A massage gets a pair of twins in deep trouble…



A massage leads a pair of twins down the path to a whole new type of relationship. Neither wants to admit they want it to get out of hand, but both are powerless to stop it. A healthy competitive spirit and too much wine let them both get what they’ve always wanted!

“Hey dear, I’m OOHHHH!”

Dar (her name is really Darlene, but we’ve called her Dar for as long as I could remember) shrieked and averted her gaze. I wasn’t sure what had surprised her more, my holding a very big, very chrome .45 in both hands, or the fact that I was standing in the hallway dripping wet, stark naked and quite fully erect. I’d been pleasuring myself in the shower when my alarm chirped, warning me of an intruder. I hadn’t had the chance to tell Dar about the recent alarm. I was going to have to fill her in so she didn’t get shot in the middle of the night.

“Hey sis! What are you doing here?”

She still had her face and blonde hair buried in her hands. “Uh, do you have any wine? I REALLY need some right now. Oh, and put that weapon away before you shoot someone’s eye out!” She smirked and giggled. “Gosh Jason, I didn’t know you were so well, uh, armed.”

“Yeah, the neighborhood has been going straight to hell, and I thought…”

She cut me off. “Really? you think I’m talking about your gun? Ok, so that’s impressively large too.” She winked exaggeratedly and turned towards the kitchen. “Holster your weapon and find me the biggest damn wine glass you own.”

I quickly put the gun away and stuffed my softening member into a pair of running shorts, throwing on a t-shirt before returning to the kitchen. Dar had found my Octoberfest mugs and was pouring half a bottle of wine into it.

“Damn girl, you’d better slow down if you’re planning on driving home tonight.”

“I was really hoping I could stay with you tonight. I kinda had a bad day.”

“Luckily for you, my date canceled so you’re welcome to stay.”

“Well that explains your activity in the shower. Would I be welcome to stay otherwise?” She tilted her head at me, baiting me.

“Of course! You’d just need to be Mary’s and my servant, bringing us food and drink while we make love though out the night.”

“Ewwww! I don’t want to even think of hearing some woman moan and squirm underneath you! Yuck!”

“Mary’s pretty opened minded. You might learn something. Damn, she’s LIMBER too,” I said, my voice trailing off as I stared off into the middle distance, lost in lusty thoughts.

“Oh my God, Jason, you’re…UGH.” She took a huge swig of the wine. “But honestly, that might not be a bad thing. It’s kinda why I’m here. Doug broke up with me tonight.”

Dar had been married forever and her husband left her for a secretary half her age. It had been devastating and it had taken her a while to get back to dating.

“Oh, so sorry to hear that my dear! So what happened?”

“Part of it is, I really liked him, so it was a bit of a surprise. But we’d started having sex, and…”

Dar tried to fight back the tears welling in her eyes. Her voice broke and she sobbed, “And the asshole had the audacity to tell me I was FRIGID, because he couldn’t – couldn’t…”

“Couldn’t what my dear?” I was pretty sure I knew where this was headed.

“He never made me cum. There, I said it.” She sobbed and leaned into my shoulder.

“Ok, this is really getting weird. Maybe I should just talk to my girlfriends about this.”

“Do any of them have a penis?”

“Uh NO, I said girlfriends, silly.”

“Ok, so you can talk to them for comfort, etc. But if you want answers, you need to talk to a guy. No guy in the world knows more about you than I do my dear.” I kissed the top of her head.

“Well, yes and no. You know an awful lot about me, but our sexuality is not something we’ve ever discussed before. I’ve tried really hard to keep that part of me private.”

“Oh babe, nothing between us is private! I’ve heard you have sex lots of times, seen you naked hundreds of times. I may have watched you have sex once or twice as well.”

“OOHHHH! you BASTARD! Tell me you’re lying!” She shrieked and pulled a pillow tightly over her eyes.

“Uh NOOOOO! Do you remember the time at the lake that you and Marty…” I let her fill in the blanks.

“But, but you were sleeping!”

“No, I said I was tired. I never said I went to sleep. The 2nd floor bathroom window looked out directly over the pool. I had a really good view of Marty’s scrawny butt bouncing up and down on you. BTW, looked like it was a great 2 or 3 minutes!”

