A Hard Lesson


It was a warm, clear afternoon outside on this sunny spring day. The kitchen door from the back porch of the rural brick rambler house opened, and an eighteen-year-old girl entered with an air of excitement.

She stood at about five feet seven, wore baggy slacks and a sweatshirt concealing her shapely figure, and her long auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The black frame glasses surrounding her green eyes gave her a rather nerdy look, which didn’t help her social status at the small rural high school. Today, she was excited to share the news with ANYONE that she finally has a date! He was known around school as a geek, and within the last year he’s turned into a rather tall, good-looking guy. And she has a DATE! Ted gave her a ride home from school, and he’s going to pick her up next Friday! Then in another month, they’re going together to their senior Prom.

She planned all of this, after discussing it with her older co-worker, Betty, at the diner. The girl already bought a short black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, along with black ankle boots for a first date, and she had contacts to wear to ditch the glasses. Betty even gave her pointers for how to style her hair for a date. When she went to school that day, she cornered him and just told him “You’re taking me to the Prom!” Now she has a date! She was happy and bursting with excitement.

As she dropped her schoolbooks on the table, she glanced around the kitchen, looking for the sedative pill bottle which tempers the reaction when she comes home. Her bright smile faded as she realized the drugs weren’t out yet. Her happy mood evaporated, and she knew what was coming.

Less than a minute later and before she could turn to escape, her mother came into the kitchen to see who came in. The girl immediately saw the look in her mother’s eyes when she recognized her daughter. The girl saw the tears begin to form, and the look on her mother’s face as she withdrew into her nightmare.

Jan rolled her eyes, having seen this so many times before. “My brother died over five years ago!” she said with angry exasperation. “And I wasn’t even there! It was an accident and nobody’s fault, so stop this! Get over it, already!”, and she turned to storm back out the door, leaving her mother alone in the kitchen, as the woman’s sobs became louder.

As she bolted out the door, the man Jan hoped to see in the kitchen came around the corner of the house from the carport. He was just in time to grab her by her shoulders, stopping her before she could run across the lawn and through the neighbor’s cornfield. He pulled her in close for a hug, saying “I’m sorry, I was trying to reduce her meds. But she apparently needs more time. When she thinks about her kids, she still sees him and hears his screams.”

Jan looked up at her father, holding her head up defiantly. “It’s been almost SIX YEARS since that car accident!” she said angrily. Then she quietly added “… And I’m just a reminder to her that you two had TWO kids who weren’t miscarriages!” She pushed her father away, breaking away from his hug and started her jog across the yard toward her usual retreat in the distance, leaving behind the wailing noise of her mother’s latest breakdown.


The cute, naked blonde woman knelt on her hands and knees, her medium size breasts noticeably rocking back and forth with her body’s movements. A guy knelt in front of her pumping his long hard shaft into her mouth, as a second guy behind her withdrew his thick cock from her other end. That second guy held his stiff shaft in his right hand and slid it up a little further from her open hole, along the crack to her rosebud, then pressed the head forward and easily slid into her back door.

As he pushed into the porn actress’s second hole, I shifted my gaze from the living room TV to my gorgeous wife sitting naked in her swivel chair to my right. Her contacts made her beautiful green eyes glisten with her excited focus on the video, as the actress took those two hard cocks. Jan’s long auburn hair was held back with hairclips on both sides of her head, a style she used when playing so I could always see her lips, … wrapped around whoever she had sliding between them. She sat with her athletic legs spread open, her right leg up and over the arm of the chair. My wife watched the long, thick, fleshy shaft on the TV disappear into the woman’s butt, and Jan’s fingers increased the pace as she rubbed the sensitive spot beside her nub.

Sitting naked in my swivel chair beside my wife, I casually stroked my own hardening member in anticipation of our fun evening. We already had the blanket spread on the floor in front of us, with a box of tissues, lube, and some of her toys strategically placed within reach when we would need them.

Jan stopped masturbating and slid out of her chair, dropping down onto her knees. She shuffled forward on her knees to the middle of the blanket, and reached forward to retrieve one of her toys, a small clit stimulator. The electric toothbrush shaped tool with its solid head was one of her favorites to replace her fingers at her anxious clit.

Dropping down onto her elbows with her ass pointed toward me, she spread her knees a little in this kneeling position. I watched as the vibrator head appeared between her thighs as she slid it around her slit several times, moving the probe under her and further each time along the skin between her holes. After circling several times, she slid it further, her hand appearing between her thighs and the head of the tool probing around her rosebud.

As my wife of thirty years knelt there in front of me playing with her ass, I heard her moaning and the tone deepening, sounding almost like a primal urge demanding release. With my exceptional memory, I easily recognized the signals of this very rare moment. I stood and walked to the ottoman where she keeps more of her toys to find a eight-inch long, heavy, beaded glass rod. Each glass bead along the length of the rod grew in size from one inch to an inch and a half in diameter at the other end. Kneeling into position behind her, I held this tool by the large end. With my other hand, I picked up her bottle of lube and squirted a liberal amount on the smaller round end of the rod. Setting the lube down, I pushed her vibrator aside and placed the lubed end at her puckered opening to press the first bead in.

