” that we once had. We took to the internet and chatted with other couples while indulging in mutual masturbation. We looked at videos and tried a few different positions. I even tried to get my wife into anal sex but she refused. Then we saw a video about discipline and submission. It got me horny, my wife not so much.

While messing around on the internet we found this personal contact website. It had all sort of contacts. Men looking for women, women looking for men and various couple contacts. What caught our eye were Mistress Contacts. They promised “special” services to men and women looking for something different. Again my wife was less than enthusiastic. To get her used to idea I ordered some handcuffs and a flogger. I got her to handcuff my hands behind my back and then flog me on my bare behind. She loved that. Then I did it to her. The sex afterwards was always amazing. Finally she was starting to get excited about this new experience.

We looked at the Mistress Contacts again and there was one, Mistress Zelda, which promised an experience for couples they would never forget. It listed restrains, discipline and other surprises. It didn’t actually say what surprises and that is when we should have stopped. But we were both keen to have a “special experience” and so we made contact. Minutes later we had a date, time and place. It was so easy. In retrospect, so were we. Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind. This was set for Saturday evening. We were so ready.

We drove to the address given. It looked like a normal house. We knocked and this women dressed in a leather outfit answered the door. “You must be Ron and Barbara” she said in what sounded like a German accent. She led us inside and down a hallway to a large room with various what I would call dungeon devices. Mistress Zelda told us it was our last chance to stop, pay a sum of money and leave. “No Mistress” I said. “Ok, then strip. Both of you” she snapped. I guess I had not understood the fact that the profile said “experience for couples”. “Now” she again said, almost snarling. I looked at Barbara, she looked at me and we did as we were told.

There was a large X set up and I was tied spread eagled. My arms about my head and me feet spread apart. Mistress Zelda turned to Barbara “look at the puny little cock” she said sarcastically “how can you enjoy that darling”. OK, I was about 6” fully erect. I wasn’t hung like a horse but Barbara always seemed satisfied. I waited for her to say “no it is fine” but she didn’t. Mistress Zelda then got Barbara to bend over this bench thing facing me. She then had her ankles tied to it, her feet wide apart. Mistress Zelda then opened a cupboard and took out a flogger very much like the one I had.

Mistress Zelda went back to the cupboard and came to me with a ball gag which she gagged me with and a butt plug. I saw her rubbing lubricant on it. I thought it was for Barbara and I shook my head, trying to signal she wasn’t into anal. Wrong, it was for me. It was shaped in such a way that once it was in it stayed there. I groaned as she pushed it in. Then she went again to the cupboard and took out a blindfold, which she put on Barbara, and a dildo. She greased that up and began to work it into Barbara’s pussy. She moaned and I could tell she was enjoying it. But things were about to take a dramatic turn.

Mistress Zelda walked to the door and opened it. Three guys walked into the room. They were naked. They bowed to the Mistress. Obviously they were some sort of sex slave. I tried to stop whatever was going to happen but with the ball gag in place all I could do was make groaning sounds. Barbara’s blindfold meant she couldn’t see anything. The guys circled Barbara and then looked at me. I was straining to try and break free but there was no way. “Wants happening?” asked Barbara but she got no response. I watched helpless as the first guy moved in and began to fuck my wife. Already lubricated by the dildo he had little trouble penetrating her. “No” screamed Barbara “stop” but her protest had no effect. It was only a couple of minutes and guy pulled back. Surely he hadn’t cum already.

He stood aside and the second guy moved in and penetrated Barbara. Again she begged him to stop but, again, no response. A couple of minutes later he pulled and out and the third guy took his turn. It was obvious that they were in no hurry to cum. The first guy moved in again and Barbara’s demands seem to weaken. Then the second and instead of wanting them to stop she began to moan. The first two blokes had bigger than me. Shit, she was actually started to enjoy it. The third guy was about my size. I watched as he greased up his cock. I wondered why but not for long. “No not there” I heard Barbara scream as number 3 slid his cock into my wife’s arse. “NO NO NO” she wailed but he humped away. Her screams turned to groans and then moans.

The rotation continued for nearly an hour. Barbara was fucked continuously. Her demand to stop had been replaced by moans of pleasure. The sounds she was making were the sounds I heard when I made love to her. Even being penetrated anally had her moaning. I could only watch as my wife completely surrendered to her tormentors. Mistress Zelda had been watching intently while my wife was been defiled. She walked over and removed Barbara’s blindfold. She looked at me with lust written all over her face. “Are you ok slut” she said. Barbara moaned and nodded. “Look at your poor husband” she said “he has been watching you”.

Then she had three guys stand in front of her as if to show what she had obviously enjoyed. “Number 1” Mistress Zelda said “finish this slut off. You other two go and finish this weak husband off with his pathetic little dick”. One guy moved in behind Barbara and again penetrated her. I watched as she gave a little squeal and then began moaning again. Meanwhile the other two guys walked over to me. “Number 3 why don’t you suck his cock” Mistress Zelda shouted “and Number 2 remove the butt plug”. I groaned as he pulled it out. My relief was short lived. “Now fuck him” she yelled and while one guy sucked my cock the other one rammed 8” of manhood up my arse. I squealed and then found myself moaning. The plug had opened me up and now, despite my loathing of the thought of anal sex, it actually felt good. Then he came as the other guy gave me a blowjob.

My wife looked at me and her lustful smile told me she had taken a load of cum. My tormentors walked over to Mistress Zelda and bowed to her. The one who was fucking Barbara did the same and the three of them left. She untied Barbara who stood on shaky legs and walked over to me and kissed me. Mistress Zelda then untied me. She then also walked out leaving Barbara and I alone. We stood in silence for a minute, maybe two. “Barbara I didn’t know this would happen” he said. She put her finger to my lips. “Shh” she said “it’s ok” and then she laughed “you should have seen your face when that guy stuck his cock in your bum”. “Let’s get dressed and go home honey” I said.

We got home and just sat on the couch together. She told me how she was shocked at first but the continuous sex had made her cum numerous times. “You liked being pegged too I think” she added. I had to admit that I did. “I wanted to warn you when those guys entered but I couldn’t” I said. “I am glad you didn’t darling. It was so good” she said. We agreed that it had been quite an experience. Would we do it again? Well that remains to be seen. One thing that changed was our acceptance of anal sex. Barbara now occasionally asks for it and she found a new use for her dildo. Using it on me.

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