Dar blushed a rather impressive shade of crimson. “God, I’m sorry you had to witness that whole thing. He was awful. And hung like a flea to boot.” She laughed with the absurdity of the whole conversation.

“But seriously, you’ve had plenty of orgasms, right? So if a guy can’t get you there, I doubt if it is your fault. And you don’t have any trouble yourself, right?”

“Ewww, are you asking me if I masturbate?”

“Duh! Everybody does it my dear.”

“I haven’t done that in years. Probably since college,” Dar sighed. Back then I was full of hormones and horny 24/7. My stupid husband pretty much fixed that, and I just turned that whole part of me off for 2 decades. I WANT to enjoy sex again, but jeez a girl needs more than 2 minutes to get get there, ya know?”

We both laughed, sipped our wine and just mellowed for awhile.

“What I really need is a nice, long massage. Your last girlfriend said how good you were at that. That’s really what I could use. All the intimacy with out all the hokey-pokey.”

I about spit my wine out. “Hokey Pokey? Did you just say that?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling the wine I guess. But I don’t care who you are, that’s funny, right?”

I gave her a big hug. “I love you, you silly girl. Yes it was funny. Tell you what, why don’t you take a shower and I’ll give you that long relaxing massage. The massage room is the last door on the right.”

“Oh God, how many women have you seduced in that room? Not sure I’m going to be able to get those images out of my head!”

“Oh please, it hasn’t been more than a few hundred. I’m sure all the ghosts and goblins have left the building by now.”

Dar winced, but finally agreed. “Ok, but nothing funny, ok? Promise me you won’t forget who’s on the table.”

“Uh YEAH, I promise. Jeez, I’m not a total whore-dog. Ok, maybe I am a LITTLE bit, but I’ll be sure to stay un-armed this time.” I winked at her, and now it was her turn to about spit out her wine.

She showered and yelled when she was done. I jumped back in and thought about finishing my previous shower’s activities, but Dar was already yelling to hurry up as she was getting cold.

I threw my shorts back on and entered the room. “Jeez girl, you didn’t turn the room heater or the table heater on. No wonder you’re cold! Here, let me fix that.”

I flipped a few switches, turned on the mood lighting and heated the coconut oil in the microwave beneath the table.

“Gawd, you’ve thought of everything, haven’t you? No wonder the women put out in here.”

“I try to make them comfortable, yes. What they choose to do is up to them. I’d never push myself on someone. You know, unless they ask for some pushing!”

Dar made wretching sounds through the head support of the table. “Ugh, I don’t want to think about that anymore. Get to it, my dear brother!”

She’d pulled the sheet all the way up to the base of her neck, so I gently pulled it down until the edge of the sheet slid to the top of her butt. I grabbed the bottle of warm oil and poured some into my hand. I gently dribbled it up and down her spine, from the small of her back to her shoulders.

“Oh God, that feels wonderful,” Dar mumbled.

My hands slowly worked the oil into her dry skin, easing the liquid down her sides all the way to where her skin met the table. Once she was adequately covered I pushed harder, working her tight muscles along her spine and between her shoulder blades.

“So how does this work? You put them to sleep and then have your way with them once they’re unconscious? God this feels amazing, but sex is the furthest thing from my mind right now.”

I laughed. “This is what I call the ‘Wind Down Massage’. It is supposed to put you to sleep. The ‘Wind Up’ one however – well let’s just say that’s a different story.” I let my words trail off.

“Ok, well none of that today!” She laughed and put her head back down into the horseshoe pad. “So what’s next?”

“Normally I’d do your butt, but I wasn’t sure you’d like that from me.”

“No, it’s ok silly. Just behave!” She grabbed the sheet and dragged it down towards her feet, uncovering a quite shapely ass.

“Dang gurl, I didn’t realize you had such a nice butt! I bet your boyfriends love playing with it.”

“They’re all way too interested in rushing to get to ‘The Promised Land’ usually. I think that’s kind of a waste!” With that she wiggled her butt on the table for effect.

I laughed, but I couldn’t ignore the erection that was slowly rising in my shorts. Sister or no sister my weenie loved the view.