Listening carefully over the next minute or two, I slid the rod in and out of her ass, each time pushing in just a little further. I paid close attention to the sounds she made, listening carefully for any signs of resistance as she relaxed and accepted the intrusion. Every time I heard her groan suggesting a pain or felt her muscles tense, I withdrew the rod by one bead, then slowly tried again.

This was a VERY rare occasion, but I recognized the signals she sent that she was craving this tonight. The video SHE selected was one which was obvious from the title that it included a porn actress being butt-fucked. And the way Jan was using her clit stimulator on her own wrong hole suggested she was interested, and that she might want to be fucked in the ass tonight. If that’s what she wanted, I’d help her relax and prepare for it.

After the glass rod was fully inside her with only the largest bead remaining out, I stopped pushing and left it in place. I grasped my hard cock and slid the head along her slit, finding her other opening and pushed in. Thrusting in and out, we fucked like this, with me pounding into her pussy from behind for a few minutes. My wife was bucking backward enthusiastically, trying to get the most out of her pounding. With each aggressive thrust backward, she rammed that large glass bead against me forcing it against that hole. Her rhythmic gasps of “Oh! Oh! OH!” added to my own pleasure, causing my shaft to grow ever harder.

Within minutes, I paused and pulled further backward withdrawing my hard rod as she groaned in protest. After applying lube to the cockhead, I grabbed that large glass bead from between her ass cheeks and pulled the rod out of her. I put the head of my shaft at this new opening, sliding easily into her forbidden gaping hole.

As I fucked my wife in her tight ass, I listened to her moans of pleasure until we both shuddered in orgasm. Spurting my load deep inside her bowels, I waited until I was spent, then pulled out and caught my fleshy shaft with a handful of tissue. After wiping it clean, I tossed the wad of tissues toward the fireplace. Jan fell to her side with her knees spread open, quickly snatching several tissues from the box to hold at her loose opening until she could regain control.

I stood and returned to sit on the towel on my swivel chair and picked up my glass of scotch, taking a sip. “What brought this on from my bad girl tonight?” I asked.

“I felt an itch there when I was in the shower,” she casually explained as she laid on her side in front of me, her left knee up so she could attend to her messy hole. “So, I cleaned out … just in case I decided to go there.”

“Maybe the next time we’re at a house party,” I said as if explaining a plan, “I’ll wait until you’re on top riding another guy. Then you can bend forward onto him, so I can fuck you in your ass for a real DP.”

“NO!” Jan quickly shut that idea down, as she wiped away my cum with the tissues, the thick white fluid still trickling a little from her ass, “Not at a house party. I don’t want you doing me in the ass where others can watch.”

“Why?” I asked. “You let me do it here. And YOU were the one who wanted it.”

“Sometimes I just feel like it,” Jan said almost shyly, as if she were embarrassed to say it. But my wife is never really embarrassed by anything she says or does. There was just a hint this time of a reluctance to admit this desire. “I only want it when I’m ready. And not with others around. That seems … Oh, I don’t know, … like it’s somehow demeaning.”

I didn’t press her any further on the issue, respecting her limits. When she finished with the tissues, she stood and returned to her chair sitting on the small towel. Taking the TV remote to stop the porn video, she selected a romance themed movie this time, and we relaxed together for the rest of the evening.


After working out in the yard the next day, a Sunday afternoon, we showered and had a nice dinner with just the two of us at home in our empty nest. I mentioned talking earlier to our neighbor, when he took a break from cutting their grass.

“I was talking to Gregg today,” I began. “He was angry that his wife took off shopping again today.”

“Why would he be mad at Nancy about that?” Jan asked. “Like most guys, he probably doesn’t like going shopping anyway.”

“He said he wanted to take her out to a winery this afternoon,” I explained, “but she made excuses saying she had to go into the office for a few hours to run a report. When she disappeared, he thought she went to work. So, he stayed home cutting the grass. He texted, asking her when she’d be done, and she replied that she was out running errands and would just go into work an hour early tomorrow.”

“That sounds like they’re leading separate lives,” Jan said.

“It sounds like they have different priorities,” I observed “or at least don’t coordinate their schedules very well.”

“Nancy once told me,” Jan explained “she doesn’t like the way he always wants to know where she’s going. She feels like he’s trying to control her, or that she needs his permission. She just wants more freedom than he allows her.”

“I think it’s a courtesy that you always tell me what you have planned,” I said. “Then I can make my own plans around yours. Gregg said he only stayed home today to work on chores around their house, because he’d feel guilty going out to play golf if she was at work. So, by taking her freedom to do what she wanted without him, cost him a day of work around the house.”

“They’ve been married for over twenty years,” Jan said. “I’m surprised they’ve stayed together this long, if they’re having those kinds of issues.”

“Their last son just left, moving away for college,” I pointed out. “So, it might be just a matter of time before Gregg gives her all the freedom she can handle with a divorce.”

“By the way,” Jan injected, “Marcy, the woman from my office you met at the Christmas party, is going through a divorce. She said it’s just that she and her husband have grown apart, and he’s not fun anymore. She’s getting the house, since their youngest son is still in high school. Her husband moved out to an apartment.”

“Not fun anymore?” I asked in surprise. “That’s a new one I haven’t heard. We like our kids, but raising kids is hardly fun.”

“I think there’s more going on with that one,” Jan said. “The gossip around the office is she’s always smiling as she texts someone on her cellphone, several times a day, almost every day. So, it sounds like she has someone other than her husband on the side as a fallback plan.”

“Well, if you ever want to dump me,” I pointed out “remember our pact. I get two weeks’ notice, so I can fuck my brains out before you go.”

Jan chuckled then said “Now why would I dump you? How many guys could I find who’d put up with me fucking other men, even if I do set them up with other women?”

“So, who do you plan to suck and fuck next week at Maggie and Dan’s party?” I asked.

“I don’t know yet,” she replied. “I’ll review the list later of who’s going to be there.” Then Jan half-heartedly asked “Who are you going to try hooking up with? Maggie? Or the other cute blonde, Arlene, since she and Derrick always attend those parties?”

“Maggie is always my favorite,” I said. “I like the way she kisses, and she gets me up quickly. Arlene’s a little tough to read and slow to start. But I’ll check the list to see who else might be there.”

We were finishing our dinner, and as is our habit, the plates and everything in the kitchen would wait until morning. I always wake up at least an hour before my wife, so she comes into the kitchen with all of this cleaned up, and her coffee ready.

“Do you feel like playing a game this evening?” Jan innocently asked.

“Okay,” I replied. “How about the card game ‘Sequence?’

“Alright,” she agreed. “So far with all the games this week the score is my seven to your six. You’ll need to win at least two more to beat me.”

“Oh, I’ll beat your gorgeous ass.” I teased.

“Only when I say so,” she coyly responded. “But a firm spanking might be welcome.”

These were our routines at home most evenings: the dinners together, games, sexy banter, and playtimes before relaxing to watch TV, then bed. We fell into these routines after the last of our kids were out on their own three years ago and we became empty nesters.

The Lifestyle

My wife, Jan and I have been in a swinging lifestyle since our older friends, Fred and June introduced us to it over two years ago. They warned us there could be challenges ahead for us with possible miscommunications and other emotions bursting forth at inopportune moments. It’s not something most people can do, watching their spouse sucking and fucking someone else. But after thirty years together, Jan and I are not jealous watching each other in these swinger events. We’ve been watching porn videos together for years. And once I’ve cum in another woman, I can easily relax and just enjoy the show after that, until I get excited again.

But you can’t always predict why or when things might go wrong. So, Jan and I ventured into this with caution, hoping to keep it under control. And we’ve found it can be very exciting, … when everything goes right.

Jan and I have experienced a few contentious issues since we started sharing. She seems to want to control things, possibly a little too much. At swinger house parties, she has insisted that we only play with others when we’re both in the same room in a threesome or foursome to watch each other. But on a few occasions, she got excited and started without me, and I found her violating her own rule.

When we first started playing with others, we agreed ahead of time that for safe sex we would use condoms, then I found she ignored that rule when it was inconvenient. So, we stopped that rule. And one time when she agreed that we could be in separate rooms, she accused me of being far too fast to take advantage of that to fuck the other wife without her there to watch. Jan angrily complained to me later, ‘I meant while everyone else was playing, and not the next morning when most of us were still asleep!’ We had the other couple staying overnight, and the other wife and I were just the first ones awake. So, lesson learned; no fucking unless everyone else is, too.

Even with these dynamic rule changes and miscommunications, we still both get a lot out of this lifestyle. We find it exciting to watch each other with different sex partners. And we’ve found exciting partners who show us new techniques we can use when we’re home with each other.

Most of our friends don’t know that we’re swingers, we try to be discrete. We found how crude and ignorant some people can be when we mentioned to our neighbors that we’re nudists. One husband said to Jan at that neighborhood party, “So, you’ll let me see them?” and he leered at her chest. She casually replied “I’m a nudist, not a stripper. Learn the difference!” So, just imagine what some might say if they found out she has sex with other guys! When some people are surprised, their initial reactions can damage your friendships.


We checked the guest list for the house party, and I noticed one couple, Randy and Melissa on the list. We met them once before at our very first swinger party. Randy was one of those players at these parties who is always trying to push women beyond their limits. Jan took an immediate dislike of him when he tried to push her too far at that party. He wanted her to do anal and she said ‘No’, then he resorted to calling her ‘Chicken!’ But she later talked to him, and he told her how he uses Viagra to stay hard to do as many women as possible. During that talk, she told him he could do it with her the next time he meets her, but she threatened him with; ‘I told him he won’t just use me. He’d better finish in me or I’ll crush his balls if he tries to pull out! So, I don’t think he’ll take that chance.’