Pouring more oil into my hands, I gently worked her glutes with my fingers, looking for trigger points. I found a few and worked on them until they released their tension. One in particular gave me trouble, and I stretched my fingers down the crease between her butt and thigh.

“Uh, hello! That’s a little close dude.”

“Oh get real dear! I’m just using this grip to get to that trigger point.” I squeezed hard, digging my thumb into the knot. Doing so however made my fingers pull against her outer labia, slowly pulling her sex open and shut. The oil I’d been working around had coated her so her lips glistened when they yawned open. I could clearly see her inner lips and clit. I blinked and looked away.

“Uuuuuhhhh,” she gasped. “Ok that is definitely the spot. Resume!” She spread her legs on the table a bit more giving me an even better view.

Dar moaned on the table as I continued to work her butt and thighs. As I worked my thumbs into her tense glutes, she moaned “Deeper, baby, deeper!” We both chuckled, but the heat and wetness radiating from her crotch were hard to miss. She wiggled her butt around, clenching and releasing her tight ass which had the side effect of letting my first two fingers slide from between her thigh and outer labia to inside her inner labia.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she whispered. “Please don’t stop.”

I continued to work her fine ass, but let my fingers slide further and further between her folds. Now when I squeezed my fingers and thumb together my fingers ended up sliding around her opening. Suddenly she lifted her butt off the table, impaling herself on my fingers. She bounced her ass off the table repeatedly, burying my fingers in her hot tunnel which triggered a massive, crushing orgasm. She shrieked, every muscle in her body tensing as her orgasm ripped through her. Just as quickly she collapsed back down on the table. She lay there panting for a few moments, during which I gently eased my three fingers out of her.

“What. The FUCK. Was. THAT?”

“Um, which part?” I asked tentatively. Things had definitely gotten out of hand, although I told myself it was totally her fault.

“That fucking orgasm! That was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life! Jesus, I didn’t know that was possible.”

“Oh my dear, that is just an appetizer in my world. But I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

“I really did, but I’m starting to freak out just a little bit. You’re my brother. Shall we finish the last 10 bottles of wine in the cellar and pretend this didn’t happen?”

“Hey, don’t freak out on me. We’re cool.” I wrapped towels around both of us and led her back to the kitchen.

“Uh, my brother just had his hands in my pussy, and I kinda liked it,” she said, blushing an impressive shade that matched the Merlot we were drinking.

“What ever! You know I do this for a living. I’m totally fine with it. We will just be careful not to go there again.”


“Yeah baby sister?”

“What if I want you to do the other side?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea sis.”

“Why not? Are you afraid you won’t be able to control yourself?”

“The other side is pretty intense. I’m not sure – you’d be safe.”

“What the Hell does that mean?” Dar pouted her lips and crossed her arms under her boobs, giving me a killer lip-biting-chin-quivering look that just made my socks melt. I’d never seen her turn her sexuality on like that before. And I was wondering what the hell was wrong with her ex. I’d do anything in the world to please this sensual beast. How do you look at that and not want to…ok, I had to stop thinking about my sister like that. Yes, she was a sexual being, just like I was. But where my mind was going made me wonder if I wasn’t sick in the head. Dar brought me back to the present.

“Wait, you think that I would take advantage of you? Or vise versa? That I couldn’t control my…” the realization of what she was saying, compared to her actions of a few minutes ago played across her face, along with a rather impressive flush of color.

“Ok look, that was an anomaly. I’ve not had a good orgasm in a long time and – and I’m fine now.” Dar glanced at me over the rim of her half-gallon glass of wine.


“YES really. I’ll be good. Definitely. Probably. More than likely.”

“Ok, but you’re going to have to deal with the consequences if you get off the leash again.”

“So you have no responsibility in this?”

“Of course I do! But I am mortal. And you are incredibly sexy right now. Even if you are my sister.”

“Why thank you, bro. Ok, I’m going to finish this bottle of wine and then let’s do the front.”

“Uh, that bottle is unopened. And it’s champagne, not wine”

“Whatever, Mr. Buzzkill.”

She unwrapped the cork, and then seductively pumped her hand up and down the neck of the bottle before grasping the cork and working it free with a loud ‘POP’! In seconds white foamy liquid shot out of the bottle, spraying her chest and face with ice-cold champagne.