Josh and Linda were also attending this latest house party. We met them at several Bar Group Meetups, and I wanted to try spending some time playing with Linda. One time when I was talking to her, she said she deepthroats. Her husband, Josh, enjoyed her oral skills, and patiently waited for her as she learned to take it all. She explained how she sticks her tongue out as far as possible, then pulls it in with the head of the long fleshy shaft going into her throat, and she got over her gag reflex.

Since Jan and I have now been to several of these parties and even spent some overnight time with other sharing couples, her latest rule is that we can be in different rooms when playing with others. But it must be in the same house, and when we’re both there playing.


We were heading to the party at Maggie and her husband, Dan’s house, and I was hoping to spend some time with Maggie.

“Keep track of me tonight,” Jan said. “I want us to try to stay together. So, if you’re going off with someone, get me, too. And remember, if you do go off without me, no closed doors between us!”

“It works both ways,” I said. “You need to keep track of me, too!”

“Okay, you’re right,” she said. “But I expect you to get off in another woman tonight! You have the opportunity. So, don’t expect me to take care of you in bed later! I plan to go straight to sleep when we get home.”

“You know,” I said lovingly, “I always like you taking care of me, too.”

The conversation ended as we pulled into their driveway.


The party started as usual with couples showing up randomly during the first hour. We put our bottle of wine and our snack contribution on the dining table with the others. Jan and I then went separate ways, her looking for a wine glass, as I went into the kitchen looking for my favorite kisser, Maggie.

When I returned to the family room, I noticed Jan talking to another couple, but I knew the guy, Rodger from several months ago. He was divorced so the other woman wasn’t his wife. Jan previously met him during a business trip at an airport bar. A day later, after Jan came home, we were at a party here with Maggie and Dan. Jan was surprised to see Rodger, and she introduced him to me, as I fucked Maggie on the same bed beside them.

I recognized the woman with them as Raquel, from her picture in an online profile from this month’s party list. But I didn’t see her husband, Bill, anywhere in the room.

Between the three of them, they seemed to be having a lively discussion. I could tell at a distance the speed of exchanges going on between them wasn’t for me. I don’t like such rapid-fire discussions. I’m more of a deliberate listener and talk only when there’s a noticeable pause. So, I went looking for a one-on-one or slower paced, casual conversation.

I found Maggie standing alone straightening things on the dining room table. Stepping up behind my favorite kisser, I ran my hands along her hips. She turned around and raised her arms over my head and around my shoulders, and we immediately started our favorite sport: tongue wrestling!

After a few minutes of this, we broke the spell. “Wow!” Maggie exclaimed softly as she slowly licked her lips. “I was looking forward to doing that with you.”

“Me too,” I said. “I could go on all day kissing you. You get me going!”, and I guided her hand to the bulge in my pants.

Maggie stroked my bulge for a few seconds. Then Josh stepped up beside her. She looked at him, leaned over, and they briefly kissed, then she dropped a hand to his crotch to feel her effect.

Maggie seductively said, “Why don’t the three of us get this party started upstairs.”

“I’d love to,” I said. “Give me a minute to check in with Jan.”

“Ask if she’ll join us,” Maggie suggested.

I looked toward the family room doorway and saw Jan still there with Raquel and Rodger. But before I could move toward them to catch her attention, Rodger put his hand on Jan’s back and they both quickly walked toward the basement stairs, leaving Raquel standing alone.

So much for Jan trying to stay in the same room with me.

Round 1

I turned back to Maggie and Josh, and we went upstairs, the three of us taking the first bedroom on the right with the king bed. This larger room also had a single mattress on the floor to increase the play space for the party. But both beds were unoccupied.

Maggie pulled her dress off and laid on the king bed. I knelt on the floor and picked her legs up, going down on her neatly shaved slit. Pushing her legs and knees up and back toward her chest, she was spread open as I lowered my mouth to her, gently kissing then sucking on her exposed nub.

It only took Josh a minute to completely undress and climb onto the bed near Maggie’s head. She turned her head toward him, opening her mouth as he fed her his cock, and she spent the next minute bobbing her head sideways on it, as I used my tongue and lips around her pussy and clit.

When her moans seemed to be at a steady level from my ministrations, I stood to drop my pants and knelt again with my member poised at her opening. Sliding the head up and down her slit, I found my goal and pushed in to begin rhythmically pounding into her.

Josh leaned over propping himself up with his arms on the other side of Maggie’s head to better align his fleshy shaft with her mouth. Then he saved her the trouble of bobbing her head by thrusting his cock into her mouth, bucking his hips as he face fucked her.

Within minutes, I felt the surge of cum rising up my shaft, with the pressure building in the head. After a few more quick thrusts, I paused with the explosion of my cum bursting deep inside her. I pulled back and forth a few more times, encouraging the last of it out. Then I withdrew my softening shaft, catching it in my hand with some tissues.

When I finished, I stood and stepped aside wiping away most of our combined juices from my softening rod. After pulling my pants up, I stepped away, while Josh crawled from the bed to take my place at Maggie’s used hole. I watched as he lined up with her opening, and I could see my thick white fluid ooze out of her before he started pushing it back in. As he started fucking her, I walked away heading to the bathroom to wash off.


When I came out of that upstairs bathroom, I saw Raquel standing alone in the hall, watching Josh with Maggie. So, I went to her to strike up a conversation.

“Is this your first time here,” I asked, “at Maggie and Dan’s house?”

“No,” she replied. “My husband and I used to be regulars at their parties. We’ve known them for years.”

“Is your husband here tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “Bills in another room with someone else right now. But sometimes we attend these parties separately. We allow each other to play on our own.”

“Well, do you feel like joining in here?”

Raquel smiled up at me saying, “Of course,” and she peeled off her dress. She went in and laid on the other half of the king bed beside Maggie.

I slid my hand along Raquel’s body to her crotch. When I leaned over to kiss her, Raquel reached for my limp shaft, pulling it toward her mouth. I straightened up completing its journey, and I slid the head between her lips, as she began bobbing her head a little taking part of it into her mouth.

I reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand and squirted a few drops on my hand. I returned my hand back to her pussy, now easily inserting two fingers to start probing for her sensitive spots.

After a minute of this, Raquel reached down and pulled my probing hand away, moving it to her neck. She took me from her mouth and said, “I like the feel of a hand on my neck.”

This sounded a little strange to me, but ‘To each their own.’ If that’s what she likes, I’ll keep my hand there, as long as she’s sucking my cock.

Although Raquel was great at oral, I was recently drained from cumming in Maggie. I wasn’t getting fully hard in her mouth. After a few minutes, I said, “I think I might need a little more time to recuperate. And it’s about time I check to find out where my wife went.”

“I know the feeling,” Raquel said. “I like to keep track of my husband, too.”

I pulled on my pants. First going to the bathroom to wash my hands and cleaning off my cock, I then went downstairs to the kitchen for some water.

I decided to look in the basement playroom to see if Jan was still there. As I walked down those basement stairs, I saw Arlene standing at the bottom, looking around the corner of the stair wall into the basement room. I stopped beside her looking into the room to see two mattresses on the floor with a space between them for an office desk and chair on the other side of the room. Arlene’s husband, Derek was lying down on one of the mattresses. Jan was naked, kneeling between his legs with his cock in her mouth. As Jan bobbed her head on him, Maya was sitting next to her with one hand holding back Jan’s long hair so we could all get a better view of those lips wrapped around that fleshy shaft, as Rodger fucked her from behind.

I wrapped an arm around Arlene’s waist, and asked if she wanted to join them. But Arlene stood there not answering me, with her gaze fixed on Jan sucking her husband. So, I decided to go back upstairs to find Raquel again.


When I returned to the living room, I saw Raquel in the dining room. She was again alone there, so I went to her saying, “Jan’s thoroughly engaged in the basement for now. And it seemed crowded down there. Would you like to try one of the other bedrooms?”

“Let’s try the master bedroom,” she said pointing to the back stairs in the kitchen. “That’s usually the last one occupied, because it doesn’t hold as many people.”

We went up the stairs from the kitchen into the empty master bedroom, stripped and she climbed onto the queen bed.

“Could you close the door?” Raquel asked, pointing to the door toward the hallway and the front stairs.

Without thinking, I reached over to the door handle and tugged a little, but then thought better of it and let go of the doorknob saying, “Jan and I have a policy of ‘No closed doors between us.’ Sorry.”

“Okay,” she replied. “I just usually prefer some privacy.”

I climbed onto the bed beside her. She asked me to straddle her chest so she could suck me. I moved into position with my cock at her face. She started sucking on me, and I began stiffening. Leaning forward over her head, I started pumping my hips, shoving myself in and out of her face. Raquel was moaning, seeming to enjoy this use of her mouth. But I wanted to feel her wrapped around me with all of it inside her.

I pulled out of her mouth and moved beside her, ready to kneel between her legs. But before I could get into position, she said, “I took my turn, now it’s your turn to go down on me.”

I shifted further down the bed and got between her legs, planting my face in her pussy. I started probing with my tongue and sucking on her clit. She began moaning more and squirming, until she finally said, “I want you in me.”

Crawling up into position, I slid in and started pumping. I had my hands on either side of her shoulders, propping myself up as I fucked her.

“Could you put your hand on my neck?” Raquel asked,

I reached my left hand to her neck, now leaning a little to my right to support my weight. But it was an awkward position, and I was having trouble pumping into her at the same time, while trying not to put pressure on her neck. I asked, “Do you like to be choked?”

“No,” she hesitated before answering, almost reluctantly. “I just like to feel your hand there.”

“Well, this is a tough position,” I said. “I don’t want to lose control and choke you. Here, let’s change position.”

I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her side facing the hall door. Laying behind her in a spooning position, I re-entered her from behind. In this way, I could continue comfortably fucking her, and still hold her neck without accidently pressing on it.