“Whoooo, Jesus! It’s been a long time since I had that happen to me!”

I cocked my head at her and burst out laughing. It took her a minute to catch on.

“Oh GAWD! That boyfriend I had in high school used to love to do that on me. He said a pearl necklace was a girl’s best friend.”

“Wait, you were letting guys jack off on your chest in high school?” I was a bit stunned that not only had she been that sexual back then, but that she was sharing it with me.

“Oh, not exactly. Most of the time I was the one doing the jacking. You know what they say about hand jobs, right?” Dar looked at me and I could see the fire burning in her eyes.

“Wait, no I don’t know. Tell me.”

“Oh Jesus, are you going to make me say it now? I thought you knew.”

“Um, nope.”

“Okay, so my girlfriends always said that by far the best way to improve a hand job was to… shit, to use your LIPS.” Dar made an exaggerated blow-job motion with her fist, thrusting it towards her mouth, which she held in a perfect ‘O’. Her tongue thrust her cheek out in time with her hand motion to give a very convincing impression of a hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

I choked on my drink, coughed and spewed champagne all over the counter. Several minutes of hacking and gagging later I was pretty much back to normal.

“About time you got control of yourself. Your talents are needed in the seduc – I mean massage room.”

Dar walked back down the hall, swinging her fine ass in an extraordinary show of shapely swagger. Half way down the hall she stretched her hand towards the ceiling and slowly spun around. The towel spun outwards and I marveled at her toned legs, tanned skin and silky blonde hair that hung a bit past her shoulders. If there was a sexier 40 year old out there, I wouldn’t know who it would be, although I’d love to have Gwyneth Paltrow beside her just for comparison purposes. I let that fantasy play in my mind until Dar slapped me on the shoulder.

“Earth to Jason! What are you thinking about?”

I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell her that I was thinking of another woman, so I just mumbled “Oh, nothing.”

Dar jumped on the table and slowly laid down on her back. She was still clutching the towel in one hand.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? You’re in complete control and we can stop at any time.”

“Oh really? You think I’m the one who’s going to go to the Dark Side?”

“Yeah. I’ve done this before. You haven’t.”

“I’m a WOMAN. I can turn my sexual urges on and off like a switch. Only way to stay married for 20 years. You however, are TOAST big brother!” She winked at me again.

For the first time in a long, long time, I wasn’t sure if she wasn’t right.

“Yeah yeah, what ever. I’ll go easy on you since you’re an amateur.”

“Oh really? I’m an amateur? I’ve had way more men than you have silly. Oh Jesus, I HOPE that’s true. Funny, you don’t LOOK like you like sucking cock. Me however – yum!”

I was shocked by her brazen words and attitude. So we did have a bit of a competitive streak between us. Like a 10 lane wide autobahn streak through the German countryside.

“You’re in so much trouble! But first, the warm up.” With that I turned around and strapped the warm bottle of oil around my waist. When I turned back to the table, Dar looked me in the eyes.

“Here goes,” she said and let the towel open up and slide off her body. Holy HELL! I couldn’t believe the perfect figure splayed out on my table. Dar’s chest wasn’t huge, but her breasts were perfectly formed. And her nipples pointed directly at the ceiling like little pencil erasers. Her tummy was completely flat, probably from all the gym training she’d been doing the last few months. Her untanned bikini area was the tiniest of triangles and the contrasts were quite prominent, emphasizing her pale skin that displayed the blondest, most beautiful wispy bush I’d ever seen. It was so white she almost looked like an albino. With her natural platinum hair and blue eyes she had an other-worldly look about her.

“Damn, sis. I had no idea.”

“Yeah, well now you know what our first meeting tonight was like for me.”

I pumped my hand full of warm coconut oil and drizzled it onto her belly, eliciting an “OH!” as the quite-warm oil dripped onto her cool skin. I slowly spread the oil with light, slow strokes to draw out the sensation. In the low light, I could see the fine hairs across her tummy and belly and they rose and fell in goosebumps as my hands swirled over her quivering flesh.

“Mmmmmm, she groaned involuntarily. Her legs relaxed a bit and her knees inched apart. My circling hands spread out into larger and larger orbits until my hands were just brushing the base of her breasts at the top, and barely brushed down past the tan line that ran low between her shapely hip bones. Her fine white curls almost reached to the tan, but were trimmed with care further down, leading to smoothly shaven lips. Her bush wasn’t quite heart shaped but it definitely pointed to the treasures between her legs.

Not wanting to get her too worked up too quickly, I ran my hands up her sides, gently cupping the sides of her swelling breasts. The other hand slid up between her globes so that while I was clearly holding her flesh in my hands, no part of them was touching her nipples. They were so hard and so erect I almost couldn’t help but pop one in my mouth.

With control of her left breast I rotated my hands around the globe while ever so gently letting my thumbs tease her areola and nipple. Each orbit would elicit an ‘oooh’ or ‘aaahh’ and her breathing increased tempo. I watched with fascination as her chest and belly rose and fell with each breath, transmitting the feelings coursing through her body.

I decided to give her another break and slid down the table to her calves. Pulling her knee up, I worked her calf gently. She relaxed under my grip and her knee slowly fell to the side exposing her now glistening folds to my gaze. I smiled wickedly, thrilled and a bit appalled that not only was I having this effect on her, but that I was enjoying it. A lot.

My hands drifted up onto her knee and then started down the tops of her thigh. She relaxed her leg and it slowly fell until her knee was resting against my lower stomach. I worked the top and outside of her thigh, smoothing out the tense muscles and releasing any trigger points I found. Her happy noises continued, but more urgency crept in as I got closer and closer to the junction of her thighs.

Running my hands all the way around her leg I made firm, twisting circles, starting at her knee and working my way higher.

“Oh God, that feels wonderful,” she mused.

Returning her leg to the table, I repeated the exercise on the other leg. Once finished, I stood by her waist and reached back down the table to encircle her calf right above her ankle. I dropped my shoulder, lowering my arm between her legs until I eventually felt the back of my arm make gentle contact with the top of her furry mound. She was already well-covered in coconut oil and my skin slid slickly as I ever so slowly dragged my hands up her calf. The constant friction of my arm across her mound became harder and harder to pretend to ignore. Her breathing quickened and became more and more shallow.

The back of my elbow finally made contact with her full mound and I could feel her lips spreading under the pressure. I had my arm flat against the table so the only way to continue was to lift my arm up, dragging my skin across hers. The tip of my elbow sliding across her clit was almost more than she could bare. Lifting my arm lessened the pressure until I had just the slightest contact with her wispy fur. I continued to slide my hands up over her knee and onto her defined thighs.

‘Uuuuugh,” she moaned as her hands frantically grabbed the edges of the massage table. She tensed her butt muscles and lifter her ass off the sheets in an attempt to get more friction but I raised my arm at the same pace, maintaining the torture.

“Um, sis?” I asked.

“Jesus, what Jason? What?”

“You know the grip you have on the table?”

“Yes?” she said breathlessly. She was so close to another orgasm she could hardly stand it.

“That’s not the table you’re gripping.” She’d inadvertently wrapped her fingers around my straining member as the fabric of my shorts felt a lot like the massage sheets. She basically had my cock in her palm, with her fingers reaching under the edge of the table.

“Nuh UH! No fucking way,” she exclaimed. Her eyes flew open but she didn’t attempt to get up. Or let go. “Jesus fucking Christ bro! What a fucking log!”

Her hand gently started exploring my hardness, taking stock of my girth. She let go of the table and properly wrapped her fingers around me.

“Good God, you’re blessed with the ‘gift of girth’.” She whistled under her breath. Her hand roamed away from my body and up towards the tip. With my short running shorts, only about half of me was still covered. When her fingers hit my warm flesh we both moaned in unison.

“Ok, this is definitely going to get me in trouble.” I could palpably feel her inner conflict.

“You willing to cry ‘Uncle’?” I grinned, knowing she was teetering on the edge.

“Ha! you wish,” she said, doubling down, even though she knew she was teetering on the edge of…of what? What would she really do? She knew what she WANTED, but was still too scared to go there with her brother. “So what else have you got? Surely that’s not the extent of your talent.”

“No it’s not, but we are not going there. The next step is a special massage called NURU and I’m definitely not going there with you.”