I hadn’t noticed at the time, but when I entered and first jerked at the door handle, it dislodged the doorstop. The bedroom door had slowly and quietly swung mostly closed. While it wasn’t fully closed, I couldn’t look out or down the hallway.

We laid there with me fucking her from behind for another minute, then I heard my wife outside the door.

“I wonder who’s in here.” Jan said, as she opened the door. She was standing there with Rodger slightly behind her. She looked at the two of us on the bed, Raquel facing her and me behind and spooning Raquel as I fucked her, and Jan asked, “Why are you holding her chin?”

“I’m not holding her chin,” I said, “I’m holding her neck.”

Rodger turned abruptly to leave, then Jan loudly and angrily said, “I’m out of here!”, and she turned, quickly walking away to follow Rodger.

Raquel turned her head trying to look back at me and asked, “Are you in trouble?”

“Nah,” I replied casually, “she’ll get over it.”

We fucked for a few more minutes, until I came in her, while she moaned loudly seeming to enjoy it. Using my fingers with my member staying buried in her, I continued playing with her for a little longer until I heard her sounds of an orgasm, and we calmed down. We then dressed and went back to the family room.


Heated Discussion

I found Jan in the dining room, and she immediately accused me of choking Raquel. Jan might have checked with Raquel to find out the truth of what we were doing. But having made up her mind, she apparently didn’t need anyone else to tell her otherwise. After a minute of this quiet back and forth, there was no resolution…

“I can’t believe you were choking her!” Jan said, once again. “I thought after thirty years I knew you, but now…??”

“I wasn’t choking her!” I repeated insistently for about the third or fourth time. “She told me she just likes to feel a hand there, and I didn’t want to press down on her. I shifted to be behind her so I WOULDN’T choke her.”

“I know what I saw!” Jan angrily assured me. “Our ‘same room rule’ is back in effect!” she added.

“I’m okay with that,” I said comfortably. “Just remember that it works both ways, and you need to be there when I’m ready, too!”

“Are you ready now?” Jan asked in a rather harsh tone. “Or are you drained for the night?”

“Oh, I’m content and relaxed,” I replied quietly and smiled at her. “I finished in both Maggie and Raquel. … Why? Are you ready to leave?”

“Oh, hell no,” Jan said a little angrily. “Just because you’re done doesn’t mean I’m finished.” Then she added in a spiteful tone “I’m just getting started,” then, almost dismissively “and you can just QUIETLY WATCH ME!”

Her emphasis on those last words were almost like a slap in my face. She was mad at me, and she was setting out to put me down with some kind of misguided revenge. It’s as if she’s trying to retroactively gain control of me or ‘teach me a lesson’, after she relaxed our ‘same room rule’ and saw me with Raquel.

Jan turned abruptly in a huff, walking toward the basement stairs, saying “Come on then. Follow me!” she said, as if I were her trained pet.


Jan went back down the stairs to the basement and quickly shed her clothes. I hesitated at first, then followed a minute later and stood at the base of the stairs, waiting to see what she had in mind and how this would play out.

There were five people already there, with one couple using one of the two mattresses on the floor. The other mattress was occupied with Josh and another couple.

My naked wife dropped to her knees on the carpet between the mattresses and shuffled over to the ottoman, bending over it to face the office chair.

“I’ll suck whoever sits in front of me,” she announced, “and anyone else is free to use my other end.”

Josh quickly got up from the mattress and moved to the chair. Jan took his cock in her right hand to start tugging on it, as she dropped her head to take the end in her mouth. She was focused on bobbing her head on Josh’s stiff shaft when Randy came down the stairs, stopping beside me.

I quietly asked Randy “Are you ready to cum in her?”

“Oh, yeah,” he replied with a grin.

“She said, ‘anyone can use her other end’,” I informed him, then I added, “Do you remember what she told you the last time you two met?”

“Of course!” Randy said with a mischievous smile. “I’ll take care of her until I cum.”

I knew what he wanted to do, but I wasn’t going to stop him. I wanted to see how far my wife would push this.

Randy stepped into the room, stopping behind Jan while she was focused on sucking Josh in front of her. He dropped his pants, picked up a bottle of lube, and put a liberal amount on his cock. Then he knelt behind her, sliding his lubed head up and down her slit, probing for the opening he wanted.

Jan had her mouth full of Josh’s cock, and she didn’t pull away from the guy behind her. She merely turned her head slightly toward me, giving me a cold stare as she felt him lining up behind her. I’d guessed that she anticipated being fucked in this spit roasting position, making me watch her, and she wasn’t paying any attention to who would do it.

Josh was getting anxious, and he grasped the back of Jan’s head with both hands. As he pulled on her head, I heard her gagging when he tried to push it into her throat. Her eyes started watering, but she didn’t try to grab his hands to break away. Randy took that moment to line up the head of his cock with her puckered hole, then he pushed forward.

Jan’s eyes went wide, and I could see the pained expression on her face as Randy pushed into her unprepared ass. I could see her muscles tense as she took it, trying to make the best of it in her anger to get some kind of revenge on me.

I knew she could push Josh away or twist away from Randy, since they weren’t really restraining her. At these couple’s house parties the guys know not to rape a woman, but some will push a woman to her limits until she complains. In this case, Jan’s misguided anger at me seemed to distort her own reasoning, and she remained in position, allowing them to use her in front of me. I didn’t intervene, knowing that she would just gloat, claiming I was being jealous.

Randy and Josh roughly enjoyed my wife, as I calmly watched the scene standing near the base of the stairs. I stepped over to an overstuffed chair in the corner where I could sit comfortably to watch her show, looking over one mattress with a couple lying there watching Jan’s show. Smiling as they used my wife’s ass and mouth, I thought to myself, ‘If she wants to try humiliating me that badly, then fuck her! I’ll sit here enjoying the show. Go right ahead, Randy. Fuck the shit out of her!”


It took about fifteen minutes before they were all done. Josh was first, but it still took him eight to ten minutes due to the time he spent time Maggie earlier. But thrusting into her mouth, and with Jan taking breaks to suck his balls, his thrusts eventually became erratic, then he paused and pulled back until only the head of his cock was between her lips. I was only a few feet away and could see his thick member pulse with each shot as his cum filled my wife’s mouth. She made a show of it by allowing some to drool out and down her chin, catching it with her hand. Then she looked at me and swallowed, even lapping up the thick white fluid from the palm of her hand, while Randy continued to pump into her ass.

Randy didn’t stop using her that whole time. He would pause for a few seconds as he regained his strength, staying pressed against her ass cheeks with his cock buried deep in her. Then he’d start thrusting again with renewed vigor and Jan had to brace herself by pushing the ottoman against the chair and desk after Josh got up. Randy finally thrust into her and stopped as he reached his goal, filling her ass with his only load of the evening. When he withdrew his spent rod from her, he grabbed his softening shaft with tissues to clean the mess. Her gaping hole was on brief display for the audience before Jan squeezed her ass cheeks together and reached for her own fist full of tissues to control it.

I just sat there watching Jan’s closing act as Randy helped her to stand on wobbly legs until she caught her balance. She wiped at the cum running down the back of her thighs with some tissues, and she glared at me as if she won some kind of sadistic game. After she silently picked up her dress, pulling it on, we returned upstairs, and she went straight to the bathroom.

The Fetish

I walked over to the wine bar and picked up a bottle of water. The guy standing there was Raquel’s husband, Bill, and we started talking while I waited to see if Jan was yet ready to leave.

“I was with Raquel this evening,” I began. “I thought it was a little different that she likes feeling a hand on her neck.”

“Yeah, that’s what she really needs to get off,” Bill said. “If you squeeze hard enough, she’ll orgasm quickly.”

“No, I didn’t choke her,” I tried to reassure him. “I just put my hand there because she asked for it.”

“Well, you should have,” Bill replied casually. “She’s into BDSM, and we have a dungeon at home. … She likes it rough.”

“She likes being choked?” I asked. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Before we met,” Bill explained “she had a boyfriend in college, and he did things like that to her. She said he wouldn’t stop until he felt her shudder with an orgasm. She now seems to get excited faster when she’s roughed up. They broke up, probably because she was getting excited too fast. He was an abusive asshole, enjoying inflicting pain on others, and her quickly accepting it was taking the fun out of it for him.”

“Why would she want to stay with a guy like that?” I asked.

“It took me a while to fully understand her,” Bill explained, “Social services took her from her parents when she was young, and for years, she grew up in foster care. The abuse she received in those earlier years as a child led her to look for it. We got together a few years after she broke up with that boyfriend. But I soon learned she orgasms quickly when she’s choked or flogged. Straight sex just doesn’t get her there. So, if you think she orgasmed with you, she probably faked it.”

“You choke and beat your wife at home?” I asked, trying to not sound judgmental, but still a little stunned at their story.

“I keep it under control,” Bill said nonchalantly, trying to explain their relationship. “We’ve been together for twenty years. And I don’t do it in anger, just enough to give her what she needs to get off.”

Driving Home

People were dressing, collecting their dishes, helping to clean up around the house, and several left.

After saying goodbye to our hosts, Jan and I started the hour-long drive home.

We rode in silence for about ten minutes, before I started with “You tried to humiliate me when you went back down to the basement.” I said this in a ‘matter of fact’ tone.

“YOU were choking a woman when you were off on your own with her!” Jan again insisted.

“I TOLD YOU,” I replied angrily, “that’s not what happened!”

“I know what I saw,” Jan said. “Raquel told us when we were talking at the beginning of the party, that she likes to be choked! Rodger and I just walked away from her, because neither of us wanted to be involved with her after hearing that. But you had your hand around her throat!”

“Raquel never told ME she likes choking,” I informed my wife. “She said she just likes to feel a hand on her neck. So, I put it there in a position where I WOULDN’T choke her!” … I finally said, “This sounds like one of those times YOU need to either trust me or not! I obviously can’t convince you!”