“Why not? What’s this NURU you’re talking about?”

“It is a type of massage that’s done nude, full body to body. I’d be sliding my body all over you. Sorry, but it’s way too risky based on how turned on you are.”

Darlene thought about what I said. “I’m – I’m okay with it if you are,” she said defiantly.


“What? What’s the big deal? We’re both adults. We both have needs. I get you off, you get me off. Where’s the problem?”

“The problem is you’re my SISTER, and incest has been taboo for thousands of years, that’s why!”

“Yeah, but that’s because of the risk of birth defects due to inbreeding. You can’t get me pregnant silly. I had my tubes tied years ago.”

“Pregnant? How fucking far were you thinking this was going to go?” My mind reeled.

“Oh God no, I wasn’t actually thinking about that. Although we both are now. I just meant in general that that particular argument was to prevent a problem that’s physically impossible between us.”

I contemplated what was happening. On the one hand, she was stunningly pretty, she wanted me on top of her and there wasn’t a really good argument against it if we were both 100% on board with the prospect of pregnancy off the table. As twins, we had an exceptionally close bond and a level of trust few people understood.

On the other hand it would permanently alter our relationship and I really didn’t want to take advantage of her fragile state, what with dumbfuck having just broken up with her. And then there was the cloudy judgement accentuated by the 2 bottles of wine and another of champagne. Speaking of which, could I trust my judgement at this time? I finally decided that I wanted to please her more than I’d wanted to please any women EVER. I was going to give her an experience she’d never forget.

“Ok dear, this is on you. Or rather, this is me on you. Roll over, as we need to start with you on your stomach.” I dropped my shorts and climbed on the table, straddling her knees. I was back far enough that I wasn’t in any danger of anything inappropriate. Pumping more oil into my hands I oiled my chest and thighs up and delicately laid my hands on the back of her knees.

“Mmmm, that feels wonderful.”

My hands slid up and down the backs of her thighs, careful not to let my fingers wander. On the next pass I glided up the outsides of her thighs, around her butt and up onto her back. This stretched me out and soon she could feel the head of my erection gliding slowly up the backs of her legs. Using my forearms across her butt and up onto the small of her back, my shaft slid further down between her thighs, though I was nowhere near her ‘Promised Land’ as she so artfully described it. As my arms slid up onto the back of her rib cage, my chest finally touched down across the back of her ass. This time my nipples were hard as steel and I dragged them over her flesh until the downward flare to the small of her back broke contact.

My stomach maintained contact for a moment more, and then I reversed my path and slid down until my erection was nestled between her feet. With the time it had spent between her thighs I was good and oily. She cupped her insoles and slowly bent her knees, running her feet up and down my length.

“Holy fuck that feels good,” I moaned.

“Oh dear, you have no idea,” she said in the same condescending tone I’d used with her. It somehow sounded differently when she said it to me however.

After a few strokes she wrapped her feet around my thighs just below my butt and pulled me forward, encouraging me to lie back down. I did and slid up an inch at a time, this time letting my lips caress her skin as slid north. Lifting my hips I broke all contact with her, supporting my weight solely on my toes and elbows. Running my lips across the top of her left shoulder I thought she was going to lose her mind. Frantically she lifted her hips off the table which planted my erection firmly between her cheeks.

“Oh. My. God. That feels soooo good!” She bent her legs and pulled me down onto her again. I settled my weight down and kissed her on the back of her neck which wasn’t fair as she’d once confided in me how that was the quickest way to get her aroused.

“Jason,” she purred as her hips started almost imperceptibly started rocking against my length. The rocking quickly escalated until she was frantically thrusting against me. Suddenly she started sliding forward and backwards as well as up and down and my cock, on the next thrust, slid down her soaking slit. I didn’t end up inside her but I was fully sheathed between her sex and her thighs. When the ridge of my cock slid across her clit she exploded in orgasm. Her spasms wracked her body for several minutes as she wound down.

After a while, I lifted my weight off of her and got off the table. When she heard the door knob turn she quickly said “Where the hell do you think you’re going? Now it’s your turn.” Her hand snaked between my legs and firmly grabbed my balls.

“Hey, careful dear! You’re going to hurt me!” I squirmed, but her grip tightened to the point it was no longer funny. She relaxed just enough to keep control but didn’t release my jewels.