Jan didn’t respond to that point. She sat in the passenger seat silently staring out the window, never wanting to admit that she might be wrong.

“And what was that with Randy in the basement,” I added with a hint of sarcasm. “You let him fuck you in the ass? You said you’d never allow me to do that to you at a party in front of others.”

“Things change,” Jan said in a snarky tone. “So, get over it. I took him in my ass! Are you jealous?” she asked, as if trying to turn it around on me.

“Of course not,” I said with some satisfaction. “I got everything I needed this evening. Did you?”

Jan didn’t respond, and after a few thoughtful seconds, I added “What you did in that basement was a deliberate choice to try hurting me, and I’ll need to think about trusting you.” We were silent for the rest of the drive home, … and for most of the next few days.


Later at home, Jan calmly said, “Okay. Maybe we just need a break from the lifestyle for a while. And if, and when we do get back into it, I’ll keep a closer eye on our same room rule to watch you.”

I had no problems with my wife’s behavior sucking and fucking those guys that evening, even when she allowed Randy to fuck her in the ass! As smart as my wife is, she still doesn’t understand I enjoy watching her with other guys, particularly when I’m already exhausted. The issues I had were her accusations implying I’m lying about choking Raquel, and her insisting I watch her as her misguided attempt to humiliate me in some twisted revenge.

I realized long ago that most people never admit when they are wrong, choosing to blindly ignore the issue. And that often creates tensions in all aspects of life. Jan never apologizes for anything, always believing she’s right in everything she does.

Over the next week, we slowly grew back together, falling into our old routines. On the second evening, I poured two glasses of wine and sat at the kitchen counter, and she silently handed me some vegetables to cut when she was preparing dinner. The third evening, after another silent dinner, Jan quietly asked “Do you feel like playing ‘Sequence’?” That was one of my favorite games lately, from among the several we play during the week. We played the game quietly, without the usual banter between us.

Sometimes, even with my exceptional memory, it takes time for the memories and facts to come together. But during the long silences between us, I finally realized what happened that evening between my wife and me.

Jan and Rodger were both shocked by Raquel saying she likes to be choked, and they probably agreed between them they could never respect anyone who would do that to a woman. Then when Jan and Rodger saw me with my hand on Raquel’s neck, they both quickly formed their opinion that I was choking her. And once people form a first impression, they’re very slow to change it. Jan probably felt humiliated with Rodger witnessing her husband doing that, and Jan set out to make me feel that way, too.

Jan’s feeling of humiliation over seeing me in that position with Raquel was very real to her, and she felt some immediate need such as trying to humiliate me to handle it. So, this is one of those times we both need to just get over it.

Over the next weeks, we began talking to each other, starting with the usual logistics of living in the same house. And that’s what it takes for us to get over the injuries in our relationship, the familiar routines. They make us push the incident away over time and refresh those feelings of familiarity we always found comforting. By the end of the second week, we were even going to bed together, with her asking for my shoulder to cuddle and us both saying “I love you” before falling asleep.

It was three months before we looked at the swinger website again.


When my wife was twelve, her mother survived that car accident, with Jan’s older brother dying in agony beside her. The post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered with the memory of that accident can be swept under the rug most of the time for her mother to walk around as if it never happened. But all it took was something to remind her of her kids for the painful memory of her dying son and other miscarriages to break through again, and she would have another breakdown. And her daughter became that reminder of kids and painful memories, leaving Jan to grow through her teen years keeping a great distance from her mother.

Jan has known me for over thirty years. During that time, I found she quickly forgets the past, probably due to shutting out the pain of her mother’s breakdowns. Jan’s attitude has always been “Get over it!” She always hoped her mother could come back to her as her old self, so Jan rather quickly reverts to her old self after everything.

When Jan and I met, she asked me how I could always pass my science and math tests so easily. I told her “I remember everything I read, see, or hear, and the answers are all just there.” I’d like to be able to ‘get over’ some things, with something like that adage ‘forgive and forget’. In my mind, the past which caused it is always still there, and it can never be forgotten. For me, all bad memories are merely filed away in their proper sequence and re-prioritized with others of lessor use. She knows this about me, and that’s what we have to go forward.

I can understand my wife’s reaction, unexpectedly seeing me in that position with Rodger standing behind her. Her deliberate, knee-jerk attempt to humiliate me without trusting me might chip away at my trust in her. But she’s intelligent enough to think it through and realize the same things I did about it. So, my feelings for her are the same as when we married. She might never say she’s ‘sorry’, but she has her ways.

One evening about three weeks after the house party, we were sitting in our usual swivel chairs in front of the fireplace for the evening. Jan looked over at me, set her wineglass on the end table, slipped out of her chair onto her knees, and crawled over between my legs kneeling in front of me. Her hands went to my belt, and she helped me by pulling my pants down, then grasped my stiffening shaft, directing it toward her mouth. Her amazing blowjob is her special treat for me, as if saying ‘tonight’s all about YOU!’

I love her way, and I knew everything was back to normal with my bad girl.

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