“Then you’d better do as you’re told. Lie down. Face up.” She got up off the table and pointed to where she’d just been. I did as I was told.

She wasted no time oiling up my chest and legs, thoroughly teasing my sensitive nipples. She laughed every time she touched them, because it made my cock twitch and slap against my belly. Running her hands down over my chest towards my thighs, her open hand slid against the base of my cock.

I waited in exquisite agony, wondering if she was going to wrap her fingers around me. She didn’t, though they did drag slowly up across my length.

“Well, isn’t this fun? I almost like giving more than getting. It gives me such power, don’t you think?”

I flexed my dick and it flailed around wildly. Dar laughed and grabbed it, gently encouraging it to lie flat on my stomach. Every touch made me twitch, which made her giggle even more.

“Ok,” she said finally, letting me go. “Close your eyes, and don’t you dare touch me. Just relax and enjoy.” With that she draped a hand towel over my eyes.

I could sense her bustling about the room, until she finally climbed up on the table between my legs. Her hands slowly worked their way up my shins, over my knees and onto my thighs. Letting her arms fall until they rested along the tops of my legs, she gently slid up my torso.

Suddenly I felt hot breath blowing over the tip of my erection, and the surprise of it made me twitch, smacking Dar directly in the face.

“Oh, did you like that?” she exhaled again across my raging meat.

I slapped her again and she giggled some more, so I flexed repeatedly, pummeling her face with my straining cock.

“Oh! OOh! Oooooh,” she cried, turning her face and laughing more and more hysterically as her twin brother beat her about the head and chin with his bouncing meat.

Finally she’d had enough and twisted her head, grabbing the middle of my cock between her lips and pinning it to my stomach.

“Oh fuck, that isn’t fair!” I gasped as the realization of what she’d done.

“Mmmmm?” Dar hummed, her lips transmitting the vibrations directly to my brain.

“No, it’s not. Please stop that.”

“Hmmmmwhat? Stop what? Oh, you mean this?” With that she slid her lips up and down my shaft, moaning her pleasure. Her tongue danced along my shaft, adding to my arousal.

I had to regain control, or I was going to lose it in a big way. I slid my arms down under hers and curled them, dragging her up my chest.

“Hey, I wasn’t done playing with that yet,” she pouted.

“You’ll have time to get back to it later. For now though, I need a breather!”

Her chest had dragged up my stomach and chest, and I could feel myself pressing against her tummy.

“What,” she whispered softly in my ear. With that, she twisted her torso back and forth, dragging her slippery skin across my aching meat. “Was I getting to you?”

“Maybe. Probably not.”

“Oh, I was getting to you alright.”

“In your dreams, Chica.”

Dar slid further up, dragging her soft, oily bush up my length. The combination made my eyes bug out, but I couldn’t let her know how close I was. Needing some relief from the amazing sensations coursing through me, I dragged her up even further until my tip slid off her pubic bone and flicked up between her soaking lips. I then pushed her back down, trapping me between her thighs. The heat radiating off her pussy felt amazing.

“So you just gonna man-handle me bro? Do whatever you want? Or do I get a say in this?” With that she gently lifted her hips which slid her fiery flesh up my length. She continued until I was about to slide completely out from between her thighs, but then she relaxed, oozing down until her weight was fully on my pelvis. My tip was pressed against her asshole but the angle was wrong for any chance of penetration. But her lips swelled around my shaft and damned if it wasn’t almost identical in feeling to full-on sex. Her hips started up again, this time in short, quick strokes that made both of our eyes bug out.

I could feel her breath coming in shallow gasps and I knew she was close. If I could hold on a little longer she’d be mine. And that’s when she abruptly slid down the table, breaking our contact. My raging meat twitched wildly in the air in time to my racing heartbeat.

“Sorry bro, I need to use the restroom,” Dar said nonchalantly.

“You’re kidding me, right? You’re going to stop? Right now?…”

“What dear? Did you want something?” Dar wrapped her fingers around my meat and gave me a quick tug up and down that about sent me over the edge. Then she vanished.

She returned in a moment and crawled back between my thighs, supporting her weight as she leaned over me. Her hot breath teased my cock, slowly rising up to my tip. I was rock hard and waving in the breeze, frantically waiting for more contact.

Suddenly her pursed lips landed right on my tip. She held them there seemingly forever, then relaxed her mouth and slid those luscious lips an inch down my shaft.

The feeling was exquisite. Her mouth was so warm and so wet! Not only was she amazing at it, but she was enjoying herself too. Another inch slid between her lips and she moaned, sending vibrations up and down my length. Another inch slid in and then she pulled back until just her lips were touching me.

“You like?” she asked rhetorically.

“Fuck, Dar. You’re AMAZING.”

“Yeah, you ain’t seen nothin yet buddy.”

“I’m terrified to…”

In mid sentence she lowered her lips over me, not stopping until her lips were firmly pressed against my pubic bone. Her groan of achievement reverberated directly into my brain. In appreciation I flexed hard, catching her off guard and making her gag.

“Mrrrph…!” she pulled off enough to keep from hurling. “Fuck, you’re deep in my throat! I don’t think anybody has ever been that far down before. Let me try that again.” And with that she returned her lips to the very bottom of my shaft. I could see her eyes watering as she struggled with her gag reflex, slowly letting her throat become accustomed to my invasion.

Eventually Dar started gently twisting her head on my shaft sending fire to my brain again. Soon her motions became more and more deliberate and once again I knew I was headed down the path to blowing a huge load. Into my twin sister’s throat. The utter naughtiness just added to my excitement.

As my impending doom approached, Dar’s eyes widened as I grew even longer and harder. She gagged again, and this time had to pull off and take in a few deep breaths to regain control.

“Ok, that was pretty close to us both having a huge mess on our hands. I think puking is still considered a fax pas, correct?”

“Yup, still bad,” I said. Another few seconds and it would have been too late.

“Ok, time for another activity. I have an idea.” Dar pushed herself up on my chest with her knees on each side of my hips. Reaching between us she pulled my forward against my chest and then lowered herself again. Her hips started sliding back and forth with me sliding wetly along her slit.

We were both ramping up again and I gently grabbed her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Gentle rolling and pinching brought squeals of pleasure.

Dar opened her eyes and stopped, staring directly into my soul. “I know what you want, you know.”

“What do I want?”

“How about this?”

As I was contemplating what she had on her mind, Dar lifted one leg and put her foot on the massage table beside me. Lifting herself up, one hand snaked between us again and pulled me straight up. Lowering herself slightly she pulled the tip of my cock across the full length of her soaking slit. On the next pass she concentrated the underside my tip against her clit and quickly rubbed it back and forth sending shivers between us.

Alternating between long strokes from her asshole to her clit and quick swipes across her nub we both ramped up towards the inevitable. Her gasps were reaching a crescendo and my own ability to hold off was evaporating at an alarming rate.

Dar used her whole body to masturbate against me, violently thrusting her sex against mine. Her orgasm hit and suddenly her foot slipped on the oily table and slid off the side. Without warning her entire weight crashed down, shoving me balls deep into her spasming vagina.

Dar shrieked and came violently, her wild contractions sending me over the edge to a mind-numbing orgasm. I grabbed her waist and pulled her flat against my chest as we succumbed to our instincts. I pounded in and out of her, sending another round of orgasms through us as I emptied my soul into hers.

Eventually we wound down and the reality of what we’d done slowly sunk in. I held her head against my shoulder while we caught our breath.

“Holy shit bro! What the fuck have we done?!?”

“Uh, we’ve broken laws in all 50 states and all civilized countries around the world? And a few others too I’m sure.”

“Oh thanks, that helps. A lot,” she said quietly. Lifting herself off me, I slowly slid out of her. She drew out the process, not wanting the feelings to end. Eventually I fell out and a huge pool of our juices spilled around my base.

“Jesus, I’m glad you didn’t let that go in my mouth. I’d have surely drowned,” she laughed with a smirk. But I’d be willing to give it a try as long as you give me plenty of warning.”

“Wait, so you want to do this again?”

“Holy fuck man, I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this in my life. I can’t even give myself an orgasm anywhere near like that. You bet I want a rematch!”

The upcoming weekend suddenly looked a lot more interesting…

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